Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Daniel Radcliffe

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WatchMojoUK - Year ago
Who else do you reckon could have played Harry Potter?
Galaxycupcake 234
Galaxycupcake 234 - 2 days ago
not even a question harry potter isn't harry potter without radcliffe
Nicholas Reed
Nicholas Reed - 11 days ago
@Josh The Introvert Ron wore the Helmet
Me And Me
Me And Me - 26 days ago
No one
Zoe Andersen
Zoe Andersen - Month ago
Abhay Raj
Abhay Raj - Month ago
@Catherine Khumanthem Dan is perfect harry potter even After all this time... Always
James Gaming
James Gaming - Day ago
First of all Dan is not a British he is from London
Lindsay Wescoat
Lindsay Wescoat - 9 days ago
Those were some pretty cooL facts! Thanks for sharing, truly enjoyed watching!👍🏻
Harry Potter Magic
Harry Potter Magic - 26 days ago
Who else thinks they are exaggerating these by a lot
Harry Potter Magic
Harry Potter Magic - 26 days ago
He didn't like them at first but he loved them after
Libby Evans
Libby Evans - 28 days ago
10. Biggest lie, he did like them omd! These awful fact YouTube channels are trashy!
Erica Chang
Erica Chang - Month ago
I swear you my life none of you will belive this but I was in a movie with dan rad cliff the movie is called lost in london and I was playing the character zoe no joke I was six and never knew this whole time until this video NO JOKE
Eileen Clark
Eileen Clark - Month ago
Your a writer Harry! 🤣
Noah Loos
Noah Loos - Month ago
first: i dont like the books either
second: hes not britisch hes fro; england!!!
Lee Ann Lewis
Lee Ann Lewis - Month ago
Some of the things I watched are fake about his parents saying no to Harry Potter the real story was he’s parents where the first one to know about Harry Potter and the parents where the one who wanted for Daniel Radcliffe to be Harry Potter
Sophia Rowe
Sophia Rowe - Month ago
Netflix took the Harry Potter series off! I’m so maddddddd
Adam Mulvey
Adam Mulvey - Month ago
The Harry Potter books were bad
Malin Hasler
Malin Hasler - Month ago
143 dislikes how many canals Voldemort has
Anna Marie Smutná
Anna Marie Smutná - 2 months ago
A dancer with dyspraxia???
Chloe Rose
Chloe Rose - 2 months ago
omfg thank god his parents let him audition
Chloe Rose
Chloe Rose - 2 months ago
did anyone else lose a lot of respect for him after they found out he smoked? like, i still have a good amount of respect for him, but i used to think he was like the sun the moon and the stars of acting and now i'm like yeah he's pretty good
Mahesh Kadam
Mahesh Kadam - Month ago
No never i love him alot ☺😊
Clara Taut
Clara Taut - 2 months ago
can we please appreciate for a second how well the scenes fit? -

"you are NEVER going back to that school!"
Brook the duck
Brook the duck - 2 months ago
Jabba The pony
Jabba The pony - 2 months ago
I’ve met himmmm
Ummu Samah Hilmy Moulana
Ummu Samah Hilmy Moulana - 2 months ago
Go Cricket!!!
rio from bali
rio from bali - 3 months ago
Fun fact about Daniel Radcliffe
When his have a beard he is Daniel Radcliffe
When he isn't have the beard he is Harry Potter
Cori Cakeyay
Cori Cakeyay - 3 months ago
cmon big bang theory u spoiled the 6th book!
Daniel Waggoner
Daniel Waggoner - 3 months ago
The pharaoh
Clement Raka
Clement Raka - 4 months ago
What movie is that at 7:56?
Chad Reffner
Chad Reffner - 4 months ago
Knights of Coulumbus Daniel😎
Victoria TILBERIS - 4 months ago
It made me cry when they said that he is also a poet, because he is my inspiration and my fav actor, and I want to be a writer when I grow up
Kristina M.
Kristina M. - 4 months ago
I love Dan. He's awesome
• Cookie •
• Cookie • - 4 months ago
I know that hus parentes first Said no
• Cookie •
• Cookie • - 4 months ago
So he and Maggie Smith har already be in a movie together...
Agrani Utkarsh
Agrani Utkarsh - 4 months ago
1:30 so cute
1:50 professor mcgonagall
Taylor Lange
Taylor Lange - 4 months ago
Damn wish I knew at the time it was filming that it was Vancouver! I might have had the chance to meet him! I lived in Calgary at the time, but frequently traveled back to the mainlands to visit family. My Dad took me all over parts of Vancouver looking for locations for Smallville. We could have spent time looking for Daniel, too! I've been wanting to meet Daniel Radcliiffe and Tom Welling (Clark Kent on Smallville), since 2004 and 2005. So basically since I was 11 years old.
Taylor Lange
Taylor Lange - 4 months ago
Horns was filmed in Canada?!
Taylor Lange
Taylor Lange - 4 months ago
Daniel Radcliffe was considered to play Elton John in Rocketman. Honestly, can you see anybody other than Taron Egerton as Elton John? No, just like it's hard to see anybody other than Daniel as Harry Potter.
Nicholas Reed
Nicholas Reed - 11 days ago
His hair is to raven
Taylor Lange
Taylor Lange - 4 months ago
I want Daniel Radcliffe to do a movie with Taron Egerton!
