Pokemon Generation 1: Glitch Quest - Episode 1

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your name is fgebdj
Gamer_of2006 Yeet
Gamer_of2006 Yeet - Day ago
There a glitch you missed!
On the rare occasion that an mpg Wallis on a door slot, you can occupie the slot that they move out of. Causing them to be stuck unless you move
Taiga Agiat
Taiga Agiat - 3 days ago
Naka means inside, Senhai means one thousand yesses (as in multiple yes), and Kotsura doesn't really mean anything. Katsura means wig though.
Fang Zhang
Fang Zhang - 5 days ago
I have never seen your third glitch before! I managed to reproduce it, but currently have no idea what caused it. Where did you know that glitch from?
Angery FRog
Angery FRog - 6 days ago
I did it and instead of nidoking I rebattled the trainer twice then my game would not allow me to open the menu and I would walk one step at a time I could not talk to anyone
wefkr - 7 days ago
I'm so glad you do these things so I don't have to
Alex Tooley
Alex Tooley - 16 days ago
Senhai smh
George Pachoumis
George Pachoumis - 16 days ago
せんぱい not せんはい
AeroSlash - 18 days ago
Help ive been trying this in red for 45 minutes and ive gotten 1 encounter where i screwed up and didnt have pp for growl and im on a pc emulator
Gamesfan34260 - 18 days ago
0:37 Close but not quite.
ばか (Baka) rather than なか (Naka) and せんぱい (Senpai) rather than せんはい (Senhai)
The way you write Japanese in these kind of games is weird, you write the character and then the modifier can be added on unlike English or even just typing Japanese wherein you just select the exact character you want.
So you would write ha (は) and then put the dot above it so it is pa (ぱ)
I recently started studying and hiragana is kinda the first thing I went for.
Bonus info, baka (馬鹿) means stupid and senpai (先輩) is typically used for older students, Jisho says it can also be used as "defeat" but I cannot say I have heard it used like that.
*+1 weeb*
Also, you named your starter kotsura コツラ
What you meant to write is ゴジラ 
Another fun bit of info, Pidgey is called poppo ポッポ in Japanese.
Pedrolzando - 20 days ago
"First, I have to take my mega dong"
Pokémon fire red leaf green guides
I battled that trainer
SonofRiggnarok - 22 days ago
Ye mine isn't hitting 100
Brobrohero - 22 days ago
Carprincess - 23 days ago
Not a bad first episode
enderfall2000 - 23 days ago
Naka means inside btw
michael bolton
michael bolton - 24 days ago
so i tried the nidoking glitch on red but all that happend was i got to battle the trainer twice
GamePlayKing - 24 days ago
0:40 in case you were wondering i can't translate what he wrote cause i can't [it takes a long time]
but the names he attempted to write i can't translate
senpai=upper being
I'm already Tracer
I'm already Tracer - 24 days ago
When u were fighting metapods you could've just killed a bunch of Pokemon using scratch until ur out of pp, then once u get metapod infront of the trainer use growl until you have nothing and die
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That pikachu in green is like a mimikyu foreshadowed. Lol
Radhathebeast 12345
Radhathebeast 12345 - 25 days ago
You named him Naka
Stijn De kok
Stijn De kok - 27 days ago
What console is yellow? Game Boy Color or Gameboy Classic?
Anubis Lucario
Anubis Lucario - 28 days ago
Are you able to use the glitch that he got nedoking in on the 3ds
thompsongang - 29 days ago
godzilla is this in Japanese ゴジラand you pronounce it... ? bo sjir a? go sjire boshir a go sheer a.
BigManTate7364 - Month ago
Wth, I named Gary "Stank" in my most recent file. Never thought I'd see someone else come up with that one. I guess you beat me to it...
Chanty The BrOkEN Soul of Ice
is nidoking the only pokemon that you can glitch to 100?
Jademonas S2
Jademonas S2 - Month ago
naka and senhai lmaooo
King Liolaeus
King Liolaeus - Month ago
For the Viridian forest glitch can you get a dragonite?
