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Amina Lachemot
Amina Lachemot - Day ago
Amina Lachemot
Amina Lachemot - Day ago
that was a tie fam not jake
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Bro your vertical is as high as giraffe.
Namiko Kazumi
Namiko Kazumi - Day ago
I just hate how Logan keeps mispronouncing tobi's name
Phil Coutinho
Phil Coutinho - 2 days ago
hes not even a good coach. You're suppose to drive for at least 20m...
AMGXB - 4 days ago
I'm 13 and my time is 11 seconds flat
k.p - 5 days ago
Still waiting for the reaction video
Alex Dyter
Alex Dyter - 5 days ago
Jake Paul face is pricless when he is on the podium
Mohamed Alsaeedi I محمد السعيدي
Taabjizzle 😂
Genji Boi
Genji Boi - 6 days ago
I believe In you Tobi
smn han
smn han - 7 days ago
18:32 oh my gosh
James Rath
James Rath - 10 days ago
Can you restock illvsn store please
Jay Frew
Jay Frew - 14 days ago
Ivor Williams
Ivor Williams - 15 days ago
billy wingrove should be n there
Ivor Williams
Ivor Williams - 15 days ago
should be In there
Toby Davis
Toby Davis - 15 days ago
Copyrighted music lol
Christian Holloway
Christian Holloway - 16 days ago
Yo play 2k20
Karishan Sroay
Karishan Sroay - 16 days ago
You lost to pro football player
jason frost
jason frost - 16 days ago
Destroying going pro tobi should be going pro
Charles Wilding
Charles Wilding - 17 days ago
Tobi should of one
alisha - 17 days ago
upload more🥺
Angelo Napodano
Angelo Napodano - 17 days ago
Do u have a cousin called salen
louie smith
louie smith - 19 days ago
When will you restock on the black sidemen tracksuit botems
iPooKaePoo - 19 days ago
When Simon FaceTimed 😭😭😭😊😊😊😊
Taylor Plumley
Taylor Plumley - 20 days ago
Looking for video ideas
React to Codfish Gbb 2019 compilation
Yasin Lakada
Yasin Lakada - 20 days ago
Where’s your and Vik’s reaction to Bollywood
Echo - 20 days ago
19:07 *TOBBJZL*
Jed Leo Williams
Jed Leo Williams - 21 day ago
Landon - 21 day ago
You my favorite youtuber, keep doing what you be doing, your inspiring a lot of people.
Leroy Tou
Leroy Tou - 21 day ago
Anyone else know the intro song from power
Daniel Fraser
Daniel Fraser - 21 day ago
Tobi obliviously won
Ace All round
Ace All round - 21 day ago
Toby be going 20 out here
GFI 12
GFI 12 - 22 days ago
U did your best.😎✌🏻
Mustafa Mohamed
Mustafa Mohamed - 22 days ago
Men I always hate the beginning of a race it make u nervous especially when there saying read,y set and go.
Sledx 1
Sledx 1 - 23 days ago
Where can I find the hoodie that he was wearing at the beginning it’s not on the website plz help
KaydMc - 23 days ago
Tobi done the wrong tequnique
FALCON MYSTERY - 23 days ago
Great video TOBY keep up the good work. LIKE IF U AGREE
Diane Kenney
Diane Kenney - 23 days ago
Much love to tobi for beating jake paul and next year he will beat logan
NERVE 100 - 24 days ago
Censor would have smoked them both lmao
The Solo Master Survivor
The Solo Master Survivor - 24 days ago
This is inspiring
Nv_Delay3d - 24 days ago
My man “tobjizzel” 😂😂 doing bits keep it up (good job on smoking Logan for getting your name wrong) 👍🏿😎🥵
Sensei goldude Goat
Sensei goldude Goat - 24 days ago
Do u have any kids apparel for illvzn
Na Fa
Na Fa - 24 days ago
Saw Tobi trying to dab up Jake Paul but Jake Paul did a regular handshake
Lou Payne
Lou Payne - 25 days ago
so impressed, so proud and so happy. tobi is the sweetest and most deserving man I've ever watched
Salty Phish
Salty Phish - 25 days ago
19:08 you can see his tobi face be like no what the fk man calling me Tub Jizzle
spongeboob - 26 days ago
look at that sloppy clap jake paul is giving
One Piece Theory Jensen
One Piece Theory Jensen - 26 days ago
And logan thought he was the fastest youtuber
pointlessknowledge - 26 days ago
Hey, Tobi! You have inspired me to create my new YouTube channel! Thank you! :)
SeeScottGame - 27 days ago
Killed it Tobi! Great work ethic. Top tier sideman/ real dude
Osaka Mohammed
Osaka Mohammed - 27 days ago
I love how Simon supports everyone
Spencer Gordon
Spencer Gordon - 27 days ago
bro, tobi won that, very clearly, u can see him cross the finish line a step before jake did
jake has the shittiest form ive ever seen
ii_lxvely - 27 days ago
18:58 anyone hear Jake Paul say ‘sorry mum’? Lol
jamal jadoon
jamal jadoon - 27 days ago
Guy in back 11 37 James Charles reaction
Nazia Farooq
Nazia Farooq - 27 days ago
Sterling in the background of him jumpin
Cruz Pittser
Cruz Pittser - 28 days ago
Deestroying is no hate tho
MR FRUITY - 28 days ago
KaNeThEbOsS02 - 28 days ago
17:29 tobi and deestroing stud up at the same time that was very satisfying 🤪
Manal - 28 days ago
Toby is literally the nicest person in the world 😂❤️
Alastair Catterall
Alastair Catterall - 26 days ago
Manal tobi
walker grimes
walker grimes - 28 days ago
Tobi finally met frumes
Aya AG
Aya AG - 28 days ago
Anyone felt the best when jake was pissed, i loved the sight of that, more importantly congratulations tobi, i love you and keep going😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alchugz !
Alchugz ! - 29 days ago
My G🔥🔥🔥🔥
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