We made all 78 Breath of the Wild recipes in one day | Unraveled

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brian david gilbert
brian david gilbert - 4 months ago
cooking pro tip: literally just use carrots as any other vegetable it's totally fine and doesn't affect recipes at all
cara mia
cara mia - 11 days ago
CalculyticCuber - 18 days ago
@Xue theViewer Dude, that's a convenience. Carrots suck.
crazycatgirl18 - 25 days ago
I love you!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Johannes van Overbeek
Johannes van Overbeek - 25 days ago
I'm still so mad you used carrots instead of garlic
唯一可愛的小狗 - Month ago
Shhhh.... you don’t need to make this anymore amazing
Albert Gore
Albert Gore - 5 hours ago
Can someone do the math on how many hearts they gained/lost/netted over the course of the video?
Random Productions
Random Productions - 6 hours ago
I'm split, at one hand, I do not trust or like polygon, on the other hand, this guy is really entertaining
Lozza Doodle
Lozza Doodle - 10 hours ago
Eggs... That’s eggs 🍳!
Bible Quotes Daily
Bible Quotes Daily - 16 hours ago
"poorly seasoned rice"
okay white
Sigas Rygart
Sigas Rygart - 17 hours ago
Easily my fave one now
Toast - 20 hours ago
Milky Meat
And a carrot dripping with white stuff
*Totally not any hidden meanings here*
Ann Rütter
Ann Rütter - 23 hours ago
2:47 this could be turned into a very cruel April Fools prank
Kelsang Gyudzhin
Kelsang Gyudzhin - 23 hours ago
"Tastes like burning... I don't hate this. 7/10." XD
Darien B
Darien B - Day ago
Wait, this whole thing makes no sense. Wouldn't it make more sense to rank the dishes based off of how no nutritional they are, rather than a just how they taste?
Mattias Bunn
Mattias Bunn - Day ago
please do this for all of skyrim foods
Bismuth Crystal
Bismuth Crystal - Day ago
16:44 Milksteak!!!! it iz my favorite foodto eat u knoo wut itmeenz yes ?? !!
lol It like i sed knoo sed kneez but kneez r BAD! !!
Jesse Winslow
Jesse Winslow - Day ago
this video was a blessing omg i loved it
Harry The Moth
Harry The Moth - Day ago
I thought you were going to do it in the actual game...

Devon Powell
Devon Powell - Day ago
2:40 hardly
SocioComm - 2 days ago
I think what this proves is just that fried foods are the gods of the nommyverse.
épinards & caramel
épinards & caramel - 2 days ago
16:23 And there's the goat butter!
épinards & caramel
épinards & caramel - 2 days ago
10:10 Hot fruits! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu4xsHkdTzU #MBMBaM
Zelculo The Squid
Zelculo The Squid - 2 days ago
So are you saying my meal of several durians heated up in a pan is not the pinnacle of cuisine?
Antonie T.
Antonie T. - 2 days ago
I can't stop staring at Adam's chest hair... it's glorious!
moon pie
moon pie - 2 days ago
Why whenever I see BDG all that comes to mind is "goodest boy"
Suff Erring
Suff Erring - 2 days ago
Carrot bad >:(
Scarleto - 2 days ago
GDI now I really want some bannock..........
Wesley Robert
Wesley Robert - 2 days ago
It bothers me how gay I am for this man, considering just how circumstantially gay I am. 15/10 hearts
CaroP - 2 days ago
You idiots! You could add salt! Rock salt exists in botw and it's totally acceptable to add it to the recipes, the game literally tells you to do it!
Garry Chen
Garry Chen - 2 days ago
That fried bread is literally prata 😂
Windona - 2 days ago
Now I'm curious how the 'needs salt' stuff would taste to someone who really never eats stuff with salt
Esther Sillage
Esther Sillage - 3 days ago
This was way funnier than I though it would be. :D
AtrolinK - 3 days ago
Basically it's either 1, 5, 10 or 10 plus something
ciels table
ciels table - 3 days ago
That fruit cake looked so much like meat.
Like I’m now terrified for all those impossible burgers.
