Irish People Try American Chicken Sandwiches For The First Time... in AMERICA!

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The SuperGoodAdvice
The SuperGoodAdvice - 8 hours ago
"I dont think i like kfc" no shit your fuckin vegetarian
Excurrahee - 13 hours ago
CFA uber alles
minggnim - 16 hours ago
Lolsy' s comment at the end was great.
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne - Day ago
The Whiskey D
The Whiskey D - Day ago
Don’t you EVER disrespect chick fil-a like that
BrooklynBoy - Day ago
“I did it this way so we can all be havin tomatoe”
Debbie Flores-Pham
Debbie Flores-Pham - Day ago
Why did they use a chick-fl-a deluxe? We all know a chick-fl-a sandwich is just bun, chicken and pickles!
What makes the sandwiches good is the sauces but they didn’t have them!
Don’t get me wrong I love chick-fl-a but Popeyes our done themselves with their sandwiches!!
Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith - 2 days ago
Wendy’s is so good what 😭😭
Ashley Winn
Ashley Winn - 2 days ago
Next time try the spicy chick fila chicken sandwich
Crystal CreoleQueen Chachere
Meh....Popeyes tastes better in New Orleans 🤷🏻‍♀️. I may be alone here but I miss the chicken poboy from Popeyes. No Rally’s/Checker’s chicken sandwich!? No Cane’s?!?
Crystal CreoleQueen Chachere
Justine!!!! You just brought me back to my childhood with the chicken tonight song!!!!!
A K - 2 days ago
They turned Chickfila down for political reasons
Scotty doesn'tKNOW
Scotty doesn'tKNOW - 2 days ago
Comparing Chick-fil-a to a freaking Mcchicken fucking sandwich is fighting words
Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi - 3 days ago
They nailed it on Wendys, I've had it four times and couldn't finish any of them. Disgusting
Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi - 3 days ago
Chic fil a is extremely over rated, it's all hype. Popeyes and McDonald's are great, chic fil a is rubbish
Devin Petersen
Devin Petersen - 3 days ago
I have never had a chickfila sandwich nor anything from them. I wish they would Branch out more like Burger King or McDonald's did.
Bornaking - 3 days ago
Hey TRY channel, why don't you TRY inviting a teetotaler to one of your alcohol shoots? They could just drink the chaser.
Bornaking - 3 days ago
Pickles should ALWAYS be on a chicken sandwich!
Schultzfam2 - 3 days ago
Ykw I'm- mad..
Schultzfam2 - 3 days ago
If they keep calling it a "chicken burger" I'm actually gonna fight-
jeobonilla - 3 days ago
The red head wasn’t a vegetarian in the American BBQ vid
Muva Foo
Muva Foo - 3 days ago
Wendy's Chicken Sandwhich please... who the heck its Arby's chicken anything?!
Brandon Gambino
Brandon Gambino - 3 days ago
Why does it feel like Kelly thinks ketchup is too spicy?
BootScootinBoo - 3 days ago
Hate chic fil a so hahaha
Shane Stines
Shane Stines - 3 days ago
Calling it a “chicken burger” was just driving me insane! 😂
Shell R
Shell R - 4 days ago
Wendy is alive! Restaurant started by her adoptive father, Dave!
Za za Zoom
Za za Zoom - 4 days ago
Love chik fil A but agree u need sauce or mayo with it. Wendy’s is ok. Kfc spicy sucks. So greasy. The Popeyes is good. Arby’s? Never had it. I love their French dip and their traditional gyro. All of these were cold. Yuck. Drive em around and do tasting.
J Z - 4 days ago
why would you give them a delux chicken sandwich from chick filay smh. spicy with just pickles maybe some honey roasted bbq sauce. who doesnt know this??
bigeye - 4 days ago
Just the notion of a questionnaire about Chick-fil-A sandwiches/product is dangerous.
