Offset Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Chris Solis
Chris Solis - 3 hours ago
M.H 75
M.H 75 - 3 hours ago
Wait he can talk normal?!?!?1 i thought he mumbled
Michael Serujo
Michael Serujo - 6 hours ago
onfurious - 6 hours ago
Do lil Wayne plz
NtheKnife318 - 6 hours ago
32K?! I hope music continues to go well for the dude. You’d feel like a real ass having to watch this in a few years when your going through bankruptcy court.
Informaty - 7 hours ago
He Dipped from the faze house to spend 30k
TaiFo.1 - 8 hours ago
He was eyeballin them doernbecher 7's fr
Roberto.X Nestor
Roberto.X Nestor - 8 hours ago
I fuck with jordan 5s
YBV the dream team
YBV the dream team - 8 hours ago
You should put korey wise on sneaker shopping
jesse lofman
jesse lofman - 8 hours ago
Or frank ocean
jesse lofman
jesse lofman - 8 hours ago
Sneaker shopping with @younthug would be insane
Karen C.
Karen C. - 9 hours ago
So is Nike working on a contract rn?
- Blessings
- Blessings - 9 hours ago
He got on this show cause he's Offset
james hawkins
james hawkins - 10 hours ago
This was the biggest headache growing up black and poor in the inner cities. Are families live in $15k shit shack houses but we judge the shit out of each other based off of the name brand of clothes we had on.
Treyvin - 10 hours ago
1000 Subs With One Video
1000 Subs With One Video - 10 hours ago
I want Posty on the show
r c
r c - 12 hours ago
I wonder if dude gets a percent for having these nukkas spend that crazy amout of money
Trent Black
Trent Black - 12 hours ago
Lay-Z Here 👁️💯💧
Seenyor Wilcher
Seenyor Wilcher - 12 hours ago
I’m sorry but those Macklemore shoes are trash 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
milk truck
milk truck - 13 hours ago
That's alot of money😂 most of the shoes he bought were ugly though👀
Egyptian_Thoth - 13 hours ago
I wish Black people would stop being stupid and allowing these non-white muthafuckas to pimp them out. He could have invested that money into something else.
I have a question
I have a question - 14 hours ago
HE"S IN FAZE ?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?
Alan Arzate
Alan Arzate - 16 hours ago
This nigga really just dipped out the faze house to go buy shoes
Yaya - 17 hours ago
If this isn’t blue then
James Charles touched you
khong cedric
khong cedric - 17 hours ago
Imagine playboi carti going sneaker shopping in this series
MMCXII - 23 hours ago
What a clown wearing a faze shirt
Rock N’ Roll Jae
Rock N’ Roll Jae - Day ago
what jeans are those?
david lopez
david lopez - Day ago
Can someone cash app me please im trynna buy jordan 11s an im about 35$ away i really been wanting this pair anything works 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 $DavidLopez02 thankyou so much anything is appreciated
Jaxon Craig
Jaxon Craig - Day ago
Dababy next🔥
Ant Pignataro
Ant Pignataro - Day ago
This wouldn't be a show complex can't make moves they need bruh
Waka Dudel
Waka Dudel - Day ago
xboxFREAKINSWEET - Day ago
Who’s here after seeing him on smackdown in ric flairs robe😂
Renato Souza
Renato Souza - Day ago
“So your cash comes out to 31.333 dollars and 12 cents”
Off-Set face be like: “PATHETIC”
Leandro Gomes
Leandro Gomes - Day ago
I wonder who gon sped 100k
Juankills_1 - Day ago
What shoe is the one showed at 5:15???
Jennifer Dalimonte
Jennifer Dalimonte - Day ago
Do ayo and teo goes shoe shopping
Kendall Banks
Kendall Banks - Day ago
nobody: Offset: buys whole store
DJMOHAN28 !!! - Day ago
So when is NLE CHOPPA gonna go sneaker shopping with Complex?
Infinity Gamer
Infinity Gamer - Day ago
Who wishes to go sneaker shopping one day
chuck jacobs
chuck jacobs - Day ago
I usually don't do this, cuh I'ma big dog, but offset yu and I wear the same size... I'ma be in Georgia soon...... Lol
Uzi Corndog
Uzi Corndog - Day ago
4:42 when you realize that’s the same camera man that did a music video for you.
Shivam bansal
Shivam bansal - Day ago
Ok easily one of the best episodes
MattyJo - Day ago
The way offset ended that shit was smooth🔥
MakaOceania - Day ago
he knows his shit i respect it!
NinJacques - Day ago
Ohh heeeyyyyyy!!! U still don’t have a VPN on your phone???? U should really get one.🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Brandon16Khalifa - Day ago
It must feel good to spend 30k 😭
FAT SHADY - Day ago
How you gon' talk about macklemore 6's but ignore the Eminem 4's sitting above them?
FAT SHADY - 21 hour ago
@Rich woodford i don't know bro:(
Rich woodford
Rich woodford - 22 hours ago
FAT SHADY bro wtf are the green forces in that same case with the “LA” on one shoe and the “T” on the other?
Patrice Johnson
Patrice Johnson - Day ago
Y is this nigga so fine tho🙈😍
Cameron Tibbs
Cameron Tibbs - Day ago
Tryna see offsets closet
Black Mamba
Black Mamba - Day ago
Yes sir,yes sir...i think offset want being millitary when hes grown up
aisha K
aisha K - Day ago
Could but a brand new car with that amount
Piston 6s str8🔥🔥🔥
Nella Nalla Nelle Nallu Idgaf bc I don’t
He has nice legs I tough he was skinnier
Explosive Lama
Explosive Lama - 2 days ago
Go sneaker shopping with blazendary
Thommie T
Thommie T - 2 days ago
What jeans is offset rocking there??
Vlone 33
Vlone 33 - 2 days ago
jumongwu - 2 days ago
Vivienne westwood asics 😍
Killa- K
Killa- K - 2 days ago
I legit forgot this was a thing
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Besty yeah
Beastly McLaren
Beastly McLaren - 2 days ago
So they really put a whole wall of either Adidas or Nike, depending on their taste? Why not just both?
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