Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.

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Tiger - 3 days ago
Hello, I’m Hassan/Tiger.
Jordi, not only did you help me out with my channel but you also gave me a lot of life changing personal advice. I promise I won’t take this chance for granted and I will grind out the best possible content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ❤️
Maybe all 5 of us should make a video together one day, that would be pretty epic 😎
daewoo3690 - 2 days ago
john guia
john guia - 3 days ago
That would be awesome 😃
bahthearenterprise mimi
:3 Awesome
game boy
game boy - 3 days ago
That so awesome for you guys and If you guys are planning to have an another USa-videor Can it be a girl plz. :)
Andrew Nesko
Andrew Nesko - 3 days ago
jay dawg
jay dawg - 2 hours ago
We love you kwebbelkop
jay dawg
jay dawg - 2 hours ago
I can't believe he's so wholesome
Sharadha Priyadharshni
Sharadha Priyadharshni - 2 hours ago
Stop 🛑 a pas été le cas je ne me sens pas très mal
Lokeshnaiks Lokesh
Lokeshnaiks Lokesh - 2 hours ago
i want to be a you
Lechaun Charvis
Lechaun Charvis - 2 hours ago
Wow THIS Man is nothing but respect how can anyone be born like that?
Donn Boss
Donn Boss - 2 hours ago
I love your videos kop
Basketball Is life 11
Basketball Is life 11 - 2 hours ago
Craner is sucks go look on lancypooh channel and look at what craner did to lancy
Tommy Cathey
Tommy Cathey - 2 hours ago
sooooo you and asye is not together can plz cach me up on this
Kunshplayz - 2 hours ago
No Nem
No Nem - 2 hours ago
Pleasee play with them again
Tracey Ziebro
Tracey Ziebro - 2 hours ago
I need help because I am a Youtuber and I don't know what to do it is just a little too hard for me I need you to tell me what to do and say
foxy 360o1
foxy 360o1 - 2 hours ago
I dinit wock your chano for three years miy family got Rob and i dot have olot uve munee
Saliman Amir
Saliman Amir - 2 hours ago
We Want You! Not Wallmart kwebblekop!!!
foxy 360o1
foxy 360o1 - 2 hours ago
I nevr now your dad diy so sorry for yor lost
Alida Jimenez
Alida Jimenez - 2 hours ago
😢😭😭 why i'm sad
Natalie Mouw
Natalie Mouw - 2 hours ago
Thanks for admiting to us because if I new you I would try to help and I was wondering why you wernt recording with them anymore
foxy 360o1
foxy 360o1 - 2 hours ago
Felix cool boy Gaming
Felix cool boy Gaming - 2 hours ago
Your dad died that’s sad 😭😭
Felix cool boy Gaming
Felix cool boy Gaming - 2 hours ago
Alida Jimenez
Alida Jimenez - 2 hours ago
Sorry that your dad died
Felix cool boy Gaming
Felix cool boy Gaming - 2 hours ago
PARAMVEER SINGH - 2 hours ago
I been wondering for a year
Heather McTaggart
Heather McTaggart - 2 hours ago
Oh sorry for your dad died
Karla Montesinos
Karla Montesinos - 2 hours ago
this is so sad
Geovanny Aguilar
Geovanny Aguilar - 2 hours ago
Jeff M
Jeff M - 3 hours ago
So sorry about your dad love the vids stay strong and stay safe be carefull out therestay strong😷😷😷😷😷😷😷☯️☯️☯️☯️💚💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤🖤💘💘💘💘
Ava Batdorff
Ava Batdorff - 3 hours ago
Every story has a happy ending, if your not happy then it’s not the end.🦦
TeejayGamingTV - 3 hours ago
Hey Jordi! My son really loves your videos and literally wanting the color orange because you love color orange! I recently watch your videos, your penthouse video.. I am very inspired right now about your videos.. Hoping you notice this comment. I really want to begin Youtubing.. Hoping you can help me as well..
