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Gty Hhj
Gty Hhj - 2 days ago
Put it in slow motion tobi won, tobi is the best
David Valdez
David Valdez - 3 days ago
Tobi should have won if he didn’t slip at the end

Do not like the comment!
UGC Trix
UGC Trix - 4 days ago
Billy from The F2 vs Deestroying would've been mad
Yet in January he 63 kg
MARZ BAR 98 - 11 days ago
Toby one that
XxGacha MidnightxX
XxGacha MidnightxX - 12 days ago
Tobi clearly won tho
CampiagnerGamer - 14 days ago
0:25 Jaykae ~ Toothache 🤫💥💥💥🤯🤯
Mirza Zoranić
Mirza Zoranić - 16 days ago
I think Tobi won it not jake Paul
K1NG KDl - 16 days ago
The running tips for generating power were really helpful
Big fat Llama
Big fat Llama - 17 days ago
Man next to Tobi looked like Forest Gump
HSN - 17 days ago
If you play it at x0.25 it is looks like a draw
TheStoryND - 18 days ago
Dude not gonna lie they all slow as hell 12 seconds is not good at all I feel like Tobi could have gone faster like maybe a 11.3 if he ran a perfect race
xxx peter0616
xxx peter0616 - 19 days ago
bts footage ?!
Vinny Collingwood
Vinny Collingwood - 24 days ago
Anyone watching when gib lost
Umbghn - 26 days ago
Tobi used to run from the cops all the time back when he was in the hood
Potato Captain24
Potato Captain24 - 29 days ago
July 24th is my birthday
No-one Important
No-one Important - Month ago
Whole else thought it was wholesome when Jake and Tobi dapped up?????
AIXAN - Month ago
As long as Jake Paul didn’t win, we are fine
Assassin Hit
Assassin Hit - Month ago
why can they not say your name right
Assassin Hit
Assassin Hit - Month ago
didnt know imalexx went
Dr Freeze
Dr Freeze - Month ago
how hard is it to say *Tobi* -jizzle. When was it *Tob* -jizzle
the oodlesofthechickennuggets
Why tf Jake Paul run like that
Poppy May
Poppy May - Month ago
tobi:ffs cmon
Poppy May
Poppy May - Month ago
why is imallexx there i’m so confused
NutzernameKP - Month ago
How salty Logan is Hahahah
Jamie Swift
Jamie Swift - Month ago
Jake paul is so salty look at his face and his clap
PHnico - Month ago
Tobi is fast af lmao
neradcub _
neradcub _ - Month ago
tob jizzle in the building
TurtleDragonYT Roblox
TurtleDragonYT Roblox - Month ago
Tobi went you upload this vids it Was my Birthday
29 archie
29 archie - Month ago
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh like if ur scared right now
Shehryaar Siddiqui
Shehryaar Siddiqui - Month ago
Who dat in the end ??
Jubaloop G
Jubaloop G - Month ago
i swear bolt has a youtube channel
Arin Damons
Arin Damons - Month ago
Coach Richard looks like a really nice coach
Ali Arabzadeh
Ali Arabzadeh - Month ago
You got this you are A KIG
Florida Man
Florida Man - Month ago
Ztriker - Month ago
12.6 thats weak
Tom Croft
Tom Croft - Month ago
This actually helped with my training! Thanks
bobagegis videos
bobagegis videos - Month ago
This coach talks alot
Nathan Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell - Month ago
Sorry Tobi, but I'd have got silver if I was in that race. My PB is 11.83s, set two days ago.
Rilly Lucev
Rilly Lucev - Month ago
Snape Shot
Snape Shot - Month ago
He is like a short and sweet ksi
_ Flogs_
_ Flogs_ - Month ago
How many meters was that? 💜
Nelson moo
Nelson moo - Month ago
train bro and get those muscle
My names Jeff
My names Jeff - Month ago
It’s funny how gib was in reach of knocking Jake out
Jake Kelly
Jake Kelly - Month ago
if tobi got a slightly better start he would smash jake paul
u trash
u trash - Month ago
Punchy - O
Punchy - O - Month ago
Whats the music at the start?
Tate Carr
Tate Carr - 2 months ago
Raheem is just jogging in the background
The tvonly frvttvtvtt
The tvonly frvttvtvtt - 2 months ago
You got robbed mannnnn
Diana Campos
Diana Campos - 2 months ago
Hamothegun 333
Hamothegun 333 - 2 months ago
Jake Paul sucks
RGBLighting - 2 months ago
whos the girl on the left at 15:50
owi owakho
owi owakho - 2 months ago
r u still working out
LukeT - 2 months ago
Tobi:it’s not just about the 100m race I will be doing the others aswell
Me:show it
Leandro Monterroso
Leandro Monterroso - 2 months ago
Is that Raheem Sterling at 1:14
NOTREALLY - 2 months ago
Tobi souldint won that jake paul lost that
Mahmood Albeesheh
Mahmood Albeesheh - 2 months ago
Toby is the fastest one of all of themes
gregory williams
gregory williams - 2 months ago
Can you imagine how fast he would be with proper form
DopestArtista - 2 months ago
Pig Doggy
Pig Doggy - 2 months ago
I love tobys comments you guys are sick
Pig Doggy
Pig Doggy - 2 months ago
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