Stars of "The Photograph" Issa Rae & Lakeith Stanfield Share What They Expect Out Of Valentines Day

Gia Loren
Gia Loren - 14 days ago
the mood hella changed after 21:00 !!! issa was pissed!
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee - 19 days ago
He has those fine ass dark features.....faf
Omari Milano
Omari Milano - 21 day ago
he avoided the question, "are you married"....good move LaKieth..your publicist would be proud...
Omari Milano
Omari Milano - 21 day ago
10:26 off comes the glasses..well damn LK..why you do that..the eyes...the eyes..he is so smart and it seems that when he took off the glasses he couldn't stop talking..i love it
Russ Schaffer
Russ Schaffer - 22 days ago
The Pop Smoke part is strange to look back on with how things unfolded. Passed one week after this interview was posted.
Tamara De Lesline
Tamara De Lesline - 25 days ago
I absolutely adore Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield respectively. Legendary Angie Martinez interviewing them was just one of the best things ✨😍👏🏽
Barbara Boyd-Williams
Barbara Boyd-Williams - 25 days ago
He did an interview exposing how their is a hidden agenda and narrative that is really against black men and black women loving each other........i think his exact words was THEY HATE US LOVING OURSELVES and dating each other.
QueenxofxthexBurbs - 28 days ago
Boring af
Jessica Perry
Jessica Perry - 29 days ago
She seriously asked 3 questions about the movie and then talked about everything but...0/10.
Dani TV *
Dani TV * - Month ago
“Oh, Angie, look at you, doing your job.” - Issa 🤣
Noëlle Ferralis
Noëlle Ferralis - Month ago
Angie: congratulations!!!
Issa: thanks I love jewelry
Janelle Clark
Janelle Clark - Month ago
Elisha B
Elisha B - Month ago
Why does Angie have to pull teeth to get them to talk in depth about the movie. Like, yall know why yall here.
Tramaine Evans
Tramaine Evans - Month ago
Issa is a FOOL 😂 “WTF”
tedelfire - Month ago
Angie Ma's so welcoming, love her, love these two!
Sonja Marie's Wordlife Astrology
Respect Issa sooooo much! LaKeith is too damn cool...looveee it! We need MORE of these movies....please!
owemeanthropology - Month ago
wow @ how Lakeith dodged that relationship question! poor Issa can't seem to avoid it no matter what she says.
Adrian Anderson
Adrian Anderson - Month ago
LoveCammi - Month ago
This is awkward. Angie seems like she didn’t know what to ask them.
niceviewer - Month ago
I love Issa. She don’t play games with people.
SweetPeaLove22 - Month ago
When Angie asked about the Oscars😂😂.. all us real brown people know why they didn't go lol it's okay sis, you don't even have to answer that, we got you😉.
jjcchi - Month ago
I've seen so many interviews where Issa has this same vibe.
Pamela Pitt
Pamela Pitt - Month ago
I was excited to watch this interview but I just kept expecting to hear crickets at times because I felt like Angie wasn’t prepared as an interviewer. Issa was just looking like when will this be over & I was hoping that Angie’s interaction with Issa would had been more engaging. Thank God for Lakeith!!!
Arumda Sarangheone
Arumda Sarangheone - Month ago
I wish it was tv series. I want more
Safari Arizona
Safari Arizona - Month ago
Issa is the most unique person to me she reminds me of someone u can't take serious cause they joke a lot but they dont try to be funny... and they really do know how to act in public Issa is amazing.. and LAKEITH is underrated he's such a versatile actor.. you can believe all his characters could really be him... he's one of the very few good actors today ... some older actors dont have what he has today
Sabrenda Eskreeta
Sabrenda Eskreeta - Month ago
They are both so damn fine😩

Also, the movie is bomb. Go see it if y'all haven't 🤙🏾
Morgan - Month ago
Loved the movie, hope we’ll be getting more black love stories this year 🤎
Immortal Jungle Beats
Immortal Jungle Beats - Month ago
👀Please folks WAKE UP that's a man! Am I really the only one who sees it???? (the jawline, the voice, adams apple, the hands)...... 🤔🤔🤔
Roc Morales
Roc Morales - Month ago
We need subtitles for this guy😂
Courtland Alexander
Courtland Alexander - Month ago
Where can I get his sweater!!!? 😭
that guy
that guy - Month ago
god damn Angie bad at her job
Ms. King
Ms. King - Month ago
He can get it! 🤔 now where are the non famous Lakeiths Lawd! 💜
Tonice Mon’a
Tonice Mon’a - Month ago
I been watching all they press interviews for this movie I’m surprised they didn’t stop by the breakfast club
Tonice Mon’a
Tonice Mon’a - Month ago
when I hear ISSA talk all I hear is “LA “ the heart of LA to be exact she sounds like a typical homegirl from the block ❤️💯💯💯
R. Jazmine
R. Jazmine - Month ago
Issa is so beautiful! And Lakeith can get it!!
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee - 19 days ago
🤣😀😀😃, I feel you on that 🤣🤣
Kevin Coleman
Kevin Coleman - Month ago
Wonder why they wasn't on the breakfast club, now i know
Joy & Lily
Joy & Lily - Month ago
Really good to see the serious side of Lakeith in an interview.
Miss Essence
Miss Essence - Month ago
Man I want them to be together in real life☹️
Dionnea Seals
Dionnea Seals - Month ago
Even in a pink and yellow sherbet sweater, he's still pulling it off. Yes and yes!
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson - Month ago
I said the same thing regarding the ending. I left want to know more and see more of their story.
Emme Nicole
Emme Nicole - Month ago
When i tell you i love both of them immensely!
