Pokemon Generation 1: Glitch Quest - Episode 1

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PotatoAim Soldier
PotatoAim Soldier - 23 hours ago
“For the rest of the series pikachu will be starring into your sole”
Yea well for the rest of the series pikachu is gonna be traumatized...
Eoin Rodden
Eoin Rodden - Day ago
lol I got weedle on the wild encounter while poisoned first try in the nidoking glitch
Anthony Ally
Anthony Ally - 3 days ago
Mega dong was deposited from the pc
r0se - 5 days ago
holy shit, this video is about 5 years old. i remember seeing this when i was a wee bab and freaking out then waiting for the next episode to release... damb...
Cookie Does Stuff
Cookie Does Stuff - 6 days ago
‘I’m sorry, but that Pikachu will be staring right into your soul.’
What soul?
Trashboat - 7 days ago
That final fantasy 8 music tho
ǝɹǝʇsnʇǝɯoǝפ - 7 days ago
You are Kaka and your rival is senhi
Carter Nance
Carter Nance - 8 days ago
What do you do if you did the glitch but you have to battle to bug trainer again when you enter the forest?
Big Berry The Great
Big Berry The Great - 8 days ago
That squirtle on the outside of the pokemon blue kinda scars me.
Victor Gonzalez Rivera
Victor Gonzalez Rivera - 8 days ago
I did this in pokemon green for nds and I got a lvl1 slowbro which leveled up to lvl2, so I think this doesn´t work exactly in the same way in Pokemon Green than Pokemon Blue and Red. Just if anyone wanted to know :)
DJ zAc
DJ zAc - 9 days ago
Poke ballsack
Kabir Ahmed
Kabir Ahmed - 12 days ago
You kinda sound like Luke the notable
Blake Sakkinen
Blake Sakkinen - 13 days ago
Boy your name is Harry boy
Nova Gaming
Nova Gaming - 14 days ago
Ik how it feels
To get lvl 100 Nidoking in pokemon blue its REALLY HARD TO DO THIS
Fishy Dids
Fishy Dids - 16 days ago
Wait... You could've just died of struggle
leafdeon bleafdeon
leafdeon bleafdeon - 16 days ago
He liked I sat there for an hour trying the Nidoking one and didn't even get close
jamie White Kelly
jamie White Kelly - 17 days ago
Golem Looks Happy Like He Evolved (Golem) Yayyy I Evolved
Sup boii
Sup boii - 18 days ago
El Gringo
El Gringo - 18 days ago
Used an escape rope on a trainer in Viridian, only trainer left that could approach me was the trainer in Brocks gym. His Sandshrew's stats would get me Lickitung, used growl 6 times. Went back after a couple attempts to catch it. Caught it and it only needed 7 xp for level two, so I managed to swap out during a battle with a Caterpie, got 4xp for everyone and it didn't work unfortunately, it didn't go backwards to 100. Any ideas as to why?
Nikolai Szymanski
Nikolai Szymanski - 18 days ago
Wait... if it’s in Japanese.. how does he read the pokemon moves???
David Mcguire
David Mcguire - 14 days ago
You know people can read Japanese there's a whole country whose societies based on that fact.
David Mcguire
David Mcguire - 14 days ago
People can read Japanese there's a whole country who's society is based on that.
Terminalvelocityrunner - 19 days ago
And longest prologue ever award goes to....Scykoh....because who else spends that long talking about useless glitches ...like, dude, please...

don’t ever leave🤣
NJShell2 - 21 day ago
I just recorded a response to using 6 growls then struggle.
Chip Chapley
Chip Chapley - 21 day ago
6:16-9:36 all of this to get the trainer escape glitch..... do you even escape rope, bro?
i understand the escape ropes in pewter and he's trying the earliest time the glitch can be used, but come on >.>
DJ Incendration
DJ Incendration - 22 days ago
What is your character's name in Pokémon Blue?
Mick Gorro
Mick Gorro - 22 days ago
"Step one: I take out my MEGA DONG from my PC". Out of context... what are you, an electrophile? :)
literally a bowl of cereal
Oh my
Mick Gorro
Mick Gorro - 22 days ago
Senhai and Senpai are pretty close, just add a circle to the third character (ha). Kotsura and Gojira are also quite close, add two dots to the first two characters and you get Godzura, then make the two little strokes more slanted to the right (ヅ=>ジ) and you're done. Naka to Baka... Um, na is な and ba is ば, not very close huh?
