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Insightslol - Hour ago
4:00 is the best part by far
Aakash Ramesh
Aakash Ramesh - 4 hours ago
Lazarbeam having 15mil subs everyone one else has at least 12 mil less, yea that kind of proves his point
Braeden Klemme
Braeden Klemme - 8 hours ago
I’ve drank soy sauce through a straw that shot is nothing
NateSipsSoda - 14 hours ago
I'm kinda mad cray had to wear that the whole time because lufu cheated
NIICH MILLER - 16 hours ago
Die TTV Burn
Die TTV Burn - 17 hours ago
7:10 I would take Lannan because of his stockpile of knives
kent törnberg
kent törnberg - 20 hours ago
fan den d goda Yoda baby
INFINITI - Day ago
Eliot:” Jokes on you I don’t have hair”😂
Nerdosaur - Day ago
I love how Kath says Lazar has the most inflated ego though he is the most famous
Josue Galan
Josue Galan - Day ago
What happened to Marcus
Noah Whalen
Noah Whalen - Day ago
i love it how cray is eating wasabi and trying to get water because its so hot, yet he's in a chilli costume! kissing a dude, and then canabalism, jeez!
Ninder Kaur
Ninder Kaur - Day ago
Did u say lufu killed someone
Ioan Nitu
Ioan Nitu - Day ago
I love how Craytor looks depressed in the costume
Chris Langedijk
Chris Langedijk - Day ago
i feel sad beacause lannan is always nice to Lulu and she said he was the most ego one
william poaletti
william poaletti - Day ago
You such
Aarnav Arora
Aarnav Arora - 2 days ago
Where is Marcus
Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh - 2 days ago
I disagree with Kath only reason why is because lazarbeam said they play for ego but I play for wins in the exercise video.
Corey Anderson
Corey Anderson - 2 days ago
Lanna kisses cray
Salty Pickle
Salty Pickle - 2 days ago
Bruh when Kath moaned I just lost it
HAZIQ RAHIM - 2 days ago
11:28 yeet!
Fortnite Legend34
Fortnite Legend34 - 2 days ago
Who else was waiting for Elliot to say “guys” in the intro?
F1sHy 112
F1sHy 112 - 2 days ago
Bazz’s top has the deadpool logo from fortnite even though this was posted 7 months later
Zgamer 9997
Zgamer 9997 - 10 hours ago
Deadpool was a character way before fortnite put him in the game...
ALAN Lopez
ALAN Lopez - 2 days ago
F u eliot
Rapidz _13
Rapidz _13 - 2 days ago
I love how lannan bends over for everybody but bazz
Cecelia Morrissey
Cecelia Morrissey - 2 days ago
There's spilling the tea & there's pouring the kettle out - Lazarbeam 2020
Kieran Melrath
Kieran Melrath - 2 days ago
This was published on my b-day
Cesar Macavilca
Cesar Macavilca - 2 days ago
Deanna-leigh Jones
Deanna-leigh Jones - 3 days ago
Aha the best costume ever
Te Haroto Eruera
Te Haroto Eruera - 3 days ago
Every one in click misses. Lazar beam controller player
GCen - 3 days ago
Loserfruit is sexy
Baseball_GuineaPig - 3 days ago
Can you kill me instead
Mrgreenpep - 4 days ago
Crays evil laugh before he ruins loserfruits online life
Cgm - 4 days ago
Where is Marcus
Gerald Darby
Gerald Darby - 4 days ago
Muselk when he drank the soy saurce in facing: why does soy saurce egsist bleww
Gerald Darby
Gerald Darby - 4 days ago
nah loserfruit chaeted cuz lazerbeam threw it in the same place and ha cant move it so loserfuit should be disqualified
Adrian Mackay
Adrian Mackay - 4 days ago
Lannan to elliot: HES FAMILY!! 🤣
Sebgamer9388 - 4 days ago
ironman45j ped
ironman45j ped - 4 days ago
where is matcus
Coolio _xx3
Coolio _xx3 - 4 days ago
ironman45j ped he left 2 episodes before this one hope that helps 😁
Edu Edu
Edu Edu - 4 days ago
the one time lannan doesbt make a sound tanner gets it through the hole
Edu Edu
Edu Edu - 4 days ago
who did cath kill
;-;;-; - 4 days ago
Hmmmmm 69 videos
William Trpcevski
William Trpcevski - 4 days ago
Every one misses lannan aimbot
Alex Rosioru
Alex Rosioru - 4 days ago
Im lookin at elliot trying to hold back crayator from water the only thing that is missing is him to start waving his arms😂😂😂👏👍👍👍
Lazar and lufu should be dating
Caitlynlw090807 - 5 days ago
The fact elliot and tannar argue like siblings more than lannan
Kapshy Cat
Kapshy Cat - 5 days ago
WhAts GoiNg On guYs
* RaZe_Goat *
* RaZe_Goat * - 5 days ago
After that day tanner and cray where never seen again
Kaitlyn Chapman
Kaitlyn Chapman - 5 days ago
You did tanner choose to f***?
