Best of 2019: Oklahoma City Thunder vs Philadelphia 76ers - Full Game Highlights | January 19, 2019

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weird how russ is gone, gunna miss him
Glass of Water
Glass of Water - 4 months ago
This would make the most entertaining finals EVER
LoKey - 4 months ago
I was at that game
Daniel - 4 months ago
Me too, but I missed the whole first quarter
薛子宣 - 4 months ago
Can you do that Paul got buzz on net
MalRulesAll - 4 months ago
That three was 🔥🔥🔥
Ben Davis
Ben Davis - 4 months ago
i was at this game at it was lit af because i’m a pg fan
Naruto Uchiha
Naruto Uchiha - 4 months ago
2k21 gon look look this lmao
Alex Zim
Alex Zim - 4 months ago
Crazy game... one of the best of the 2019 regular season
KaiBeeZy - 4 months ago
Sixers back up by two score “66 67”
YaBoyCurtis 1
YaBoyCurtis 1 - 4 months ago
Tor vs GSW
YaBoyCurtis 1
YaBoyCurtis 1 - 4 months ago
Bos vs TOR
jack sakran
jack sakran - 4 months ago
Kinda looked like 2k at first
Mike Jay
Mike Jay - 4 months ago
Embiid and Russ was entertaining when they played each other, Don't like or comment on this
Mike Jay
Mike Jay - 4 months ago
Russ would've fit better with philly but simmons is around idk if russ and embiid would've like each other especially on the same team, Don't like or comment on this
Parker Rost
Parker Rost - 4 months ago
Paul George is a clutch player
Fernando - 4 months ago
lmao, ben simmons really tried to pump fake that last shot
Ballin - 4 months ago
Mirmoney Bryant14
Mirmoney Bryant14 - 4 months ago
Ima Miss OKC VS Philly Games those Two Teams went at it ALL THE TIME😢😢😢💯💯🔥
Dropoff TV
Dropoff TV - 4 months ago
NoobityHQ JR doesn’t mean they didn’t have good games lol
VTCAPS VTCAPS - 4 months ago
Mirmoney Bryant14 Okc had one 19 straight against them idk how they went at it all the time 😂
CDOTLOADING - 4 months ago
These two commentators make the game so boring and Doris when I hear them I just cut the game off
Ahmad Ikhwani
Ahmad Ikhwani - 4 months ago
That adams dunk at 7.19 tho😤
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell - 4 months ago
Y’all gotta make the Nets vs Kings comeback game
CHET Company
CHET Company - 4 months ago
Best Games of 2019
1. Warriors vs Raptors Game 6
2. Raptors vs 76ers Game 7
3. Thunder vs 76ers
4. Warriors vs Celtics
5. Thunder vs Trailblazers Game 5
Uncle Mega
Uncle Mega - 4 months ago
CHET Company lakers vs Celtics
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson - 4 months ago
CHET Company You forgot Thunder vs Spurs and Warriors vs Raptors
Hassan Haulcy
Hassan Haulcy - 4 months ago
Imma miss these duels man
Peyton Ezpeleta
Peyton Ezpeleta - 4 months ago
This video made me sad because PG13 and Russ are both gone now.😔🤦🏽‍♂️
Jacob Klein
Jacob Klein - 4 months ago
Peyton Ezpeleta be positive dude we still have... uhh Chris Paul... yeahhhh😬
Peyton Ezpeleta
Peyton Ezpeleta - 4 months ago
Swiss Cawfee rip
Swiss Cawfee
Swiss Cawfee - 4 months ago
Don't forget about Jerami Grant tho, he's gone too
Colin McNamara
Colin McNamara - 4 months ago
DrunkenMaster - 4 months ago
Peyton Ezpeleta oof
Kam The don
Kam The don - 4 months ago
Okc fan here crying while watching this 😢💔
Commandosoap777 - 4 months ago
It’s a shame the Westbrook And George duo only had 2 years together. If the thunder had a better run team and not overrated head office that just drafts off athletics maybe they would of made some noise
Giant L
Giant L - 4 months ago
Commandosoap777 Facts
SelfMadeRod !
SelfMadeRod ! - 4 months ago
how they overrated? they drafted 3 MVPs in like 5 years
Commandosoap777 - 4 months ago
ModernGameHero yeah but even then they had the pieces to fill out the needs but didn’t . As soon as kd was a free agent they traded for vic, a shooting guard they needed desperately for so long but it wasn’t till it didn’t even matter did the team go after one.
ModernGameHero - 4 months ago
Or if they never traded harden that was the start of their downfall
Colin McNamara
Colin McNamara - 4 months ago
Commandosoap777 facts
RaChica Conyers
RaChica Conyers - 4 months ago
Stopped by to show some love,off to class bruthas.💙💙💙💙
Energy807 YT
Energy807 YT - 4 months ago
I gotta give this channel props for havin some goodass thumbnails
JoaquimStar - 4 months ago
*144p gang*
Harry Turner
Harry Turner - 4 months ago
This video as an OKC fan hurts so fucking much
Aarush Asthana
Aarush Asthana - 4 months ago
1st view and 1st comment
Also why HOH posting this
They Trippin or what??
Juan Mogrovejo
Juan Mogrovejo - 4 months ago
Is that good enough
Trap-_-God - 4 months ago
Noti gang🤙🏾🏀🔥
Edit: Graphics are trippin out
Juan Mogrovejo
Juan Mogrovejo - 4 months ago
I was here second
Boardz _76ers
Boardz _76ers - 4 months ago
Jojo>. PG
Le3-6ron - 4 months ago
Simmons. Can’t shoot
Energy807 YT
Energy807 YT - 4 months ago
Everyone knows that
Mark McK
Mark McK - 4 months ago
cartier Osley
cartier Osley - 4 months ago
This is my game of the year
Jerome Macrohon
Jerome Macrohon - 4 months ago
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