Unity LA Is Everything and More in "Indestructible" Routine - World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

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Ronak Patil
Ronak Patil - 10 hours ago
Against Kings...
They can't compete
Alex Woznak
Alex Woznak - 2 days ago
Technique- 99, Difficulty- 94, Choreography- 95, Presentation- 97
U M R - 5 days ago
Unity la awesome dance ,but you need creativity and something new...........love you from india
martha uribe
martha uribe - 7 days ago
What is the name song?
margi cates
margi cates - 11 days ago
What music are they dancing to?
It’s stunning.
GuitarHeroMusic191 - 14 days ago
This lost to The Kings... let that soak in. Take notes if you want to compete in the World of JLo, don't dance like professionals, dance like people who don't know how to dance but have a good story and know how to do tricks that people have done since America's Best Dance Crew.
tony✔️ - 14 days ago
Boring western contemporary is not the only dance form exist in world...if u have poor knowledge of dance better get updated instead of shittting from mouth
Noah Hutchison
Noah Hutchison - 17 days ago
Madelyn Duncan
Madelyn Duncan - 18 days ago
Bhagya S
Bhagya S - 19 days ago
But kings r the best
Deepak KM
Deepak KM - 21 day ago
Crisp, well choreographed, clean, beautiful, powerful, graceful. Wow.
Laurie Diorio
Laurie Diorio - 22 days ago
Unbeastable - 23 days ago
Just watched all The Kings video's. After watching that these guys look like babies. Boring music, slow, didn't feel the energy, not to much of performance in the time they were givin.
tony✔️ - 14 days ago
+Karen Villarosa i have same the question... Do u even know the meaning of sync???
Chaiz - 14 days ago
+Karen Villarosa SYNC? do you know even the meaning?
Karen Villarosa
Karen Villarosa - 23 days ago
I loved the stunts of The Kings and that is their strength. This performance is a different style from The Kings, but everything in this performance is good. The difference between the 2 perforamnce is like choosing hiphop vs classical music. Besides for me The Kings would be the best if they would be more in-sync.
Intaellectual - 23 days ago
I’m sorry they’re too cocky for me
Becca Intille
Becca Intille - 24 days ago
this was so silently strong i am shook
LionOfJudah - 27 days ago
I thought this was slow and music was not good. In one word. Boring. No clue what the judges saw.
Margaret Thai
Margaret Thai - 27 days ago
I like the song. They must of put in a thousand man hours to put this piece together. Very cohesive group. Took my breathe away
Dylan Buchman
Dylan Buchman - 28 days ago
The quality of the dancing was great but I feel like everyone is really piping up this performance so much more than so many of the other routines and it was not my favorite I didn't like the song for it at all I feel like if they'd chosen something else it would've been better
Katherine Scott
Katherine Scott - Month ago
Sooo good
Agaxe12 - Month ago
I’ve watched this so many times I can’t even, love this so much. And the reactions of Ne Yo and Derek show how good this is.
TON TON - Month ago
very clean
MRIDU MITTAL - Month ago
Awesome and the most unique piece of choreography I have ever seen!
DumbFoundDead x
DumbFoundDead x - Month ago
I love this performance i could watch it over and over...& i also love how the two came back with the vengance & a army & came to claim that Milli...im rooting...Also zack/zach whatever, he's so cute ^_^
Tiara Mayo
Tiara Mayo - Month ago
Ne-yo and Derek are so in sync with their reactions and commentary.
Lucija __
Lucija __ - Month ago
This is ridiculous, they underscore so many dancers and they give them 95 94 and 97???? I have seen more powerful and better dances and they were underscored?
Latiaha Wiley
Latiaha Wiley - Month ago
i loved Ashley & Zack from last year and now with this group they are amazing i can't stop watching this loved it i watch this one like 20 times also
Phillipa T.
Phillipa T. - Month ago
Megan Henry
Megan Henry - Month ago
# Marie was my dance buddie
TheM1Grant - Month ago
They don't remember the black dude from last season. He was in the group with JLo's backup dancers lol
JoonieWithJams !!
JoonieWithJams !! - Month ago
Just took a shower and this dance routine is cleaner than me
MUSIC LOVER - Month ago
Derek should be the ONLY judge on that panel!!!!!
legendary/Gaming Legendaries !!
Who wanna see unity la vs the kings
Jaedyn Hukill
Jaedyn Hukill - Month ago
I keep re-watching this 😂😂
Soli - Month ago
It was beautiful! The Kings will be # 1 n Unity LA # 2. It is unfortunate there is not a monetary prize for 2nd place bc the ULA are great!
lol - Month ago
Has Robyn seen this yet??
