How to cook the WORLD'S BEST BEEF - Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience!

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angelfreshey - 2 hours ago
wagyu beef is on a different level of delicious.
wereid1978 - 9 hours ago
maillard porn
if you roast me my profile will kill you
What if that country that dont eat beef watch this
Ghost / ArashiDE
Ghost / ArashiDE - 14 hours ago
Seeing the grilled meat.. makes me cry. Not of sadness.. but.. that meat looks just.. incredible
La Carne Premium Meat
La Carne Premium Meat - 16 hours ago
incredible work as usual guga
danny 4b7
danny 4b7 - 18 hours ago
Guys try A5 olive wagyu🤤 plz
xotakk - 20 hours ago
All-Right, Let's try to Sukiyaki.Please
xotakk - 20 hours ago
焼きすぎでは???? 霜降りは脂を楽しむもんですよ……
Marco  Bonilla
Marco Bonilla - Day ago
excelente y exquisito canal
Aesthetic Von
Aesthetic Von - Day ago
Food porn straight up
Tor Håkon Kvam
Tor Håkon Kvam - Day ago
Oh my god! This looks so jummy. Now, after watching this; I got so hungry.
Maple Leafs
Maple Leafs - Day ago
Buy a Boneless Blade steak its the same thing! Rice with beef? Steak and Potatoes!
A M Ismail
A M Ismail - Day ago
I'm on youtube every ramadan looking for this kind of video
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 3 hours ago
good luck finding halal wagyu a5 bro
Osvaldo Solno
Osvaldo Solno - Day ago
hi frend, i'm from Colon Panamá coutry, i will like to knou how much your boiler and the bag sealer cant cost?
phoenix cat
phoenix cat - Day ago
Guga pls try Kobe beef pls. You gotta try it for us.
Bob Sandman
Bob Sandman - Day ago
The egg yolk ruined it for me...
TheOutsidersPost - Day ago
I wouldn’t let you cook my wagyu. There is a reason you see the chefs constantly moving it. If you cook it like a normal steak. You already ruined it.
Asian Dud
Asian Dud - Day ago
I tried wagyu before and for a 12 year old point of view wagyu is just your normal piece of 🥩.
Spic Democrat
Spic Democrat - 2 days ago
Wagyu A5 with salmonella !!!!!
Spic Democrat
Spic Democrat - 2 days ago
Guga Foods The High Cholesterol Channel !!!!!
Spic Democrat
Spic Democrat - 2 days ago
If the steak is just like butter, why don't you just get a stick of butter ?
Spic Democrat
Spic Democrat - 2 days ago
One steak is enough for a family of five midgets !!!!!
Spic Democrat
Spic Democrat - 2 days ago
Basically Wagyu A5 is a huge chunk of phat !!!!!
Pequin1000 - 2 days ago
I’m dehydrated from drooling.
xN2o - 2 days ago
Did you just pick up eggs with tongs??

The Dippin American
The Dippin American - 2 days ago
Eating dominos cheesy bread while watching, I can almost taste the savory delicacies the way they are
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson - 2 days ago
In Europe they vaccinate the chickens against salmonella, but American egg producers refuse to do so because it adds about 3 cents to the price of a dozen eggs.
Max Lim
Max Lim - 2 days ago
Rice cooker is a commonly known and used appliance. This video has some exaggerations. Some ways which were used to sear the Wagyu is just off putting and injustice to the meat. Gets many likes because most people dont know cooking or and simply are bandwagoners.
Max Lim
Max Lim - 2 days ago
why put in on the grill and let the precious wagyu fat drip down into the flames.......
Chris Paul
Chris Paul - 2 days ago
“Explosion in your mouth”😂😂😂
Rodolfo Eisermann
Rodolfo Eisermann - 2 days ago
Pretentious and over-the-top.
GoodFella - 2 days ago
7:41 somehow I'm thinking these slices look like japanese faces
ALLDefLepp - 3 days ago
I don't care how you cook it on a farm in Michigan one steak one person sorry champ.
TheOldBard - 3 days ago
Am I the only one hearing Peter Griffin here?????
