Kawhi Leonard CRAZY GAME-WINNER - Game 7 | Raptors vs 76ers | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Thia Beb
Thia Beb - 4 hours ago
Can someone tell me what the commentator said? “Is this the...”
themobbkillas - 5 hours ago
Whos Here after Kawhi left ?
Sam Scholten
Sam Scholten - Day ago
What really made this legendary was kevin harlan
It wouldnt be near as good if it were marv albert
Edison Gao
Edison Gao - Day ago
Kawhi, they will never love you like we did. I promise.
Jose Escobar
Jose Escobar - 3 days ago
The Raptors have earned this...Orlando were in the playoffs for the first time in years...Philly were immature and hadnt earned it....Bucks thought they were too good until Kawhi solved him and GS have won to much...the Raptors paid their dues...and made it to the promised land
JD - 3 days ago
Who else gets chills?
erik bessette
erik bessette - 3 days ago
Greatest shot in Kawhi's career and greatest shot in toronto raptors franchise history
Cameron D
Cameron D - 4 days ago
He traveled when he caught it
Overlordx78 Overlordx78
Monette Nicole
Monette Nicole - 5 days ago
*_I've watched this too many times_*
I Feel Like Pablo
I Feel Like Pablo - 5 days ago
as a sixers fan, i was rooting against kawhi and the raptors the entire series, but even i can’t deny how crazy this shot was lmao i jumped out of my seat and yelled as it bounced in lol that’s one thing i’ll never forget
E.D Matrix
E.D Matrix - 6 days ago
This is a legendary game winning shot buzzer beater.
no - 6 days ago
Shot still gives me chills 🥶
Rickey Haynes
Rickey Haynes - 6 days ago
This should have won the espys best play not that gymnastics routine!
otto rick
otto rick - 6 days ago
Rickey Haynes if only kawhi were a women! This play was better as was the Miami miracle but if you aren’t breaking “glass ceilings” in a first world privileged country like some female gymnast had to “overcome” then your accomplishments aren’t valid. Get with the times...
roger peet
roger peet - 7 days ago
This is nothing more than someone trying to be, Damian Lillard.
FaZe Thugger
FaZe Thugger - 7 days ago
someone should’ve made a anime opening for this years playoffs honestly
Mclaren Senna Boi
Mclaren Senna Boi - 7 days ago
Ayo Raptors After His Game Winning Shot Play His Laugh
Mike Wilcox
Mike Wilcox - 8 days ago
😢 #HeGone
Wavy Gr8
Wavy Gr8 - 8 days ago
so no one peeped the mean ass travel by kawhi when it was inbounded to him
Soji SideQuest
Soji SideQuest - 8 days ago
Calvin Bowen
Calvin Bowen - 9 days ago
Go raptors
Cool Cat
Cool Cat - 9 days ago
Such a epic season he had over there in Canada. If I were Kawhi I would want to end my career in Toronto. And I'm from LA, too!
Poi Limpiada
Poi Limpiada - 7 days ago
Cant really blame the guy. He wanted to play for his hometown and be with his family
rodzor - 7 days ago
toronto as a city offered him all kinds of free shit, keys to the city and everything. he left, dude isn't coming back ever lol.
Lpflux96 - 9 days ago
I miss kawhi already, Canada and Toronto will always love him.
NinMacNation - 9 days ago
The greatest shoot ever...
FrappMocha - 10 days ago
Who's here after Kawhi signed with the Clippers?
Gavin Shay
Gavin Shay - 10 days ago
Who’s here after hearing that Kawhi signed with the Clippers? On a Real note though, this is the stuff of Legend! He may be gone but Fans of Toronto will never forget Kawhi, especially after he helped deliver a title to the Franchise & Country of Canada
m33lover - 10 days ago
And this is the guy going to the Clippers.....Poor Raptors. Hey, Fuck it, it was good while it lasted. LOL
Majin - 10 days ago
Kawhi really became the best raptor ever and dipped lol
Doğan Özbek
Doğan Özbek - 10 days ago
Welcome to CLIPPERS KING ❤️💙
Prod. Speakeasy
Prod. Speakeasy - 10 days ago
This ended like a danm movie
Young Soldier23
Young Soldier23 - 10 days ago
Adam West
Adam West - 10 days ago
This shot is even more mythical now that he's gone. The emotion he showed there leaves no doubt that he was fully committed to us for the time we had him and he embraced everything this title means to Canada. We may never see the likes of him again but at least we got to, no matter how short the time was. Thank you Kawhi. The North will never forget.
Sophia Matias
Sophia Matias - 10 days ago
anyone here watching after they found out kawhi is with the clippers?
darkness winZ
darkness winZ - 10 days ago
Lol remember this best moment of life
Scott Lawrence
Scott Lawrence - 11 days ago
Who's here after Kawhi left for the clippers
TheGiua1973 - 11 days ago
Klaw: "If I make this shot I'm winning the title and going to the Clippers" Thank you Kawhi you'll be loved by the 6ix forever!
Terrell Chatton
Terrell Chatton - 11 days ago
Nobody til this day saw the travel 🤦🏾‍♂️
RGX ShadoW
RGX ShadoW - 11 days ago
Thank you Kawhi For Everything In Toronto
Good luck on the Clippers
Chowdz Xx
Chowdz Xx - 11 days ago
I want to leave the sixers fanbase because of this. This shot will make us suck for years and years
Safiya Khan
Safiya Khan - 11 days ago
IM SO LUCKY THAT I WENT TO THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toni Georg
Toni Georg - 11 days ago
Last year when Warriors beat Rockets in 7 everybody said that these 2 are the best teams in NBA. Sixers deserve more credit for the fight vs Raptors
Mirwais Ishaqzay
Mirwais Ishaqzay - 11 days ago
Who’s here after he signed with the clips ;(
Mirwais Ishaqzay
Mirwais Ishaqzay - 11 days ago
He should’ve signed a 1 year deal at least and run it back to defend the title but oh well..
Jay K
Jay K - 11 days ago
Facts he a bitch for that but whatevs we got a ring
Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill - 11 days ago
Who came here after seeing Kawhi joining the Clippers?
Daniel Zhang
Daniel Zhang - 11 days ago
Who's here right after the announcement that he's signing with the clippers
Ray - 11 days ago
Haunted Astolfo Beantown plushie
the commentators sound like they are having an orgasm
Cynical Boi
Cynical Boi - 12 days ago
Bro I bet Phili fans were crying with Embiid
David Cantu
David Cantu - 12 days ago
The shot that made Jimmy leave Philly
David Cantu
David Cantu - 12 days ago
The most suspenseful 3 seconds in history!
Mon Desire
Mon Desire - 12 days ago
Honestly that's the greatest shot I've ever seen.
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