Mya Whitaker
Mya Whitaker - Month ago
This is so LA
jaxspike - Month ago
Great dancers but horrible personalities.....their attitudes before the duels was kind of disgusting.
Brittney Perrodin
Brittney Perrodin - Month ago
waiting 300 years for their duel
weenjoyUK - Month ago
Tessandra Chavez’s works is always incredible but I feel like all these dancers are super super famous already, part of the US west coast dance world (which is now the most privileged and appreciated one), a very wealthy crew I guess....
I kinda feel that it would be better to give the price to unknown dancers, who have proooobably (lol, for sure.) less money than them, who are not from USA, and give them the chance to evolve
weenjoyUK - Month ago
Oh yeah of course I was not talking about amateurs but proper contestants that come from other parts of the world than US west coast ( The Lab last year... in which members btw go to same dance schools as members of Unity LA so we keep giving money to the same dancers network over and over again)
Jeanne Barnhill
Jeanne Barnhill - Month ago
Only entertaining act on the show, it would be boring with all amateurs. I do not think any network would pay for a show with nothing but amateurs. Many acts tour the world, they ate famous too.
Andrea Abraham
Andrea Abraham - Month ago
Can someone tell me the name of this song and the artist? Thank you.
missprettyone - Month ago
I must say, I've been kinda disappointed with the Qualifiers this season. But this group is phenomenal!!! I've probably watched this 50 times. Just beautiful!
Ben - Month ago
Watched this several times...goosebumps over and over. ONLY Neo gave the correct score...this was definitely at least a 97.
Rocky567 Rockstar
Rocky567 Rockstar - Month ago
The starting was awesome 👏
Dilara Kosva
Dilara Kosva - Month ago
I keep coming back to this video
Jimin's Lover
Jimin's Lover - Month ago
Derek you can't just say you have goosies on her thighs and don't take off your pants to let us see those goosies XD
sabrina ponnet
sabrina ponnet - Month ago
very nice
Jenny Je d
Jenny Je d - Month ago
AK 47
AK 47 - Month ago
This is one of those performances that you have to start all over again from the beginning. There’s no one part that stands out; all of it is just them attacking it 100%, whereas with most routines there is this “turn it up” moment and the rest of it is good. But THIS. YO!
Iris Enna
Iris Enna - Month ago
wheres their duels dance
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman - Month ago
Gotta be my favorite routine in all I've seen. And I'm benge watching these
Megan Totten
Megan Totten - Month ago
This really touched me and I teared up. I don't know why because it isn't sad. It just really connected with me.
Sherilyn Yap
Sherilyn Yap - Month ago
ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the incredible mesmerizing choreography by tessandra
Gina Ferrara
Gina Ferrara - Month ago
So 🔥
Albert Gautama
Albert Gautama - Month ago
This group is insane... dream team
Tia Rivera
Tia Rivera - Month ago
I can't wait to see them again!
Heyde Solis
Heyde Solis - Month ago
I got goosies!
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera - Month ago
I had to rewatch this at least a dozen times. Trying to absorb it all in. It’s too much. It’s gotten under my skin. It’s simply phenomenal. (WOD - please listen, stop cutting to judges. Some background comments work well, but keep the camera on the performance.)
heather 10
heather 10 - Month ago
I can’t wait till they battle in the duels
manasi Bhavik
manasi Bhavik - Month ago
It is gonna be really tough between the Kings and unity la!! Those are the only ones I am rooting for.
SkyJamPH - Month ago
0:04 me when I pass a math test without reviewing and surpassing the math nerd guy

Actually im a math nerd why am I doin this
Stephen Choi
Stephen Choi - Month ago
heima taking it sorry :)
Angie Witter
Angie Witter - Month ago
Sage need them to dance for him.
Tamira Hasselo
Tamira Hasselo - 2 months ago
Can we get some front row footage pleaaaseee 🙏
Beth B
Beth B - 2 months ago
Congratulations Unity LA. You guys really have "it". Can't wait to see you again.
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz - 2 months ago
They went to my school and danced for us gals middle school
Mia Symone
Mia Symone - 2 months ago
I honestly did not think this was that good lmao. Also, bad song choice.
BlueSkies - 2 months ago
The song is so annoying
AP0LL0edc - 2 months ago
When dance is PURE ART. I get goosebumps and shivers every time I watch it.