Secret agentjay
Secret agentjay - 3 days ago
Should of deep fried it.
HunkpapaLakota - 3 days ago
i heard you mentioned Hiro....are you referring to Hiro Terada on youtube? he is AMAZING!!!

EDIT--i just noticed the top comment from HIro.
zhuo fang zheng
zhuo fang zheng - 3 days ago
0 subscribers with no videos
It is 3am. AP is tomorrow. This is not worth it.
Yakkun - 3 days ago
Amazing! Just came from Japan where I had the best beef experience ever. Your video takes me back to that moment. Thank you
PonyPacks - 3 days ago
How much sushi vinegar did you put in the rice? Love your videos!
Joey Humble
Joey Humble - 3 days ago
Wagu is full of saturated fat.
cloareche - 3 days ago
Phenomenal !!! A friend FROM Paris.
Cameron Cammack
Cameron Cammack - 3 days ago
Angel probably drives a base model wrx. I'd bet he keeps those gold stickers on his hats too.
Roscoedolittle Smith
Roscoedolittle Smith - 3 days ago
The old dude Cadbury creamed his egg first bite.
Ian Belle
Ian Belle - 3 days ago
This is the definition of "food porn."
starsmember - 4 days ago
O cara compra uma carne dessa pra fazer bife... Tá de brincation
ZomboidArea - 4 days ago
When I see this amount of fat I want puke
Adam Wong
Adam Wong - 4 days ago
I learned from my asian parents to use your finger for checking water in rice cooker.
Brandon Caldwell
Brandon Caldwell - 4 days ago
What happened to Ninga and Mau mau?
Jäger The Fäger
Jäger The Fäger - 4 days ago
Me eating steak flavored ramen, i can already taste the wagyu
kiwan82 - 4 days ago
Frozen wagyu and flame grilling.. No one eats high end beef like that in Asia. Plus, that rice is just premium grade short grain white rice.
Rob Graham
Rob Graham - 5 days ago
I want to come to your house to eat.. food looks amazing.
MHighlights - 6 days ago
Great footage cooking
Edwin Au Yeung
Edwin Au Yeung - 6 days ago
The boy doesn't know how to save good stuff for others and just keep eating everything lol!
carlsosj qaniiuin
carlsosj qaniiuin - 6 days ago
This channel is like the Brazzers of food porn
sirMike - 6 days ago
I dont see the big deal in why you should pasteurize the eggs. I eat em raw all the time. You get that good bacteria in your gut that supports your immune system
den525 - 6 days ago
You guys should try shabu shabu or Sukiyaki with the egg wash dipping sauce (even though in Japan the egg wash is simply just beaten WHOLE EGG, it's EVEN BETTER!!)
Try Mizkan Shabu Shabu Sesame Dipping Sauce it's AMAZING! Or a great sukiyaki base sauce
FL1XZ - 6 days ago
Is it just me or the beef looks so hard
Gary Sharpley
Gary Sharpley - 6 days ago
Guga, you guys are awesomely evil >>>
Shane Reimroc
Shane Reimroc - 7 days ago
Sunny side up all day.
Joann lou Winzeler
Joann lou Winzeler - 7 days ago
their reaction on the egg one hah lmao
CCole - 7 days ago
Family of 5 my ass. If that was served to me it would be gone
Francisco José Solano Rodríguez
Guga was so excited that he said two words in Spanish in 10:29 hehe
Kiria Kazuma
Kiria Kazuma - 7 days ago
Ramadan Kareem y’all
Norman Tran
Norman Tran - 7 days ago
Porn music
Sugar™ Blackcurrant
Sugar™ Blackcurrant - 7 days ago
A5 is KOBE ?
JJ k no
JJ k no - 7 days ago
haste algunos videos en español por favor...Saludos..
Ki E-Skate Mods
Ki E-Skate Mods - 8 days ago
Tell your nephew to work on his chop stick skills. He looks like retArd using it. Only retards and kids uses chop stick where you hold it at the bottom. I can’t stand the way he uses it. It’s a a disgrace. Also this video got a 👎just because of his retarded chop stick skills
Mahfud Wahyu
Mahfud Wahyu - 8 days ago
11:06 ain't touch it bruh!
