Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson - 6 minutes ago
Can't beleive they're ending this!
Omar Ollervides Alvarez
Hey Austin Mahone, learn how to not estorb the models at the runway.
Johnny Behealthy
Johnny Behealthy - Hour ago
She looks has good as the Victoria Secrets models, no? She has one of the best look and voice out there. Cute yet edgy image with a nice tone and timbre on the vox
SentinelTheFirst - 3 hours ago
Me: *shudders*
Trishawn Wynter
Trishawn Wynter - 5 hours ago
When she holds that models hand
Bangtan Trash
Bangtan Trash - 6 hours ago
The BEST walk
@ 3:06
Mecha Destroyer98
Mecha Destroyer98 - 6 hours ago
Is it me or does Halsey seem she can be a great model
Cat and dog Ft. Yeontan
Cat and dog Ft. Yeontan - 9 hours ago
I want a body like hers 😭 she’s gorgeous 😍
elharty sara
elharty sara - 9 hours ago
Salome Kabinga
Salome Kabinga - 9 hours ago
Rare talent😢😢
No auto tune needed❤❤
& a real Beauty 😘😘
Senaleb - 12 hours ago
fenni nabila
fenni nabila - 12 hours ago
halsey doesn't even try to steal the stage
Bello Phonex
Bello Phonex - 13 hours ago
Go girly.xxxoo no-ones beyond fixing.
Its about confidence
Bit of tape makeup and putting your big girl pants on .. and bobs ya uncle
Gzielle - 13 hours ago
Halsey voice is a mood.
Airton Hanry
Airton Hanry - 13 hours ago
Anh Nguyen Trung
Anh Nguyen Trung - 14 hours ago
Models of Victoria's Secrets..who? I only know Halsey!!!!! She nailed it!!!!
yash veer
yash veer - 15 hours ago
Like~ Bebe Rexha 
Comment ~ Halsey
Meh :
Meh : - 16 hours ago
feels like shes lip syncing.
Almost The Most Subscribed Channel Without Videos
2:01 The most beautiful! 😍
Krytexxaz __
Krytexxaz __ - 17 hours ago
Sorry I'm a newbie to this model industry. What's the model's name in 3:21 shes prettyy❤
Penny beck
Penny beck - 17 hours ago
Josie cansecco I think
luke ong
luke ong - 18 hours ago
Halsey’s performance plus Shawn’s lost in japan,Im currently losing my self right now
Elizabeth Rhee
Elizabeth Rhee - 18 hours ago
Que hermosa voz, que bella eres, basta. Te amo.
Aarya Jha
Aarya Jha - 19 hours ago
Halsey's voice is the most most most unique one...😘😘😘I love it..😘😘😘😍😍😍😇😇
Aubrey Tsismuajxeem
Aubrey Tsismuajxeem - 20 hours ago
Love how Halsey rocked that confidence as soon as the models started coming out. "Oh yeah, yall are VS models but I can sang!!" All beautiful ladies on stage. 😍
Ra Tet
Ra Tet - 20 hours ago
Who is the girl at 3:20 - 3:22 ?
Teddy - 20 hours ago
I'm liking Halsey
Mercy Ochieng
Mercy Ochieng - 21 hour ago
You Look so much for your body
T D - 23 hours ago
She’s prettier than the Victoria secret models!! Ha ha ha... , plus the voice .,,, now that’s talent ... voice +the looks :)full package
joseph X conrad
joseph X conrad - 23 hours ago
3:04 is the most gorgeous of them all
Hansy Naoki Wang
Hansy Naoki Wang - Day ago
Halsey swaps hands in the most beautiful way at 1:34
Beauty H.
Beauty H. - Day ago
She’s the real model god dam that body
K SIN - Day ago
*Who put the cow in the show without her cowbell?*
lol what?
lol what? - Day ago
halsey’s voice is just ughhh 🥰🥰 i just love the raspiness of her voice
Kat - Day ago
Ugh. I know it's the Victoria secret show. But I get high key annoyed when they cut to the models 😆 like I'm here for Halsey. This is one of her best performances. AND she's STUNNiNG.
Luminous Lullaby
Luminous Lullaby - Day ago
You guys heard of G Easy reply to Without Me in Yuna - Blank Marquee yet? 🔥
king kun
king kun - Day ago
Lol Halsey's better looking than all them models put together
Charlotte Ziggy
Charlotte Ziggy - Day ago
How many walking down the runway were men?
BEYOND the Scenes
BEYOND the Scenes - Day ago
Ashley Nicolette Frangipane!
Amra Hedzic
Amra Hedzic - Day ago
i dislike victoria secret for a few reasons but halsey killeed this
Uan daireishon
Uan daireishon - Day ago
holy shit,i'm gay
Emelly kawane
Emelly kawane - Day ago
Algum br?🌚
Elias - Day ago
3:05 best model
marjorit perez
marjorit perez - Day ago
Kara X Arrow
Kara X Arrow - Day ago
Wow I love your voice Halsey hell yeah my lil sis loves you so much and me too I love you Halsey ♥️🎧🎵🎶🎼🎙️👄🎤👩‍🎤👩👩
Naamyy Killer
Naamyy Killer - Day ago
I love her, I love her, I love her, I really love you halsey 😍💕💝💗
JIJI이하늘 - Day ago
Jiminnie Molala
Jiminnie Molala - Day ago
I love you Halsey
Monalisa Phonglo
Monalisa Phonglo - Day ago
Perfect anything else perfect
S V - Day ago
She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
saymyname - Day ago
Everybody talking about Halsey in those comment omg you guys couldn't see Bella and Abel so so cuteeeii
Cheddaframanga - Day ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes. yes. Halsey stole something of mine
yacuga Racso
yacuga Racso - Day ago
i played more than ten times
Davy tep
Davy tep - Day ago
Halsey is the best
Concord - Day ago
Hasley is so gorgeous and talented.
