Doing Addison Rae's Makeup!

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Ka1X - 2 hours ago
James : the brows are done Addison: I’m Addison Rae
Fatima Abdullah
Fatima Abdullah - 2 hours ago
Md Sakib
Md Sakib - 2 hours ago
Foundetion names please.
Md Sakib
Md Sakib - 2 hours ago
Foundetion names please.
Ka1X - 2 hours ago
She do be thicc do
Monica Batohi
Monica Batohi - 2 hours ago
Why is she like the sweetest person ever
Joseph Jonardel
Joseph Jonardel - 2 hours ago
Felicity Dane Pevida
Felicity Dane Pevida - 2 hours ago
Addison doesn't need makeup she's perfect
Kawaii demon
Kawaii demon - 2 hours ago
HEY DONT HUG U WILL GET CURONA VURIS dont bully me im only 8 yrs old
*Arianna Hernandez*
*Arianna Hernandez* - 2 hours ago
Yeah Addison 🙄
Ava Steel
Ava Steel - 2 hours ago
I follow both of you tic tok
Kaitlin Andrade
Kaitlin Andrade - 2 hours ago
J Ki
J Ki - 2 hours ago
Elya Qaidah
Elya Qaidah - 2 hours ago
Madi Kepner
Madi Kepner - 2 hours ago
Magalie Sunshine
Magalie Sunshine - 2 hours ago
Next Avani
Ghost - 2 hours ago
they both got like a pound of makeup on their face smh 😂
Faruk dolovac Tunc
Faruk dolovac Tunc - 2 hours ago
2,5 kg makeup ..:)
Florjan Isufi
Florjan Isufi - 2 hours ago
D’arcy Iceton
D’arcy Iceton - 2 hours ago
Hi sister can you review Florence by Mills. Xxx
Maco Urriza
Maco Urriza - 2 hours ago
I see Valentina on Addison Rae's face
Dahaba Yussuf
Dahaba Yussuf - 2 hours ago
Its sooo beautiful 😘
Ball Central
Ball Central - 2 hours ago
Is it just me but Addison feels kinda stuck up
Mia Corns
Mia Corns - 2 hours ago
Wy do you were make up
Play stop
Play stop - 2 hours ago
alexis amadi
alexis amadi - 2 hours ago
Omg what happened to her accent
afro f
afro f - 2 hours ago
Hii! I just want to say that a have dirthday at october 6 too(sorry for my english)Love you Addison!
Greg Clay
Greg Clay - 2 hours ago
they wont let me view sisters apparel
OK BOOMER - 2 hours ago
Mukbang 😂😂
Taylin Thompson
Taylin Thompson - 2 hours ago
red lipstick plzzz
Zaynab Islam
Zaynab Islam - 2 hours ago
“Making the best 15 sec anyone had ever watched”
Charli: **eats cake** or “why is everything chrome”
Best content tho ngl (actually loved it cuz the comments r so funny)
Muhammad Turdaliev
Muhammad Turdaliev - 2 hours ago
Is he male or female i don't realize 😄
Айжан Жумадилова
Кхммм...русские есть?
Crash - 2 hours ago
Что за гей господи
Lenna Tep
Lenna Tep - 2 hours ago
Do Avani musk up plss
No Lo Haga Punto Com
No Lo Haga Punto Com - 2 hours ago
Fredeal _
Fredeal _ - 2 hours ago
The fun thing of his video is his comments not the video
Good_vxbes_only X
Good_vxbes_only X - 2 hours ago
She hit 1m a day before my bday xx
Alison Frankie
Alison Frankie - 2 hours ago
Is it me or does Addison Rae seem way more Talkative then Charli
erika warren
erika warren - 2 hours ago
COVID-19 is worst in countries and regions that deployed 5G. Millimeter-wave wireless technology kills!
mom channet
mom channet - 2 hours ago
can you doooo avai make up
bantouqueen - 2 hours ago
Nique Hoopai
Nique Hoopai - 2 hours ago
went eat is a Hawaiian thing too 😂 we just shorten sentences
Locket Pocket 13
Locket Pocket 13 - 2 hours ago
Me : watching the video. Also me : immediately going to the comment section to see the comments about coronavirus
Mustafa Hussain
Mustafa Hussain - 2 hours ago
Mustafa Hussain
Mustafa Hussain - 2 hours ago
"-"hello" - "
Mustafa Hussain
Mustafa Hussain - 2 hours ago
Mustafa Hussain
Mustafa Hussain - 2 hours ago
"-" hello "-"
Jovana Vlačić
Jovana Vlačić - 2 hours ago
my dream would come true if he did my makeup bruh
Hailey - 2 hours ago
Will you reply? No okay..
kakaivkadivka1 - 2 hours ago
please do make up on Avani
H a y d e n
H a y d e n - 2 hours ago
S t a y
H o m e
Rudro Patowary
Rudro Patowary - 2 hours ago
Soufiane435 - 2 hours ago
vallah einfach genau das gleiche intro wie letztes mal
Gary Lenon
Gary Lenon - 2 hours ago
It sounds like his vocal cords are going explode
Mikayla Price
Mikayla Price - 2 hours ago
Can you and larray please do a makeup video together 🥺👉🏽👈🏽
Julie Medina
Julie Medina - 2 hours ago
# James Charles biggest fan!
Oliver Wylam
Oliver Wylam - 2 hours ago
Got to say like Addison Rae is stunning😍
xl lixxa
xl lixxa - 2 hours ago
omg You look very beautiful💗
Julie Medina
Julie Medina - 2 hours ago
Hi my name is Julie and I am 11 years old, I love your makeup an d I hope to meet you some day for you to do my makeup
CookieeNCreme Cupcake
CookieeNCreme Cupcake - 2 hours ago
addison is so adorable!!!
Cooper - 2 hours ago
Bye Sister’s
David Bock
David Bock - 2 hours ago
Proof that YouTube doesn't care if the world is on fire.
Opl Opl
Opl Opl - 2 hours ago
I see addison tik tok
Sararimua - 2 hours ago
James is a great mua hands down
Sybil Foust
Sybil Foust - 2 hours ago

Wendy Cervantes
Wendy Cervantes - 2 hours ago
Keep it real James
Kaleb Towne
Kaleb Towne - 2 hours ago
Lets tell these transgenders about jesus before its too late!
kimashly naldoza
kimashly naldoza - 2 hours ago
dixie next plss
arianamymoonlight 4ever
arianamymoonlight 4ever - 2 hours ago
addison’s smile lights up the wolrd🥰 ilove her so much
Candice McRorie
Candice McRorie - 2 hours ago
So glad he did a neutral look!
Esther .r
Esther .r - 2 hours ago
She is so pretty
Sarah Wichmand
Sarah Wichmand - 2 hours ago
Do it with Dixie!!:O
MaeMae Aragon
MaeMae Aragon - 2 hours ago
LCT Queen
LCT Queen - 3 hours ago
Addison: sips the TeA
Me: sips my TeA
Me: yes SiStEr
Hello MR,CHARLES granddaughter strongly suggested that I use your tutorials for applying makeup because it's better and easier for me to understand..and she is right that's why she is my assistant thanx 🙏🏼😇🙏🏼u rock have a great blessed day
Simon Mayr
Simon Mayr - 3 hours ago
WTF it is a boy
Melanie Davila
Melanie Davila - 3 hours ago
Oct 27 is my birthday
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