Pokemon Generation 1: Glitch Quest - Episode 1

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Jose Luis Petrovich
Jose Luis Petrovich - 6 hours ago
Does the level 100 glitch need an extra requirement? I caught a level 1 Slowbro and I've been trying to raise it up to level 100 as you did with Nidoking, but it didn't work. If it battles and gains less exp points than the ones required to reach to level 2, it just stays in level 1. If it gains more exp points than the ones required to reach level 2, it goes up to level 2. It doesn't seem to be such a problem for the game to have a level 1 Slowbro...
Memer Dreamer // Hiatus
Memer Dreamer // Hiatus - 15 hours ago
i watched this years ago and i still love it
G-Fiti - 15 hours ago
@@[$((*&^#%]@@. @@[*.......]@@... @@[$((*&^#%]@@.
Green Foxy
Green Foxy - 17 hours ago
Does the level of the pidgey matter or does it have to be level 3?
Peshaqbodybuilding - 3 days ago
First encounter was a pikachu for me .. what a dilemma
Curtis Spence
Curtis Spence - 3 days ago
I approve of the Nidoking name
Abraham Diaz
Abraham Diaz - 3 days ago
That is nice👍
Eroldin - The Lord of Searing Flames
oD = Mewtwo Lv. 174
af = Rattata Lv 160
(mn) = Prof. Oak*
* t = Lv. 179, but invalid since Oak is a trainer.
GenesisLmao69 - 5 days ago
I have a question. When i do the nidoking glitch the game keeps making me fight the bugcatcher after i die on the poison
Mr. Bob
Mr. Bob - 5 days ago
I love playing the old pokemon games on emulators, and i was so surprised that i was honestly able to get it, the glitch really works, and it literally only took about 16 minutes, i also did your mew glitch,
The Chosen Joker's Channel
What if instead of encountering a pokemon in that tile in front of the trainer, what if you just died when you step on that tile bc of poison. Would it still work?
Mr. Pokémon
Mr. Pokémon - 7 days ago
Aside from pikachu looking weird I noticed the resemblance in its facial features with mimikyu
Bleiserman ADN
Bleiserman ADN - 8 days ago
I just encountered my favourite commentator
waluigi is hot
waluigi is hot - 9 days ago
on red, when i try to do the nidoking glitch it ALWAYS results in a trainer battle with the bug catcher, and i do not know why. i'm using an emulator and i can get the wild encounter on the spot i'm supposed to, i die from poison, i appear in front of the viridian city pokemon center, i find a level 3 pidgey, i growl at it 3 times, and go into the forest, but it ALWAYS results in a battle. i've fought all of the trainers in viridian forest besides the one i need, so i have no clue what i'm doing wrong. i've even tried restarting the game.
Midnite Sakura
Midnite Sakura - 9 days ago
Alex A. Alaska
Alex A. Alaska - 10 days ago
You know if you have the time and patience you can have a lvl 100
Charizard, venasuar or blastiose and bedrill,raticate, butterfree, pidgeot, primeape and pikachu without hacks or glitches
Alter Egel
Alter Egel - 10 days ago
Jake MM Scepty Pump
Jake MM Scepty Pump - 11 days ago
=names self Baka on accident=k I’m a baker
Royale - 11 days ago
How do you find stuff like that...
Chaos23gamer - 12 days ago
MannyJazzcats - 15 days ago
Advith Chegu
Advith Chegu - 15 days ago
That’s a mimikyu
GlowstoneLove Pad
GlowstoneLove Pad - 17 days ago
Step 1:Use the Pokedex app to send Lumiose City to your pokemon game(must be a generation 1)
Step 2:You get the glitch pokemon M'00
Step 3:Encounter a wild pokemon
Step 4:It will be a Missingno with 4 moves.
#1 does TMTrainer effect
#2 lowers it's speed
#3 changes its attribute
#4 is Transform
All of these do damage except Transform.
Step 5:All your moves are Explosion but they act like Sketch.Sketch it's move.
Step 6:If you encounter a trainer it's Brock but he has only Geodudes and Onixs in his party with the moves of the pokemon of the other trainer.This is a good time to sketch.