MVG Minecraft boxes 0
MVG Minecraft boxes 0 - 5 days ago
FBI open up 7:22
Brett Morris
Brett Morris - 5 days ago
Honestly my least favorite click member is Elliot because of his colossal ego
Evan on Two wheels
Evan on Two wheels - 5 days ago
Who else wants cray and tannar to date?
Oli-the-turd- gaming
Oli-the-turd- gaming - 5 days ago
11:54 AH MY TOE
Hyper - 5 days ago
Everyone but lazar: he's aimbotting
renegade yeetgames
renegade yeetgames - Day ago
duckvidoes duck
duckvidoes duck - 3 days ago
Swyshh - 5 days ago
I actually ship tannar and cray
Brennon Mckinney_ritchey
The best part of this video is when lannan says sike and the look on tannas FACE is fricking so funny
Gaming Men
Gaming Men - 5 days ago
Wez fresh and Marcus
Sean Maguire
Sean Maguire - 6 days ago
4:03 no comment
Joshua Myers
Joshua Myers - 6 days ago
She obviously didn’t take a shower today
Dead Silence
Dead Silence - 6 days ago
My brother drinks from the bottle of soy sauce
ShadowX - 6 days ago
Lazarbeam: Being the best click member
Loserfruit: looks fatter than usual
mr. Shrek
mr. Shrek - 6 days ago
Rip tanner time :43 seconds in
mosey max
mosey max - 6 days ago
Gamebuster TGC
Gamebuster TGC - 6 days ago
Lannan's BAZINGA is legendary 😆
zayfloe - 6 days ago
Who else ships muselk and tanner
vyral Apple
vyral Apple - 6 days ago
Should just be titled non midwesterners play corn hole
Mikey Hanna
Mikey Hanna - 7 days ago
🔫 do you know me?
Kayne G
Kayne G - 7 days ago
lannan is the superior kid of the eacott familly
Rachel Nisbet
Rachel Nisbet - 7 days ago
Lazar was just insane at the throwing
Tom Broad
Tom Broad - 7 days ago
Lannan for MVP
Smoothzy - 7 days ago
fat fat fat
Gabe Wallen
Gabe Wallen - 7 days ago
Is anyone talking bout how tannar kissed cray
GM Azam Khan Gm
GM Azam Khan Gm - 7 days ago
3:32 Fam ficrtion
Huge Reds Fan
Huge Reds Fan - 7 days ago
Lufu says that Lannan has the biggest ego and muselk acting like the king of England
Doc Tony 2008
Doc Tony 2008 - 8 days ago
Mohamed Saeed
Mohamed Saeed - 8 days ago
5:09 😅😂
Levi McDougall Fáaui
Levi McDougall Fáaui - 8 days ago
Looks so depressed
Levi McDougall Fáaui
Levi McDougall Fáaui - 8 days ago
I feel sorry for cray
Caleb Louie
Caleb Louie - 8 days ago
Them look at the search history me 10 hours of spegetti
Xd Chahid
Xd Chahid - 8 days ago
If lannan had the same aim in fortnite...
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