It's a catch 22. If you say something bad about it. The people hate you. If you froth at the mouth over it. Your a sell out. I hope you are getting well compensated. 😄
gohome57 - 4 days ago
Who is the pussy that said chicfila is controversial? You're a bitch go back to Ireland. By the way you act like the grease is so off putting have you ever seen the inside of a gym?? Nope just a socialist pos.
ocelot72 - 4 days ago
Chick fil a hands down!
starwish246 - 4 days ago
Wendy is still alive an well, and sometimes makes Wendy's commercials.
Wendil67 - 4 days ago
Please don't consume the Chick-ful-hate!!!
CholericLurch - 4 days ago
See yall fucked up with this video..... Its not fair (for the spicy lovers) to give them a spicy KFC sandwich and not a Spicy chicken from every where else.... Especially Chik Fil A's joint........ I call for a re do
Bobby Morris
Bobby Morris - 4 days ago
If uninformed politics get in the way of fried chicken just stick to soda bread.
Green Gunner
Green Gunner - 4 days ago
Do you have to be a liberal to get on this channel?
Johnny Lear
Johnny Lear - 4 days ago
I enjoy watching y'alls video. I am from the mountains of North Carolina. If you really like to try a really good chicken sandwich. I would recommend Bojangles. Keep up the great work I enjoy you guys
mistyrain68ify - 5 days ago
Burgers are beef as in hamBURGER. Chicken is a chicken sandwich like a fish sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, roast beef sandwich etc.
Nicaid - 5 days ago
Wait what since when did Arbys have chicken sandwiches
Ned Ryerson
Ned Ryerson - 5 days ago
@ 9:15 I'll bet my bottom dollar, she is.
Jody Smith
Jody Smith - 5 days ago
6:30 was my same reaction🤣
Denise Holcomb
Denise Holcomb - 5 days ago
You need to try the Grilled Chick-fil-A sandwich with their special sauce! Perfection!
wryter93 - 5 days ago
FYI, Dermott. Wendy on the Wendy's logo is Dave Thomas's daughter. She is alive and well. Dave Thomas founded Wendy's in 1969. I remember the day they all opened. If you ate a triple in the dining room, you got another free.
Kuhl Harris
Kuhl Harris - 5 days ago
I have really enjoyed watching all your videos. But, I have to say I am really disappointed at this one in particular. I’m not sure what politics tastes like, if it has a taste, but it doesn’t, or shouldn’t, be a part of what you do here. You are entitled to whatever your opinion may be. That same is true for the owners of ChickFilet. They don’t call out or demean anyone. Their opinion of all customers is the same. They actually provide THE best customer experience of any fast food establishment I’ve ever been in, and far better than most sit down restaurants. I’ll be honest with you. Most conservatives are like myself. We don’t care of judge anyone. If you’re gay, trans, or whatever else, that’s your choice. Enjoy yourself and be happy. I won’t demand you adhere to my lifestyle, but I won’t be bullied into conforming to yours.
Just leave politics out. Please. Your channel is an escape from all that crap for many of us. Please don’t ruin it.
WGW 272
WGW 272 - 5 days ago
Uh, why didnt the vegetarian just sit this one out??
David W.
David W. - 5 days ago
Will someone please tell Europe that ground meat=burger. If there is not a ground meat patty then it is NOT a burger! That's why the title says American Chicken Sandwiches not American Chicken Burgers. Love y'all but that always just gets me!
Art Prodigy
Art Prodigy - 6 days ago
I don’t think y’all got fresh chick fil a. 😭😭😭
Bio Kimistry
Bio Kimistry - 6 days ago
Chick Fil A sucks ass.
And why did you get the deluxe of theirs and the basic of Popeye's? You don't fucking know what you're doing. Fail.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams - 6 days ago
Wendy from Wendy's is still alive
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn - 6 days ago
How about having them try vegetarian meals so lolsy can enjoy something 😂 poor gal
Joseph Strickland
Joseph Strickland - 6 days ago
The spicy chicken sandwich from Popeyes is it when everybody was going crazy for, the spicy one.
