2019 Singapore Grand Prix: FP2 Highlights

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doliio volay
doliio volay - 8 months ago
Bottas had 1 year extension, crashed! Grosjean had 1 year extension, spin!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 8 months ago
leclerc should have said “stroll is rich and dangerous”
prince jain
prince jain - 8 months ago
Prediction - Vettel will win
FiFi - 8 months ago
what song is that ??
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 8 months ago
Good luck Lewis. 🤒💜
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank - 8 months ago
Did🏎 Fernando Alonzo win?😀
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank - 8 months ago
@doliio volay 😁
SF1000 Power
SF1000 Power - 8 months ago
Kubica go home man. U r very bad now of a new generation lol
Tony Bramhall
Tony Bramhall - 8 months ago
I would rather watch highlights ob C4 than full coverage on sky sports any day! Sky sports commentary sucks ass!!
Jeff Nguyen
Jeff Nguyen - 8 months ago
Perez is a shitty ass human being
sphere 528
sphere 528 - 8 months ago
typical sergio perez still trying to crash ppl out of races, just like verstappen
Foreskids S
Foreskids S - 8 months ago
I thought you were supposed to keep the driver number on the front nose as well? But I can tell that McLaren doesn't do that, please rectify that.
Jordan Valentino
Jordan Valentino - 8 months ago
Lets hope the smoke from Indonesia's forest fire not ruin the race day
Curtis Riceman
Curtis Riceman - 8 months ago
I dont know why uh ah hu yeah 0:06
Bruh hh
Bruh hh - 8 months ago
Ma quanto è inutile stroll
Onkel Fabs
Onkel Fabs - 8 months ago
Saw their cars at the German car fair. Awesome tech!!!!
Didier Peroni
Didier Peroni - 8 months ago
I'm loving the clear visors
Lucas Yasturituf1
Lucas Yasturituf1 - 8 months ago
Wh_why-_whu ok yeah
Ivan Oldano
Ivan Oldano - 8 months ago
Why is this trending for gaming tho
Sam Bishop
Sam Bishop - 8 months ago
*8th on trending for gaming*?????
J B - 8 months ago
Kevin doesn't like a taste of his own medicine it seems
Judy Seager
Judy Seager - 8 months ago
Good luck Lewis. 🤒💜
Prince K C
Prince K C - 8 months ago
What's happening to ricciardo in practice???
Is there any problem in his car??
As Hulkenberg had very good practice 1 and 2 🤔
Mik Lee
Mik Lee - 8 months ago
F1 is boring number 1.
Marc 9663
Marc 9663 - 8 months ago
Not a fan of k-mag but checo was over to the left at slow speed so to be honest K-mag had every right to start his lap, it’s just checo being his usual Singapore self 😂
ööömür ö
ööömür ö - 8 months ago
ferrari slow no no
みすおり - 8 months ago
First driver: 1 Merc, 2 RB, 3 Ferrari
Second driver: 4 Merc, 5 RB, 6 Ferrari
_Jeremy 247_
_Jeremy 247_ - 8 months ago
Lance thought it was Vettel so he tried to block him after what he did to him I’m Monza
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle - 8 months ago
When a team has troubles on track, in the garage _and_ in the office, questions arise over the strength of decision making. Haas's decision to keep Grosjean is a massive red flag. At least half the drivers in F2 and ⅔ of the IndyCar field would be better alternatives.
Daniele Ducci
Daniele Ducci - 8 months ago
Can Stroll family leave F1 very fast?
Ass hole you
Ass hole you - 8 months ago
It is another f1 race in Singapore again .. i got to say that out of all the f1 race Singapore has the worst track .. all the surrounding is blocked..you want to see you got to pay for it . No money no talk.
Skylon The Dragon
Skylon The Dragon - 8 months ago
Why is this trending on gaming?
Anand Pavithran
Anand Pavithran - 8 months ago
Pizza Pizza Pizza..Hehehehe
lag37 - 8 months ago
Imagine if Gasly had been in the wall for RBR and not Albon 🤣 I guess we would have heard Mr.Marko telling us that they had no spear pieces and that the results are unacceptable 🤣 this team is such a shame to this sport
Robert McGowan
Robert McGowan - 8 months ago
The F1 racing cars look beautiful this year, and we are enjoying Ferrari vs Mercedes vs Red Bull vs Renault.
