21 Awkward Moments Everyone Can Relate To / Life Hacks To Overcome Fails

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kings kids
kings kids - 5 hours ago
There still a little suspicious but it's better. Thanks for beat boxing I REEEEEEEALY need that one I can beat box and I can fart.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋
Very funny with that and all🤣🤣
parmjit425 - 8 hours ago
Just give them to meh headphones mama is here
natica miller
natica miller - Day ago
Shirley Martinez
Shirley Martinez - Day ago
How. Can. You. Guys. Do. That
josh arciga
josh arciga - Day ago
The people are ugly in these Videos
Katy J
Katy J - Day ago
For the cling wrap one
I always have a full roll of cling wrap with me .
And don't change how u look for girls
Camila Hinojosa
Camila Hinojosa - Day ago
We know that's you troom troom!
7:15 yeet hat boy
Pinar Kose Kulacz
Pinar Kose Kulacz - 2 days ago
I can't relat l am a kid l am 8 years old l am in 3 grade xd
Tj Elbambo
Tj Elbambo - 2 days ago
I can stretch my leg
Aaliyah- gacha life
Aaliyah- gacha life - 2 days ago
Bruh you might of hit that poor bog
Lps Flower Petal
Lps Flower Petal - 2 days ago
Use your real voice
Nina Philhower
Nina Philhower - 2 days ago
Your video a good I love them
Maria Lee
Maria Lee - 2 days ago
When he took off shirt I was like hot
Maria Lee
Maria Lee - 2 days ago
If u buy the bag over your head u might die
random artist
random artist - 2 days ago
Oop my hand bag and all my GIRLY THINGS
Mikey Murphy
Mikey Murphy - 2 days ago
Hi what is your name
Cornelius Keech Jr.
Cornelius Keech Jr. - 2 days ago
This is troom troom
Elizabeth Nijholt
Elizabeth Nijholt - 2 days ago
Sapphire Familia
Sapphire Familia - 3 days ago
I love your videos I like the one were you said I look like a werewolf and I love your videos I am a amazing person I wish l could be in one of your videos I am a big big fan of your videos I love you ❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜🅰️ for amazing fan love your video you are the best ones ever
maya Coppola
maya Coppola - 3 days ago
let teach kids to put bags over there heads
Kacie Xu
Kacie Xu - 3 days ago
5:36 why take off the sweater when you already put it on
Viky 1922
Viky 1922 - 3 days ago
Sonco Melendez
Sonco Melendez - 3 days ago
I love it so much
Capita K
Capita K - 3 days ago
7:16 do not do that you look stupid with an inside out shirt
Chunhua Wang
Chunhua Wang - 3 days ago
Is it just me or they are stealing it from 123 go
Precious Potato
Precious Potato - 3 days ago
6:21 how about *n o*
Marlene Bridge
Marlene Bridge - 3 days ago
This is stupid never ever put bags on your head unless you want to die
Dhruv Arya
Dhruv Arya - 3 days ago
AT 5:44 I understand that they are relatives of 5 min craft
Jenna Gorrie
Jenna Gorrie - 3 days ago
The ear plugs aren't even plunged in
Gangster Doggie
Gangster Doggie - 3 days ago
5:44 my makeup won’t get ruined
Me: *but ur hair will*
Ayra AZEEM - Day ago
Ayra and Afra
Mesi Mumm
Mesi Mumm - Day ago
I WAS GOING TO SAY THE SAME THING COPYCAT wait your not a cat im so dump
Kelly Powell
Kelly Powell - 2 days ago
I know also she took it off to put it back on!
Kawaii GachaCado
Kawaii GachaCado - 3 days ago
‘A sock makes a good toy!’ And ‘ cmon girls! Let’s rock this car!’ Hmmmmm
Carlo Muscatelli
Carlo Muscatelli - 3 days ago
Put on a fanny pack!
It will cover your ‘problem 😏🍆
Carlo Muscatelli
Carlo Muscatelli - 3 days ago
I’ll make a corset out of plastic wrap!
And also take plastic wrap outside and cut off all the circulation in my stomach
Carlo Muscatelli
Carlo Muscatelli - 3 days ago
We know a trick! Reck your shoes and the floor with sandpaper!
Carlo Muscatelli
Carlo Muscatelli - 3 days ago
“A sock can make a great toy!”
It can also stink
Wtf is wrong with all of these people
Milly Robins
Milly Robins - 3 days ago
JuSt PuT a BaG On YoUr HeAd
-Woo Hoo

Don’t you will die
Leah Vega
Leah Vega - 4 days ago
For the spider phone case you could just make a password lol
carmen Godinez
carmen Godinez - 4 days ago
Why are you so worried
Ava mejia
Ava mejia - 4 days ago
All my girly things
Z Jones
Z Jones - 4 days ago
You also showed a scene before going over what your YouTube name is called
Z Jones
Z Jones - 4 days ago
Your guys are fakes. You literally copied Troom Troom.
Your didn’t copy the hack but you copied how they go over the hacks at the end.
wolfie cookies smith
wolfie cookies smith - 4 days ago
I'm actually really good at un tangeling head phones
lizzy plays roblox hehe
Umm putting the bag under you're head is not a safe plan . Maybe just dont put makeup on .......
Crystal Velasquez
Crystal Velasquez - 4 days ago
Did you notice the burgers are a squishy
Sarah Barnes
Sarah Barnes - 4 days ago
Hn means hello naigbour
Kittri Kitlertphairoj
Kittri Kitlertphairoj - 4 days ago
Woo hoo:PuT On A BAg
Me:ermmmmmmmmmm i dont think sooooo
Carlos Herbert
Carlos Herbert - 5 days ago
Today blessing is the same day
kat luna
kat luna - 5 days ago
Lol this did not help a lot jaja
Asta Marie I
Asta Marie I - 5 days ago
5:55 what about you hair??
Mohammed Ehtishamuddin
Mohammed Ehtishamuddin - 5 days ago
heather doner
heather doner - 5 days ago
i like all of them.
LOL lots of love to my #1 chanale
دانه الرويلي
jade nash
jade nash - 5 days ago
C good food
Diva Felgueiras
Diva Felgueiras - 5 days ago
I didn't like the one where he changed his belly fir girls
GamingWithCaraline S.
Diva Felgueiras same that’s not right
Kelly Powell
Kelly Powell - 2 days ago
Me neather
Simran sarna
Simran sarna - 5 days ago
Racheal fairs
Racheal fairs - 6 days ago
Racheal fairs
Racheal fairs - 6 days ago
Your calling some one fat that is so mean and rufe
Lil Tiki
Lil Tiki - 6 days ago
I don't think any nine year olds go on dates or drive cars
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