Live Q&A: "Conan Without Borders: Italy"

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Tharun Sikhinam
Tharun Sikhinam - 16 hours ago
Where is the Jordan App.. I need it now!
Josh T
Josh T - 21 hour ago
Bruh Jordan needs his own podcast man. i would love to listen to them while getting stuck in the jam, instead of listening to some garbage music from the radio
MrSkinnyWhale - Day ago
14:23 I was noodling around on my guitar while watching this and can tell you that when Conan says Andrea in that high pitched voice it's an E4 note.
Paris - 2 days ago
I like how knowledgeable Jordan is. This other guy is annoying on the other hand with his nonstop fake laugh.
Luxury Fred
Luxury Fred - 3 days ago
Love Conan and Jordan. Hate the terrible lighting and the sycophantic laughter from that other idiot.
K-A - 3 days ago
Coco: 😆Aaaaaadrea Bawkoleeeee!
Jordan: 😐
Coco: 🤨....🙄
Jordan: 😐
CLuv - 3 days ago
Wait Wait.....Jordan walked through the streets of Florence naked?
K-A - 3 days ago
Yeh..hes hot and proud of it!
Enrique Ordaz
Enrique Ordaz - 5 days ago
Jordan is creepy and weird. I wouldn't feel safe alone with him... He speaks like serial killers do...psycopaths.
K-A - 3 days ago
Wrong..serial killers are charming. Conan is charming..he also accuses Jordan and others of always being serial killers. Projection perhaps?
CR0SSEYED JESUS - 5 days ago
At least Jordan is entertaining. Aaron is just annoying, he brings nothing, and him laughing almost obnoxiously at Jordan was just cringy. Couldn’t help but feel kinda bad on this one
barbara newman
barbara newman - 5 days ago
I want a Jordan quote book
Steve DeSantis
Steve DeSantis - 6 days ago
Conan is to Jordan as Ricky is to Karl.
spiritussublime - 6 days ago
I love Jordan. And as one who does know the meanings of the days of the week, Conan, as he said as a native of the color red, would be a Tuesday, as an Aries, and so would he - but his color would be black, another Tuesday, Aries color. :-) #jordanian #wedobevibingtho
dingoesatemymotivation - 7 days ago
Sometimes in these videos Conan seems kinda sociopathic, like he can fake warmth with everyone but Jordan.
TheEpicGameHub - 7 days ago
The ending was simply amazing.
Eric !
Eric ! - 8 days ago
ENTP here :P
Eric !
Eric ! - 8 days ago
this is therapy for a crisis that happened behind the scene
catsandporn - 9 days ago
Whoever thinks this is even remotely serious or bullying or Conan being too hard on Jordan just watch this:
Simon Doyle
Simon Doyle - 10 days ago
Jordan thrives in his job being his authentic self; Aaron laughs like a hyena at everything to make his relevant.
IDK - 10 days ago
The level of patience Jordan has is astounding. If I were in his place, I wouldn't have made it that far in without lashing out at some point.
LYJManchesterUnited - 10 days ago
Let's admit it Jordan Schlansky is one of the most interesting person on earth or the most as we know.
ROCKKIZZ - 11 days ago
Aaron: The Laughing Clown who laughs 24/7 for nothing on Conans Team is soooooooooooo Annoying ...
Damn ...
Primesh Mohanty
Primesh Mohanty - 11 days ago
44:01 On a serious note, this was pretty nice.
47:21 Also, that's the relationship between siblings.
Alec Jones
Alec Jones - 12 days ago
Aaron stifling laughter at 50:30 makes me laugh my ass off every time
Sachin Starane
Sachin Starane - 13 days ago
Well See Conan you're wrong. We can keep watching u and Jordan for the rest of our lives(that time period)
Lou Contino
Lou Contino - 13 days ago
If Jordan enters a poker game, my money is on him. He can take down an inside straight with a Jack high hand.
R Coop
R Coop - 13 days ago
anyone stop to think that the weird "Yes Man" is really uncomfortable? This is in a video with Jordan...
