Kawhi Leonard CRAZY GAME-WINNER - Game 7 | Raptors vs 76ers | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Destiny Brinkley
Destiny Brinkley - 12 hours ago
This is the only time you will see kawhi have emotions
Kirby Olsen
Kirby Olsen - 22 hours ago
0:12when you make a half court shot in 2K
Realshitlife Jheez
Realshitlife Jheez - Day ago
This is the longest lucky bounce in the NBA
w x
w x - Day ago
as a philly fan this makes me so sad man 😭😭
Konikal - 2 days ago
Zackary Bell
Zackary Bell - 3 days ago
i actually made that shot in 7th grade and the cameras were on but i think he lost the footage😤😤
Berkay Uysal
Berkay Uysal - 4 days ago
Problemm Childd
Problemm Childd - 6 days ago
Those couple bounces on the rim was like an ending of a movie
sumphoneo - 6 days ago
This can be compared to the shot made by Micahel Jordan against Cleveland 30 years earlier...final game...final shot....final second. It was EPIC!
spence white
spence white - 7 days ago
Here after Stephen A said Kawhi traveled to get this shot..and dammit he did smh
Jabari Bruce
Jabari Bruce - 9 days ago
But he traveled.........................
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez - 9 days ago
Kawhi Leonard travel
Galaxy76 - 9 days ago
Travel Travel Travel
Ontario Marquis
Ontario Marquis - 10 days ago
I love Kawhi but traveled crazy on that shot lmao
John Guerriero
John Guerriero - 11 days ago
The lesson here is... Blue drank rules
Erick - 11 days ago
When u shoot ur shot
Ron M
Ron M - 12 days ago
In 2001, Vince Carter missed that shot against 76ers in the Conference Semifinals.
The Guy From That One Movie
This has to be one of the craziest bounces ive ever seen. From almost baseline 3 it bounces up over and over until it almost rests on the hoops and falls in. And to end a playoff series....goddamn i love basketball.
The EverydayJobber
The EverydayJobber - 12 days ago
I'm honestly torn between The Shot or The Batflip as the biggest Canadian sports moment of the last decade. What a moment.
Ray Lee
Ray Lee - 13 days ago
This is the best NBA shot of All Time.
the shot
the 4 bounces
the game winner
the series winner
In a game 7
mic drop
DoubleCxsh - 13 days ago
how tf is this even possible... an people tell me our generation wouldnt touch the old 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Giovanni Rossi
Giovanni Rossi - 14 days ago
Non me la racconti giusta...
Di la verità che sei un robot e tramite una forza magnetica hai fatto canestro...
Rim Hammer
Rim Hammer - 14 days ago
Anyone wanna talk about the travel right after he caught the inbound pass?
polyv gr
polyv gr - 10 days ago
i was wondering the same thing but i am european,in euroleague it would be a travel for sure but i am not so familiar eith the nba rules
tomrandom84 - 15 days ago
that's so epic I mean its up there with aguero winning the league for city or Liverpool beating ac Milan in the champions league final or even them coming back from 3-nil down against Barca what a fucking player Leonard is
Swogang JoJo
Swogang JoJo - 16 days ago
So nobody noticed the walk
Malcolm Banton
Malcolm Banton - 16 days ago
Yo I just noticed how bad Kawhi traveled when he inbounded the ball
theWanderers-notebook - 16 days ago
Game, series, Toronto has won!
Rudy Gobert
Rudy Gobert - 17 days ago
I just realised kawhi traveled so the raptors shouldn’t have won
XXIV 88 - 18 days ago
I think the Basketball gods remember Vince 3 from the corner back in the day rimmed out,so they had to give that one to Kawhi.
Ezzy Buckets
Ezzy Buckets - 18 days ago
I like how the coaches got hype then remembered they’re not players and quickly adjusted their suits 😂
Abcd Efg
Abcd Efg - 19 days ago
There was a travel
MM MM - 20 days ago
Game!!!! Series!!!!! Toronto has won!!!! Commentary
rafa 02
rafa 02 - 20 days ago
that was a clear travel
BronchoKyle - 21 day ago
That end screen card is annoying as fuck. Take that shit down.
KobeisGoated - 22 days ago
Is this the dagger 🗡
Guitarz4ever - 23 days ago
I was at this game. Saw it live. Section 319. Never hugged and high fived so many people I didn’t know in my life. Damn man, how much can change in a year. Now we can’t even go near anyone with this Covid-19 virus. I’ll forever cherish that moment. Thank you Kawhi. Let’s go raptors! God bless.
G L - 23 days ago
That first bounce will always look suspicious and controlled to me. At that angle from where he shot, the ball would've bounced back to him; not bounce straight up in the air... 🤔
RealKey - 22 days ago
G L Yeah its all fake man
G L - 22 days ago
@RealKey Ok. I'm talkin about the first bounce...
