Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)

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nafisa tabassum
nafisa tabassum - 8 hours ago
"HoW oLd aM I?"
--christine 2019
Rylai Harumonia
Rylai Harumonia - 11 hours ago
I told my fiance to subscribe and watch nailogical vids he like it. 😂😂😂
amy andromeda
amy andromeda - 13 hours ago
me, a nail tech: ah yes, a nail drill should do the trick
cristine: *no*
Felicity Tidmore
Felicity Tidmore - 17 hours ago
Is that Steve no That’s the guy from the pregnancy video - simlynailogical
Babygirl - 21 hour ago
Troom Troom knows who you are they did a polish mountain in one vid
Unicorn Magiii
Unicorn Magiii - Day ago
why does ben_troom_troom look like the older version of Barron Trump
Liddle Puppies
Liddle Puppies - Day ago
Cristine: buBbLe bEn

Ad: *does not bring tea as advertised*
Alexeia Rankin
Alexeia Rankin - Day ago
wait is she actually a hand model
Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida - Day ago
OMG I watched the bubble nails video RIGHT before this one
Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida - Day ago
they're all useless though
Chechuu Gila
Chechuu Gila - Day ago
LMAO! This video was so funny, can't understand why didn't I watch it sooner. Eternal love for bubbles! Always loved em and always will. Thanks Cristine!♥
Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid
So make glasses that block out the hate but also everything else.
Raelynn Ells
Raelynn Ells - 3 days ago
Cristine is enjoying this way to much 😂😂😂😂
Kaela S.
Kaela S. - 3 days ago
This gives off jenna marbles vibes and im here for it
Aira Jaramillo
Aira Jaramillo - 3 days ago
lowkey troom troom was shading cristine
ConstanzaGD - 3 days ago
It's like if Troom Troom even made that video for you
Tere Lopez
Tere Lopez - 3 days ago
Oop im a kid but i love u but im almost 10 sooooo
Ami R
Ami R - 3 days ago
They r 31... why do they have this bubble blower thing 😂
Liya - 4 days ago
C Denny
C Denny - 4 days ago
Cristine a bit ago: “Would you like a suc- ulent..?”
Cristine now: “would you like a blow?”
Anushka Sircar
Anushka Sircar - 5 days ago
These two are over 30 right? 10:52 look at them they remind me of when I was little
RopushK - 5 days ago
this video made my day, I am watching this with honest smile on my face. THANK YOU, Simply!
UnicornBB UwU
UnicornBB UwU - 5 days ago
Mariam Hashem
Mariam Hashem - 5 days ago
When she said "oh they've got ads!" Literally an ad just came after it lol
You've got ads too Cristine! 😀😀
Zoe Pressel
Zoe Pressel - 6 days ago
”YOO” that made me so happy
xxjuniichu - 7 days ago
“Oh sorry didn’t see you there, I was too busy mmmmmmmmmmblocking out the haters”
Ciara Beta
Ciara Beta - 8 days ago
Rainbow snow
No no snow
Which one shall I choice 🤔
speedingahead - 8 days ago
A Troom Troom hack that actually works? What is this sorcery?
Susanna Fuddy
Susanna Fuddy - 8 days ago
imma tell ya sumthin ya probably dont know...troom troom and 5 minute crafts have their own hack shows on amazon prime video. T_T why tho. why.
Emily Romer
Emily Romer - 9 days ago
When she said “they’ve got ads” who else got an ad right after😂
elena jimenez ramirez
elena jimenez ramirez - 9 days ago
11:04 every 5th graders come back
Naomi Machala
Naomi Machala - 10 days ago
We need a ben cam: one camera pointed at the door that capture his reaction when he sees what ridiculous shenanigans Cristine is up to 🤣
IcePhysics95 - 12 days ago
The reason you struggled to put holes in the nails is because the video didn’t use a drill. It used a dremel tool, which is MUCH easier for small holes than using a giant drill.
Stormy Games
Stormy Games - 12 days ago
You said they got ads and an ad playef
Leighann Grady
Leighann Grady - 12 days ago
What you dont do kids content I'm 12 watching since 10 lol love ya videos
Journey Gilliam
Journey Gilliam - 13 days ago
Who else things Cristine should have a channel just for her reacting troom troom🙋🏾‍♀️
Dowka 29
Dowka 29 - 13 days ago
*i like the fact that troom troom went off topic*
char0310 char0310
char0310 char0310 - 14 days ago
i just LOVE troom troom. LOVE IT
*sarcasm duh*
U W U - 14 days ago
Cristine that hole punch story was very specific are you okay?