LaNae Weaver
LaNae Weaver - 2 months ago
Derek had "goosies" on his thighs, enough said.
Kahl a
Kahl a - 2 months ago
That much talent AND Tessandra Chavez choreography?!!
That's not fair! Somebody needs to come up with "Chavez rules"
Like the Pistons when they made the "Jordan rules".
Berooo !
Berooo ! - 2 months ago
The blondhair girl take my aaaaall attention, she is amazing!
Mai Ngọc
Mai Ngọc - 2 months ago
the most potential winner of this show, I cant wait to see them in the Duels !!!
Nur-arip Adju
Nur-arip Adju - 2 months ago
If you DISLIKE this performance you are NOT a dancer!!! How many people DISLIKE this? There are 194 people dislike it. But y'all this is the best routine ever!!!!
jane louis
jane louis - 2 months ago
I want to see Derek do that routine
Nicole Martinez
Nicole Martinez - 2 months ago
AMAZING! The violin matching!?! Loved it! Good luck!
AGH - 2 months ago
Ok...these guys...wow. I got goosys on my thighs too.
Vanessa Kay
Vanessa Kay - 2 months ago
If I see another GoodRx ad! Lol
Christian T
Christian T - 2 months ago
Literally this performance gave me goosebumps all over my body!! I’m rooting for Unity La to win this season. This is the art of dance at its finest.
Adaline B
Adaline B - 2 months ago
This was dope 🔥
1049berkeley - 2 months ago
This piece is so incredibly well done. Jeezus………...
POPINCONEJO88 - 2 months ago
@0:57 Neo and Derek lmfao XD I can't
ikady x
ikady x - 2 months ago
absolutely dynamic and flexibility. this group is amazing and they have full of confidence. 👍👍👍
Yvette - 2 months ago
This was brilliant!! I wondered who choreographed it! I know Zach did some amazing partner dancing and I believe he choreographed it, but if not, whomever did... Keep doing what you're doing and excellent work. Such fluidity and synchronicity! 💕
Carolyn Spieldenner
Carolyn Spieldenner - 2 months ago
Unity LA is Tessandra Chavez's company. She choreographs their work on WOD.
Abi Talks Bad Korean
Abi Talks Bad Korean - 2 months ago
I think I may have watched this 30 times now...
KingAmo - 2 months ago
I love the song. The strings are great. The dancing is cool too, favorite parts are right after the singer says “indestructible”.
Krystal Williams
Krystal Williams - 2 months ago
What in all of the goose-bumpy hell did I just watch!?!!? They were so freaking United, they made Neyo and Derek react, SPONTANEOUSLY, IN-SYNCH at 57 seconds...
Laila Nelson
Laila Nelson - 2 months ago
Tee Tee Tee Tee
Tee Tee Tee Tee - 2 months ago
Karlinna Sanchez
Karlinna Sanchez - 2 months ago
surprised that straight 100s didn't happen
monica williams
monica williams - 2 months ago
The choreography and the DANCERS are freaking amazing. So very talented ❤❤❤ I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next!!
Sydney Cordero
Sydney Cordero - 2 months ago
queen tessandra has done it AGAIN
Keller Smith
Keller Smith - 2 months ago
Alot of routines i have seen were way better than that.That was ok and they gave it high scores and give awesome routines low scores how stupid.I love Derek but man come on and Neyo and Jennifer suck as judges.
Kahl a
Kahl a - 2 months ago
"I got goosies on my..................thighs"
Caitlyn Zeferino
Caitlyn Zeferino - 2 months ago
Ne-Yo is such an amazing judge, always giving advice that is so on the money. While paying attention to all the extremely small details that some may have missed. 😁💜
Panda Parade
Panda Parade - 2 months ago
as much as i hate face cuts to judges, derek's reaction at 0:18 was literally me so i respect that
tomotombo - 2 months ago
Wow they killed that gallop transition!!!!!!! That inspires me to create one of my own Lol. So sick!
Theresa - 2 months ago
Jennifer looks gorgeous!
Nora Hewson
Nora Hewson - 2 months ago
Derek and Ne-yo at 0:59 was hilarious
Beautiful Recovery
Beautiful Recovery - 2 months ago
That caught me too hahah
blackattackcat - 2 months ago
Why can't the camera stay on the dancers?? I don't care to see the judges' reactions.
Anthony Bertero
Anthony Bertero - 2 months ago
Tribute to Kate Bush?
gabriel juanico
gabriel juanico - 2 months ago
Musicality is superb...i wish i can have their musicality..this crew is amazing..
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