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Sethy Boy
Sethy Boy - 5 minutes ago
I want to swap with any of you guys. All you guys are awesome love you all 👍👍👍
Brad Brabrook
Brad Brabrook - 33 minutes ago
when did tannar join?
Elijah Bowers
Elijah Bowers - 41 minute ago
Where is Marcus he hasn’t been in past videos
awsomecreeper 51
awsomecreeper 51 - 49 minutes ago
Who thinka Ilsa should join click?
Lucas Silberd
Lucas Silberd - 58 minutes ago
FJS scootering
FJS scootering - Hour ago
Elliot flexing the yeezys on the wax strip
David Nguyen
David Nguyen - 2 hours ago
Cray and tanar 2020
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - 2 hours ago
Best part : Cray : "F***,Marry,Kill" Lufu : " What about Bazz ?" Cray : "He just gets to live his life. " XD
Triple A_Gamer
Triple A_Gamer - 2 hours ago
HealedLace82 YAY
HealedLace82 YAY - 2 hours ago
Munchlax Lv100
Munchlax Lv100 - 4 hours ago
My guestion is we’re is fresh
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - 2 hours ago
wait is craytor and tannar dating??
Nick Kennedy
Nick Kennedy - 5 hours ago
what happened to Macurs
Sarah Maue
Sarah Maue - 5 hours ago
Where's marcus
WolfieToons! - 6 hours ago
Why did I half expect Tannar to say something about her forehead, on the first one, love you guys and say clicking cool (my terrible pun skills come into play... I'm sorry) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and Cray, you look freaking out in that chilli costume( ˘ ³˘)♥(I totally don't have a small crush on cray and another crappy pun by me plz Halp meh, I am not OK...(●__●)
Cherry Boy
Cherry Boy - 6 hours ago
Where me Marcus boi?
Matteo Perinetti
Matteo Perinetti - 6 hours ago
If you manage to get it into the hole!

Everybody: what?
DGK9905 - 6 hours ago
Wait where is Marcus
Okay_itsjustme !
Okay_itsjustme ! - 8 hours ago
1:25 his face just says at that moment please end me
Nathan Leva
Nathan Leva - 9 hours ago
at 10:36 kath threw a red beanbag. The one that landed in front of the board was blue. How
Morgz Greninja!
Morgz Greninja! - 10 hours ago
Where ir marcus
Ozzy Mitchell
Ozzy Mitchell - 11 hours ago
*Click does group therapy*
Junior Ulberg
Junior Ulberg - 11 hours ago
Tanar should of yelled,"Lazarbeams my brother!!!" Lmao
Tyson Whiteface
Tyson Whiteface - 12 hours ago
Wheres Marcus
Hayden X
Hayden X - 13 hours ago
you missed tanna's truth where lannan said for a dare, I get to direct and take a picture of you for your instagram.
Baccastarcanadian Lachlenfrags
Cray wished he got the last dare
Addison Brauns
Addison Brauns - 13 hours ago
wait is craytor and tannar dating??
Jayy Jay
Jayy Jay - 14 hours ago
What happened to Marcus ?
Beckett Butler
Beckett Butler - 15 hours ago
I have the shirt bazza is wearing
dadpug - 15 hours ago
Where's Marcus
Matthew Beaulieu
Matthew Beaulieu - 16 hours ago
the regulation distince for cornhole is 27.5 feet
Angelo Flores
Angelo Flores - 16 hours ago
I layover these videos
xxVoided darknessxx
xxVoided darknessxx - 16 hours ago
The ego is definitely bazz 💀💀💀
Shubhan Jain
Shubhan Jain - 16 hours ago
When tannar kissed Cray
Talin Brandt
Talin Brandt - 16 hours ago
I thought Tannar would scream "I am related to LazarBeam."
Robby Echiberi
Robby Echiberi - 16 hours ago
Water...my streets water main broke
lily Greenwood
lily Greenwood - 16 hours ago
They forgot bait in there name
Dynx Razor
Dynx Razor - 17 hours ago
who else saw the twitter pic on lufus feed with cray
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy - 16 hours ago
Watch crays bed there married
Homero Eduardo Martinez
Homero Eduardo Martinez - 17 hours ago
TrexRider2 - Fortnite, Battlefield1, and more!
Best example of coordinating.
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy - 16 hours ago
Ummm WHAT math killed someone 😑
0123xrulez - 18 hours ago
Cray will always remember 3:33
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