Cracking the Uncrackable Code

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Great Big Story
Great Big Story - 3 months ago
So you want to be a code breaker? Here's how:
Skyyy Fizz
Skyyy Fizz - 4 days ago
Lol this comment only has 873 likes
{Sushi •Bish} Vids
{Sushi •Bish} Vids - 19 days ago
Hiroshi Yumeda Drum Channel
Rose - 27 days ago
Lol this comment has 785 likes
Hobo Joe
Hobo Joe - Month ago
Lol this comment only has 762 likes
he we
he we - 2 hours ago
already solve it
"send nudes"
fix ways2
fix ways2 - 14 hours ago
my friend said it means "the truth is below, not above" idk what it really means
TheBigD - 18 hours ago
Close your eyes when Jim is talking. He is Dr.Phill.
Alvaro Alvs
Alvaro Alvs - Day ago
It'll be a religion from 100 years on
Brian Hoppe
Brian Hoppe - Day ago
Get the game theorist immediately
Neutral Karma
Neutral Karma - Day ago
Why are people trying so hard to crack the code lol just crack it with a hammer and boom,youve cracked the code,god
Bandit 12
Bandit 12 - Day ago
It’s not the uncrackable code if somebody cracked it.😂
Mr. man 69
Mr. man 69 - Day ago
What if it just says if you solve this you gay
this is so naive and childish , give him some weed and cocaine , and you will get the answer,
Adam Tube
Adam Tube - Day ago
*Bill Cipher Has Joined The Chat*
Poke Hype
Poke Hype - 2 days ago
What if the fourth code doesn’t exist, and he’s fooling everyone so he’s getting lots of food and people around his house he’s clever
Tazinyu - 2 days ago
4CHAN Users: aRe yOu challEnGinG mE?!
Zamlan Sanoon
Zamlan Sanoon - 2 days ago
Secret to grave 😂😂😂
meme boi
meme boi - 3 days ago
Then when she finally answered it for a *LONG TIME* I bet it says Ok Boomer
Reuben Ler
Reuben Ler - 3 days ago
This guy is just a washed up designer who still wants attention
C.N.F Club
C.N.F Club - Day ago
Reuben Ler how do you know?
David Contreras
David Contreras - 3 days ago
What if the sun’s placement at certain times of the year is a clue
Wolf Clan gaming
Wolf Clan gaming - 4 days ago
American dad
SWAM Kraken
SWAM Kraken - 4 days ago
I know what it says
Agyad Yahya
Agyad Yahya - 4 days ago
Imagine wasting 30 decades of ur life to know what a bunch of letters say.....
pippa _
pippa _ - 4 days ago
jim’s little smile when he’s introduced is what makes me believe he’s actually a chaotic god who bluffed the last code.
Devid Loner
Devid Loner - 4 days ago
Free sushi every years
Its Just Joel
Its Just Joel - 4 days ago
What if it’s just a bunch of random letters?
Spectacular Me
Spectacular Me - 4 days ago
Nani?? *Nani*
Sike_Its_Mike - 4 days ago
Plot twist: it’s just a prank and it doesn’t say anything
Electricos -_-
Electricos -_- - 5 days ago
3:33 ma man look at that frame like look at all this free food these fools have given me
Micheal Jean vlogs.
Micheal Jean vlogs. - 5 days ago
Make words out of the letters, than combine them and see what makes sense, you are thinking way advanced. Think not like a genius but simple and maybe you will find your answer, it’s not rocket science people.
Xero Xyn
Xero Xyn - 5 days ago
Donavyn 74
Donavyn 74 - 5 days ago
In the sculpture it said Kryptos over and over
Theunopenchest Gaming
Theunopenchest Gaming - 6 days ago
Have the tried Enigma?
Sniper_Taco - 6 days ago
Diagonal or horizontal or vertical?
Gumamuta 2
Gumamuta 2 - 6 days ago
Plot twist:it's a crossword puzzle
My imagination did this. To me
I can’t believe it!
Hornet isn’t void
Hornet isn’t void - 7 days ago
*turns out that it was just backwards*
Beasty - 7 days ago
5:49 *how is that globe spinning*
Beasty - 7 days ago
*its just random letters*
roze - 7 days ago
So therese a code 1 2 3 those are cracked and then theres 4 what ir fors lets say zzgjskjg code letters ment the letter is 1 2 or 3 lets say the z is from 3 witch means lets say A and g from 2 is B mby? Idk
Sam Goal
Sam Goal - 7 days ago
Dont think she will make it
Max Inpains
Max Inpains - 7 days ago
Its says 9-11was a inside job and Epstein didnt kill himself , Trump is a Russian's puppet . 😂🤣
Max Inpains
Max Inpains - 7 days ago
@Ionut DU Yeah ? She is in a grave tho . 😂🤣
Ionut DU
Ionut DU - 7 days ago
Your mother is a Russian puppet.
Green Danial Animates
Green Danial Animates - 7 days ago
All i see they are just eating sushi and sashimi
MrFruffing - 7 days ago
maybe the letters laid u make a topographical map which could spell something out?
Fatima Araujo
Fatima Araujo - 7 days ago
What if the code was deez nuts
the Godfather _
the Godfather _ - 7 days ago
Is it written backwords
the Godfather _
the Godfather _ - 7 days ago
Use the theory that cracked the first set and apply it
Jordan ABSOLUTE UNIT - 7 days ago
Damn you clickbait!
Susie Gacha gamer
Susie Gacha gamer - 7 days ago
How can u crack a uncrackable code
derek frost
derek frost - 8 days ago
How do you crack an uncrackable code?
lIzfOrwIfE_yT - 8 days ago
imagine it being just yo hi hello wassup
Ghost in The Cosmos
Ghost in The Cosmos - 8 days ago
What if it’s in Latin. Or maybe in another language?
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang - 8 days ago
Bruh I thought this would be like some sort of ancient Mayan sculpture that tells us of aliens or smth
HB39 ooo
HB39 ooo - 8 days ago
Imagine it says “HEHEHE”
the_lauriss Lauris
the_lauriss Lauris - 8 days ago
When sun shines in the code take a picture then use miror and use kryptos
Boaz Mckoy
Boaz Mckoy - 9 days ago
Life is a lie
Ok. - 9 days ago
Imagine him saying that there is no code
Gamer 101
Gamer 101 - 9 days ago
When that one kid solves the problem puzzle in class but don't tell anyone the answers
Saima Rashid
Saima Rashid - 9 days ago
Have you tried to rearrange the letters like for example when letter A is shown it actually means letter Z
DigitalRanger the 342nd
That is literally transposition cipher That cipher is too typical so I dont think so
aiden hoyle
aiden hoyle - 9 days ago
He prolly just said fuck it and just put the letters in a totally random order
Poqto Xx
Poqto Xx - 9 days ago
I bet it just says another code and a whole new story happeneds
Paul Ubongen
Paul Ubongen - 9 days ago
I can do that too, i do it all the time in my computer
- A13X -
- A13X - - 9 days ago
That sculpture definitely wasn't cut by jigsaws or by hand.
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