Joseph Strickland
Joseph Strickland - 6 days ago
If you didn't have the spicy Popeyes chicken sandwich then you didn't have the good one. it is way better than the plain one.
ilove nico
ilove nico - 6 days ago
Oh my god these broads in here have a fucked up pallet, and theyre not burgers 😤
ThEDIPPA1 - 7 days ago
Why do they give them One plate and one sandwich but thought to cast Two people per testers?
Jessie Bowlin
Jessie Bowlin - 7 days ago
Given a choice, always get the spicy version.
Kailani Griffin
Kailani Griffin - 7 days ago
Chicken burger??? OH NO!!!, GET OUT!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
jack5843 - 7 days ago
Who in the hell chose to slip a spicy sandwich in and not make it the Popeye’s spicy sandwich???!?!? Even better, why am I still so entertained by this injustice? Lol
Manuel Huesso
Manuel Huesso - 7 days ago
Why have a vegetarian?
Grant Mitchell
Grant Mitchell - 7 days ago
All are good, but none will ever be better than Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A is 2nd only to Disney at being the happiest place on earth.
Patricia Gamble
Patricia Gamble - 7 days ago
In todays world a kid reviewing a stupid chicken sandwich cannot help himself and inserts politics into his bad review. Soured me on these reviews only because politics has no place here.
Smiles - 8 days ago
I think we found out someone’s safe word, Mr. Col. Sanders.
Jordon Larsen
Jordon Larsen - 8 days ago
Don't trip I got you.
LatinaChef1986 - 8 days ago
“It’s not blowing my tits off!”
LMFAO! 😆😂🤣😭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Nikki Griffin
Nikki Griffin - 8 days ago
Lol guys, we don't eat Arbys in America like obviously somebody fuckin does bcz they stay open but literally no one I know in any of the 48/50 states i've been to eats it. The only reason i've ever been to an Arby's is bcz like all of the drug dealers in HS worked at Arbys so you had to go there to get whatever it was you needed. HS is a wild time when you live in Florida.
Lisa - 8 days ago
why did they get the chik fila with the lettuce and tomato thats not the crowd fav.
Lisa - 8 days ago
chik fila doesnt need more because they fry in peanut oil
Jean Little
Jean Little - 8 days ago
Ok lo
Alexsis Engle
Alexsis Engle - 8 days ago
Has anyone ever gone crazy over a popeyes chicken sandwich? I mean i'd say they're better than some of the more generic fast food places but I think they're about the bottom of the chicken specific fast food
-Cameron Kamdar-
-Cameron Kamdar- - 8 days ago
I'm not trying to offend anyone who likes Chick-fil-A but you aren't going to get super good burger there
Arlette Hardy
Arlette Hardy - 8 days ago
Did Colin and Dermot break their plate? Lol
Elle Elle
Elle Elle - 8 days ago
Omg Wendy isn’t died 😂 Dave died but Wendy still exist
colby Phillips
colby Phillips - 8 days ago
Wendy is still alive
Rashad Heyward
Rashad Heyward - 8 days ago
Zack Amig
Zack Amig - 8 days ago
Why did they say chix fil a was controversial?
Zack Amig
Zack Amig - 6 days ago
@dépaysement oh gotcha. Thats so weird because they have the friendliest employees lol
dépaysement - 6 days ago
The family that owns Chick Fil A are staunchy Southern Baptist and supported anti-LGBT groups for a long time. They did an about face a few years ago due to bad pubilcity.
Sophy_satx - 8 days ago
Why in the fuck would you have a vegetarian in a video about chicken sandwiches?
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson - 9 days ago
Scott O,Donahoe
Scott O,Donahoe - 9 days ago
Eat more cows ! Bawk !!
Al O
Al O - 9 days ago
you needed to try the spicy chic-fil-a
Sarah Fowler
Sarah Fowler - 9 days ago
Today I learned that pickles are far more ubiquitous in the US.
No oN
No oN - 9 days ago
Why didn’t you give them the spicy chicken sandwich for chic fil a?
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