Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)

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Sabah Hussain
Sabah Hussain - 3 hours ago
that was educational, mom and dad
graco the lizard
graco the lizard - 4 hours ago
3:17 the rubber duck cult has taken over youtube
Katelyn Eddleblute
Katelyn Eddleblute - 5 hours ago
Bella From Tik Tok
Bella From Tik Tok - 6 hours ago
The is too small...that’s what he said😂✨
Payal Thakur
Payal Thakur - 6 hours ago
When she says top coat first it was like toco but when I heared it again it was top coat
Elena Dodson
Elena Dodson - 7 hours ago
'wow' so deep guys!
Princess Rock
Princess Rock - 8 hours ago
Christine:they’ve got ads
*ad comes up*
Me:and i oop-now you do
Rachel the Saltine
Rachel the Saltine - 9 hours ago
Can you react to a troom troom rant?
Sillie Sillie
Sillie Sillie - 10 hours ago
1.15 when you said they have ads I got an ad😂
Malaika van Tonder
Malaika van Tonder - 11 hours ago
*first 12 minutes of nails... and 3 minutes of* _the serious talk_
Jacara Hupp
Jacara Hupp - 11 hours ago
"do it again do it again"
Katelyn Madden
Katelyn Madden - 12 hours ago
I loved Ben and Cristines colour co-ordinated shirts
Maria Basham
Maria Basham - 13 hours ago
Girl!!! I just saw holographic black legging!!!
Maria Basham
Maria Basham - 13 hours ago
ay E On
Bunnylover4876 - 15 hours ago
10:42 maturity has left the chat.
Safeara Jones
Safeara Jones - 15 hours ago
https://youtu.be/AqUwyMFBT04 You have to make H💿L💿 snake skin nails. 🤩
H20swords5 - 15 hours ago
11:42 there relationships is amazing 💗
munnzie e
munnzie e - 16 hours ago
did Troom Troom ACTUALLY make the vine reference with the non-hater spoon glasses, like WhAt
Dani - 16 hours ago
As soon as you said they’ve got ads I got an ad
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - 14 hours ago
Love your videos
Gaby G
Gaby G - 16 hours ago
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - 14 hours ago
Does anyone else think that Troom Troom catered that video specifically to Cristine? There was too much stuff there to be coincidence....
Zeina Vee
Zeina Vee - 16 hours ago
You should do 100+ layer of holo taco.... 🔮🔮🔮🔮
Gracie Arnett
Gracie Arnett - 17 hours ago
“Let’s fill the whole world with bubbles, and Ben won’t stop me!”
Avleen Chahal
Avleen Chahal - 17 hours ago
this video was just pure fluff it was so adorable lol
DaniDIY Official
DaniDIY Official - 17 hours ago
Cristine, I don’t think Ben takes you on dates 😂😂
bessi lloyd
bessi lloyd - 17 hours ago
You should find the blue eyed girls instagram
Kira Vella
Kira Vella - 17 hours ago
I feel like they’re specifically targeting Christine now bc her audience will give them all the views 😂
Alex Rosprim
Alex Rosprim - 18 hours ago
Christine and Ben wearing matching lavender shirts is what I live for
Vanessa Bal
Vanessa Bal - 18 hours ago
This is tempting 😂
MissSil - 19 hours ago
"maybe this will bring back old school youtube" ... if only that was true
Sky Byrem
Sky Byrem - 19 hours ago
Marissa Egino
Marissa Egino - 19 hours ago
Christine:not for kids
Me:but im ten and i watch your vid😂
Leah123mouse !
Leah123mouse ! - 19 hours ago
Is anyone else surprised that she didn't put the braces nails on BEYYN
Megan Coleman
Megan Coleman - 20 hours ago
Does anyone else think that Troom Troom catered that video specifically to Cristine? There was too much stuff there to be coincidence....
Simon Kim
Simon Kim - 20 hours ago
Love your videos
Kelli Sees
Kelli Sees - 21 hour ago
The changes are going to be ineffective And I don’t even think it’s children’s channels that are the most worried. It’s channels that have a strong viewer bases across many age demographics
skye johnson
skye johnson - 22 hours ago
its not a problem anymore
Im shooketh
Im shooketh - 22 hours ago
Its like troom troom made a video specially for her, with nails and Ben and tea
E Z - 22 hours ago
I always love that momment when Ben enters the room and goes "WTF is going on!?" xDDDDDDD
Saira Grande
Saira Grande - 22 hours ago
Cristine cringes my depression away 💕😩
Sienna - 22 hours ago
Christine’s tea looks like pure milk and it’s hurting me
Dear Arin Hanson
Dear Arin Hanson - 22 hours ago
Ben’s excited little " do it again, do it again " made me smile
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