A J - Month ago
Rip Pop Smoke
Marhaba Mango
Marhaba Mango - Month ago
I love them both so much lmaooo great interview
Rebecca Grant
Rebecca Grant - Month ago
Issa is dry af. This interview is not entertaining at all. I’m only watching cuz I like Angie
Mathiouzyy _
Mathiouzyy _ - Month ago
31:30 talking about Pop smoke, a week later he passed away
kozyken - Month ago
awee they were talking bout pop smoke :( rip❤️
DivyneGemineye - Month ago
What are the odds that I saw this the same day that Pop died 😔. Fly high!!
DanayMichelle - Month ago
Crazy she asked about Pop Smoke and he ended up dying a week later 🙏🙏🙏
naka artery
naka artery - Month ago
I dont think Issa is engaged bc lakeith be taking his shots lol.....but what SHE IS ENGAGED!!!!!!
Anna F.
Anna F. - Month ago
Issa was tense as hell during that V-Day talk lol 😂 her man was off limits and Angie went there
Reb MCMG - Month ago
Issa feel like every girl i should've got wit but didnt smh
Michael god
Michael god - Month ago
Super bland interview!!!!
Zyxfr - Month ago
Angie I know you was just talking to pop smoke just wanna know if you're handling his death well. Rip
F I E N D - Month ago
This interview yh 🥴
Moon Tide
Moon Tide - Month ago
If someone says some stupid shit like “Wow Lakeith is really intimidating, really intense” i WiLL HuNT yOu
TheReal_Karmaa - Month ago
He Definitely likes her!!
anonymous mee
anonymous mee - Month ago
Issa is a true Capricorn. Dry, dry, dry.
S T A C E Y - Month ago
🥴 that what ppl think of us 😂..
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole - Month ago
“If It cant go left it can’t go right” 🤭🤭🤭
Kiara's Korner
Kiara's Korner - Month ago
“oh angie look at you doing your job”😂😂😂 she tried!
Gia Loren
Gia Loren - 14 days ago
dead!!! hahahaha
MsL.1 - Month ago
Yooooo... Issa was tight. Smh her energy was way off
NewGardner - Month ago
@15:00 Issa is right. Being quiet is best for her. Celebrities have opinions but, some dont understand what's going on with the community so, when their celeb friends get in trouble they need to just be quiet. LaKeith got dissed for his whack interviews too. Yeah, both need to stick with answering questions regarding the movie only.
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole - Month ago
If I’m walking down the nyc streets and see these two imma pass out😩
Charles Rivers
Charles Rivers - Month ago
Issa a thug lol, I dont like sappiness , lmao
Charles Rivers
Charles Rivers - Month ago
Insecure April 12th , hope we dont have with another 2 years lol Atlanta 2021 smdh really dog , 🤪
Charles Rivers
Charles Rivers - Month ago
They both have great number 1 shows on tv, so the movie shld be good as well
breefuh - Month ago
lmao they goin strong for this promo tour
Spokenbyginger _
Spokenbyginger _ - Month ago
“If it can’t go left it can’t go right “ lakeith ain’t nobody catch that ? Lol
Tamara De Lesline
Tamara De Lesline - 25 days ago
I heard it😎
Keontae Hall
Keontae Hall - Month ago
Spokenbyginger _ that’s a bar
Hangtime With Aiden
Hangtime With Aiden - Month ago
Advertisement!!!!! We have to get these movies to the masses!
The movies fuckin amazing but the lack of presentation to other people that’s not us is important. You don’t need to be black to enjoy the movie. There hasn’t been a love story like this in a very long time. GO SEE IT!!!
June June
June June - Month ago
Congrats Issa and Lakeith on your new movie. I went and seen it and it’s interesting I like it a solid love story frfr. Keep bringing us more and God Bless.
adriannah wise
adriannah wise - Month ago
I’m sad they didn’t do the breakfast club. Charla be messing up the bag sometimes being loyal to the wrong friends
Yapree Hudson
Yapree Hudson - Month ago
I think that it was that Angie was trying to force answers out of Issa invading her privacy/ asking her to talk about things that she know can’t be discussed
Black Girl with Anxiety
I wonder if the awkwardness it's because right out the gate Angie stated Issa was negative. Like, it was a stereotypical diss wrapped in a joke. But calling a dark skin Black woman negative isn't cool and I would personally be like, alrighttttt, I'm not feeling you. Even La Keith's face, was like, what? And her statement of, you guys seem like you really like each other, like do better with the representation of Black love. Angie, in my eyes, feels a little salty about the movie, the representation, and the pure Black love. This interview could've been so rich and intentional, but Angie missed the mark. I'm only here for Issa & La Keith, that's it!
kristin robbs
kristin robbs - Month ago
Yea Im not feeling Angie Martinez at all I would be the same way if it was me getting interviewed.
Yapree Hudson
Yapree Hudson - Month ago
I thought it was only me the energy is very off
T Graham
T Graham - Month ago
I actually cried during the scenes of the mother's backstory. Understanding why she didn't show love as a.mother is expected to
Quita - Month ago
Watching the film later today! Can’t wait. Love their energy. 💛
Key From92
Key From92 - Month ago
They r both so naturally funny man, i hope they do a comedy film together too. Somethin wit a ensemble cast would b dope.
BoxerBriefs4 - Month ago
I love them both. I love their dry sense of humor.
Janet Holmes
Janet Holmes - Month ago
Easy fix. Stop going the oscar. Problem solved
Brian Bethea
Brian Bethea - Month ago
Great movie. That soundtrack is straight Fiyahhhh!
Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee - Month ago
I enjoyed The Photograph it was beautifully done.
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