How to cook the WORLD'S BEST BEEF - Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience!

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иван иванов
иван иванов - 8 hours ago
иди нахуй алекс рубанов
Will James
Will James - 10 hours ago
Your family went McDonald's first when you told em about the Wagyu dinner...
J W - 17 hours ago
Let's doooweeeay
It’s almost a shame to cook & eat this beautiful steak
The1vanillaman - Day ago
what a pain listening tom his voice
Butt User
Butt User - Day ago
The Neon Apple
The Neon Apple - 2 days ago
the steak is more like a wallpaper than a steak for cooking.
alienb1212 - 3 days ago
Are you accepting applications for additional nephews?
Maricarmen Molina
Maricarmen Molina - 3 days ago
Ufffffff que riicoo se ve 😋😋 Sushi de carne debe ser una delicia. 🇵🇦
john ugarte
john ugarte - 3 days ago
How do you feed 5 with that?! I just got two 16oz 1" steaks and we barely ate in 3.
Silent Keys
Silent Keys - Day ago
john ugarte it’s because of the marble most can only eat about 4 to 5 ounces of wagu because of the high fat it’s more filling then lean beef
TOPLYRICS - 3 days ago
1 steak for 5 people damn Japanese people are cheap come to the Middle East and 10 steaks for 1 person
TOPLYRICS - 3 days ago
Salt bae
Keegan Jeane
Keegan Jeane - 3 days ago
Dude I didn’t realize how expensive wagyu was until I dinner last night. I was gonna get a wagyu steak but when I asked how much the server said it was $45/ounce and the minimum amount you can buy is 4 ounces
Ben Nguyen
Ben Nguyen - 3 days ago
I have the same knife
I am now a steak expert
MarcTeen CH
MarcTeen CH - 3 days ago
What a rip off!! That is 90% fat!!
APS DrThePeep
APS DrThePeep - 4 days ago
Where tf is the seasoning
Pete Fahni
Pete Fahni - 4 days ago
Just a waste. Whole Steak on the Grill, with Salt and Pepper.
Touch Bionics
Touch Bionics - 4 days ago
The food looked good but I’m sure it was dead cold by the time you sat eating it
Maybe Turtle
Maybe Turtle - 4 days ago
Good vid and all but, what tf is that music (my opinion) when you were cooking the steak.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 days ago
Apparently I am a family of five :(
L00peey - 5 days ago
that aint no damn steak and eggs lol.
Parsil - 5 days ago
"1 steak for 5 people"
*Stalin wants to know your location*
Nick's Mix
Nick's Mix - 5 days ago
This video has the power to cure veganism
Yoh Loh
Yoh Loh - 5 days ago
Admit it you are gay
bos man
bos man - 6 days ago
Imagine being this guys roommate.
Derick Yi
Derick Yi - 6 days ago
I ate this rice it tasted like i thought it would the exact same
The Lonely Guys
The Lonely Guys - 6 days ago
Love u Guys! ❤️❤️✌️✌️
George Suzuki
George Suzuki - 6 days ago
Angel is hella lucky
Leo Manrubia Garcia
Leo Manrubia Garcia - 6 days ago
11:05 noup
jwnavagus - 7 days ago
Angel - always going back again for the thick piece cuts. LOL ...Now with egg
Liquid Chungus
Liquid Chungus - 7 days ago
Not according to Gordon Ramsay..
Stephen Hannigan
Stephen Hannigan - 7 days ago
Irish beef is the best and we don't have to mortgage the house for it
Antonio J
Antonio J - 7 days ago
What is the song used when the steak was being cooked?
Eduardo Chagas
Eduardo Chagas - 2 days ago
I also wanna know please
joeleus - 7 days ago
Guys! Steak, eggs and chips. Classic English cuisine. Best breakfast, lunch or dinner.
TASHIMAYO kun - 7 days ago
My friend:how much money u have left
Me:gone,reduced to atoms
Hero - 7 days ago
He: One steak is enough for a family of five

Me: We are not vegetarians
Hanson - 7 days ago
It's because there is SO MUCH fat in it, your palate begins to get tired after a few bites. The stuff is very rich and dense.
Robert Maldonado
Robert Maldonado - 7 days ago
300 dollar steak
Bibhuranjan Nath
Bibhuranjan Nath - 7 days ago
The skiny guy with the beard is kind of ungrateful.
Yamil Ortega
Yamil Ortega - 8 days ago
This look like food porn
e d
e d - 8 days ago
The world's fattest beef. Not the Best
Spion Silver
Spion Silver - 8 days ago
if guga opened a restaurant around my corner tomorrow i´d be reserving my seat the first minute :P
Albert Ochoa
Albert Ochoa - 8 days ago
Cooking for his family of 5 and his son eats 70% of it all.
TigerKurdish - 8 days ago
How much for the steak?
Answer: YES
Pekka Gamer
Pekka Gamer - 9 days ago
Guga:you can make this steak for a 5 member family

Also guga:eats whole steak with one other person

Rest of the fam:"i guess we're gonna starve"
Saher Bebar
Saher Bebar - 9 days ago
If you can make a video dry aged wagyu a5
Lemon casserole
Lemon casserole - 9 days ago
Man I love 3am YouTube
DustOFAir RR
DustOFAir RR - 9 days ago
In south India this rice is available
Shane Harden
Shane Harden - 9 days ago
do you trust the "meater's" temp?
Pierre Torres
Pierre Torres - 10 days ago
Was this Japanese wagyu A5 ribeye? Or was it Japanese wagyu A5 strip?
Lioneyes 123
Lioneyes 123 - 10 days ago
“fine ok”
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