We made all 78 Breath of the Wild recipes in one day | Unraveled

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brian david gilbert
brian david gilbert - 11 days ago
cooking pro tip: literally just use carrots as any other vegetable it's totally fine and doesn't affect recipes at all
alysdexia - 2 hours ago
@AimeeWoodWorks learn semicolons
alysdexia - 2 hours ago
@ChesuMori but not ouht
alysdexia - 2 hours ago
@Matt G rue has nothing to do with roux. thicken -> stiffen
alysdexia - 2 hours ago
@Agent Stache sorry, fruits are minerals, not vegetables.
alysdexia - 2 hours ago
@Xue theViewer carrot has protein?
Steph Perez
Steph Perez - 11 minutes ago
The title should’ve been “Two men losing their minds while cooking 78 weird food combinations for 31 minutes and 50 seconds.” 😂💀💀
Shelby-Llyn - 36 minutes ago
brian david gilbert is the sexiest man alive
David Sellers
David Sellers - 43 minutes ago
This was hysterical! Well done gentlemen.
cactus plant
cactus plant - Hour ago
Link is just a tiny Gordon Ramsay with longer hair
Rockin - 2 hours ago
*m i l k s t e a k*
LionmaneElsie08 - 2 hours ago
A life lesson learned from this video - butter and salt makes everything better
alysdexia - 2 hours ago
was !-> theirs; 1 != 2; would -> should; will -> shall; nicely < niais < nescius := not-skilled -> well; great:small; carrots aren't green; meat -> flesh; little bit: pick one; hardest -> touhest; there..here: pick one; less -> lesser; you guys: not a pronoun -> ye; try _what?_ and improve; it's not nescient; you are
What's the total?
LionmaneElsie08 - 2 hours ago
I subscribed for your humor alone, but I love content like this anyway
xoxolivia - 3 hours ago
I cried when I saw this and idk why
Dt Snizzley
Dt Snizzley - 4 hours ago
What would really be interesting is seeing him survive camping for a week. That hand in that hip and the nail polish 🤣
Pinoy White Boy
Pinoy White Boy - 4 hours ago
I had to stop watching after the 1st set of 9 recipes, after seeing that he used curry powder, instead of the Japanese type of curry. Sadness.
Maze ShadowLifter
Maze ShadowLifter - 5 hours ago
Aww. The host is so precious tbh, I'm subscribing just for this video
missboldsen - 5 hours ago
Brian cutting that pumpkin gave me so much stress.
thevioletskull - 6 hours ago
Remember Link,add salt
Bobbie Land
Bobbie Land - 6 hours ago
He kind of looks like danny (cant spell his last name sorry) in a fake mustache disguise
Kiyori - 7 hours ago
I’m gonna be nicer to Link when it comes to what he eats..
Jess Draws
Jess Draws - 8 hours ago
the video ive been wanting to watch since the dawn of time.
Marv Drikby
Marv Drikby - 8 hours ago
I love how Brian just fucking falls over ( 16:50 )
Sarkx - 9 hours ago
Made my day
Yiga Clan
Yiga Clan - 10 hours ago
*What about the mighty bananas...*
Darckmaster - 10 hours ago
You know that you can add salt to every zelda recepy
Olli Olivine
Olli Olivine - 12 hours ago
Im not wearing my glasses and have astigmatism so my vision is terrible, is the thumbnail Matpat with a weird used car salesman moustache?
Wolfgamer 64
Wolfgamer 64 - 12 hours ago
Rock salt? I obviously missed something
Willow - 13 hours ago
was anyone else scared for his hand when he cut into that pumpkin? YIKES!
Annabelle Raen
Annabelle Raen - 14 hours ago
"You've got a wok, you've got a flame. Why are you steaming things?"
It may be because it's 1 AM, but this made e giggle uncontrollably for at least 2 minutes and change
Kvallning - 14 hours ago
Steamed Fish! "nnNOOO"
Itosalix - 15 hours ago
Ya didn't need to do this because Link is not human [hylian]. If I can throw wood into a pot, eat it and not have an ill-effects... that's not normal. QED, Link is a god.
Gray_justGray - 15 hours ago
Don't forget he can also eat bee larva in twilight princess
Swtcoly - 15 hours ago
You could have just.... Used basil... For all of your steamed food... Hylian herb... Hylian herb??!!?
Brianna Warchut
Brianna Warchut - 15 hours ago
Not to be one of those people, but there's a shot where we see y'all used Canola Oil for the frying. Just a tip, Canola Oil has a much lower boiling point than olive or vegetable oil, so those are better options for frying foods without the oil burning. 😅 Not that that really matters at this point, but for anyone else watching....
Music Maniac
Music Maniac - 15 hours ago
The mustache... is so fucking unnerving... it goes with the aesthetic or whatever but it is... not pleasant to look at dude
Aj Marker
Aj Marker - 16 hours ago
This is amazing by the way; this and the pokerap are so revolutionary... not just exigetical takedowns of subjects but... creativity. A true sort of capstone
Caitlin Dougherty
Caitlin Dougherty - 17 hours ago
has anyone on the internet done this but...... good?
Boesh - 18 hours ago
Of all things the bread get top slot in all this
Kenneth Morris
Kenneth Morris - 18 hours ago
Kingdom Hearts 3 Recipe
JaysArtEscape - 18 hours ago
The biggest thing I’m craving right now is fried bread
Sam Swope
Sam Swope - 18 hours ago
How did you make that fried bread? That definitely sounds like something I'd love to try!
MJ Thomas
MJ Thomas - 18 hours ago
Dear Link,
Give up on your dreams of becoming a baker
Bee - 20 hours ago
That hairy man handsome af wtf
Mia Fenollar
Mia Fenollar - 20 hours ago
“Look at Gordon Ramsey making warm milk”
MMM SSS - 20 hours ago
Isn't in the Game a rock that could be usted as salt?
Sarah Artaholihic
Sarah Artaholihic - 22 hours ago
I feel like some of there could have been better if they had actual time XD
Miles Shvets
Miles Shvets - 22 hours ago
damn what a great video ! i found this very entertaining !
acrios90 - 22 hours ago
Now I kinda want to do this myself but actually take my time with each recipe to make it good!
Noah Lim
Noah Lim - 23 hours ago
Plain bread = 15 hearts everything else worse
Flispy Charm
Flispy Charm - 23 hours ago
Fired bread is always good
Emily A
Emily A - 23 hours ago
this is my 2nd favorite unraveled but it nearly beat skyrim for 1st
Demo Destroier
Demo Destroier - Day ago
Cooking tip skip the first half of the vidio
EmbryW - Day ago
This video was a delight
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