R Coop
R Coop - 13 days ago
Stephan Leo
Stephan Leo - 14 days ago
Why is Fallon where he is?
TheTricktracktruck - 16 days ago
"you look like a sad russian poet who is about to be executed" lmao
damian marrocolla
damian marrocolla - 17 days ago
Me being an introvert myself I can completely relate with Jordan
Ross Goodman
Ross Goodman - 17 days ago
Shout out to all the Conan + Jordan friendships out there
v i s i o n
v i s i o n - 18 days ago
c o n a n
The incentive Project
The incentive Project - 18 days ago
Am I the only one that finds the guy asking questions annoying af?!
Rachel - 18 days ago
The next time, don't put that guy there... please. It's annoying AF. We only need Jordan and Conan.
Sebastián Jerez
Sebastián Jerez - 18 days ago
Can someone reupload this muting Aaron ?
mtbarnes1 - 18 days ago
jordan seems like hes reaching a breaking point in this... Just seems upset. I love Conan from afar but I now know from this he is the type of person that just doesnt know when to stop.
Thai Kim
Thai Kim - 18 days ago
My guy. Conan took him to another f-ing country for free. Jordan's been with him for years and years. I think that he likes doing this just as much as Conan.
Valladares - 18 days ago
I am with Jordan in this one, the goffy gamer host clearly clean Conans boots all the time. Of course its a game between canon and Jordan, but this time it went too far.
HippoButtSecks - 19 days ago
We need a Conan without borders in Italy with Jordan *PART 2!*
artmasterpl - 19 days ago
INTP here , hi-five Jordan ;)
Zero Commentary Gameplays
i wish i was half as funny and quickwitted as conan, he's the only celebrity i genuinly regret not being able to meet
Zero Commentary Gameplays
at 12:48 i kinda feel bad for jordan, he is such a nice guy but getting tired of never being taken seriously
Zero Commentary Gameplays
jordan seems to not rlly enjoy this, he sure knows a lot, too bad he brings it across with this elitist vibe since its obvious he doesnt think himself as more then other people
Michal Niebauer
Michal Niebauer - 19 days ago
So how far along are you on the app?
Aleksandar Ivano
Aleksandar Ivano - 20 days ago
Aaron the whole time pretending everything Jordan does and says is weird, when we all know he is the biggest weirdo in the room, is quite annoying.
Jonah Mack
Jonah Mack - 20 days ago
Hate to say it but I saw no life in Jordan’s eyes.... at least no human life.....
Igor Tomljanovic
Igor Tomljanovic - 20 days ago
I love Jordan!!!
Deauq E
Deauq E - 20 days ago
He’s either brilliant or autistic or a combination of the two.
Inger S.
Inger S. - 20 days ago
Know your place Aaron you were there to ask questions and nothing else. We don't want to hear your commentary or that annoying laughter mercilessly sucking up to your boss Conan at the expense of Jordan
Havana - 20 days ago
After one hour with Jourdan Conan stars to talk like him😂
David Cox
David Cox - 21 day ago
The host is there to be Conan’s laughter track.
Gaylynn Runowicz
Gaylynn Runowicz - 21 day ago
Jordan is a great straight man. Love Conan.. keep it up honey 💋
Kilo Romeo
Kilo Romeo - 21 day ago
Jordan's demeanor implies that he has a list & all the names on it are Conan...
logan martinez
logan martinez - 21 day ago
90% of this video is Jordan talking
shivanshu shekhar
shivanshu shekhar - 22 days ago
Conan is a bully
HorchataPirate - 22 days ago
Should’ve been Andy doing the interview. But legit, Jordan and Conan got major respect for one another. That guy Aaron ruins the atmosphere. Dude legit gets annoyed with Jordan for what, to be funny? Dude you’re a clown! Conan and Jordan carry it perfectly without the need of a sycophant
PrzemyslaW - 23 days ago
No matter how you perceive Jordan, the guy is on point in so many things. I really admire and envy his awareness of himself and the world.
77derya77 - 23 days ago
Jordan‘s calmness drives conan crazy. go jordan!