ella belle
ella belle - 3 hours ago
i understand👍🏻
Griffin Gta fortnite
Griffin Gta fortnite - 3 hours ago
Your a good YouTuber
Griffin Gta fortnite
Griffin Gta fortnite - 3 hours ago
Please help me with YouTube
Logan’s Plays
Logan’s Plays - 3 hours ago
# 1
HOPE AMV - 3 hours ago
Hey man Go with ur dreams and dont look back,Be urself,WE ARE HERE
Tyler Auchinleck
Tyler Auchinleck - 3 hours ago
Chloe S
Chloe S - 3 hours ago
So inspiring
Sylvie Mpanzu
Sylvie Mpanzu - 3 hours ago
I know right i was asking that’s kinda sus af
Noi The BL4Z3
Noi The BL4Z3 - 3 hours ago
Its just discord and join the minecraft server
Hunkar 25
Hunkar 25 - 3 hours ago
You 5 should record a vid or 2 together. Like if you agree
Coomes11 - 3 hours ago
All 4 of you guys should play
Thirty Acre Farm
Thirty Acre Farm - 3 hours ago
Love him hard to believe he was sad
Imagine they play all of them that looks dope
A EH - 4 hours ago
Tiger you are sneep i know
Theo Tongson
Theo Tongson - 4 hours ago
I would be grateful... So damn grateful if the 5 played at least 1 minecraft and gta... Would be great.
Violence Is Key
Violence Is Key - 4 hours ago
Man y’all where part of my childhood I watched you go from a good guy to piece of shit sell out
MOZAIK TV - 4 hours ago
Azzland that bi banana
Melissa Juman
Melissa Juman - 4 hours ago
Hi Jorde are you still with azzylad
VERTICAL - 4 hours ago
will you ever play with them agin
GX KID - 4 hours ago
KE Andes
KE Andes - 4 hours ago
Wow.... That almost maked me cry;(
Jamal Watson
Jamal Watson - 4 hours ago
You guys should really film together. I started watching Jordi from when he first started uploading GTA 5, 7 years ago and I was really enjoying watching him. At the time I was 6 years old and my mom didn’t want me watching him but I begged her to let me and she said ok. From the perspective of a young subscriber who is now older and basically grew up with Jordi, I would really like for all of them to record together and maybe contact garret to. If your seeing this and read all this please leave a like so Jordi can see this.
Boruto uzamaki
Boruto uzamaki - 4 hours ago
Just sad the trio is gone for videos i will renember thowes times i wached you on the call of duty days
Laura Mahadeo
Laura Mahadeo - 4 hours ago
Hi tiger
Laura Mahadeo
Laura Mahadeo - 4 hours ago
Hi sundee I was liking everybody
Laura Mahadeo
Laura Mahadeo - 4 hours ago
Please join the group
Laura Mahadeo
Laura Mahadeo - 4 hours ago
Nizar Walji
Nizar Walji - 4 hours ago
I still miss the vids with them
San Rai
San Rai - 4 hours ago
I think this is the only video that has so many different YouTuber comments
Laura Mahadeo
Laura Mahadeo - 4 hours ago
Hi I'm your biggest fan ever hi tiger
Hira Akram
Hira Akram - 5 hours ago
Are you coming back to them
Dalton Frost
Dalton Frost - 5 hours ago
Try to play with them again
bashir shaar
bashir shaar - 5 hours ago
Depression is not a joke I went throught it for a year and took meds but what helped is just talking to someone if you feel depressed don't lock your feelings in and do what you want and find yourself only then you can overcome it
Serpa122 - 5 hours ago
Noah Riojas
Noah Riojas - 5 hours ago
Well Jordan go back with them soon hopefully yes
Keri Jaydon Chambers
Keri Jaydon Chambers - 5 hours ago
So kwebble cop wakes up and then he hates everything that’s what sometimes happens to be too. I hope I got your name right
Jayme Richerson
Jayme Richerson - 5 hours ago
Were is assy now
Gamer boi 27
Gamer boi 27 - 5 hours ago
i mis the old vids😭😰
Veronica Anconina
Veronica Anconina - 5 hours ago
Finally Asyland dumbed you
Cesar Villalobos
Cesar Villalobos - 5 hours ago
I know how you feel when you were sad. I feel like that right now. I understand I stopped watching you when you left because I thought you did it for clout or money. but now, I understand I might start watching again, and are you ever going to come back in the group I understand if you don’t.🤝❤️ keep it up.
