Casually Explained: Video Game Genres

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OneBoy81 - Hour ago
Meghan Smyth
Meghan Smyth - 10 hours ago
Ugh ranked battlegrounds. My pally could not match this druid in Pandas healing (cmon devs :'D). One guy on the team said at least I cleansed a lot. So I believe I *prevented* the loss of untold millions of HPs, therefore making me actually the best.
Pipor Games
Pipor Games - Day ago
where is sandbox
Reten h
Reten h - Day ago
TiZUrl _
TiZUrl _ - Day ago
In rpgs you forgot the sensation of the mobile world, RAID Shadow Legends lmao
JeromiaTownHouse - 2 days ago
Here ya go:
Sports Games
Fighting Games (Lower Opponents Hp, Smash Bros)
RTS (Real Time Strategy)
MOBA (Multilayer Online Battle Arena)
Shooter Games
Casual Games
Waffle Productions
Waffle Productions - 2 days ago
What about sidescrollers and parkour games?
Ash Dark
Ash Dark - 2 days ago
And that one special video game that somehow has its own genre, undertale, its a "fighting game" but technically not, and its an "RPG" but technically its not.
gar keinen
gar keinen - 3 days ago
What's that picture for battle royale, lower mid? 4:10
Hint Of Sarcasm
Hint Of Sarcasm - 3 days ago
OMG the Moba description is sooooo correct
Thorvald Jord
Thorvald Jord - 3 days ago
Fortnite fortnite we like fortnite
JediBillyBob - 4 days ago
Glad to see AOE2 made an appearance
ybot77 - 4 days ago
Mobas :"individuals actively work against each other to kill the enemy"
ArisiLitted / squad
ArisiLitted / squad - 4 days ago
5:09 I’m dead
ZinnamonCookie - 4 days ago
where is racing games?
aniruddha patil
aniruddha patil - 4 days ago
Where the fuck is GTA series - where I can just drive over the bitches on beaches sitting in my spawned panzer?
Icychains 01
Icychains 01 - 4 days ago
Fortnite is good because it keeps the toxic kids away from Minecraft
Coredus 54
Coredus 54 - 5 days ago
HP Points is redundant.
Dem Beans
Dem Beans - 5 days ago
Didn’t even mention halo wars ;-;
Ayo - 5 days ago
2:26 that must be a fat ass line bruv
Aaron Kronawetter
Aaron Kronawetter - 6 days ago
never deodorant
Mattias G
Mattias G - 6 days ago
OMG haha 4:43
Tylander - 7 days ago
You have not enough minerals
Korkónica - 9 days ago
wut about rhythm games >:0
Just Max
Just Max - 10 days ago
Is there a version of casually explained in night mode ?
KL Studios
KL Studios - 10 days ago
This guy is a gradeAunderA that’s not dead
Dalton Walman
Dalton Walman - 11 days ago
I thought he was gonna make a school shooting joke
Ian Crawford
Ian Crawford - 11 days ago
What do you mean? I take money from dwarves every day.
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - 11 days ago
This guy needs a Webbie award.
KasoGamer _02
KasoGamer _02 - 13 days ago
What about Lego games?
NUMBANINE Epicymaboo
NUMBANINE Epicymaboo - 13 days ago
You forgot minecraft
Amelia Bloodborne
Amelia Bloodborne - 14 days ago
“Or Korean” hahahah
Baylor Raymond
Baylor Raymond - 16 days ago
My ping Is high and I don’t know why
Gefei Ma
Gefei Ma - 16 days ago
As the weeb that I am I like to play gachas such as azur lane and rhythm games such as osu.
Atinverd - 17 days ago
*casually skips over milsims in simulators*
Based Imperialism
Based Imperialism - 18 days ago
He forgot to talk about Grand Strategy games where the millions of nuances and menus-within-menus-within-menus make the games harder to learn and play than it would be to run the entire nation of Nicaragua.
BenTheStar - 10 days ago
It's possibly important to note that you literally can run the entire nation of Nicaragua in some Grand Strategies (such as HOI4)
Siddhi Shah
Siddhi Shah - 19 days ago
Under what genre does games like last of us, uncharted, farcry, fallout, detriot etc comes under?
Atinverd - 17 days ago
TLOU, Uncharted, Farcry, and Fallout are all shooters (except the pre-bethesda Fallout ones) DT:BH is a visual novel. Essentially.
steven !
steven ! - 20 days ago
hmmmmmmmm 🤔
unionbear417 - 21 day ago
What about racing games
Fivedesert - 22 days ago
All I’m gonna say is

Alex Thornton
Alex Thornton - 23 days ago
Where you make theme parks or utopias
Me: gets all my sims in a pool and removes the ladder
Muharem Redzic
Muharem Redzic - 23 days ago
MOBA description haha 100%
thatkindofguy234 - 23 days ago
That mug is amazing
Hamza 77k
Hamza 77k - 23 days ago
You shouldve added mmorpg/ runescape
Owen Griffis
Owen Griffis - 23 days ago
Does racing count as sports or it’s own genres
Owen Griffis
Owen Griffis - 19 days ago
unionbear417 - 21 day ago
Own genre
zoster toaster
zoster toaster - 24 days ago
Instructions unclear: put age of myth disk in the toaster
when the rain is wet
when the rain is wet - 24 days ago
Whattt would roblox be
Gen_ ArmitigeHUX
Gen_ ArmitigeHUX - 25 days ago
I am just sad that he didn’t mention sandbox games.
Elijah Beukers
Elijah Beukers - 26 days ago
You forgot puzzle games like tetris, pokemon caves and ect.
ZirizoGaming - 27 days ago
Rts doesn't use a keyboard
Joseph Vernon
Joseph Vernon - 27 days ago
EA releasing the same games every year is big brain. Same with Apple.
Tym - Month ago
Racing Game fans are triggered
boris atanassov
boris atanassov - Month ago
Battle royale games are much like real life. kids get dropped off by the school bus and shoot everything that moves
Duck Duckinator
Duck Duckinator - Month ago
There is another.
dabezt 12375
dabezt 12375 - Month ago
Where does racing games fall into play?
[REDACTED] - Month ago
Metroidvania are the best (Btw opinion)
White Bed
White Bed - Month ago
You forgot looter shooters
Victor Dobra
Victor Dobra - Month ago
1:55 Great reference
powerpc127 - Month ago
Best joke in the video is "fighting game communities are some of the nicest around."
Pffft. Ok.
Brandon Brix
Brandon Brix - Month ago
Here at 111k likes and 1k dislike
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