Jeff Ross Takes a Jab at Alec Baldwin’s Trump Impression - Roast of Alec Baldwin

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central - 2 months ago
The Roast of Alec Baldwin premieres this Sunday, September 15 on Comedy Central. Subscribe to Comedy Central’s YouTube channel for more clips and full sets from the Roast:
Mark Duncan
Mark Duncan - 2 months ago
i can't watch sadly. Bruce in a dress is nauseating. Proving the argument Bruce wouldn't be relevant or get any work had he not put on a dress. Now he gets all the attention he was missing.
Shat ho
Shat ho - 2 months ago
Who the fucks got cable anymore just put the full thing on USa-video and do your ads or w/e
Adam Aarts
Adam Aarts - 2 months ago
Just save us all the time and headache and just post the entire thing to USa-video
Chris Mequet
Chris Mequet - 2 months ago
The daily show sucks
extreme Lube
extreme Lube - 2 months ago
@Jasper Störningar Alec Baldwin was famously recorded calling his young daughter a pig a long time ago
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith - 22 days ago
What’s worse these roasts or SNL 🤷🏼‍♀️🇺🇸
Ted Mosby
Ted Mosby - Month ago
i would hate to have to sit there and fake laught half the night
MiskyMighty - Month ago
the comment section below includes; jokes from the video and wannabe roasters trying out their lines some good, some plain awful, you are welcome
raymond dukes
raymond dukes - Month ago
Worst Roast EVER!!
Patrick van kessel
Patrick van kessel - Month ago
The Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin was the biggest shitshow ever recorded ... accept for Corolla . peace
JediNxf7 - Month ago
ireland is just the Tiffany of the family
Ariel Wainzinger
Ariel Wainzinger - Month ago
Did WWE license Hardcore Holly's theme song to Comedy Central for these videos?
Chin Soon Ong
Chin Soon Ong - Month ago
Hollywood used to have such class, wit and tolerance. Today's bunch of sad, sanctimonious, bigoted, angry, hate crazed delusional egomaniacs are an abject disgrace. And all because they suddenly realised, on 8 November 2016, that the American people didn't give a shit what they think
lrncephil80 - Month ago
Why was Caitlyn invited to this
Clout Claudius Charles
Gene Goranov
Gene Goranov - Month ago
What a sad gathering, when compared with those old roasts. Speaking of sunset .
Andy Gonzalez
Andy Gonzalez - Month ago
Just realized that comedy central cut Jeff's Epstein joke, and A LOT of other good jokes from the televised roast. Hell, a whole hour of it is all commercials. This is getting really old.
Brandon Fontaine
Brandon Fontaine - Month ago
0:09-0:18 was cut from the broadcast but what Triumph had to say about him was okay. Pussies smdh.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith - Month ago
I miss Greg
Ariel Wainzinger
Ariel Wainzinger - Month ago
Giraldo was a great comedian. RIP.
Charles Kuckel
Charles Kuckel - Month ago
Jeff Ross being his usual kind, warm and welcoming self. I hope that he NEVER changes!
America Reigns
America Reigns - Month ago
Roast him alive with a flame thrower!! Now THAT would be hysterical!!😂🤣😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
justin pare
justin pare - Month ago
Trump 2020
X-MISMA-X - Month ago
Too bad that Donald Trump ios unable to do an impression of an actual PRESIDENT
D Krappenschitz
D Krappenschitz - Month ago
Tbh Alec Baldwin himself was better than most of these people
Kenn Kenn
Kenn Kenn - Month ago
yougosquishnow - Month ago
The voicemail jokes get old. Seriously
Dawn Cordero
Dawn Cordero - 2 months ago
Alec Baldwin, I used to have respect for him but since he is part of the Hollywood scumbags and is constantly disrespecting our president I will never watch another one of his movies or any other thing that he is a part of! 😠
Semper Fortis
Semper Fortis - 2 months ago
Nikki's joke hit a nerve. Did you see Alec's face?
... he and his brothers definitely buried a hooker together.
steve conn
steve conn - 2 months ago
Jeff might be the only funny one tonight. Nikki Glaser horrible, another Roast that's just mean and not funny.
Danny Cruz
Danny Cruz - Month ago
Havent got therr yet these videos are all scaterred mean is funny tho lol
Brenda Vasquez
Brenda Vasquez - 2 months ago
The girl who went first was pretty fun😭pleasantly surprised
camvick407 - 2 months ago
He seems like a pos lol
Olga Rhodes
Olga Rhodes - 2 months ago
Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander - 2 months ago
More proof hollywood is dead!
Jamie1200 - Month ago
Sure, that’s why u Trumptards are obsessed with Hollywood 😂
Evelyn Higuera
Evelyn Higuera - 2 months ago
Was 0:21 bill hader’s laugh? lol
Jay Hardin
Jay Hardin - 2 months ago
Alec is a narcissistic, alcoholic piece of shit , one good role
Jason Woods
Jason Woods - 2 months ago
Theses thing aren’t funny at all where did comedy go?