Step 7:If you trade it it will turn into a Nidoking.
GlowstoneLove Pad
GlowstoneLove Pad - 18 days ago
I read the Japanese in the pokemon's names in the Japanese green.
Arcanua the Red Mage
Arcanua the Red Mage - 18 days ago
Seeing that rival name for blue just reminds me of when I play Japanese pokemon games since I always named the rival white trash in Japanese xD
Mega infernape
Mega infernape - 18 days ago
I actually did that nidoking glitch it took me 4 hours
Borch Gamez
Borch Gamez - 21 day ago
Does the name matter?
Luis Yau
Luis Yau - 6 days ago
Alecxis Jaquez
Alecxis Jaquez - 22 days ago
Doesn't the npc getting stuck in the spot count and a glitch too
Stinkbomber _44
Stinkbomber _44 - 22 days ago
Had a app
Stinkbomber _44
Stinkbomber _44 - 22 days ago
Calling it as it is
Stinkbomber _44
Stinkbomber _44 - 22 days ago
It means shitface and dumbass
thehydragonmaster - 23 days ago
I watched this on the day it came out and I thought he discovered all the glitches(I was 9), now I just realized most of the glitches are from speedruns

I hate growing up
Chris Tiang
Chris Tiang - 23 days ago
Ezy!! got it in 10 mins! with ur guide what can go wrong! NOTHING!
The Blaq Knight
The Blaq Knight - 23 days ago
This is awesome. Liked the video one third in because you are amazing
Federal Bureau of Investigation
“i take my mega dong out of the pc”
Mimikapudddle The bad person
Baka means Fagott
Luis Angel Rincon
Luis Angel Rincon - 23 days ago
I can't stop see this anyone 2018
Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell - 23 days ago
What's up with all these people knowing Japanese?
Kadir Seker
Kadir Seker - 24 days ago
This is everything I never knew I wanted. Shame I found this so late.
Turtle Man
Turtle Man - 24 days ago
1 naka
2 senhai
sgradone - 24 days ago
Suppressing the Native American voters is the height of hypocrisy. It's literally more their country than any R' American.
Succ Off
Succ Off - 24 days ago
What specal stat do you need for gengar?
(Last glitch)
Tregrenos - 24 days ago
Funny thing, your name translates to “Balls” and your rival “Dikhed”. So... Not really different than any English game ever played. lol/jk
FatherApex Gaming
FatherApex Gaming - 24 days ago
Sell out. Tik tok is trash
Arvex - 24 days ago
You can execute the special stat trick as early as Virdian Forest?!
Callum McCallion
Callum McCallion - 24 days ago
Im telling you, this shit can't age
Michael Klump
Michael Klump - 24 days ago
Why the fuck did you recommend this to me, YouTube?
HomereQ - 24 days ago
0:01 find a gastly...
Chris Wolfe
Chris Wolfe - 24 days ago
I think I actually did that glitch wrong and got a Slowbro instead.
UGin - 25 days ago
Dat cool Kirby fan 1337
Dat cool Kirby fan 1337 - 25 days ago
Mega dong and poke balls
Nathan Uttke
Nathan Uttke - 25 days ago
I could rewatch this series forever!
8-Bit Raptor
8-Bit Raptor - 25 days ago
No you gor gojira kosira lol
Meme Nazi
Meme Nazi - 25 days ago
Fake news
Candy Peeps
Candy Peeps - 25 days ago
Why did you name yourself "SpicyTunaRoll"?.....
I'm not good at translating.
Smokey Eye
Smokey Eye - 25 days ago
close with those Japanese names, you were so close
Racheal Siegwarth
Racheal Siegwarth - 25 days ago
You named him poo face
Tommy Gilbart
Tommy Gilbart - 25 days ago
Naka and senhai
Ed Jack
Ed Jack - 25 days ago
I got unsubbed
The Sonic Plush Channel And Minecraft!
.lli think he named red “Naka” idk anything else
gina tiberus
gina tiberus - 25 days ago
btw you can get a level 100 nido not king but any thing else
Александр Ермаков
If he got lvl 100 instantly, that means that it never learned any moves?