RealKey - 22 days ago
G L bro you watched the video? He goes over it all.
G L - 22 days ago
@RealKey Exactly where I was going!!
RealKey - 23 days ago
Yeah cause its a magnet, usa-video.net/8c2fNnZcwxc-video.html
Олег Кузьма
Олег Кузьма - 24 days ago
Я сейчас все закончу)))
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds - 24 days ago
1 year ago today.... Man I miss sports
Snxze - 24 days ago
This shot happened a year ago today, that’s crazy. Feels like just yesterday I was watching Kawhi lead the Raptors to a championship.
Desmond Dubois
Desmond Dubois - 10 days ago
Flex Gz your fucked if you think the refs would blow the whistle on a last second shot bro, bron gets away with it all the time... they never call it one these last second plays... and who cares should’ve called a coach’s challenge if that was the case
Malcolm Banton
Malcolm Banton - 16 days ago
Snxze - 20 days ago
The Next Big Thing ikr
The Next Big Thing
The Next Big Thing - 20 days ago
A year?...oh shit
XpertOwl - 24 days ago
Damn I swear it's a movie not real life lol
Rat2019 - 25 days ago
The most emotion in Kawhis life
1990Thunderbolt - 25 days ago
philadelphia sports:
you live by the doink "beat the bears", you die by the doink "lost to the raptors" lmfao
Connor Dayman
Connor Dayman - 25 days ago
Greatest moment in NBA history.
Johan Valadez
Johan Valadez - 25 days ago
Young Vanilla
Young Vanilla - 25 days ago
Happy Anniversary
Jon P
Jon P - 25 days ago
OOOOOOAHHHHHHH lol the announcers sound like fans
Greg O`Brien
Greg O`Brien - 25 days ago
I can cry everytime watch this video. Especially now 1 year later. I would do anything to go back.
Joshua Barrett
Joshua Barrett - 25 days ago
4 seconds
4 dribbles
4 bounces around the rim
4 games won
Let's go raptors
TrxppinJayy - 25 days ago
One year 🔥
I'm a Funny Kid
I'm a Funny Kid - 25 days ago
Promethean Spark
Promethean Spark - 25 days ago
Me: Came back to reminisce while in quarantine during the global pandemic.
Me exactly one year ago: wait what!?
Gurmeet Gill
Gurmeet Gill - 25 days ago
Happy one year anniversary
Kevin Mendoza
Kevin Mendoza - 25 days ago
When i shoot my shot itś the Kawhi way. itś goin in
C.C.C. - 25 days ago
I’m a Sixers fan. I have no words
Spidey’s Gaming
Spidey’s Gaming - 25 days ago
Happy one year anniversary
Gabriel B.
Gabriel B. - 25 days ago
Damn 1 year later... how time flies!
ErvTheCherv - 25 days ago
It’s crazy that this happened a year ago 🤯
Ariel Theordore
Ariel Theordore - 25 days ago
Happy 1 year anniversary
agent2ez - 25 days ago
Happy anniversary guys
TT Barbecue OP
TT Barbecue OP - 25 days ago
I love the announcers reactions
Kevin bond
Kevin bond - 25 days ago
Kevin Harlan is the GOAT...what a call!
Dj Mbenga Finals MVP
Dj Mbenga Finals MVP - 25 days ago
Been a year already time flying.
Zieno - 25 days ago
1 year.
Ismail Benchekroun
Ismail Benchekroun - 25 days ago
Who's still watching in 2020?
Tacko fall For MVP
Tacko fall For MVP - 25 days ago
Something like this could’ve happened today 😭
Roxanne Correia
Roxanne Correia - 25 days ago
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MeDz Direct
MeDz Direct - 25 days ago
Most heartbreaking moment as a sixers fan
Fariborz Tah
Fariborz Tah - 25 days ago
1 year ago ? Damn time flies
Chris Yuson
Chris Yuson - 25 days ago
Happy Anniversary "is this the dagger?"
L aviliers
L aviliers - 25 days ago
I remember watching this like where tf is he going?! Then omfg how did he make that ?!?!
G Mail
G Mail - 25 days ago
I miss sports. I hate 2020.
Live0nnn - 25 days ago
Maybe make it so the thumbnail doesn't block out the entire right side and replay of the shot.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - 25 days ago
Watched it live , that was the craziest thing I’ve ever been apart of
Ian Forbes
Ian Forbes - 25 days ago
still as good today as 1 yr ago :). What it do baby!
Evan Pond
Evan Pond - 25 days ago
crazy this was exactly one year ago
Rich Moneyz
Rich Moneyz - 25 days ago
1 year anniversary
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw - 25 days ago
Vapr Billion
Vapr Billion - 25 days ago
Been one year
Achilles Kartchner
Achilles Kartchner - 27 days ago
In my opinion best buzzer to date
Dinobot2 - 28 days ago
Kevin Harlan: Is this the Dagger?
Narrator: It was.
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