Gage Zosky
Gage Zosky - 8 days ago
I probably watched 50 videos before this one but this video had me order that japanese rice and the super cheap rice cooker as well as a dedicated subscription
DJCJ512 - 8 days ago
My Goodness! My first time seeing you- GREAT RESOURCES! I must share something you may have touched on... I had EGGS BENEDICT in Philly at the Urban Farmer restaurant, They made it with shaved sirloin and I dreamed about that damn meal for 3 days!! I trying your technic today!
Finesse Gawd
Finesse Gawd - 8 days ago
So nobody is gonna talk about how at 11:07 Guga was like "Nah fam hold up"
IV_MARIA - 7 days ago
Yeah i kept going back to that
Yacht46 - 9 days ago
fuckin nasty cut of meat. unless you like FATTTTT. yum!
chris adams
chris adams - 9 days ago
Soo letss duu ittt!!!
roch lanteigne
roch lanteigne - 9 days ago
who would eat that meat after the fukushima disaster? lol i live in canada and i make sure everything i eat don’t come from japan ...
Ben7seven7 - 9 days ago
That steak 🥩 looked 🥚 Eggselent
notworthit - 9 days ago
6:20 mao
maxruiz0919 - 9 days ago
1:02 "So les do ehh."
truelokos - 10 days ago
At 10 min.
I just think, want a gorgeous presentation, is beautiful.
Jo Eb
Jo Eb - 10 days ago
Thought it was enough for a whole family?
Matt -
Matt - - 10 days ago
Thats for 2 not 5
Sarkis Armenian
Sarkis Armenian - 10 days ago
"Feeds family of 5"
2 people eat all the food and want more.
Hamim Mahatab
Hamim Mahatab - 8 days ago
More of an experience rather than a full meal, when you start paying that price for food, its not about being full
Lars WCMC - 10 days ago
Inspiration. Thank's.
Brian Martin
Brian Martin - 10 days ago
Looks like cow bacon
johngregoryhouse - 10 days ago
I subscribed to your channel just because it looked sooo good!
Cody Overland
Cody Overland - 11 days ago
This has more production quality than a cooking tv show
Dayneys - 11 days ago
13:00 the karate kid awoke
f3rbs - 11 days ago
That's a steak for 1
Fonzi Lafonz
Fonzi Lafonz - 11 days ago
That kid needs to calm down.... every time i see him in a video hes always grabbing more without asking. He should show some respect to the chef!
Perez Andrew
Perez Andrew - 12 days ago
I thought it was better to cook a steak together then cut it?
William Baker
William Baker - 12 days ago
How to have the same experience.
1. Collect a bunch of fat scraps from regular steaks.
2. Cook them.
3. Eat them.
There's not much point to meat with so much marbling threat its basically 40-50% fat to lean.
Kaki Bollywood Remixes
Kaki Bollywood Remixes - 12 days ago
Hope you get stomped to death by a herd of elephants and then get your dick chopped by hyenas and eyes gouged out by vultures. Stop eating animals. Be a human. Hope all sushi fuckers get run over by trucks
zf wan
zf wan - 12 days ago
the best way to eat Japanese A5 is sashimi, your way for A3
Kritty Kratt
Kritty Kratt - 11 days ago
zf wan it raw? I thought the best way was to slice extra thin and sear on those hot rocks for a couple seconds
Nikita Zonin
Nikita Zonin - 12 days ago
pepengmaghapon - 12 days ago
I wish youtube make it able for us to smell what they are cooking or eating in the video.
rasem uae
rasem uae - 12 days ago
The Gloves !,, Man only your Gloves are left without sponsors! To me this type of commercial videos are irritating
WomanXXXX - 12 days ago
this are your kids right?
WomanXXXX - 12 days ago
Dirk Kramer
Dirk Kramer - 12 days ago
Pure Fat. Hard Pass
Armando Perez
Armando Perez - 12 days ago
The look on the guys face every time he gets a piece of expensive steak
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