The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real!

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C Nebula
C Nebula - Month ago
the projector screen but mounted upside-down
Justin Hill
Justin Hill - Month ago
"Go-go-Gadget TV!" (Screen rolls up!)
Drift Drift
Drift Drift - 2 months ago
man oled still have problme with burn pixel i have oled
John kenley
John kenley - 2 months ago
Imagine how dope it would be to have this thing mounted in a car dash or mounted upside down in a cars ceiling for back seat entertainment
Robin Redbreast
Robin Redbreast - 3 months ago
It seems they took your idea about the no black bars and ran with it. Now this TV allows you to watch movies without bars. I sure hope they are giving you a royalty off of every TV they sell. Because of the no black bars I will save up to get one of these because I really want it. I hate black bars.
filoflin - 4 months ago
the question is how does the box dissapear
EL LUERI - 4 months ago
볼때마다 느끼지만 정말 엄청난 혁신이다.
Jesse Self
Jesse Self - 4 months ago
An unfolding TV would be no match for my cat.
Michael Kos
Michael Kos - 4 months ago
Some one try to Rollin me that it exist
MICHGO1 - 5 months ago
XxepicmasterxX xx
XxepicmasterxX xx - 5 months ago
That tv remind me of the thundermans tv
Jay Paans
Jay Paans - 5 months ago
2:50 - I'ts not really an X-frame, it's more to say it? and larger-than-sign-and-a-smaller-than-sign frame. I guess?
Khang Ngô
Khang Ngô - 6 months ago
how much is it cost
MK3 - 6 months ago
i want one but no money ho agrees
MonsterKat - 6 months ago
This is actually a pretty good innovation I can get behind.. I was wondering if they had run out of ideas for Tvs but this is especially cool for transport purposes.
Dirk Ryan
Dirk Ryan - 6 months ago
perhaps in future versions, LG will have a few presets programmed into it to allow the the screen to adjust how much of the screen to roll out in order to match some of the different aspect ratios used in movies.
Talk ID
Talk ID - 6 months ago
Whats the point?
KiMoX - 6 months ago
Well cable TV isn’t gonna look good in this😆! At least in occur country 🇱🇰
­­Rodrigo Vieira
­­Rodrigo Vieira - 6 months ago
THIS IS the future! Not rollable or foldable mobile!
manesh vaswani
manesh vaswani - 6 months ago
Hum kale hai toh Kya HOA Dil wale hai 😂😂😂😂
Roshan Kattil
Roshan Kattil - 6 months ago
They should roll out some more models this year
Eric ON
Eric ON - 6 months ago
Cool I guess but... why?
Hans Zarkov
Hans Zarkov - 6 months ago
the obvious real case use for this would be to mount it on the ceiling and let it roll DOWN
Meyisi Seyisi
Meyisi Seyisi - 6 months ago
This will work when the tv license guys come over.... see, no tv here.
Smol - 6 months ago
2020 will be the era of flexible monitors, now will it?
trm - 6 months ago
But Why?
lgccrick - 6 months ago
So your name is Brownlee?
Devourer Gaming
Devourer Gaming - 6 months ago
Next up: Blanket TV
jay jay
jay jay - 6 months ago
No one watch tv any more
Klimesh Ghimire
Klimesh Ghimire - 6 months ago
They watch me rollin "cause .. Itscool"
Onionike - 6 months ago
This would be very nice on moving day
Theelysium - 6 months ago
This concept is cool in design but kind of dumb use. If you have bugs or dust or dirt on your screen and you roll it closed You’re going to have bugs and dust and dirt and whatever squished in to the screen. I know I’ve seen it happen to rollable projector screens in conference rooms.
Freffo - 6 months ago
When will Micro-Led hit the market?
Willi Hansen
Willi Hansen - 6 months ago
LG will give you one of these as well, to gather dust in a corner somewhere in your loft.
Riich H
Riich H - 6 months ago
it's revolution !!
Raman Kumar
Raman Kumar - 6 months ago
This Tv roled itself quick,
When he see 'jerry' from 'jerryrigeverything'....😂😂😂
Fellatio Belsen
Fellatio Belsen - 6 months ago
I can't concentrate until you cut that cyst off your forehead !
Bullard Bellamy
Bullard Bellamy - 6 months ago
Yep looks pretty dàmn breakable to me 🤷🏾‍♂️
Eric Ulric
Eric Ulric - 6 months ago
We honestly need new industries: for lack thereof actual groundbreaking innovation people are being convinced to buy different variations of things they already have at an increased rate (newer cars, phones and tvs). It's like some kind of iteration trap. Nothing novel just slight augmentation +/ alteration: we used to feed into industries and displace the older ones in the process, now the established industries just change the color and size of what they sold last year and for lack of any new compelling industry we're buying led to buy the new, more featured, cotton-gin. We're officially in the DVD format war. You can tell in part because no change is difficult enough that others can't copy it in a month amongst the industry giants because they're all engaged in making mediocre changes.