Ben Nelson
Ben Nelson - Month ago
Hint for level 100 Nidoking with blue instead of how he did it just lose your PP and use struggle:-)
Trentin Worsham
Trentin Worsham - Month ago
Do this again, but with a different Pokemon, or almost any other, game. The fans demand it.
deathlord9907 - Month ago
The girl that you need to get into a patch of grass can walk inside of the house's door
pranay varma
pranay varma - Month ago
U named nasa
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - Month ago
this comment section is where all the weeaboos meet up at once
Joseph Burns
Joseph Burns - Month ago
but the name makes up for it
Zach Hooson
Zach Hooson - Month ago
Your bulbasaur is named kojira, コ is what you have, ゴ is what you wanted, that one is go
jahsiir thomas
jahsiir thomas - Month ago
Mariomonkeyman 01
Mariomonkeyman 01 - Month ago
I wonder how he played these games
ᚱʑyᚱɘąʟɱ - Month ago
you did the level 100 nidoking glitch on pokemon blue. What you could've done was play on red so you had a 50% chance of encountering weedle instead of a 5% chance
A little bird
A little bird - Month ago
Red: Naka
Close enough
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb - Month ago
Carey Tully
Carey Tully - Month ago
i have spent hours doing this and keep getting a lvl 2 voltorb over and over and over i have checked so many times to make sure im doing it right, i think i hate you
One Higgins Boi
One Higgins Boi - Month ago
Are you still alive?
Blaze The Tepig
Blaze The Tepig - Month ago
Youtube Asuma BC
Youtube Asuma BC - Month ago
All I encounter is the trainer whyy???
MissMash !
MissMash ! - Month ago
4 years later: Scykoh can translate that Japanese for himself now!
Dark_ Ray
Dark_ Ray - Month ago
You got your self a 1sub because of methapod and 1 like because you almost kill me. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😱
Terry Cornelius
Terry Cornelius - Month ago
You named him Goshira.
TheEternalMoonlight - Month ago
Xenosaga music!!! hell yeah!!
TheEternalMoonlight - Month ago
Xenosaga music with the walking glitch at 3:05!!
TheEternalMoonlight - Month ago
Xenosaga music at 3:09!! hell yeah!!!
MINI QUINNIE - Month ago
Is he using a super gameboy for Pokemon??
Coach Jobal
Coach Jobal - Month ago
Mystic Mew
Mystic Mew - Month ago
I did the glitch on the virtual console and got two bug catchers
Robert Starling
Robert Starling - Month ago
I'm playing a Game Boy Advance SP use in the original copy of red and I got bug catcher infinitely
Firestardude - 2 months ago
REALLY!?!?! NO RED VERSION!?!? OF COURSE RED IS THE ONLY VERSION I HAVE!!! although I have to say that I think that at least the nidoking glitch will work on red
Edit: *watches more of the video* "if I was smart I would *be playing on pokemon red* "
*Tries to actually DO it*
Me: *WHY IS THIS SO GOSH DANG HARD!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?*
Pikazardaura Gaming
Pikazardaura Gaming - 2 months ago
ok a.do i have to beat the 2 trainers and b.my rival is gay
Silver Lily Star
Silver Lily Star - 2 months ago
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Ryan Bowen
Ryan Bowen - 2 months ago
Ah yes, the adventures of naka and his rival senhai.
Jose Luis Petrovich
Jose Luis Petrovich - 2 months ago
Does the level 100 glitch need an extra requirement? I caught a level 1 Slowbro and I've been trying to raise it up to level 100 as you did with Nidoking, but it didn't work. If it battles and gains less exp points than the ones required to reach to level 2, it just stays in level 1. If it gains more exp points than the ones required to reach level 2, it goes up to level 2. It doesn't seem to be such a problem for the game to have a level 1 Slowbro...
Memer Dreamer // Hiatus
Memer Dreamer // Hiatus - 2 months ago
i watched this years ago and i still love it
G-Fiti - 2 months ago
@@[$((*&^#%]@@. @@[*.......]@@... @@[$((*&^#%]@@.
Green Foxy
Green Foxy - 2 months ago
Does the level of the pidgey matter or does it have to be level 3?
Peshaqbodybuilding - 2 months ago
First encounter was a pikachu for me .. what a dilemma
Curtis Spence
Curtis Spence - 2 months ago
I approve of the Nidoking name
py ro
py ro - 2 months ago
That is nice👍
Eroldin - The Lord of Searing Flames
oD = Mewtwo Lv. 174
af = Rattata Lv 160
(mn) = Prof. Oak*
* t = Lv. 179, but invalid since Oak is a trainer.
GenesisLmao69 - 2 months ago
I have a question. When i do the nidoking glitch the game keeps making me fight the bugcatcher after i die on the poison
Mr. Bob
Mr. Bob - 2 months ago
I love playing the old pokemon games on emulators, and i was so surprised that i was honestly able to get it, the glitch really works, and it literally only took about 16 minutes, i also did your mew glitch,
The Chosen Joker's Channel
What if instead of encountering a pokemon in that tile in front of the trainer, what if you just died when you step on that tile bc of poison. Would it still work?
