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How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous - 2 days ago
200,000 likes on this vid and we’ll drop our 300kg solid steel fist on the cube!! 😳🤯
Cees Teideman
Cees Teideman - 3 minutes ago
The cube/anything vs ooblek (however it's spelt) in an aqurium
Jeffrey Richard
Jeffrey Richard - 32 minutes ago
Xander Johnson
Xander Johnson - 2 hours ago
Brandon Faulkner
Brandon Faulkner - 8 hours ago
Why not drop something on play dough one day?
Aarron Click
Aarron Click - 9 hours ago
Did you guys send that block to demolition ranch?
Dylan Burrows
Dylan Burrows - 59 seconds ago
How about tugsten cube vs worlds strongest tramp from 1000 ft
Shrouded Mortal
Shrouded Mortal - 6 minutes ago
For the comtest 3430 AUD
mikewabrown - 7 minutes ago
Wyatt Richards
Wyatt Richards - 10 minutes ago
1600 usd
waylin tsinnijinnie
waylin tsinnijinnie - 11 minutes ago
I like the caution gravity sign haha
Drew Rasmussen
Drew Rasmussen - 12 minutes ago
If it's the same cube Matt on DR used, it costs ~$1,600 USD
xLazarusEnvy - 12 minutes ago
“Can I paint my haaaaannd?” Hahaha so cute.
Jeremy Mcintyre
Jeremy Mcintyre - 14 minutes ago
David Fletcher
David Fletcher - 15 minutes ago
COMMTEST - 2350$
Dan S
Dan S - 19 minutes ago
$1900 dollarydoos
MrNosnitram - 20 minutes ago
3:36 this is just for me.
Keaton Cruse
Keaton Cruse - 21 minute ago
42 pounds
Shaneacuck - 24 minutes ago
drop the cube into an engine compartment of a car
Elizabeth Ward
Elizabeth Ward - 24 minutes ago
Was the tungsten $2744aud?
ciara ort
ciara ort - 25 minutes ago
well demolition ranch paid 1600 american dollars for it so im assuming the same for yall #commtest
Kim Wehrens
Kim Wehrens - 27 minutes ago
Tungsten costs about 80 dollar per kilo.... So 19 * 80 = 1520 dollar.
But. this one is nicely cubed, so I think about 1800 dollar
Ross Barreto
Ross Barreto - 35 minutes ago
I'm going to say the cube was $2,500
Pete Maverick
Pete Maverick - 37 minutes ago
Is that demolition ranches?
jesse 4308
jesse 4308 - 42 minutes ago
John Gober
John Gober - 43 minutes ago
This was the cube that Rick and Morty were going to Bendigo for.
Tyrnak Fenrir
Tyrnak Fenrir - 45 minutes ago
Ryan - 49 minutes ago
Cube name "KEVIN" if you know then you know
Jackson 717
Jackson 717 - 39 minutes ago
wait like btitz's kevin
George Bell
George Bell - 49 minutes ago
Cube cost $3425 AUD.
accobra - 50 minutes ago
$2,500 usd? for the cube
Cooper Stale chips
Cooper Stale chips - 54 minutes ago
Razor Sharp Stunts
Razor Sharp Stunts - 55 minutes ago
I think the cube cost $2,499
Emmons Crawley
Emmons Crawley - Hour ago
CarpenterMike 72
CarpenterMike 72 - Hour ago
Demo Matt throws bullets at tungsten block....
You guys throw the tungsten block at stuff... lol
soul eater
soul eater - Hour ago
$2,499 USD
Charlie Hutton
Charlie Hutton - Hour ago
More like a Kobe then a Lebron in my opinion
Lukas Seirlehner
Lukas Seirlehner - Hour ago
The Cube costs 608$
Patrick Bolte
Patrick Bolte - Hour ago
seems like cheating to have a pipe to drop it threw . free drops are so much better
johnhagebeuk8 - Hour ago
Would you guys be interested to donate it to me? So i can sell it and help struggling families in these difficult times?
A random video
A random video - Hour ago
The cube shows be called Jorden
Trent Davenport
Trent Davenport - Hour ago
COMMTEST Guess: $3150 AUD
Mucky Vagrant
Mucky Vagrant - Hour ago
I fucking love Aussies
Nolan Porter
Nolan Porter - Hour ago
Make a shirt that says "that's not in one piece anymore" And have a picture of a broken heart
Nope Naw
Nope Naw - Hour ago
Verse is not short for versus.
AntimatterNova - Hour ago
It would be interesting to get a behind the scenes of the cleanup after the main vid.
RCMadness - Hour ago
Sanctuary Of None
Sanctuary Of None - Hour ago
One days the boys will have a phantom slow mo camera, and our eyes will be blessed
Steven Rees
Steven Rees - Hour ago
Why are these cubes popping up all over youtube?
XGen erous
XGen erous - Hour ago
The Cube is 4k usd
Joshua Simas
Joshua Simas - Hour ago
I miss y’all doing color explosions!!
