Woman spills coffee on customer's laptop | What Would You Do? | WWYD

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NaJae' Covert
NaJae' Covert - 9 hours ago
That guy really called 911 like nigga what 😂😂
Pxelvlog Pixel log
Pxelvlog Pixel log - 11 hours ago
At least none of them stole it
Queen Bronwyn
Queen Bronwyn - 20 hours ago
"Are you trying to blame us? Cause that's adorable... heh heh heh heh."
sushma p
sushma p - Day ago
Every one responded very politely...the 1st woman was very nice...
Alim Kale
Alim Kale - Day ago
I got a coffee ad at the end of this video 😂😂😂😂
Kermit TheBoi
Kermit TheBoi - Day ago
3:06 do you think he ever got that handshake
Lissa M
Lissa M - Day ago
That’s why you don’t help 😂
Adrian Guzman
Adrian Guzman - Day ago
Why TF did he call the cops just bc a girl lied about spilling some coffee
Curtis Jones
Curtis Jones - Day ago
Why should I do anything?? It wasn't ME that she spilled the coffee on. 😁
Slime Froyos
Slime Froyos - Day ago
Are you trying to blame us
Because that’s adorable
Robino Entertainment
Robino Entertainment - 2 days ago
Thats why i dont watch people stuff
travis marinduque
travis marinduque - 2 days ago
is that real Lap top if it's real OMG
Why do I exist?
Why do I exist? - 2 days ago
No computers were harmed in the making of this film.
Augustus Huyler
Augustus Huyler - 2 days ago
Kiwi Vlogs
Kiwi Vlogs - 2 days ago
Ah, look what you made me do, look what you made me do
Jasmine Colvin
Jasmine Colvin - 2 days ago
"She spilled coffee on laptop"
"Oh I didn't she spilled WATER on your laptop"
ded memez
ded memez - 2 days ago
*tea spilled*
Lampcap - 3 days ago
"Are you trynna blame us? Cuz thats adorable!"

Me: *DEAD*
Lezan lol
Lezan lol - 3 days ago
*No laptops were harmed during this video.*
CreativeJ Arts
CreativeJ Arts - 3 days ago
Who else feels really bad
WHUH? - 3 days ago
Did he really try to call the police for some spilled coffee🤣🤦‍♀️
Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson - 3 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm John Quinones
And this is What Would You Do?
ObamaCareXAnime - 4 days ago

craig 45
craig 45 - 4 days ago
Taylor swift: Spills coffee
Also Taylor swift: 0:22
Aiza Hussainxo
Aiza Hussainxo - 4 days ago
Elizabeth she was lying 🤥
salam thien
salam thien - 4 days ago
That girl is so dumb
Michelle Schoenfeld
Michelle Schoenfeld - 4 days ago
Is the computer in this show real or fake?
Sadik Pmk
Sadik Pmk - 4 days ago
5:00 why does that man look like mr bean am I the only one who thinks that
Israel Arzate
Israel Arzate - 4 days ago
I would have punched her if this happened in life not cause this is horrible -A.D.
Dylan murzello
Dylan murzello - 5 days ago
I feel bad for the laptop
ta des
ta des - 5 days ago
rip laptops
jonjon - 6 days ago
Can you watch my laptop super fast NOPE
Fact Giver
Fact Giver - 6 days ago
PuT iT iN RiCe
Whyinem - 6 days ago
This would suck if it happened in real life
Mariel Angeles
Mariel Angeles - 6 days ago
Honestly I would be pretty pissed if someone spilled coffee on my laptop
זיק סוד
זיק סוד - 6 days ago
I’m sure the last man who called the cops is like one of those “i want to speak to the manager” people.
Dr Thanos 97
Dr Thanos 97 - 7 days ago
The actress is hot tho
King Aidan
King Aidan - 7 days ago
0:24 "Look what you made me do"
FullCringeMode. - 7 days ago
Dat thumbnail though
Xpert Sand
Xpert Sand - 7 days ago
Mans said "that's adorable, are you trying to blame us? Hahaha"
Jack D
Jack D - 7 days ago