Tom Reedy
Tom Reedy - 2 months ago
Jason Woods When Dino passed away...
Michael Kelligan
Michael Kelligan - 2 months ago
A fucking tranny scumbag at that roast! you suck Bruce!
Michael Kelligan
Michael Kelligan - 2 months ago
I hope they bring up the fact Alec Baldwins name and number were in Jeffrey Epseins little black pimp book.....hell i could roast his dumb ass on that! 😑
3R 6
3R 6 - 2 months ago
they should have got Craig Ferguson for this I see your face in every one of these next time they should get some a-listers.
Craig Britt
Craig Britt - 2 months ago
Fuck Alec. Such a piece of shit
Gunner 258
Gunner 258 - 2 months ago
He’s a major league douchebag
James Ahern
James Ahern - 2 months ago
Jack Donaghy is a better human than Alec Baldwin
S Eichorn
S Eichorn - 2 months ago
I hate these disgusting people.
George Burns
George Burns - 2 months ago
Puke. gagg..wretch. .These Fkrs need Help. Yuck Yuck ;)
N Wardinski
N Wardinski - 2 months ago
Alec is an abusive drunken privileged idiot
Jason Minton
Jason Minton - 2 months ago
Jeff shiting in epstiens mouth.. ... Lmmfao while balls being tickled. And licked by Steven spielburg while tom hanks yanks on your little kids dick
Jason Minton
Jason Minton - 2 months ago
Enjoy parents.. You wanted it.. You got it!! So don't complain asshole parents that laid your kids on the casting couch.. The fault is yours alone.. And Trump and Q's got you sick fucks Like Monty Python says so eloquently.. 'Run away, run away'!! Lord God I hope the kids escape.. Too bad epstein and "gizz gurgling cunt sucking your kids genitals maxwell" is still walking ..Trump ang Q is gonna pounce you baby eating sickfucks.. Adrenochrome and satan goes only so far..
Jason Minton
Jason Minton - 2 months ago
When Trump wins again.. Shoot Alec in the face.. Along with the other devils that are gonna freak their brains out.. Looking. Forward to it.. Kicking their dumbass as we patriots fight not to eat children for breakfast like Jeff daniels does.. Soylent green not welcome here. Baby meat is not on my menu unlike jeff ..
Jesse Leinard
Jesse Leinard - 2 months ago
Baldwin is a fucking scum bag. What a liberal pos. Shit .even his x wife thinks he s a useless scum bag .
redd kneck
redd kneck - 2 months ago
Dang! I was hoping this was a vid of baldwin the pig LITERALLY being roasted!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Would have waaay more clicks and likes if it was!!!
Mike j
Mike j - 2 months ago
Alec Baldwin is a jerk off piece of trash who needs to go hide under a rock and rot!!! Friggin TRASH !!!
Stutter of the House
Stutter of the House - 2 months ago
Alec Baldwin visited Epstein's island not once, but TWICE.. You only go back a second time if you.. ya kno... have a fetish for children..
Yasmine Nazarine
Yasmine Nazarine - 2 months ago
Alec good looking man specially with gray hair love men
BR - 2 months ago
I don't know if I should say ugly woman or ugly dude, but that creature with the XL hands wearing a both
Job Search
Job Search - 2 months ago
I thot was caitlyn j
lou4192000 M
lou4192000 M - 2 months ago
I can't believe they even have a roast anymore, it's just sad not funny and apparently they will have anyone on now.
comp lexity
comp lexity - 2 months ago
Alec Baldwin is an asshole
Thomas Sherman
Thomas Sherman - 2 months ago
Trump 20/20
Jamie1200 - Month ago
Trump 2020! For the electric chair!
Delta Foxtrot
Delta Foxtrot - 2 months ago
I miss the days when Comedy Central was about comedy and was sort of funny. Now it’s nothing more than libtard propaganda claptrap.
Joe Avila
Joe Avila - 2 months ago
Yes I like to see him roasted to. On a stick in the barbeque
Marvelous Spyro
Marvelous Spyro - 2 months ago
So why is this an ad?
Mountain Man
Mountain Man - 2 months ago
Oh yeah..Super funny. Joking about child molesters. Making it seem legit hey boy n girls?. How about what's her face and that gang of servants/ sex slaves? what was it?, maxium or some sick shit?. Yeah, Be proud you fucking chimos!. Laugh it off. Nothing to see here!. Seriously though, Fuck you child raping fuckheads!. I will kill you and sleep comfortably!
Jared James
Jared James - 2 months ago
Fuck alac has been, they should actually roast him over an open fire
Dark Lady
Dark Lady - 2 months ago
What a fuckin freak show on the couch! Liberal retards!
De Jules b
De Jules b - 2 months ago
Dam Alec looks old af.
René Peraza
René Peraza - 2 months ago
Ouch on the Ireland/Pig bit! But, this is a roast! I'd imagine the family goes in with a clear/open mind for anything!
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