Calboy - Love Me (Official Video)

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Nyi Will
Nyi Will - 2 days ago
My favorite part 2:06 - 2:12
Kasper - 6 days ago
Rip kJ balla
Drew Darby
Drew Darby - 8 days ago
Rip kJ balla
clouty - 28 days ago
Justin Bieber copied this with holy
Rikuruso litt
Rikuruso litt - Month ago
0:45 this vers is 🔥
Jamier G
Jamier G - Month ago
where's lil durk??
CaptainWafflezInc. - Month ago
Lil Beepo
Lil Beepo - Month ago
Rip KJ balla I was mad surprised seeing him in this vid
Jason Smith
Jason Smith - Month ago
Thought I was the only one who peeped
Ayyo kayy
Ayyo kayy - Month ago
Crack Head
Crack Head - 2 months ago
This the same house fn by lil tjay was recorded
Yallknow Jaay
Yallknow Jaay - 2 months ago
I be so high vibin to this man 😭
Demarcus Arnold
Demarcus Arnold - 2 months ago
Bro you needa stay in this lane !!
Ms. MacK
Ms. MacK - 2 months ago
Any body else seen Ann Marie
Lilo Morton
Lilo Morton - 2 months ago
Rip KJ balla i love you tim. ❤️
Gaara - 2 months ago
No rips to kj balla 😕
558THUGGA - 2 months ago
Jasmine Lewis
Jasmine Lewis - 3 months ago
Crooked Smile
Crooked Smile - 3 months ago
Man this shit still go hard he always in wildboy mode ofn🖤🥀
Naz Hafiz
Naz Hafiz - 3 months ago
Why don't you love me. SADcasm. 😢
P Sav
P Sav - 3 months ago
this my shit how much fo a ft
Det 313
Det 313 - 3 months ago
Isn’t this the same house tjay shot Fn at?
Everton Lobo
Everton Lobo - 3 months ago
03:07 Ann Marie ??
Mycala D'sha
Mycala D'sha - 4 days ago
It was his girlfriend
Mycala D'sha
Mycala D'sha - 4 days ago
Jeremiah Logwood
Jeremiah Logwood - 3 months ago
Fuck up I like this song Jeremiah 🤑🤑💛💛😁😎 vl niggas.
Mr T Capalot
Mr T Capalot - 3 months ago
Rip my son kj balla 💫💫💫 shit brazy out in da streets it's ok the be on the side walk da streets not meant for every1 ☑️☑️☑️
Cee Money
Cee Money - 4 months ago
Lonnie Harris
Lonnie Harris - 4 months ago
R.i.p kj balla
Timal. Sauce
Timal. Sauce - 4 months ago
Ann Marie + calboy =❤️
Antone Dixon
Antone Dixon - 4 months ago
This beat from Phora
Eduardo Ordóñez
Eduardo Ordóñez - 4 months ago
This song got a year and still being a underrated one
TylerKicks - 4 months ago
Yeah we needed a vid for love me
Malik Johnson
Malik Johnson - 4 months ago
RIP KJ Balla 💫
D Milli
D Milli - 4 months ago
Jimmy Smooth
Jimmy Smooth - 4 months ago
Once you hear😌 this song sped up you can never go back to normal⚡️🔥🔥🔥
Ashley G
Ashley G - 4 months ago
Fav song by Calboy . S.I.P KJ Balla 😪🙏🏻
Chassidy Moore
Chassidy Moore - 4 months ago
This shit hits hard, underrated as fuck 👌🏽
Miss Independent
Miss Independent - 4 months ago
When u have one teenage daughter and some of her playlist becomes my playlist lol
Adrian Crocker
Adrian Crocker - 4 months ago
It be like that sometimes 🙃
Jack Silmser
Jack Silmser - 4 months ago
Rip KJ 🙏🏻
ThirdEyeVibe - 5 months ago
Hot song....🔟🙌
eyezlo 2002
eyezlo 2002 - 5 months ago
My shit
Thats me ma AllDay
Thats me ma AllDay - 5 months ago
I 💘 evry one.. Don't need to know you to be me..
tyheer Litty
tyheer Litty - 5 months ago
The devil cant overpower GOD ....NOW Like Dis
Angie Shields
Angie Shields - 5 months ago
Shelly 100
Shelly 100 - 5 months ago
Say you with me be then you be leaving when it get ugly REAL SPILL💯💯💯
Lyrics Noise
Lyrics Noise - 5 months ago
the place in this song 0:33
the place in lil tjay F.N song 2:09
Lil Beepo
Lil Beepo - Month ago
Sounds nothing alike what are you talking about
Dior 39
Dior 39 - 5 months ago
He sample phora stuck in my ways with the beat
WildOne _Ky
WildOne _Ky - 5 months ago
Ahhhh shawty bundles thin af , Baeee omg yhu hilarious 😭😭😭😭😍
joanna gonzalez
joanna gonzalez - 6 months ago
I do Me me
Furaha as a follower of Jesus
This still hit hard!🔥🔥🖤🥀
Daniel King
Daniel King - 6 months ago
His best song so far no cap 🔥🔥
Miss Bionda Gutierrez
Miss Bionda Gutierrez - 6 months ago
✨❣️🙌🏼I love you music 🔥🎶🤩
Purple Rain
Purple Rain - 6 months ago
underated goat my nigga no cap
Mark steven
Mark steven - 6 months ago
Calboy is a real talent. He is going viral without using *AUTHENTIC VIEWS COM* to get more views. Thumbs up who agrees
solange munezero
solange munezero - 6 months ago
Chrissy Kay
Chrissy Kay - 6 months ago
He look so damn good tho !