Daniel Naczyński
Daniel Naczyński - 8 months ago
Williams again fked up Kubica's car going to fp2 and he lost balance in the car. No wonder why he decided to pull out from this shit team even if he wont get seat next season
App Magician
App Magician - 8 months ago
Leclerc = Overrated
LorenzClaymore - 8 months ago
stroll please retire
orfeo smania
orfeo smania - 8 months ago
this fuxking English Accent... no talk... whisper. English people do not need the nouth but just the nose... that's the place on which words are coming out.
FIREDELL10 - 8 months ago
Alex is getting used to the car.
Racky dab
Racky dab - 8 months ago
SAINZ 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
BIG DADDY - 8 months ago
Am I the only one that loves to see their faces on that camera?
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar - 8 months ago
Anyone knows the name of outro music..
Chris Saurdal
Chris Saurdal - 8 months ago
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嗯嗯 - 8 months ago
Racing point is always stupid
aleshavramenko - 8 months ago
Why? ..uhh. yeah😀
Channel Z
Channel Z - 8 months ago
Go get em Max!
Nostrus Crovus
Nostrus Crovus - 8 months ago
I wonder what Alex said to the engineer
A: I lost wing guys...
E: Don't worry Alex, we give you wings
猫たけし - 8 months ago
xgamer prodigyx
xgamer prodigyx - 8 months ago
Perez and K-Mag seem to always collide with each other..
ferrari7700 - 8 months ago
One of the most boring races on calender is this Singapore. I mean Monte Carlo as a race also mostly boring but there you have glamour to cover up but here it is a plain agony of two hours.
ka 231
ka 231 - 8 months ago
Dennis Bennett
Dennis Bennett - 8 months ago
It’s starting to look like as though Mercedes Hamilton & Bottas have drive rs constructors championship under control
Dennis - 8 months ago
what does fp2 stand for ?
Buynot - 8 months ago
Why is this #48 on trending for gaming?
T Rex
T Rex - 8 months ago
This place look beautiful specially for race
Lukas Nuryadi
Lukas Nuryadi - 8 months ago
Williams was close their gap to the others,, good job,,
Hopefully next year they bounce back to the top grip
Sky Walker
Sky Walker - 8 months ago
Harvey142009 - 8 months ago
come on Vettel !!!! win this race tomorrow
brixxer99 - 8 months ago
Hulk deservs a seat next year in F1...c'mon Red Bull!!!
Mr Iceman
Mr Iceman - 8 months ago
Surely if the floor is hitting and scraping the ground producing that many sparks, it has to be slowing the car down through the friction?? Yes/no??
Justin Underwood
Justin Underwood - 8 months ago
Sunday Results
1. Verstappen
2. Bottas
3. Leclerc
Thomas Reid
Thomas Reid - 8 months ago
What is it with Perez and Singapore?
Dustin Morrison
Dustin Morrison - 8 months ago
What was the song at the end there? Is it just part of the video?
Darren Wey
Darren Wey - 8 months ago
Hopefully not another 2017
Yourworstnightmare Ever
Yourworstnightmare Ever - 8 months ago
Charles such a French gentleman towards my Lance😁no cursing.arigatou❤️
Danny355 - 8 months ago
Last 6 races: 2 Hamilton wins, 2 LeClerc wins, 2 Verstappen wins....Who will win on Sunday?
Blender Boy
Blender Boy - 8 months ago
Why is this video trending on gaming?
PUNKCM61 - 8 months ago
I think you should learn how to pronounce "Leclerc" now.
Tony Oliveira
Tony Oliveira - 8 months ago
Vettel in qualifiers and fp PogChamp Vettel in an actual race LUL
Ricko - 8 months ago
Hamilton got this in the bag bitches.
Adrián Peralta
Adrián Peralta - 8 months ago
Qué noche linda!
sultanabran1 - 8 months ago
funny how this guy still can't say charles leclerc properly
Faker9 Lee
Faker9 Lee - 8 months ago
Don Lee
Don Lee - 8 months ago
fucking Perez
CrazyBMWdude - 8 months ago
Anyone else realize this is trending for gaming?
TheVersusGaming - 8 months ago
The WebheadGT.
The WebheadGT. - 8 months ago
Albon wins!
Runo Die
Runo Die - 8 months ago
Stroll should be removed from f1
NO_EYES_ON_ME - 8 months ago
Redbull Honda will take one of the top 3 spots.
Req - 8 months ago
Whats with Perez in Singapore
extreme youterber
extreme youterber - 8 months ago
Put kubica in Mercedes he'll be 19th fastest
Leroy Westdorp
Leroy Westdorp - 8 months ago
Give Verstappen an Mercedes & He will be World Champion Next Year 🤙
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