Kenji Grahame
Kenji Grahame - Hour ago
Gotta be at least $6k
Silas Ellenson
Silas Ellenson - Hour ago
I ordered a hat and it got lost in the post what do I do
Wickd AK
Wickd AK - Hour ago
Fail Fail
Fail Fail - Hour ago
$2000 us
Terraria Master
Terraria Master - Hour ago
My Reactions
My Reactions - Hour ago
"Worlds heaviest cube" would not be a small metal cube, a building maybe but not that.
Ragnarok - Hour ago
*Footage of the meteor 64 million years ago, colorized*
Xander Johnson
Xander Johnson - Hour ago
3,820 US Dollars
Sour Cherrie
Sour Cherrie - Hour ago
David Rivera
David Rivera - Hour ago
Cube vs a Car?
Bagle Time
Bagle Time - 2 hours ago
$2000 ha now you have to dub to me
82gamerprincess - 2 hours ago
Wow that thing is just straight up a meteor.
GLENN EWELL - 2 hours ago
Rexy survives another ordeal
Andrew Stineman
Andrew Stineman - 2 hours ago
Yeah thats broke
Justin Sturgess
Justin Sturgess - 2 hours ago
Melanie Beynon
Melanie Beynon - 2 hours ago
what happend to the sword
Bradley Beek’s Adventures
Was just watching demoranch shoot this same block a bunch of times lol
zZyrezZ - 2 hours ago
Can u make a Dart made out of Tungsten??
Joshua Edwards
Joshua Edwards - 2 hours ago
Noel Szivák
Noel Szivák - 2 hours ago
I mean lead is even hevier. And extremly soft, would be intresting to see how it diforsm from drops.
(Iam hungaryan )
Hannes Jordaan
Hannes Jordaan - 2 hours ago
The blue paint has nowhere to go... Therefor pushing green bucket up
dragon h4zard boy
dragon h4zard boy - 2 hours ago
If lbs it is 42lbs
Helen Morris
Helen Morris - 2 hours ago
Contest: £8.500 xxxx
Hannes Jordaan
Hannes Jordaan - 2 hours ago
Ivaan Garcia
Ivaan Garcia - 2 hours ago
arme gaming mb
arme gaming mb - 2 hours ago
Blake Chance
Blake Chance - 2 hours ago
TheUlrick - 2 hours ago
$2500 usd
Bear049 - 2 hours ago
Bring a laser to help with target center
brandon hauswald
brandon hauswald - 2 hours ago
1600 USD
Talon Blackwelder
Talon Blackwelder - 2 hours ago
2,500 dollars USD 😳
WeGameGrizzly - 2 hours ago
why is everyone doing things with tungsten cubes right now? it's like every other channel, shootings tungsten cube, crushing tungsten cube, dropping tungsten cube etc... kinda strange.
Andrey K
Andrey K - 2 hours ago
2499 US dollars or like 3400+ AU dollars
Cindy Parrish
Cindy Parrish - 2 hours ago
buckets were the best !
Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders - 3 hours ago
How about cube vs. giant glass ball?
Luke Hurley
Luke Hurley - 3 hours ago
Drop the cube on some safes like you did the 300 kg fist
Kyle Reitsma
Kyle Reitsma - 3 hours ago
Commtest: This has got to cost $1600 us dollars.. or like $2200 australian dollars? maybe?
Jagnoor Virdi
Jagnoor Virdi - 3 hours ago
$1600 USD
moshpit scotty
moshpit scotty - 3 hours ago
Fun fact you guys actually have drop things down that Big for I can recall at least towards it was probably just messing around but I remember
Anthony Bongiovanni
Anthony Bongiovanni - 3 hours ago
I think the cube cost $2500 plus tax
Garrett Cline
Garrett Cline - 3 hours ago
Off the ranch and demolition ranch did it first
Jannetta K Tibbs
Jannetta K Tibbs - 3 hours ago
2500 US dollars...Demo Matt did this last week.
TheTransforcer - 3 hours ago
because of its shape, it should naturally impact point down, making for much more dramatic shots!
Janet Hoekstra
Janet Hoekstra - 3 hours ago
You three women
Chris Glaser
Chris Glaser - 3 hours ago
Like here for the "Well that's not in one piece anymore" shirt!
Zach Jachowicz
Zach Jachowicz - 3 hours ago
900 dollarydoos
BoloradoAnthony - 3 hours ago
Man rip to that nice fish tank😂😪 I could us that
Tucker Burton
Tucker Burton - 3 hours ago
Demo ranch did the same thing but shot it help him out with it
Quinzon - 3 hours ago
How is no one talking about tiger woods being in this video 😂😂
Clayton Courier
Clayton Courier - 3 hours ago
It cost $2499!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Harmer
Tim Harmer - 3 hours ago
Dylanwba A
Dylanwba A - 3 hours ago
Tristen Hayles
Tristen Hayles - 3 hours ago
v8 iroc z camaro
v8 iroc z camaro - 3 hours ago
I would have loved to have seen that cube dropped on that giant trampoline !!
lil boi
lil boi - 3 hours ago
179 dollars
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