Riley Hessian
Riley Hessian - 3 days ago
Watching these guys taste fried bread and rejoice is reminiscent of men lost in the desert for two weeks eating sand and spiders finally coming back into civilization and tasting real edible food I’m losing my mind
Kittsuera - 3 days ago
note... you don't bake the fruit with the cake. you make 2 layers of cake and add the fruit in the middle.
Hunter LeBlanc
Hunter LeBlanc - 3 days ago
Adam discovers that carrots add absolutely no flavor to a recipe on the very. first. thing. he tries..... and then proceeds to use it in every single dish after that as the “green” hahahaha
Hoowhdis - 3 days ago
Hey I don't know what hateful soul rushed you guys, but you deserve a few days in that kitchen. This is the only unraveled episode I stopped watching partways through. Good luck with the rest of the series bruh
deadmeat888 - 3 days ago
im not surprised that the best thing they made is the bread. wheat is used to pick up flavors in cooking, so when you put bread into a frying pan, it will soak up much flavor inside said pan. that bread probly ate up alot of the oils flavor that they used, giving it either a olive or sunflower flavor. its also akin to a tortilla if they made it thinner and just cooked it without any oil or fat
ArtNerd37 - 3 days ago
I love your nail polish
Paula Z
Paula Z - 3 days ago
Fruit cake=vegetarian burger
Paula Z
Paula Z - 3 days ago
Shame on you and your crepes. I was making them at the ripe age of 5. With these exact incidence, and it was tasty.
Dat Boi
Dat Boi - 3 days ago
“Our camera guys went out to get lunch” listen if you have to suffer so do they
Generic Username
Generic Username - 4 days ago
Bdg wearing nail polish is so powerful
Jared McCray
Jared McCray - 4 days ago
Historically I've never liked Polygon, but God damn Brian is a riot.
Bathurst D. Byson
Bathurst D. Byson - 4 days ago
Wha grown man wares nail varnish?
Judah Osboja
Judah Osboja - 4 days ago
Why do you torture yourself doing this shit
Cheyenne Oliver
Cheyenne Oliver - 4 days ago
I'm only 7 minutes and 40 seconds into the video, but I remembered, Link has access to rock salt. There's no pepper, but some of the dishes should at least have some salt. I haven't finished the video yet, so I don't know if all of the dishes are unseasoned.
Cheyenne Oliver
Cheyenne Oliver - 4 days ago
Ok, they at least got some seasoned dishes
Ryan Gould
Ryan Gould - 4 days ago
has anyone else seen this 7 times
DarkLadyPhoenix - 4 days ago
You had me up until you got to the risotto and you said you were just going to use rice. Good exercise on why salt was worth more than gold at some point. Also spice parties.
Navar Maxted
Navar Maxted - 5 days ago
This is one of my favorite videos on the internet.
Nicholas James
Nicholas James - 5 days ago
22:10 is the funniest fn thing I’ve ever seen ever
Alex Law
Alex Law - 5 days ago
When the white friend gets food from his black friend and gets overwhelmed by spices and seasoning
Shedderdude - 5 days ago
I love how their carrot cake was just cake batter with chunks of carrots in it.
Robin0928 - 6 days ago
The final message of this is the same thing from a song in High School Musical and that's wonderful.
Adam Perry
Adam Perry - 6 days ago
Could have been better
Aaron Yu
Aaron Yu - 6 days ago
what if they did this for a whole day and with a team of 10 chefs.
General Durchbruchmüller
Well, they dont use salt...
But there ist Salt in BotW ._.
Joel Kennedy
Joel Kennedy - 6 days ago
They should get a professional chef to help stagger their recipes, have more recipes that take longer cooking while they do the quick items. They could have done a lot more a lot better with some careful planning (but thats not what this show is about)
Joan Fita
Joan Fita - 6 days ago
Gavin Rockne
Gavin Rockne - 6 days ago
My favorite game, The Legend of Gilbert: Chef of the Wild
Kathen Daugherty
Kathen Daugherty - 6 days ago
This video is a disaster and I love it
아니네 - 7 days ago
19:06 yw
Adam Kalwasiński
Adam Kalwasiński - 7 days ago
He should try food from Pam's harvestcraft mod for minecraft
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