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Mafelf - 10 hours ago
Cray is smart hè choose the Netherlands
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis - 11 hours ago
Did tannar have a hickey on her neck?
Theo King
Theo King - 12 hours ago
give chewie his medal and give lannan and ilsa there point
Theo King
Theo King - 13 hours ago
they didnt kiss on the lips, they kissed somewhere else
Galaxy Knight
Galaxy Knight - 13 hours ago
It was funny because i thought if this
Bethany Shields
Bethany Shields - 14 hours ago
LOL I got a dating ad before this 😂
Circle's Grandson
Circle's Grandson - 14 hours ago
Lannan won
Da Boi
Da Boi - 14 hours ago
Is anyone else cringing.
Da Boi
Da Boi - 14 hours ago
JamJamil - 15 hours ago
I like cray because hes relatable
Connor - 17 hours ago
Why does lannan’s gf kinda look like his sister..
LDG challenges
LDG challenges - 19 hours ago
This is weird but I love knowing tons of phobias and when he wrote lassophobia I’m pretty sure he meant thalassaphobia but oh well
costco freezer
costco freezer - 20 hours ago
cray looks like he was raging all night, hasn’t slept in 3 days, and is living on the streets, but also better looking than usual? like more attractive i don’t know.
dragonboi ye
dragonboi ye - 22 hours ago
Cray I'm from the Netherlands so thanks
POP EllisonGames
POP EllisonGames - 22 hours ago
YEAH MY FAV SHIP WINS lannanxilsa ilsanna (ship name 😙)
TEMMIE DIEP - 23 hours ago
lol lazarbeam #1 on gaming
Todd Hague
Todd Hague - Day ago
I share a birthday with David Dobrik July 23
Daniemac - Day ago
I don’t know why my first thought when they asked what cray would be if he wasn’t a streamer was balloon salesman
Killer Pradhan
Killer Pradhan - Day ago
Loserfruit and Marcuse are a cople
Reilyn Granja
Reilyn Granja - Day ago
I picked this because girls. 😏
m davis
m davis - Day ago
Cray being a psychologist is the scariest thing ever
6:25 it looked like cray made a owo face it looked like this owwo
P4INN _ - Day ago
Ryan Findlay
Ryan Findlay - Day ago
Cray and Jazz didn't break up at the end tho ELLIOT
Joey Ochoa
Joey Ochoa - Day ago
Technically lannan won because the fidnt point him on the 10,000$ question
Lyra Sharma
Lyra Sharma - Day ago
I think Tanner won #teamsingle
Riley Crank
Riley Crank - Day ago
Why does lazar beams girl friend look like his sister
pratyush ale
pratyush ale - 17 hours ago
lee mcgee
lee mcgee - Day ago
Like if bazz and tanner should date
Ashlyn Dardashti
Ashlyn Dardashti - Day ago
8:01 when someone calls u a bot
cesar mendoza
cesar mendoza - Day ago
And Lufu 's eyes are beautiful blue
Asian that loves flamingos
Myself still remembers tf2
PVZ mad
PVZ mad - Day ago
Best couple is Cray and bazz
Lewis Hughson
Lewis Hughson - Day ago
What happened in Paris?

But First a word from our sponsor
Kinson Liu
Kinson Liu - Day ago
the best part of the video was seeing cray and bazz as a couple
Togga - Day ago
0:46 look at bazzas eyes
Sgamer Plays
Sgamer Plays - Day ago
Cray looks like kano from mortal kombat
this or that
this or that - Day ago
has click stopped uploading?!!!
MineMasterMew 9999
MineMasterMew 9999 - Day ago
Hold up bazz is wavering a smg 4 shirt
Monique Quiroz
Monique Quiroz - Day ago
yassssssssss donald dorito
Diman Grech
Diman Grech - Day ago
lazers girlfriend ugly
Viral Memo
Viral Memo - Day ago
The 1.2k dislikes are angry americans
Arunsan Palathurai
Arunsan Palathurai - Day ago
I don't know about them being nice but they do have Ummm special Minecraft servers
Game Punches - Roy Kazado
Marcus's middle name is Patrick
Nedime Keles
Nedime Keles - Day ago
Jesus it's not Valentinsday btw im lonely this vid makes me sick and suffer
Samantha Milligan
Samantha Milligan - Day ago
Cray and Bass are the best couple
Mats de Haan
Mats de Haan - Day ago
I live in the Netherlands 😂
Legend. tv
Legend. tv - Day ago
Muselk should date Tannar
Prince over lord
Prince over lord - 2 days ago
Small and short dating = gay
Liv Attaway
Liv Attaway - 2 days ago
why does elsa look 16
Sky DemonDJ Gacha
Sky DemonDJ Gacha - 2 days ago
Xhas anybody notice the tall guy to the left is wearing an smg4 gold limited shirt could this be a shout out to smg4 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Mummy Pig
Mummy Pig - 2 days ago
damn it why didt she choose nz i couldve said hi :(
Max Madjarian
Max Madjarian - 2 days ago
I'm from Canada
Kool Aid bro
Kool Aid bro - 2 days ago
0:36 I caught bazza staring
Ty Cotta
Ty Cotta - 2 days ago
wtf well now we have to find out what marcus’s first name is
Ayden Checkley
Ayden Checkley - 2 days ago
Looks like cray and bazz aren't the only one breaking up.**everyone besides Lannon isla**
History Might Matter
History Might Matter - 2 days ago
I love how Lannan is still socially awkward enough not to rap his arm around ilsa, not saying I can do better but interesting.
Willichops - 2 days ago
Can you guys do this challenge where one person crosses their arms over their chest and says hahaha while the other person presses on their arms. It’s supposed to expose the persons real laugh, but you could turn it into who laughs first loses.
Ebbe Holmström
Ebbe Holmström - 2 days ago
why is lachy not in click
Gethunted_ XD
Gethunted_ XD - 2 days ago
Lannon best team no cap
Callum Briggs
Callum Briggs - 2 days ago
When tannars in a video I can no longer watch
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