Jotigaming 55
Jotigaming 55 - 5 months ago
This is wrong. He said he really loved the books.
hanim alwayss
hanim alwayss - 6 months ago
Harry potter its my favourite movie..(btw its not true..he likes book and..yeah(
John Arkins
John Arkins - 6 months ago
Maxine Wang
Maxine Wang - 7 months ago
1:53 ehm that lady looks like proffessor M.Gonagall
Maxine Wang
Maxine Wang - 6 months ago
Nisini - 6 months ago
Ayano Ackerman
Ayano Ackerman - 7 months ago
Matt Tan
Matt Tan - 7 months ago
Why does it seems like every actor in the world has some rare disease or something
Gianna Garda
Gianna Garda - 7 months ago
British actors belong to a huge family 😉
Ginny weasley
Ginny weasley - 7 months ago
I'm dyspraxic
Tzaddi Jayawon
Tzaddi Jayawon - 7 months ago
Allen (kill your darlings) Must watch that you will be shock, it is available here on youtube
Echelon - 7 months ago
The first one is a LIE, in one of dans interviews he said he loved them!
Amber Herrod
Amber Herrod - 7 months ago
Dyspraxia isnt just about motor co-oridantion, just like dyslexia isnt just about spelling
StripeFlame - 7 months ago
I have dyspraxia anyone else?
gvnnys - 8 months ago
I honestly started laughing out loud because I see dan as Harry permanently and to see him acting as a goat or something got me
Charlotte Hipkiss
Charlotte Hipkiss - 8 months ago
I knew most of these facts about him XD I love Daniel Radcliffe so much
Foofer Bob
Foofer Bob - 8 months ago
1:50 The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.
Flowerpowerlake - 9 months ago
I have dyspraxia like Daniel Radcliffe
Bonks 1
Bonks 1 - 10 months ago
Just started book 6, and the big band theory spoiled it.
ElytR0masTER Gaming
ElytR0masTER Gaming - 11 months ago
Hermione kissed Harry! (A bit)
Lynn Evan
Lynn Evan - 3 months ago
@Yes. it's besick manners
Lynn Evan
Lynn Evan - 3 months ago
@Yes. u r right
Lynn Evan
Lynn Evan - 3 months ago
Yes. - 4 months ago
ElytR0masTER Gaming she kissed him on the cheek becuase that’s what people do a lot when they haven’t seen eachother in a while
mik - 11 months ago
a lot of these facts are wrong. he actually liked the books. go check out the david letterman interview he did when the sorcerers stone came out. he specifically said he loved the books.
AngelicusImmortus - Year ago
All of these are common knowledge 🙄🙄
Hanku Gautam
Hanku Gautam - Year ago
i always felt he and young Michael j fox resembled a lot. n now they both have dyspraxia!! i was really hoping he could play a role such as Marty mcfly's grandson in the back to the future series!!
jjaymakesthings_ - Year ago
the first isnt actually true. he said himself in an interview when he was around 12, that he did enjoy, them. and he read them up to around the third one.
Not Deer
Not Deer - Year ago
the poor people who didn't read the 6th book yet and saw this: 1:19
Levi is Fabulous
Levi is Fabulous - Year ago
Our Baby Potter has change a lot 😭❤️
Alane Condet
Alane Condet - Year ago
Im on the fifth book.
Alina Lili
Alina Lili - Year ago
That's fake
AMB BlackBee
AMB BlackBee - Year ago
I knew all of this ps David copperfield is reallyyyy sad his dad dies then his mom marries a jerk then she dies so he’s left with a really mean dad making him work wayyy to hard and stuff it’s sad😭
Sponge - Year ago
The first video they showed i just watched. Daniel Radcliffe rapping.
Rosie Manning
Rosie Manning - Year ago
Elite_WoLfy - Year ago
He loki sounds like draco malfoy
Butterfly Nova
Butterfly Nova - Year ago
6:04 Didn't know that... I WON'T let my struggles stop me either!
Butterfly Nova
Butterfly Nova - Year ago
Sheldon, you jerk! 1:22
Anya - Year ago
How can anyone not like Harry Potter
Scar Scar
Scar Scar - Year ago
how do they know all this???
、noodly 、
、noodly 、 - Year ago
“I don’t know why I avoided these Harry Potter books before,they’re great!”
Me:I don’t know why I avoided these Harry potter books before,they’re great!I’m up to the 6th one!
Mum:Oh good one,Dumbledore dies in that one.
Me:*stares*5 hrs later*DAMMMMMMNNN NOOOOOO
Katie Futch
Katie Futch - Year ago
I hate the books too
Adarsh Gautam
Adarsh Gautam - Year ago
l just loveeee Daniel 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Adarsh Gautam
Adarsh Gautam - Year ago
oh ,my favourite book is Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone as this encouraged me to read Harry Potter series
David Lv
David Lv - Year ago
Bex Bayman
Bex Bayman - Year ago
Your voice is really annoying.
Tallulah Stott-Crofts
You got many facts wrong
InternetMystic99 - Year ago
gacha life short films 2
Adiya Dorjsurenkhor
Adiya Dorjsurenkhor - Year ago
I can’t believe little Danny met Maggie before Harry Potter
Cheryl Evans
Cheryl Evans - Year ago
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