These other girls look like bones. Like not fun to fuck at all.
Blink Blink
Blink Blink - Day ago
0:37 - when me try to sexy and my crush reaction
賴賴 - Day ago
3:20 Who is she?!
mad__focus_ akshith
Nice voice and songs
Naureen Noe
Naureen Noe - Day ago
Who is this girl 2:38?
Hart's voice is the best in all women and she looks great
Steven Steven
Steven Steven - Day ago
Love ❤️💋 Halsey. perfect just without tattoos 💯
Diario_De Uma Rockeira!
Halsey 💜😍✨
Diario_De Uma Rockeira!
Alguém do Brasil?
Eu simplesmente amei essa música, e agora que eu vi isso.
Fiquei feliz...
Sabê ,sou magra e minhas pernas são finas.
(Não gosto do meu corpo)
E quando vi isso...
Percebi o quanto essas mulhers são maravilhosas e que eu sou também.
Então, ei..
Se você tá lendo meu comentário e tem" Auto estima - baixa "
Saiba que você é linda (o)
Do jeitinho que é.
E não importa oque as pessoas acham!
Você é única (o) !
Too Much LIGHT GAH - Day ago
I want go to Victoria’s Secret concert cause I get to see a celebrity and beautiful ladies and some celebrity sitting beside me I will die
Rachel Thomas
Rachel Thomas - Day ago
why are these comments all about comparing women wth ???
Blue - Day ago
2nd model is literally a barbie doll.
William - Day ago
These girls are Gorgeous. Halsey is just to Fine.
Rashmi Birmole
Rashmi Birmole - Day ago
Girl with albanism?
Darth Kerrin
Darth Kerrin - Day ago
Aye but peep my man hyped to see his girl on stage at 2:20
hailee selena
hailee selena - Day ago
3:20 is soo cuteee
Newmarky Inc.
Newmarky Inc. - Day ago
I was thinking of ordering a pizza... now im just gonna eat this celery stick in my fridge.
Ghostrilom Stree
Ghostrilom Stree - Day ago
Who says auto tune there’s no such thing
TopLift - Day ago
These ladies are skeletons
MarvellousManic1 - 2 days ago
James Charles apology almost has more views than this. What has the world become.
1306 ily
1306 ily - 2 days ago
Giọng Halsey hay quá ❤️ From VietNam 🇻🇳💜
Mà trông các bộ đồ nhìn lạ mắt nhỉ 😂
aqilla listunisa
aqilla listunisa - 2 days ago
Who is her? 2:40😍
Gilberto Torres
Gilberto Torres - 2 days ago
Those girls are unbelievably beautiful
Muriel Halaburda
Muriel Halaburda - 2 days ago
Halsey parece otra modelo más
Kim Jemmy
Kim Jemmy - 2 days ago
those ppl with 15K dislikes, I'm sure those are blind 🤷😊
Dymes k
Dymes k - 2 days ago
Halsey is beautyful
Alguem do Brasil??
c a
c a - 2 days ago
I had that same haircut when I was a little boy
The FrancoGenao’s
The FrancoGenao’s - 2 days ago
Hadley is prettier than all the models tho....
Sadie Blackwell
Sadie Blackwell - 2 days ago
Halsey was the best one there ❤️❤️❤️
Anwarie Son
Anwarie Son - 2 days ago
This call good songs
Lynn Eaton
Lynn Eaton - 2 days ago
What kind of fashion show is that
Teresa D. Shadden
Teresa D. Shadden - 2 days ago
This song makes me think of Donnie Wahlberg and the rest of the new kids on the block, thank goodness I’ve grown old of their BS!!!!! There’s way more in life to enjoy!! 🎶🦋
jose ferdz
jose ferdz - 2 days ago
Utanshu sharma
Utanshu sharma - 2 days ago
02:20 theweeknd for bella hadid 💀
GMan Baz
GMan Baz - 2 days ago
Who's the black-haired model at 0:57 ,she's smoking HOT
GMan Baz
GMan Baz - 2 days ago
Autotune: Thinking you could live without me?
Halsey: ...............
GMan Baz
GMan Baz - 2 days ago
She's really good, sounds better without the autotune
Carmen Campos
Carmen Campos - 2 days ago
Mrs Rara
Mrs Rara - 2 days ago
I love you halsey!!
lizzy - 2 days ago
2:13 who is she? she looks pretty cool
lizzy - 2 days ago
Luca p. thank you :)
Luca p.
Luca p. - 2 days ago
Devon Windsor
Phenom 101
Phenom 101 - 2 days ago
She looked incredible
Qæßÿøñåñ - 2 days ago
ChimChim GamerGirl
ChimChim GamerGirl - 2 days ago
Aleex Perza 13
Aleex Perza 13 - 2 days ago
my respects !!! Halsey ... you have an incredible voice and you are too beautiful !!! 🖤
N. ale.
N. ale. - 2 days ago
Elsa hosk the perfect one 😍
Débora Alexandre
Débora Alexandre - 2 days ago
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