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior - 23 days ago
That’s what they call true love
Matty Harris
Matty Harris - 23 days ago
Jordan is amazing
Erald Cane
Erald Cane - 24 days ago
I like Conan but I think he went too far here. Not the best kind of humor to ridicule someones eyes. Jordan is just a genuine human being that doesn't need validation from others.
Muha Shames
Muha Shames - 24 days ago
That guy on the right (the host) was very unnecessary, who gave him the permission to make fun of Jordan? very annoying
Rawan ashala'an
Rawan ashala'an - 25 days ago
Conan just stop .. bullying is not funny ... maybe that why you need a friend!
Redstripe921 - 25 days ago
Yeah... i am so fed up with conan bullying jordan in all of the jordan videos, its not even fun to watch !
l - 25 days ago
Cesar Congo
Cesar Congo - 27 days ago
Jordan’s laugh/smile is so creepy LMFAOOO
Yajaira Jackson
Yajaira Jackson - 27 days ago
Omgsh I love Conan and Jordan together!!! Can we remove the laughing guys 😑 super annoying
Sam Charboneau
Sam Charboneau - 27 days ago
James Dee
James Dee - 27 days ago
Hey Conan. Your version of Karl Pilkington isn't funny. But fascinating.
ast1707 - 28 days ago
This video without aaron would be so much fun
Carol Sanborn
Carol Sanborn - 28 days ago
Coco, you really should follow up +take action on your fleeting remark of the fact that you should just use a cardboard cut out of Jordan+not have to waste money rewarding him with any wages on the thankless user.
Carol Sanborn
Carol Sanborn - 28 days ago
I think, Coco, that truly only those who had similarly been exploited by this lower form ( if any form) of human abuser of generosity ,as you have, could fully appreciate the dark humor in your relationship to
User Jordan.Itnis to your credit, dear Coco, to choose to view this uncool parasite
as comical in any way. I can only laugh at the absurdity of
your kindness to a narcissist who clearly has not one ounce of gratitude for your
graciousness to the articulate worm that Jordan truly is.🐛
Carol Sanborn
Carol Sanborn - 28 days ago
This is very funny, but not Coco's best work, because his timing is thrown by the fact that the Jordan makes
logical points, yet is an obvious manipulator+that is why Coco finds him so amusing, in Jordan's outlandishly shameless exploitation of Coco. Coco is just calling attention to Jordan's lack of integrity +concience, which is obvious to me that he keeps claiming "humaness", because Jordan has regressed very far from being a decent human being., sort of a reptilian predatory opportunist, using
Coco for all he's benevolently worth. I'd say, shame on Jordan, but how can he even respond, except with his cold dark reptilian stare? God bless you Coco for exposing this not so funny reptilian, in as humorous a light as anyone could.I 🤔🤭
Pompeo The Pig
Pompeo The Pig - 29 days ago
Lol at first I thought jordan was just acting and it was a skit but now I see that's how the guy is and I kinda feel bad for him and how hes made fun of.............lmao na jk that motherfuckers is a serial killer robot lmfao
jlostang - 29 days ago
Dude on the right i can only assume had zero real friends in high school. The level of fake is oozing out of his skin like a tbs paycheck. First Conan video that’s ever made me wanna watch Leno instead. 🧐🤨
Moto man
Moto man - 29 days ago
The porn part is so true, too much porn will make u less emotional and more robotic.
Catalin Stoica
Catalin Stoica - 29 days ago
That man who keeps laughing like a very annoying..I only lasted a few minutes !!! adfhbodjbklhcbsdbfsi (X(X
Sathyajith H V
Sathyajith H V - 29 days ago
I just wanna punch Aaron's face after watching this. 👊
Omid Asadi
Omid Asadi - Month ago
Please make a podcast with jordan
Yossef Nagy
Yossef Nagy - Month ago
conan is evil ohh man jordan
Yossef Nagy
Yossef Nagy - Month ago
it's a quick conversation lol
Alex Doscious
Alex Doscious - Month ago
12:32 that look 25ml of delicious espresso gets right before it dies
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