This isn’t OKC, Westbrook has to defer to Harden on the Rockets - Jalen Rose | Get Up

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Jeremy Stevens
Jeremy Stevens - 28 days ago
Am I The Only One Who’s Annoyed That Dantoni Is Still Coach?
Gabe - Month ago
Man I want this to work but I highly doubt it will. Training two old dogs new tricks man 🤦🏾‍♂️
GREG HAYNES - Month ago
This trade is a disaster waiting to happen. If you thought that Harden and CP3 clashed. Wait until Harden and Westbrook go at it. They already had bad blood when Harden was in OKC. Why do you think Harden eft OKC??? You heard it from me FIRST!!!
Uriel Riley
Uriel Riley - Month ago
I bet Russell won't be averaging a triple double in Houston. I bet he gets frustrated in theplayoffs after they get ousted in the second round.
Janier Just I ce
Janier Just I ce - Month ago
H Gome74
H Gome74 - Month ago
The relocation came and bit them in the ass
Allen Branch
Allen Branch - Month ago
Literally the only team that was stopping the Rockets from winning it all the last 2 years was the Warriors.
T M - Month ago
D’antoni will never win a championship. He’s offensive heavy type of coach. Defense wins championships
glasfactor - Month ago
Guys, we gotta stop that ones gotta sacrifice as they will not play all the time together, actually the opposite. It is the best team they have ever played in like that. Houston were top team this season if not the overpowered warriors that would have blown away Toronto if KD was in
Xavier Hudson
Xavier Hudson - Month ago
Championship trade Steven Adams for capella please
ThcRicc #916
ThcRicc #916 - Month ago
I beg to differ. Huston is now the old OKC. 2 biggest ball hogs alive. Durant can play off ball. Now the Durant is basically the whole roster. Huston is fucked.
Marzavian Washington
Marzavian Washington - Month ago
All these people do is judge sit tf back and just watch these players play damn.
Connie B
Connie B - Month ago
At OKC , that's when Durant let OKC down as the man.
Lockdown Ko
Lockdown Ko - Month ago
Harden should defer to Westbrook for 3 and a half quarters and let Harden be the closer if they really want to win he'd still average in the 20s these analysis just repeat each other nobody uses their brain
Wraith Black
Wraith Black - Month ago
But they don't win in the playoffs that way
Rc Raw
Rc Raw - Month ago
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dark light
dark light - Month ago
it doesnt fucking matter OKC will never win a championship, not counting sonics
The real Mvp
The real Mvp - Month ago
It simple when harden sits out Westbrook gon do his thing
The real Mvp
The real Mvp - Month ago
Everybody on the rockets dick now
Clinchin 2k
Clinchin 2k - Month ago
Still Hardens team westbrook just a peice to the rockets
74martymcfly - Month ago
Its gone work i saw Westbrook playing off the ball in the Olympics and the pressure he put on the defense is amazing
SloppeyJoe 6D9
SloppeyJoe 6D9 - Month ago
But they haven’t won with this system
20Network Dubs
20Network Dubs - Month ago
trust me the ball will be pass...or what's the point of letting them play together?... Ain't no body team when winning.
M G - Month ago
would've loved to see this big 3 in Houston again 😣
slippery pete
slippery pete - Month ago
Russ if he uses his head can break the assists per game and season total records.
Rhandi Whitlow
Rhandi Whitlow - Month ago
Honestly, it’s really gonna come down to Westbrook willing to stop stat chasing. If he can’t do that then it’ll be a first round exit at best for us.
Sho Ent
Sho Ent - Month ago
Does ESPN talk about other sports besides basketball? Its not even the most famous sport in the world and it seems that's all they talk: speculate, drama, comebacks, a bunch of grade school topics... Its ridiculous. All I see is basketball!!
Robert Lane
Robert Lane - Month ago
Have you met Westbrook?! Defer to Harden... ok...
kevin e-anaba
kevin e-anaba - Month ago
It won't work, especially under the current coach Mike d.