Ophelia Lu
Ophelia Lu - 14 days ago
Ben being like “DO IT AGAIN!” and playing with Cristine with bubbles is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen
Agilities OW
Agilities OW - 14 days ago
I love tea
1,000 Subs With No Videos
They have ads. **ad plays**
Cutthroat ***
Cutthroat *** - 15 days ago
Bubble ben🤗🤗🤗
Polka Pig
Polka Pig - 16 days ago
Just admit,Every nail polish on Christine’s is clear or normal holo
InvasionOfFries - 17 days ago
Troom Troom most definitely made this for Cristine, it's too much of a coincidence.
Femo Memo
Femo Memo - 17 days ago
I want a boyfriend just so he can blow bubbles with me :_
MakeupBy Mace
MakeupBy Mace - 18 days ago
'pLaYiNg WiTh ShArP eXaCtO bLaDeS'
aixa donut menty
aixa donut menty - 19 days ago
7:50 you can see a swatch of a color of her new collection :O
Korkmaz Elif
Korkmaz Elif - 19 days ago
When she Said “there’s adds”a add popped up smh:)
Cakebear_Lovely Xox
Cakebear_Lovely Xox - 19 days ago
I just "broke up" with my "best friend" and you help me so much to not cry thank you 🙂😭
Dave White
Dave White - 19 days ago
idk if u noticed but when u tried to drill the hole you had the drill on reverse.
SAMANTHA NG - 19 days ago
Can you guys adopt me
Verity Coward
Verity Coward - 21 day ago
Who else would love cristine to launch a lipstick line
Lemon -Cookie2.0
Lemon -Cookie2.0 - 21 day ago
Trishu Mohapatra
Trishu Mohapatra - 21 day ago
I think she liked those bubbles on her hand..
Eloy Candido
Eloy Candido - 21 day ago
Her: ok ok
Troom troom:now ben won't stop me
Her:wait did she say my mans name hold my weave girl hold it
Me:Oooooo s*hit she dead girl Yeah
Paige Newsome
Paige Newsome - 21 day ago
13:55 simplys face is mine while I’m in English and the teachers ranting ab something
GiGi W.
GiGi W. - 23 days ago
Ben won this round! 🤣🤣🤣😹
PashionFruit Slimezz
PashionFruit Slimezz - 23 days ago
12:04 dat laugh doe
PrincessPiyu Vatyani
PrincessPiyu Vatyani - 24 days ago
Bubbles nails through nails😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lala Lemon
Lala Lemon - 24 days ago
You need to be friend with Jenna marbles @jennamarbles
Kylee - 24 days ago
Ben from troom troom looks like shayne topp
Mona Morris
Mona Morris - 24 days ago
ok, wait a guy named Ben, nail tutorials, and tea? wow...
Euphoric Fox
Euphoric Fox - 25 days ago
No one:
Ben and Cristine:
* *claps hands* * hEhEHHE bUBBLES hEHhE dO iT aGAIN
Gracie M
Gracie M - 25 days ago
Omg I’m laughing so freaking hard I’m crying lol
Laney - 25 days ago
I actually like this “hack” a lot
mariam coulibaly
mariam coulibaly - 25 days ago
When I saw the feet I was like :"WHAT THE ...HELL!!" Troom troom is weird
Fleurs World
Fleurs World - 26 days ago
Holly England
Holly England - 27 days ago
Rohini J
Rohini J - 27 days ago
Cristine is the only one who remained the same from then
Tin Ujevic Notturno
Tin Ujevic Notturno - 28 days ago
ben actually enjoying himself in a video
Vivian Sondrini
Vivian Sondrini - 29 days ago
Hey beyn!! When are you going to POP the big question? Yall are so cute together!!!
Renza Siochi
Renza Siochi - 29 days ago
Hahaha lol my aunt here in the Philippines use that bubble nail and all of the kids in my cousin bday party were happy about it even me well I'm already 18 and when i see those nail oh my god i think like im a kid again lol 😂 😂
Wen Kay
Wen Kay - 29 days ago
who else is watching while quarantine
jennyyx - 29 days ago
Their whole relationship is so wholesome I love it
ASMR rain
ASMR rain - 29 days ago
Really...Really when you showed the ads I got an ad bruh
Alondra Santos
Alondra Santos - 29 days ago
Anyone else feel like this troom troom hack is directed at simply nail logical
The like button is always blue
This two adults feels youthful than I am.
Just a Person
Just a Person - 29 days ago
i love how excited ben got
Cameron Mantai
Cameron Mantai - 29 days ago
10 000
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