Teddiip Graham
Teddiip Graham - 6 months ago
Should Have Way More Views & Should Of Made Forbes I Said What I Said 👏🤐🔥🔥🔥🔥🌊🌊🌊
Adonis Carpio
Adonis Carpio - 6 months ago
does anyone realize that calboy used the same house for this song and fn
Chuck White
Chuck White - 7 months ago
Baby Durk
Javonne Boponese
Javonne Boponese - 7 months ago
Lil tjay f.n at this same house
CAITYLN MOULTON - 7 months ago
my fav song
Lucas Done
Lucas Done - 7 months ago
same house as F.N at the start.
Samuel Sanford
Samuel Sanford - 7 months ago
Swear that’s the same house on F.N music video by lil tjay
Zach Lawson
Zach Lawson - 7 months ago
Sound like lil Durk
Kee Too Lit
Kee Too Lit - 7 months ago
You gotta listen to this high
Princess Sunshine
Princess Sunshine - 7 months ago
xKingKhalifa - 7 months ago
When you pull up your “real niggas” and they don't know how to sing your song🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
TecnoPlay - 7 months ago
The same house of lil tjay's song, FN.
NewGujju Gamer
NewGujju Gamer - 7 months ago
Anyone after scout stream
Ahmed lewis
Ahmed lewis - 7 months ago
Kashmoney Mar
Kashmoney Mar - 7 months ago
Dis the Calboy I need
Rip pop smoke Rip pop smoke
Song lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Anthony Marin
Anthony Marin - 8 months ago
I’m off these drugs so I can function
LaTasha Watts
LaTasha Watts - 8 months ago
I'm really feeling Calboy❤❤
Java .babes
Java .babes - 8 months ago
Sooo Sexyyyyy
Ashley Merino
Ashley Merino - 8 months ago
If you guys haven’t noticed lil Tjay also filmed one of his music videos here
Myles Wardlaw
Myles Wardlaw - 8 months ago
Heard this on the radio I thought 🤔💭 it was lil durk.
Lowkey Stacyyy
Lowkey Stacyyy - 8 months ago
LilSway MGB
LilSway MGB - 8 months ago
And I love wen she hug n she warm ❤️
Talton Krishelle
Talton Krishelle - 8 months ago
“ stay 100 and never change on me “ 🔥🔥🔥💯
Rah - 8 months ago
This sound like future and thug real love
VB Monxter
VB Monxter - 8 months ago
Sound fye but he sound like lil durk
Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera - 8 months ago
Xcdc rstatatahtsku
TylerKicks - 8 months ago
Did you rent that rolls Royce
De'Angelo Perkins
De'Angelo Perkins - 8 months ago
Envy me:
Love me:
Unjudge me:
Me: that's alot of me's
Diachi West
Diachi West - 8 months ago
Love Calboy.
Mexed 14 La Cavalerie
Mexed 14 La Cavalerie - 8 months ago
BOOGZ #RCG - 9 months ago
"I know that my heart is ice cold but I love when I hug she warm" 🐐🚀🚀
BOOGZ #RCG - 3 months ago
@Kendall Cravens frfr
Kendall Cravens
Kendall Cravens - 3 months ago
🐐🤟🏽 hardest part of the song
Big Homie Loco slime gang
Big Homie Loco slime gang - 9 months ago
Big Homie Loco slime gang
Big Homie Loco slime gang - 9 months ago
Spontaniouslyk14 Krop
Spontaniouslyk14 Krop - 9 months ago
Damn this shit hit in a relationship or not 😪💯
KweŚi_ AhTTiTuDe
KweŚi_ AhTTiTuDe - 9 months ago
Calboy 🦋🦋
fee gamer
fee gamer - 9 months ago
love it
SKAAMA TV - 9 months ago
0:06 I'm the freshest nikka in Nebraska 😂🕺🏽
Castoncity Crazy
Castoncity Crazy - 9 months ago
This my shit
Che’vonte Miller
Che’vonte Miller - 9 months ago
KJ Balla in the cut👀 niggas don’t know bout that New York connect
chi ricky
chi ricky - 9 months ago
that location must be some were known by alot of people lol lil tjay is in front of the same house in his music video FN lol
Re Jalah
Re Jalah - 9 months ago
Favorite Song 🖤🖤
Donay Dunn
Donay Dunn - 9 months ago
she look bored asl back there re-counting the money like move around or sum girl😂😂
daniyja206 ducesd206
daniyja206 ducesd206 - 9 months ago
Izzy Oldman
Izzy Oldman - 9 months ago
Calboy, pop smoke, polo g and lil tjay

This needs to happen
Welch James
Welch James - 10 months ago
Same house as lil tjay F.N. video
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