Agentshadowolf - Month ago
Now the Rockets are going to be waiting for Kevin Durant to sign at some point LOL
Vlad Panchenko
Vlad Panchenko - Month ago
Jalen "Kawhi 99% to Raptors" Rose. These media got zero credibility, just talking same topics every damn day.
supermax /up north records/untouchable ent
The media always tryna start some kind of beef smh u people is krazy
Bi An
Bi An - Month ago
Trevor Gulley Jr.
Trevor Gulley Jr. - Month ago
Tru Lion
Tru Lion - Month ago
2 years ago he russ was mvp now people acting like he washed. Espn nba coverage is just crazy. Its like this with their coverage of every player.
Facts no Hacks
Facts no Hacks - Month ago
It's not that hes washed its that he is a stat padder. He put up empty stats and got eliminated in the first round 3 years in a row. You cant win with Westbrook, Durant couldn't, PG couldnt, I mean look at how many great players emerged as soon as they left OKC.
The Great
The Great - Month ago
He deferred to Paul George thus giving Paul George the best season of his career. Get over it, stop hating on Russ so hard.
E D - Month ago
I love the image with the 3 OKC mvps. It honestly proves that Kevin Durant is 7 feet tall.
Stone Harper
Stone Harper - Month ago
I’m sure this will end well
Rich at Large
Rich at Large - Month ago
These guys will look foolish trying to defer to each other. It won't work. Just play them 24 minutes each and never together. :-)
P.S. D'Antoni is not a winner and will never win a championship.
obese beast
obese beast - Month ago
Yeah its not okc but its only c now, since the thunder is not ok :""
M Eazy
M Eazy - Month ago
Gio0822 - Month ago
You still won't win shit Harden with your bullshit playstyle
Michael Mayers
Michael Mayers - Month ago
Where they get these titles didn't he do that with pg
Isaiah Zeek
Isaiah Zeek - Month ago
Fuck it call westcook MoBuckets cause that’s all he wanna get
DERIC 4 REAL - Month ago
Lol lemme know how that "defer" works out for you!bruh who you kiddin???
Renato Fauzi
Renato Fauzi - Month ago
Westbrook and Harden are ball hogs.
Sultan Al-Sarhani
Sultan Al-Sarhani - Month ago
Well, LeBron went to Miami and DWade gave in. KD went to the bay and Curry gave in. I think it’s time for Harden to grow up a little and know that he’s a star, but not the main star.
Freddusya - Month ago
It doesn’t matter if they are ball dominant
It only matters if they can generate double team situation
Prettyboi Killuh 777
Prettyboi Killuh 777 - Month ago
This is wrong. You actually have to put the ball in the smaller, faster players hands. Harden could legit average 40ppg playing off the ball. Imagine the lane being open with Brodie driving and Harden getting the easiest baskets he's ever had. Just gotta think about winning.
Goat Reacts
Goat Reacts - Month ago
I still think Ross is better than harden. Russ does way more. But they are friends. They know how to play. Fuck with others are saying
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz - Month ago
Bryan _350_
Bryan _350_ - Month ago
This video is pointless, he already deferred to PG in OKC, people say it wont work because they dont want it to work
Tyquell Scott
Tyquell Scott - Month ago
Sorry to say this as a rockets fan but we aren’t going anywhere
Tyquell Scott
Tyquell Scott - Month ago
Tahziyahwan Ghalalyam boy what is your name
Tahziyahwan Ghalalyam
Tahziyahwan Ghalalyam - Month ago
Tyquell Scott Go root for another team and don’t jump on the bandwagon when we win this championship
skyline - Month ago
Westbrook aint clutch
K.L. - Month ago
I hate listening to Jalen Rose analysis; it surprises me he even played at the pro level. He is definitely NOT coach material. Sorry, true.
number1streetwear - Month ago
Ya'll crazy , if they mostly play 1 at atime 30 min each, I got them #1 only gs could beat them !