Super Smash
Super Smash - 7 days ago
Look what you made me do

Slushy Vlogs
Slushy Vlogs - 7 days ago
Does Logan Paul own that coffe shop cause it’s called Maverick 😂
Green Garbage
Green Garbage - 7 days ago
Is this Logan Paul's Restaurant??
Xiaox - 7 days ago
The Laptop is a Latitude but the lady has a big attitude
gdøg 518
gdøg 518 - 8 days ago
Why is my keyboard sticky?
Is it charged?
Me:wait what!?
ѕιιмρlу кαуlα
next on what would you do
man's shoelaces are untied | what would you do? | WWYD
the internet
the internet - 9 days ago
Damn my keyboard is sticky.. I better **charge it**
Mike Wazoskiii
Mike Wazoskiii - 9 days ago
2:10 teeth cringe level 100
onion ring
onion ring - 9 days ago
“So, bad time for you to walk away?” that was so funny, shes so cute 😭
Kayla - 10 days ago
The way she spills it lmao. Jeeze.
Jonathan Reed
Jonathan Reed - 10 days ago
Who’s here just for the comments 🍿
Not Q
Not Q - 10 days ago
I would tell the lady that another customer spilled the coffee, and ran out. Next time you go to the john, take it with you.
Alternately, I would just hide the computer and pretend not to know anything about it. Too bad, lady.
And then I would spill hot coffee on John Cojones and make a run for it.
Deanna Wheeler
Deanna Wheeler - 10 days ago
My first reaction would be to turn the laptop upside down, hello people!
carpii - 10 days ago
this was way too obvious a setup, lousy acting too
Griffin Daking18
Griffin Daking18 - 11 days ago
Calling the cops, really?
princess Jasmine
princess Jasmine - 11 days ago
Avin Shirpenjeh
Avin Shirpenjeh - 12 days ago
Why would you call the cops about someone spilling coffee on a laptop.
The Game Hacker
The Game Hacker - 12 days ago
i hate her smile
Fun Dingbat
Fun Dingbat - 12 days ago
When I spill something on someone else’s computer in public, I also immediately exclaim “Oh my God, this is not my laptop! I’ve just spilled coffee on this laptop that isn’t mine! Someone left their laptop here and I just spilled coffee all over it an it’s NOT MY LAPTOP. Oh my God!”
I smoke carrots
I smoke carrots - 13 days ago
Sometimes when my parents aren't home I go in the garden and act like I'm a carrot
Ellie Marie
Ellie Marie - 14 days ago
They were such bad actors though
lindsey paputa
lindsey paputa - 15 days ago
That blonde woman is has an annoying voice af
JDANTT - 16 days ago
When he covered his mouth🤣 he was like this dumb ass girl🤣😂
LOLLI POP - 16 days ago
0:22 look what you made me do
Look what u made me do
Look what you just made me do
Look what u just made me do
Chiller - 16 days ago
Htf does a sticky keyboard have anything to do with the battery percentage 😂
Eva Giordano
Eva Giordano - 17 days ago
00:23 okay, this is green screen, right
sunnythebird rocks
sunnythebird rocks - 17 days ago
was that laptop working in the first place cuz if it was im so mad
sunnythebird rocks
sunnythebird rocks - 16 days ago
+Chenee Thompson ok thx for telling me :)
Chenee Thompson
Chenee Thompson - 16 days ago
No, it wasn't
JPB productions
JPB productions - 17 days ago
Even tho this is fake, it doesn’t change the fact that either they just broke a laptop or it was already broken. Either way an expensive laptop is broken
XxCooki_Shy GachaxX
XxCooki_Shy GachaxX - 17 days ago
No laptops were harmed in the making of this video!
Ended - 18 days ago
it’s a dell lol
lindsey paputa
lindsey paputa - 15 days ago
Ended ikr
Savannah Renteria
Savannah Renteria - 18 days ago
Why would you ask a stranger to watch your stuff? You don’t know them........
Chenee Thompson
Chenee Thompson - 16 days ago
When I'm at school, people watch my bookbag when I go to the bathroom
PizzaWingMans ‘
PizzaWingMans ‘ - 18 days ago
Welcome to the real world 😂😂😂
Inquisitor Maste
Inquisitor Maste - 18 days ago
Women: *walks*
Women *trips*
Women: *spills coffee on laptop*
Women: *blams it on other women*
Me: girl ur the one who spilled the coffee on laptop all by ur self 😑
Dragan Razvan
Dragan Razvan - 18 days ago
Look what you made me do x2
Oh see look what just made ooh

GUill33 - 18 days ago
Why is my keyboard sticky?
*Is It ChArgEd?*
Rainbowkitty - 18 days ago
The first woman looked like she was trying to smile even though she was pissed
Butterflywings011 - 19 days ago
I don't bring my personal crap to places like that, because shit like this could happen....
hey hey hey
hey hey hey - 19 days ago
I'm typing this with my Coke bottle
ItzSamBam YT
ItzSamBam YT - 19 days ago
Slap Her 👋
dogs4life xx
dogs4life xx - 19 days ago
Why was the first woman smiling the whole time IMAO SO SWEET😂❤👌🌎
Expert_Falcon - 19 days ago
That guy was bemused
EllieCakeYT - 19 days ago
"That's adorable"
I railfan for csx trains
I railfan for csx trains - 19 days ago
At 4:21 that man looked like Mr bean And he reminded of Mr bean
Cara Grande
Cara Grande - 19 days ago
I really wish it was tea she spilt
Raxader - 19 days ago
*"expensive dell laptop"*
yeah, I'd say so.
MKN-002 Punk
MKN-002 Punk - 19 days ago
2:20 That guy looks like the backyard scientist.
Yuzzy - 20 days ago
2:25 Tom Felton look alike
Vanessa - 20 days ago
Americans love calling the cops
Jeree - 20 days ago
Moral of the story : Don't leave your laptop open. Cover it. Owner has the responsibility.
Pennilaine Ong
Pennilaine Ong - 20 days ago
Look what you made me do
Marley Bingham
Marley Bingham - 20 days ago
3:11 kinda looks like g-easy
Nimco Iabdinuur
Nimco Iabdinuur - 21 day ago
She Did That On Purpose
Glaiza Cabatana
Glaiza Cabatana - 21 day ago
Wht the fck
Potato Chips
Potato Chips - 21 day ago
Me: who spilled water on my laptop?
Girl: the co worker in just helping her clean it up
Co worker: no, she spilled it.
Me: *charges her 600$ then leaves store*
Ryan Mccombs
Ryan Mccombs - 21 day ago
Think twice look what you made me do
Alana Turner
Alana Turner - 21 day ago
Nah my laptop has coffee on it and it's broken YOU BETTER RUN CUZ I AM GOING TO CRAZY THINGS
🏃🏻‍♀️RUN ANNA RUN!!!
Shraddha Rahul
Shraddha Rahul - 21 day ago
Oh, WWYD. I have no words.
Beep Boop
Beep Boop - 21 day ago
Everything from the thumbnail to the title screams porno lol
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