How to cook the WORLD'S BEST BEEF - Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience!

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Sergiy Talko
Sergiy Talko - 20 hours ago
It's like watching a striptease!!!
unknownrider - 2 days ago
Nice one Stephen Curry.
Antphoneigh - 3 days ago
This video proves A5 actually only feeds two. The other three are getting cheeseburgers.
contas dudi
contas dudi - 3 days ago
Gosto de assistir a seus vídios. Fico todo com água na boca.
Eles enviam para Moçambique também?
kardin - 4 days ago
Phillip Bron
Phillip Bron - 4 days ago
This meat is dangerous
Theran Goh
Theran Goh - 4 days ago
Try dip the hot cooked beef into the egg and then into your mouth. It’s even more amazing.
Huy Guin
Huy Guin - 5 days ago
Thats a lesson dont judge a book by its cover
Ice - 5 days ago
your voice makes me mute the sound and turn on closed captions
Mike Bazowski
Mike Bazowski - 6 days ago
when you get head: 11:24
Professor Anthrax
Professor Anthrax - 6 days ago
You and Angel are awesome, your pics should come up with the definition of decadence! Great recipes and great cooking!thank you .
Martín Beltrán
Martín Beltrán - 6 days ago
Difficult the moment when you get to sigh for a piece of a fuckin cow
stevmaister - 7 days ago
Hey Guga, what device have you used to pasteurise the eggs, please ? Thanks a lot, man
stevmaister - 2 days ago
@DiegoS Florian Cheers
DiegoS Florian
DiegoS Florian - 4 days ago
stevmaister Sous Vide
Lukas Manrriquez
Lukas Manrriquez - 7 days ago
Essentially he made bacon
miclabrador - 7 days ago
Apparently, the video editing and sounds are A5 too. Way to go, Guga!
Jakkinen Daniel
Jakkinen Daniel - 7 days ago
im asian and i like seeing western people cooking rice. Am I weird?
Crazed Critical
Crazed Critical - 8 days ago
im pretty sure my mom cooks rice this exact way
HAX - 9 days ago
11:05 angel: *trying to take another Wagyu steak
Guga: now put you chopstick back
Keegan Miller
Keegan Miller - 9 days ago
how about a piece of lettuce wrapped around rice, the thin wagyu, and emu egg
oneKudos - 13 days ago
me and my dad bought a 1 kilo wagyu
Simon Chen
Simon Chen - 13 days ago
thx for sharing these methods. in asia, somebody use only index finger to control one chopstick. u can also use both index n middle fingers to hold one chopstick, it will be easier n powerful. but not good looking as index finger only. 😄
Ruben Khachikyan
Ruben Khachikyan - 13 days ago
Yeah im just not into having a 999999999 dollar dinner
Archvile - 13 days ago
I've never eaten a wagyu before but damn that looks tasty
Outskirts of Infinity
Outskirts of Infinity - 13 days ago
I wouldn’t share this with anyone.
sergio serrano
sergio serrano - 13 days ago
there's a little bit of meat in yout fat
Lenny Summers
Lenny Summers - 14 days ago
why im i watching this while fasting
TheOutsidersPost - 14 days ago
This dude needs to learn how to cook this type of beef. If you watch the teppanyaki chefs. They are constantly moving the meat and insuring their is no loss of fat.

Throws it ok grill, loses a lot of fat fast.
Ryan Schlotfeldt
Ryan Schlotfeldt - 15 days ago
No pineapple !?!?
scroat emm
scroat emm - 16 days ago
Aust sels wagoe to jap u dont want eat native jap meat it glows in fugicamer rads
Piyal Karmakar
Piyal Karmakar - 17 days ago
eating steak with sticking Stinky egg with a stick..

become vegan ... stop doing shits with animals...

