Cracking the Uncrackable Code

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Sarai - 38 minutes ago
yo if they got me sushi id tell the code right away lmao
David Toh
David Toh - 2 hours ago
Code in the top right of the video 3:49
のあ高峯 - 3 hours ago
Or maybe some nerd that is unpopular that hated everyone there just solved it but refuses to tell em.
Brandon Cooper
Brandon Cooper - 4 hours ago
I'll bet this guy drinks a lot of Ovaltine.
Armari - 11 hours ago
I used the code to crack the code
donavon Blair
donavon Blair - 15 hours ago
“Be sure to drink your ovaltine”
khankhattak - 15 hours ago
imagine if she solved it and it said "youve been fooled"
Reilly Woods-Murphy
Reilly Woods-Murphy - 19 hours ago
I wonder if they've tried running it through an enigma machine
Mia ain’t chill
Mia ain’t chill - 19 hours ago
I just love how this puzzle brings people together and have them communicate and bond over a common interest, so sweet
Mailo Kirmes
Mailo Kirmes - Day ago
This guy should teach Tom Holland how to keep a secret😂
me - Day ago
hieu Cu
hieu Cu - Day ago
The last code: *I AM THE ZODIAC KILLER*
Skittles stjean
Skittles stjean - Day ago
what if the code wasn't meant to be solve
Ben Potato
Ben Potato - Day ago
Maybe it's a code within a code within a code
Makkiiu Artsu
Makkiiu Artsu - Day ago
Ask Steve,Robin and Dustin to crack the codes they'll crack it in a day I swear
Gerardo Davila
Gerardo Davila - Day ago
What if he dies and the safety deposit box just gets emptied. And nobody will ever know what happened to the decryption key.
Basile Ryan
Basile Ryan - Day ago
Look at the top right
Steve Fortuna
Steve Fortuna - Day ago
The 4th code says "yes, I killed Kennedy, and I'm proud of it". - George H. W. Bush.
Norman Hasibuan
Norman Hasibuan - Day ago
It turns out the code was a nuclear code to open at nhentai
Subho Joy
Subho Joy - Day ago
the problem is not a lot of people know about this.....if a large number of people look into it I bet it will be solved in a short span of time
ImmaRussianSpy - Day ago
I swear i watched this video before but it came out a week ago
Turtles Are Awesome
I have a great idea to solve Kryptos. I’m only 11 though so I can’t fly there and tell you personally. Type all the letters from Kryptos, them copy and paste it to a word scrambler on a website on google. Then get all the words that the website has given you, and figure it out from there. I hope this helps, also you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.

Edit: please like so they know this. I’m not doing this for likes, I just also want to see the code get cracked.
Edit 2: this is the code
Karias abesamis
Karias abesamis - Day ago
3:48 On the top right corner, "UX LNKX MH WKBGD RHNK HOTEMBGX". I solved it and it says "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine"
David Lin
David Lin - Day ago
Only If I become employed.
Nataliya terletska
Nataliya terletska - Day ago
the twist, there’s no secret message
Nolan Young
Nolan Young - Day ago
Maybe there is no code
Oliver Engholm
Oliver Engholm - Day ago
Charlie H
Charlie H - Day ago
Plot twist: it has no code, that old guy just loves the attention.
MaLe03 - Day ago
Imagine it just is like upside down and backwards
David Mays
David Mays - Day ago
lol who gives a shit. it's letters displayed as a design for people to try and "solve". like is ur life gonna mysteriously change for the better if u solve it? lol its just something this asshole came up with and people have used all sorts of ways to solve it with no progress. id say the hell with it
Mace Windu
Mace Windu - 2 days ago
I hope it’s just bullshit
Lakshmi Shah
Lakshmi Shah - 2 days ago
Yukari Akiyama
Yukari Akiyama - 2 days ago
I see its still mystery i though someone know the answer but.. Nvm 😂🤣
Carlos Del Kazo
Carlos Del Kazo - 2 days ago
......and then doing crack
rai ko-Kun
rai ko-Kun - 2 days ago
"You can't have order without chaos" ~MLBB Lunox
Jared Velasco
Jared Velasco - 2 days ago
This video reminded me of ready player one.
Rollin Salvador
Rollin Salvador - 2 days ago
*The last code*
"Hey bro, chill!! Chill!! Its a prank! Theres a camera over there!!"
Ragnarok k
Ragnarok k - 2 days ago
*Maybe the Artist was on Crack when he made the 4th code*
Snooper Guy
Snooper Guy - 2 days ago
Just imagine the code is legit just “*figure out if you are gay*”
val.entino - 2 days ago
what if it's just the wifi password
IcyGaming GT
IcyGaming GT - 2 days ago
Wait so you can crack the uncrackable uncracked crap?
w1nter - 2 days ago
it says your mom gey
Laurens Devos
Laurens Devos - 2 days ago
Sheldon could probably do this in 2 hours
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town - 2 days ago
An iphone is 4 billion times faster than the machine they used nearly 80 years ago to crack Enigma and you telling me with our computing power today this can't be cracked,seems odd.
johnny d
johnny d - 2 days ago
Im surprised nobody has kidnapped and torchered him for the code
she and her cat
she and her cat - 2 days ago
What if he actually didn't know and he's bluffing? Is that stupid to say?
J Iserhoff Studios
J Iserhoff Studios - 2 days ago
someone: *cracks the code*
uncrackable code: *actually the password for the ROBLOX account*
ROBLOX: wait, that's illegal.
Someone Random
Someone Random - 2 days ago
moonyy x
moonyy x - 2 days ago
the man one day latee: frick, i forgot the code.
moonyy x
moonyy x - 2 days ago
her: is that a code?
me: no that's just how i talk to my friends.
iApplePro P
iApplePro P - 2 days ago
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