Waluigi Wario
Waluigi Wario - 26 days ago
I named Gary “Buttface 0mg”
Chrixy L
Chrixy L - 26 days ago
Joe Sidorko
Joe Sidorko - 26 days ago
You names yourself naka and your rival senhai
sespis - 26 days ago
I thought he said gogeta for a second
Ryan Nordberg
Ryan Nordberg - 26 days ago
the adventure of naka and senhai
ZEXAL BLAZER - 26 days ago
hello guys I will translate what his first names were in English.
red: nigga blue: bitch bul-bitch-saur: bastard
David Nelms
David Nelms - 26 days ago
bulbasaur in japanese is 電球
Gl 876
Gl 876 - 26 days ago
Naka and senhai
Gl 876
Gl 876 - 26 days ago
HeyLookItsFNaFb - 26 days ago
I've experimented with that glitch in Viridian Forest and I've actually gotten other Pokémon from it.
and Ivysaur (which was what I went with, choosing Charmander as my starter)
i420x Gaming
i420x Gaming - 26 days ago
That pikachu isn't pikachu it's a dito that's transformed into pikachu from memory of him with is why his face is wierd
Erik Røstad
Erik Røstad - 26 days ago
0990 0247 4541
Abdulla Sowaidi (Al)
Abdulla Sowaidi (Al) - 26 days ago
goku + vegeta = godzilla
Zach Masih
Zach Masih - 27 days ago
Does this work for red?
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan - 27 days ago
the encounters all meta-pod lol eyyy
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan - 27 days ago
his name STANK wow just genius 👏 👏 👏
Tana Wesley
Tana Wesley - 27 days ago
The hero is naka
JT Gamer
JT Gamer - 27 days ago
Name him asshat
Mystic Jolteon [GD]
Mystic Jolteon [GD] - 27 days ago
Why are there 1.1k dislikes
jlhs1001 - 27 days ago
Baka: Idiot.
Arthur Kreft
Arthur Kreft - 27 days ago
qras - 27 days ago
I did the glitch in 20 min somehow
Luke Jaunay
Luke Jaunay - 27 days ago
Your name said senhai
UFab Studios
UFab Studios - 27 days ago
Yeah, you said the character you wanted to be ばか (Baka) you actually said なか (naka) usually that’s a specific kanji 中 which means the middle. And for the rival you wanted せんぱい (senpai) you actually said せんはい (Senhai) which isn’t a word and has no meaning. Hey being off by only one character is great for not knowing Japanese!
Derp Industries
Derp Industries - 27 days ago
You can do the nidoking and mewtwo on 3ds right?
Derp Industries
Derp Industries - 27 days ago
When i re entered viridian forest nothing happened I saved along the way, was i not supposed to do that
flame Warrior
flame Warrior - 27 days ago
Baka = Moran
Lazebear DA_GOD
Lazebear DA_GOD - 27 days ago
Adam - 27 days ago
Gigi Hadif
Gigi Hadif - 27 days ago
He's name is q2asej
BenTheBeast72 - 27 days ago
I accedently did another glich. I got the girl stuck on top of the door...
Morgan Christy
Morgan Christy - 27 days ago
You named yourself "Penis" congratulations.
Waldo de la Calzada
Waldo de la Calzada - 28 days ago
6:26 LOL
crcoghill - 28 days ago
So um... what if you catch the Nidoking in the virtual console version, but it is level isn't one? Cause it didn't shoot up to 100.
Ishat Sharma
Ishat Sharma - 28 days ago
Baka in Japanese is バカ and senpai is 専売 and godzilla is ゴジラ
The GamerYT
The GamerYT - 28 days ago
Mother Of God...
TheBigMacSpecial - 28 days ago
senhai... lol
setsuna kazama
setsuna kazama - 28 days ago
lmao i loled @7:07.. omg those metapods
I Love Tigers
I Love Tigers - 28 days ago
just make ur intro a glitched pokemon intro
Released Insanity
Released Insanity - 28 days ago
Instead of it doing the glitch it started playing a whole bunch of weird sounds
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