Christian Gravemaker
Christian Gravemaker - 6 months ago
You've got special projector screens for 4K that roll down like this.
Hans Zarkov
Hans Zarkov - 6 months ago
problem with projectors is black is not really black and the colors are not as vibrant as a TV
Rolbista - 6 months ago
Is that a low-key David Bowie t-shirt?
Kasım Deliacı
Kasım Deliacı - 6 months ago
phone , tablets = apple
televisions ?= LG
Steven Wrigley
Steven Wrigley - 6 months ago
Fxxk me. What else are they going to think of next 👍
Abdillahi Jeylani
Abdillahi Jeylani - 6 months ago
More like a new magic pandora box
Blackflame - 6 months ago
How cheap art we talking?
Never Ender & Weekender Girl
Samsung: Fold a phone
LG: **R O L L A T V**
Alex Pires
Alex Pires - 6 months ago
I'll buy when Xiaomi launch one
amandeep2856 - 6 months ago
Huawei Nova 5T review please
hesoyam - 6 months ago
The most expensive unboxing ever
adamf663 - 6 months ago
Technology driven, filling a need that doesn't exist.
TravelTeleport - 6 months ago
On every super boat owners Xmas list...
Headshot1002 - 6 months ago
bet first batches have lots of faults!
N̷ E̷R̷O̷vara
N̷ E̷R̷O̷vara - 6 months ago
I'll take 3
P P - 6 months ago
How much abt. the repair of this TV costs?
Od Oludi
Od Oludi - 6 months ago
Imma just wait for the hisense model 😄
roy - 6 months ago
Ok ok
MazBringsby - 6 months ago
Who *REALLY* needs a rollable TV though?
BigBoss7777777 - 6 months ago
Batman? James Bond villain? Iron Man? Loads of people.
André Ferreira
André Ferreira - 6 months ago
o comentário tuga
waffle - 6 months ago
Next: The Edible OLED TV
BOOZINGA - 6 months ago
how to fix horizontal line error on LG rollable TV
TheFarmGoaT - 6 months ago
1:42 thought it was a wii remote
EKN - 6 months ago
It's a roled
Samagra Dev
Samagra Dev - 6 months ago
You know a tv is expensive when mkbhd says he doesn’t need it because of its price
Paulo Safo
Paulo Safo - 6 months ago
Totally unecessary!!!
__blackpanda_ - 6 months ago
Phone companies have to move cameras behind lcd displays(if they turn black they turn clear) that would be crazy
emanuellemad - 6 months ago
Ok so it rolls up, whats next.........
Mister GGG
Mister GGG - 6 months ago
What would be cool is if you could mount it upside down on the ceiling and view it normally of course, that would make more sense for space.
David Bate
David Bate - 7 months ago
Sounding like a dope saying " Really dope" how stupid is that? I guess he's trying to sound cool. Why try to impress?
hxhdfj ifzir st c
hxhdfj ifzir st c - 7 months ago
I don't really see the point of a rollable TV of regular size. A 200 inch rollable TV, on the other hand...
Naur04 - 7 months ago
Zenith Space Screen 45: Am I a joke to you?
Telencephelon - 7 months ago
Who cares about aspect-ratio black bars in an OLED. I rather have the Screen at its maximum height.
Wild Horse
Wild Horse - 7 months ago
This product will be a total failure.
TheNintendoDude andBFDIfan
dalurin zinia
dalurin zinia - 7 months ago
what is the music title from 0:17 until 0:37 ?? sounds fire
중간고사 - 7 months ago
Völundr Frey
Völundr Frey - 8 months ago
I love this because even though I have a tv I don't watch tv, mine isn't plugged into any channels I just stream occasionally on it. And aesthetically I would prefer this a lot, the big black square central in my living room is truly ugly. However I'm gonna wait until gen 3 when it has had its kinks worked out and when it's a bit cheaper.
ThinkLearnSolve - 8 months ago
but why ugh
👨🏻‍💻 - 8 months ago
But why though...? Cause a ginormous rectangular crate is better than a blank screen? 🤔 ever seen a black automatic cabinet that hides the TV since oh I dunno the damn 90’s for a tenth the price? 🤦🏻‍♂️
GhxstedXX - 8 months ago
a stfu
Balkan Division
Balkan Division - 8 months ago
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