Player 6
Player 6 - 22 days ago
ばか and せんぱい Baka and Senpai
Matt Fierimonte
Matt Fierimonte - 22 days ago
What an idiot with the metapod fails haha. The internet should have told you to be poisoned when doing this glitch heheh. ( i did the metapod fail my first time doing that glitch lol) lvl 100 nidoking for the win!!!!
LunarMadness - 24 days ago
watching this video but you can only look at cancer pikachu and mad bulbasaur
literally a bowl of cereal
*_M A D B U L B A S A U R_*
Nils Hughes
Nils Hughes - 25 days ago
Sckyoh : (names red naka)
Red : it’s not like I like you or anything n..naka
IBBYTHE BEAST - 26 days ago
How do people figure this out?
Gustavo Hylander
Gustavo Hylander - 27 days ago
i once did the nidoking glitch, after quite some time
i read about it online, so i was prepared and had my pokemon poisoned (still took me like 1 hour to get into a fight the same time i stepped on the tile)
i got the nidoking at level 1, gave him enough xp to level him up and got it to level 100
then i saved, and the next time i started the game the save file was corrupted and destroyed
xyzzy51273 - 21 day ago
+Gustavo Hylander glitches on non english versions are different
Gustavo Hylander
Gustavo Hylander - 23 days ago
+xyzzy51273 must have been red then they were purchased brand new from retail back in 1999, so im certain they are original they arethe spanish version too, but if it was the red version it makes sense because i've had trouble resoldering a new battery to it
xyzzy51273 - 23 days ago
+Gustavo Hylander It works on Yellow AFAIK, it's a variant of trainer fly glitch, so it shouldn't corrupt your save. If you play on a GB cartridge, it might be fake. EDIT: Weedle doesn't exist in Yellow
Gustavo Hylander
Gustavo Hylander - 23 days ago
+xyzzy51273 I have the three of them, bit I'm sure it wasn't on blue edition I think it was on yellow because it has the highest chance of encountering a Weedle
xyzzy51273 - 23 days ago
RB or Yellow? IDK if it works in Yellow
Gachaverse Trash
Gachaverse Trash - 27 days ago

Chaos Duck
Chaos Duck - 27 days ago
STANK is actually dutch for stench
Chaos Duck
Chaos Duck - 16 days ago
+oof senpai ja makker
oof senpai
oof senpai - 25 days ago
Neburmaster - 27 days ago
Team work!!!, Lmfaoooo xD
Enoch Adeniji
Enoch Adeniji - 27 days ago
You get $3,000 in the beginning of the game so you can by pokeballs
Adrian Gelpi
Adrian Gelpi - 28 days ago
I was doing the nidoking glitch and found a pikachu when I got the encounter
Random Lord Satan
Random Lord Satan - 28 days ago
I encountered a Pokemon on the same space as the trainer on my first try, and it was a Weedle.
Yay Hi
Yay Hi - 29 days ago
What about red
The Red Enderman
The Red Enderman - 29 days ago
Tuxx - Month ago
glitch ouest
Alex Curran
Alex Curran - Month ago
Your name is Naka
G7453r - Month ago
why is the lvl 100 nidoking glitch not used in a speedrun?
DuckGamer - Month ago
For the first glitch in Pokemon Blue, we'll actually need to get out of the house.
EspWonder - Month ago
Ah Glitch Quest. Where many started and where people fell in love with this channel. A shame to see it dormant for so long...
Alex MacDonald
Alex MacDonald - Month ago
He named the hero "naka", which means "middle"
He named the rival "senhai"
He named the Bulbasaur "kotsura"
art에반 - Month ago
If you do a level 5 pidgey you get a ivysaur
Miles Prower
Miles Prower - Month ago
Creepy Pikachu is engraved in my mind forever
Miles Prower
Miles Prower - Month ago
I got Caterpie 4th try when getting nidoking
Rodrigo Simoes Pereira
How can i play pokémon with that border?
xyzzy51273 - 23 days ago
Super Game Boy
Ross - Month ago
What is the song used at 10:27 its really pretty.