you should learn something from COVID-19 pandemic..
how to live aesthetically
Thehashtagbear - 2 days ago
this comment confuses me
HaseDase - 7 days ago
Partee Timez
Partee Timez - 16 days ago
Felix Tsang
Felix Tsang - 18 days ago
I also want dance whenever I eat sushi
BigGhd - 18 days ago
So jealous watching you guys have a foodgasm over this. Looks so good 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
CARDGAMBIT - 19 days ago
You should do a cook comparison of the best Wagyu cut you can find with a Blonde Aquitaine Steak.
Flavio Faccia
Flavio Faccia - 19 days ago
Never watch Guga's channel while smoking pot, munchies will kill you
second trumpet
second trumpet - 20 days ago
cooking the good stuff
the cakeslayer
the cakeslayer - 20 days ago
I can't wait to try wagyu! Since it's a special occasion steak, I'll be treating my husband for our 13th anniversary in October!
The Z show
The Z show - 21 day ago
Sorry vegans but this is one of the reasons I won’t go vegan. I need to try this steak!
Tara Tiwadi
Tara Tiwadi - 21 day ago
Guga the man who created the track Wuhuwuhhu 6.00 minutes(in the middle of the video "How to cook the worlds best beef -japanese wagyu A5 stake experience!") also deservs appreciation ... Please mention his name and the tracks name ... With all respect I demand it from India!
Tara Tiwadi
Tara Tiwadi - 21 day ago
Guga the man who created the track Wuhuwuhhu (in the middle of the videos) also deservs appreciation ... Please mention his name .. I demand it!
HippoAura - 22 days ago
if you want true rice go to vietnam
Minh Chau
Minh Chau - 22 days ago
Did you seriously just grilled a legit A5 on open flame grill? All the umami and flavor fat and juice dripping away. What waste of a good steak....
Partee Timez
Partee Timez - 16 days ago
I can’t Find a name
I can’t Find a name - 22 days ago
and im here watching this video while eating dried up steak
Deac - 23 days ago
Watching this while eat a Garlic Baguette with left over Chilli. Some worlds we can just dream I guess. LOL!
inSane - 23 days ago
Do a wagyu eye round
Can a $1 STEAK be saved by coming from a WAGYU Cow?
Kevin Gallagher
Kevin Gallagher - 24 days ago
Getting a lot of A5 really cheap in japan atm with the restaurants being closed. Paying just over 2000jpy for 220g steaks. I've had three in the past week. Beautiful.
Edgar Mercado
Edgar Mercado - 25 days ago
30 years ago I was told not to eat too much fat because it could block my arteries. Now people are paying top dollar for fatty stakes. Which makes me wonder whether I got the right advice.
Zac Lee
Zac Lee - 25 days ago
I should not watch this at night, while I am broke af
Cody Meshigaud
Cody Meshigaud - 25 days ago
I thought I was weird for liking egg yolk with my steak
Max Hendriks
Max Hendriks - 26 days ago
I would sell my soul so I can eat this
Pedro A.
Pedro A. - 26 days ago
O que eu mais gosto nas suas experiências é o seu apreço pela culinária das outras culturas, misturando o melhor delas com o seu toque pessoal. Eu aposto que as pessoas dos países dos quais você "rouba" as receitas ficariam (ou ficam) felizes de ver você fazer elas. Não falo isso só por esse vídeo do Wagyu, mas por vários outros em que você utiliza ingredientes típicos das tais culturas e no final dá seu testemunho honesto, sem bajular nem desprezar. Parabéns pelo canal e pela personalidade. Um abraço.
Dawid Giemza
Dawid Giemza - 28 days ago
Guga "putting it IN the freezer", "items IN this video". You always say "ON"!
whales wink wink
whales wink wink - 28 days ago
Sarmonela is not a big deal?
Amaro Market
Amaro Market - 29 days ago
Food porn
Marcel König
Marcel König - 29 days ago
Worth Doss
Worth Doss - Month ago
Steak and egg yolk has always been good.
Anthony Cortopassi
Anthony Cortopassi - Month ago
If i were to cook these on my charcoal grill, what temperature is best for it?
Zo Zo
Zo Zo - Month ago
That moment when you can afford to try wagyu, but live in the middle of nowhere...
highway hero
highway hero - Month ago
Love watching guga cook. Hate watching him eat. So damn annoying. He comes off as cross dresser when he eats. Picture it. Lol
Michael Kapp
Michael Kapp - Month ago
making Food look sexy since ........ Guga Foods.
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones - Month ago
There are approximately 1,010,300 words in the English language, but I could never string enough words together to properly express how good wagyu beef dipped in egg yolk is
Morgoth Bauglir
Morgoth Bauglir - Month ago
That wagyu looks so good I could eat it raw
Hazza Al Blooshi
Hazza Al Blooshi - Month ago
The rice falls off the chopsticks

'Sad Japanese noises'
r h
r h - Month ago
I wish I wasnt too poor to try this stuff lol.
Genusary - Month ago
Only because of this channel, I hope i get to try wagyu beef
Đạt TXĐ - Month ago
OfficerPoop Nugget
OfficerPoop Nugget - Month ago

Guga: "oHh...OoOhHH"
Wünsche - Month ago
This man teaching me how to cook an Wagyu A5 stake as if I have the money to even touch one
Chris Chamberlain
Chris Chamberlain - Month ago
Steak and eggs is like bread and butter to me! Can you think of two things that taste better together?
yeoldlevvs - Month ago
This is the most seductive cooking video I think i've ever seen
punk warlord
punk warlord - Month ago
Two words food porn
Lakeland Records
Lakeland Records - Month ago
This is a damn steak festival.
mandi shaw
mandi shaw - Month ago
For a beginner, how would you recommend cooking wagyu? I'm debating ordering myself some for mothers day, but don't want to waste money and cook it improperly!
Heather Barnes
Heather Barnes - Month ago
Im only here for Angel😩
epicusss - Month ago
Guga es un maestro pero tiene el dinero para comprar productos inaccesibles para la mayoría de nosotros el vulgo
AMS - Month ago
Best way to enjoy an A5 stake is with A1 sauce am I right
Cuckhold Master
Cuckhold Master - Month ago
Why does he moan so much
Robert Chipman
Robert Chipman - Month ago
i just came
Ryin88 - Month ago
my cholesterol just shot up
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas - Month ago
Guga, can you be my uncle too? I promise not to eat all the steak 😈
broken bones bbq
broken bones bbq - Month ago
You said poquito!! Great job!! Maybe I'll get a chance to eat Japanese Wahu one day!!
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