Mr imagine
Mr imagine - 5 hours ago
"i'm so depressed and i am only 13 but i do youtube to get a away from it. My mom knows i'm depressed but not how bad it is. I try so herd to make videos and being a youtuber is my dream. i hope you can help me out."
Hayder 20
Hayder 20 - 5 hours ago
I don't see her anymore
BrianXTRIM - 5 hours ago
yo bro big fan men one day i wanna be like u ur a big role model and would love u to be my coach
maybe u could create tutorial vids
raguilar11691 - 5 hours ago
Don't give up
Tonic - 5 hours ago
Ik vind het echt onzin dat je dit zou disliken maat. Nog veel plezier met het maken van je volgende video’s
I thought this was gonna be abs them being more kid friendly then before
Anthony Garza
Anthony Garza - 5 hours ago
Are you ever going to join back😢
MCIronDragon - 5 hours ago
You know Jordi you and a bunch of youtubers inspired me to start youtube and I work really hard even though I'm in 3rd grade I work so hard for youtube so I just wanna say thank you for inspiring me
MCIronDragon - 5 hours ago
And please if you can sub to MCIronDragon I would really appreciate it
MCIronDragon - 5 hours ago
I even quit once but I came back so again thank you
Xvini - 5 hours ago
I’m sad now I loved you three
Mgame 20
Mgame 20 - 5 hours ago
I 💕 tiger and Jordi
Jahdel Quong Sing
Jahdel Quong Sing - 5 hours ago
Jahdel Quong Sing
Jahdel Quong Sing - 5 hours ago
Parent Hatting
Parent Hatting - 5 hours ago
DiamondRobot - 5 hours ago
I’m so sad that you left the group I’ve been watching you since 7years with the two and I’m very surprised it turned out this way
Rc_car_god 1
Rc_car_god 1 - 5 hours ago
Your better than craner
DL Gaming
DL Gaming - 6 hours ago
Please start back recording with them 💯
A888lfie - 6 hours ago
The ultimate trio could go to the ultimate quad
Malek Houssami
Malek Houssami - 6 hours ago
GUYS TIGER IS SNEEP sneep is somone that does fn vids with trimix
Benny Delgado
Benny Delgado - 6 hours ago
Fnclompext Fn
Fnclompext Fn - 6 hours ago
He left because of corona i think
Angel Pacheco-Yunker
Angel Pacheco-Yunker - 6 hours ago
But r u ever going to join back
Sweaters 4 life
Sweaters 4 life - 6 hours ago
Are you ever gonna play with them again?
misuyy fong
misuyy fong - 6 hours ago
Jordi: I respect myself too Me: press F to pay respects
Broadford p School
Broadford p School - 6 hours ago
I'm high still beau
Broadford p School
Broadford p School - 6 hours ago
Please beau
misuyy fong
misuyy fong - 6 hours ago
Broadford p School
Broadford p School - 6 hours ago
I love you beau
The Meme lord Thanos nugget
Hm neat
Broadford p School
Broadford p School - 6 hours ago
But beau
Broadford p School
Broadford p School - 6 hours ago
But beau y did he leave
Broadford p School
Broadford p School - 6 hours ago
But beau
Damjan Janev
Damjan Janev - 6 hours ago
Respect for everything but please stop faking your reactions when playing a game or just reacting to something
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