Mr. Pokémon
Mr. Pokémon - 2 months ago
Aside from pikachu looking weird I noticed the resemblance in its facial features with mimikyu
Bleiserman ADN
Bleiserman ADN - 2 months ago
I just encountered my favourite commentator
on red, when i try to do the nidoking glitch it ALWAYS results in a trainer battle with the bug catcher, and i do not know why. i'm using an emulator and i can get the wild encounter on the spot i'm supposed to, i die from poison, i appear in front of the viridian city pokemon center, i find a level 3 pidgey, i growl at it 3 times, and go into the forest, but it ALWAYS results in a battle. i've fought all of the trainers in viridian forest besides the one i need, so i have no clue what i'm doing wrong. i've even tried restarting the game.
Midnite Sakura
Midnite Sakura - 2 months ago
Alex A. Alaska
Alex A. Alaska - 2 months ago
You know if you have the time and patience you can have a lvl 100
Charizard, venasuar or blastiose and bedrill,raticate, butterfree, pidgeot, primeape and pikachu without hacks or glitches
Alter Egel
Alter Egel - 2 months ago
Kirby and jake play
Kirby and jake play - 2 months ago
=names self Baka on accident=k I’m a baker
Royale - 2 months ago
How do you find stuff like that...
Chaos23gamer - 2 months ago
MannyJazzcats - 2 months ago
Advith Chegu
Advith Chegu - 2 months ago
That’s a mimikyu
GlowstoneLove Pad
GlowstoneLove Pad - 2 months ago
Step 1:Use the Pokedex app to send Lumiose City to your pokemon game(must be a generation 1)
Step 2:You get the glitch pokemon M'00
Step 3:Encounter a wild pokemon
Step 4:It will be a Missingno with 4 moves.
#1 does TMTrainer effect
#2 lowers it's speed
#3 changes its attribute
#4 is Transform
All of these do damage except Transform.
Step 5:All your moves are Explosion but they act like Sketch.Sketch it's move.
Step 6:If you encounter a trainer it's Brock but he has only Geodudes and Onixs in his party with the moves of the pokemon of the other trainer.This is a good time to sketch.
Step 7:If you trade it it will turn into a Nidoking.
GlowstoneLove Pad
GlowstoneLove Pad - 2 months ago
I read the Japanese in the pokemon's names in the Japanese green.
Arcanua the Red Mage
Arcanua the Red Mage - 2 months ago
Seeing that rival name for blue just reminds me of when I play Japanese pokemon games since I always named the rival white trash in Japanese xD
Mega infernape
Mega infernape - 2 months ago
I actually did that nidoking glitch it took me 4 hours
Borch Gamez
Borch Gamez - 2 months ago
Does the name matter?
Ashlynn Norton
Ashlynn Norton - Month ago
Well, the one with MN does.
Ruka Ichinose
Ruka Ichinose - 2 months ago
Alecxis Jaquez
Alecxis Jaquez - 2 months ago
Doesn't the npc getting stuck in the spot count and a glitch too
Stinkbomber _44
Stinkbomber _44 - 2 months ago
Had a app
Stinkbomber _44
Stinkbomber _44 - 2 months ago
Calling it as it is
Stinkbomber _44
Stinkbomber _44 - 2 months ago
It means shitface and dumbass
thehydragonmaster - 2 months ago
I watched this on the day it came out and I thought he discovered all the glitches(I was 9), now I just realized most of the glitches are from speedruns

I hate growing up
Chris Tiang
Chris Tiang - 2 months ago
Ezy!! got it in 10 mins! with ur guide what can go wrong! NOTHING!
The Blaq Knight
The Blaq Knight - 2 months ago
This is awesome. Liked the video one third in because you are amazing
Federal Bureau of Investigation
“i take my mega dong out of the pc”
Linda boy89
Linda boy89 - 2 months ago
Baka means Fagott
Luis Angel Rincon
Luis Angel Rincon - 2 months ago
I can't stop see this anyone 2018
Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell - 2 months ago
What's up with all these people knowing Japanese?
Kadir Seker
Kadir Seker - 2 months ago
This is everything I never knew I wanted. Shame I found this so late.
Turtle Man
Turtle Man - 2 months ago
1 naka
2 senhai
sgradone - 2 months ago
Suppressing the Native American voters is the height of hypocrisy. It's literally more their country than any R' American.
Succ Off
Succ Off - 2 months ago
What specal stat do you need for gengar?
(Last glitch)
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