Denny Le
Denny Le - Month ago
I wonder how 2 vs 5-half court; new NBA offense scheme will turn out next year. Each of them will have 12 seconds per session. lol
MisterAlerion - Month ago
I see them losing to the Clippers or Denver in the 2nd round they might go to WCF tho
X 2
X 2 - Month ago
Rockets is Harden's team, Russ is not an idiot, he know's that. He respects Harden and what he has done for the Rockets and can put aside his ego or pride. Beside they are friends and former team mates, they also have one goal in mind, they both want that chip badly. They will make it work, it will be interesting to see how.
James Winny
James Winny - Month ago
Just need KD to make a u turn and join the Rockets and after they choke to Lebron again, everything will be okay
mm - Month ago
Here's the things is... Westbrook can only point guard
Stoffol Cooper
Stoffol Cooper - Month ago
Get up for me is in and out of jail. And no one come to bail me out. Where were you. My Truth is here you fight for have the money for Attorneys bail...YOU GONE BE SACRAFICE..
Ja Mah
Ja Mah - Month ago
These two can work together? Now this is B.S. !
sleep less
sleep less - Month ago
It's nice that the show posts things about Jalen whenever he starts to speak. Member of Fab Five at Michigan, 1999-00 NBA Most Improved Player, Co-host, Jalen & Jacoby, ESPN2. I for some reason dunno why my imagination keeps adding "His known favorite number is 81" to that list... lol
Adrianne Cooper
Adrianne Cooper - Month ago
Bless his heart that's why the Rockets need a new coach!
Tai Barton
Tai Barton - Month ago
If the rockets don't make championship d antoni needs to be fired
MistaJ Trece
MistaJ Trece - Month ago
Is it me or do people forget that it’s on the coach to make it work?
Who Who
Who Who - Month ago
I have a feeling that Westbrook should be the ball movement guy most of the time tbh, he's so successful at that. And if him and harden always switched up on being the playmaker then they could confuse teams and be deadly af, it would be less predictable like their iso
Daniel Harper
Daniel Harper - Month ago
Russ played off the ball for Schroeder and pg13 these guys are talking out their ass
X13 - Month ago
This is Houston’s last season. They won’t win anything, you can argue they’ve gotten worse as a team even though they have more “star power.” After this season, when they lose again, you trade both Harden and Westbrook, and you get rid of that BUM coach Mike D’antoni, who they should gave already fired, and Houston still wouldn’t have won, but they’d have a better shot. Blow it all up, and start the rebuild
farakan Cartman
farakan Cartman - Month ago
Idiots play wes at point harden at shooting guard
kc kc
kc kc - Month ago
Harden and Westbrook are going to be the most entertaining duo to watch and that's faxx
C B - Month ago
Rockets shud fire d’toni and hire a marc Jackson
Primes Mixes
Primes Mixes - Month ago
Check out my farewell mix to the brodie on my channel
Primes Mixes
Primes Mixes - Month ago
Check out my farewell mix to the brodie on my channel
Primes Mixes
Primes Mixes - Month ago
Check out my farewell mix to the brodie on my channel
Pulling the Strings
Pulling the Strings - Month ago
Harden and Westbrook should create a new method of scoring. Both should put one hand on the ball and shoot it to get those collab points.
bigskinny61 - Month ago
The media just looking for something negative to say bout this
kamiya royal
kamiya royal - Month ago
the only team to beat the Rockets was the GSW MEGA TEAM...Thats MFers just watched 2-3 years where no other NBA team could touch the yall want to throw Denver, Portalnd, Utah ahead of the Rockets....Clippers nor the Lakers cn shoot with the Rockets...WE'LL BLOW THEM OFF THE FLOOR
Derrick kennedy
Derrick kennedy - Month ago
The media is going to try and make it Russ vs harden all year watch
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