Wyatt Sutton
Wyatt Sutton - Month ago
I do the glitch for the nidoking, but every time I go back into veridian forest, i fight the trainer, any help?
IFVTA - Month ago
desi maxwell
desi maxwell - Month ago
When I did the one with pushing the girl she got stuck in a door
Raye Stiches
Raye Stiches - Month ago
Naka and senhai. You missed the tenten and ha for naka and the pon for ha
dari_ m
dari_ m - Month ago
Bet no one had this:
Me and 2 brothers got pokemon blue English version 3 of us chose Charizard in our own games but for some reason my char wouldn't learn fly but my brothers could learn fly wtf
dari_ m
dari_ m - Month ago
+Horgshulk exactly
Horgshulk - Month ago
Sean Zarate
Sean Zarate - Month ago
The nido king glitch happened to my bulbasaur and it crashed
Enhanced Fujita 87
Enhanced Fujita 87 - Month ago
So I tried this glitch to but on Pokémon Yellow, and for some reason when I level up my level 1 Ryhorn, I doesn’t go to level 100, and yes it does work since I did the same for a Mew, but it’s not working with Ryhorn. I was confused the first time I saw it, does anyone who knows Gen 1 know what happened?
Nibrock Gath
Nibrock Gath - Month ago
Does Nidoking glitch work on virtual console
Alex BlueCyndaquil
Alex BlueCyndaquil - Month ago
Odds are it will mostly cause the roms aren’t altered much.
UrMomThoCeedKS - Month ago
Linhata - Month ago
Yes, I have done it twice with Nidoking, and once with Gengar on the 3DS VC. Hope this helps!
MikeyTaylorGaming - Month ago
Ahh yes. Another YouTuber who became huge over glitches then just disappeared. Sad times for those who actually care about the content they create.
xTGE - 2 days ago
He’s still very active on his gaming channel.
literally a bowl of cereal
It is very sad
Desu_p - 22 days ago
he glitched himself out
Miles Prower
Miles Prower - Month ago
+MikeyTaylorGaming Well that's good cuz I am subbed and watch when new ones come out
Lyl Viko
Lyl Viko - Month ago
+MikeyTaylorGaming well that's what he stated in his twitter, besides he still uploads gameplay related things, just not glitches
Red Kanto
Red Kanto - Month ago
But that Nidoking wont Obey you until Giovanni
Trent Gomes
Trent Gomes - Month ago
I think that's only for traded pokemon. Could be wrong tho
pokemon vlogs
pokemon vlogs - Month ago
It is fuvk
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans - Month ago
Naka is Reds name and Senhai is Blues Name.
Selective Panther
Selective Panther - Month ago
I failed the nidoking glitch and got stuck in and endless battle with a npc named just bug catcher
lordofsalem3 - Month ago
Your commentary is hilarious. And I super appreciate your music at the beginning is from FF8!
XChronicle - Month ago
Make Generation 2 glitch quest
Nicholas Begg
Nicholas Begg - Month ago
Make more!
saintworks - Month ago
I name my character dad, that way it feels like I’m spending time with my dad... he was murdered.
Mordekool - Month ago
0:40 he names him self naka(なか) instead of
baka(ばか) and
senhai(せんはい) instead of senpai(せんぱい)
I guess he just didn't notice he used the na kana instead of the ba(ha with the ")
And almost spelled senpai right except he didn't change the ha into pa (ha with a tiny o)
Mordekool - 25 days ago
BabyMahdy I'm not saying he did wrong but he did say comment to check if he did it right It's perfectly normal to get errors in foreign languages
BabyMahdy - 25 days ago
he dont know japan he TRIED
Max Jensen
Max Jensen - Month ago
I actually also named my rival Stank lol
Hans - Month ago
Dude i think your patience is a glitch
EKANSIS - Month ago
This is the only video I watched for now but what about the MissingNO glitch. I'm about to watch the next vids so sorry if you already did do that glich
Trollerjoe 76
Trollerjoe 76 - Month ago
You can get a lvl 100 gengar way easier
The Great Juan
The Great Juan - Month ago
he didnt explain the name SoDaftPKMN
Arcane - 2 months ago
Scykoh, you could’ve wasted your pp until you had exactly 6 growls left and then struggle to death
NJShell2 - 21 day ago
+Arcane I made a video for it usa-video.net/XFJLvZ_fgkk-video.html
Arcane - Month ago
NJShell2 yee
NJShell2 - Month ago
That would be cool to see. Have you done it?
Arcane - 2 months ago
Scykoh, you could’ve wasted your pp until you had exactly 6 growls left and then struggle to death
Arcane - Month ago
Happy Panda15 Use the other moves on other wild pokemon
Happy Panda15
Happy Panda15 - 2 months ago
KrowGaming wrong because it would force him to use his other moves
nathaniel dela cruz
nathaniel dela cruz - 2 months ago
hello guys, Unbelievable !!! I can immediately get full of tickets by using *ZEPISGUIDES. COM*
shingshongshamalama - 2 months ago
I miss this channel.
Be safe, Scykoh.
KyletheLegend02 !
KyletheLegend02 ! - Month ago
he's fine. apparently he's playing Minecraft.
kefkapalazzo1 - Month ago
What happenedV
Levantine - 2 months ago
Oh snap, FF8 music right out the gate? Get sub'd
Armand - 2 months ago
could you do a episode just with saying
for like 10 Minutes? it sounds awesome!!!
lpsunder miners
lpsunder miners - 2 months ago
i tried the nidoking glitch, all i got was a bug catcher battle and a load of dissapointment on the way back in
Axolotl TV
Axolotl TV - Month ago
the pokemon you get depends on what pokemon you use growl on
Devon Mistkowski
Devon Mistkowski - 2 months ago
Your name is rahjomahtii and your opponent is chicomantucaruca
Supreme Kai
Supreme Kai - 2 months ago
Pointless glitches. Where is MissingNo?
Axolotl TV
Axolotl TV - Month ago
Supreme Kai in a later episode
Guillermo Salazar
Guillermo Salazar - 2 months ago
That nidoking glitch is awesome!!!
Defaulty boi
Defaulty boi - 2 months ago
Are these glitches the same for FireRed and LeafGreen?
Alex BlueCyndaquil
Alex BlueCyndaquil - Month ago
Silver6226 - 2 months ago
ur mom gay
Ya boy Brent
Ya boy Brent - 2 months ago
Finna do this on my calculator
ʝɛʀʀɛʟ KIПKΣΛD
ʝɛʀʀɛʟ KIПKΣΛD - 2 months ago
4:06 i did it first try
Emerald Blaziken
Emerald Blaziken - 2 months ago
Can I play english pokemon blue on a japanese pokemon stadium?
Bekkah Campbell
Bekkah Campbell - 2 months ago
Thanks ☺️
peter Yanes
peter Yanes - 2 months ago
Can you do if u already passed the first gym
Lot Hernandez
Lot Hernandez - 2 months ago
Maybe bulbasur is mad that he has no friends . I don't think you should not have charmandr
Tad Cooper
Tad Cooper - 2 months ago
Tots Malotes
Tots Malotes - 2 months ago
can this be done in firered?
Alex BlueCyndaquil
Alex BlueCyndaquil - Month ago
No. Because the two games are not related other than the fact that they are remakes
Mushy Corn
Mushy Corn - 2 months ago
One of my favorite videos from you!
Dave Wolf
Dave Wolf - 2 months ago
All the glitches was one of the main reasons why Gen1 was AWESOME!
Ootb Gaming
Ootb Gaming - 2 months ago
Short Snort
Short Snort - 2 months ago
“We can kinda manipulate her”
Great Master Frank
Great Master Frank - 2 months ago
Actually, you can do everything before facing brock.
you know, if you know the trick of skipping the brock's battle.
Gustavo diaz barrera
Gustavo diaz barrera - 2 months ago
I must be missing a step. Did the nidoking glitch after an hour. Died during the random encounter. Found lvl 3 pidgey made it back to the forest and fought the bug trainer twice..........
RedPlayz - 2 months ago
Do any of these glitches work on the 3ds version of pokemon red?
RedPlayz - 2 months ago
ur mom xd thanks
ur mom xd
ur mom xd - 2 months ago
Yes, because it uses the same coding as the gameboy, you can perform any of these glitches. Even MissingNo!
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