Steve Harvey's Son Exposed His Dad's Mustache Grooming Routine

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Living The Dash
Living The Dash - 5 hours ago
He looks like a walrus.
Azalia Rosser
Azalia Rosser - 5 hours ago
I love this man! He is everything!!
Natalia Gibbs
Natalia Gibbs - 6 hours ago
I love this man
the1TJ - 6 hours ago
Can't Just be me but this screams BHD to me.
Ryan Cassel
Ryan Cassel - 6 hours ago
Me watching Ellen and Steve flirt
Mariah L
Mariah L - 6 hours ago
So we’re not gonna talk about Lori
ann karagu
ann karagu - 6 hours ago
What is africa ?was it kenya Nigeria or south Africa. Where?
Mike and Alivia Hudson
Mike and Alivia Hudson - 6 hours ago
It’s Bevel not Brevel
prakash tilokani
prakash tilokani - 7 hours ago
Yeah but u made me laugh for a Sec yeah. I did it
Obama - 7 hours ago
He Looks like a Black GreekGodX
CGK Ty - 7 hours ago
Future watching giggling
Will Alfonso
Will Alfonso - 7 hours ago
Yo this man is natuarally funny you got to love this dude
Kevin Kinnard
Kevin Kinnard - 8 hours ago
Gronk smash lol
Haha you read my name
Haha you read my name - 8 hours ago
1:42 is it just me or was Ellen talking about his eyebrows and Steve was thinking about something else 😂
OhLeahLRae - 8 hours ago
I wish I had Steve Harvey's confidence. lol
James Bolger
James Bolger - 8 hours ago
Came for Steve, Stayed for the Moustache
Eric A
Eric A - 8 hours ago
Predator Poachers Matawan
I miss the beard 🧔
Jared Hummel
Jared Hummel - 8 hours ago
this the ONLY time i’ve ever seen him not in a suit
MZH Comedy
MZH Comedy - 8 hours ago
Daan’s video’s
Daan’s video’s - 8 hours ago
Uno reverse card tho🔁
Daniela Achury
Daniela Achury - 9 hours ago
I watched this video of strict rules that Ellen makes her guests and audience follow and of one of them was that they couldn’t wear black and white. Either that video was lying, or Steve broke the rule, because well, he’s Steve Harvey. 😉😂
Daniela Achury
Daniela Achury - 9 hours ago
Of course he has other hair, his eyebrows 😉✌🏼😂
Young Citizen 96
Young Citizen 96 - 9 hours ago
which country?
Va B
Va B - 9 hours ago
« Africa » here « Africa » there and pictures of lions and elephants. Thanks for the cliché. You know he actually landed in one of the continent’s 54 countries, with its own culture, language... but that would have been too much for the average American to place on a map😑
Goodhope Mawuwa
Goodhope Mawuwa - 9 hours ago
Lord I love Steve..hahahaha on the Kelly part
Camryn Sophia
Camryn Sophia - 9 hours ago
No one :
Absolutely no one :
Steve : I’m sexy
hhhh9579 - 9 hours ago
Ellen wishes she had a mustache
Be Real
Be Real - 10 hours ago
Steve Harvey is Awesome!!! 💖✌️💖✌️💖
Petronilla Chips
Petronilla Chips - 10 hours ago
That's the only hair I've 😂😂😂..... i can't keep calm Steve👐😂
Nomvelo Sinenhlanhla
Nomvelo Sinenhlanhla - 10 hours ago
Steve Harvey has putted Africa (South Africa) on the map with family feud show
Honey Heart
Honey Heart - 10 hours ago
I always like him even tho he made mistake before (u know what I mean😂) his so funny😂😂😂😂
Jenith Espinoza
Jenith Espinoza - 10 hours ago
I ain’t that happy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mr Hovis
Mr Hovis - 10 hours ago
Mj son caught him grooming something else
Rickbacker Moore Kharumnuid
01:28 well, its the only hair i have 😂😂
Jonathan Mereb
Jonathan Mereb - 10 hours ago
Im kinda glad he got rid of the whole beard thing.
I love My family
I love My family - 11 hours ago
I love watching Steve Harvey he makes my day 😍😂
Angel Barreras
Angel Barreras - 11 hours ago
XD Ellen straight said you have more hair 🤣
LoLo Sunderland
LoLo Sunderland - 11 hours ago
Steve: I'm sexy
ሰመመን ከበደ
ሰመመን ከበደ - 12 hours ago
hu Ellen I want to come to your show in summer
Mz Torre
Mz Torre - 12 hours ago
Go Steve! Ellen with the slick shade
Bryan Garcia
Bryan Garcia - 12 hours ago
His palms are extremely white haha
James William
James William - 12 hours ago
That Mac makeup looking good on Steve
Tammy Ingram
Tammy Ingram - 12 hours ago
I was waiting for this moment forever ❤
Stacey Adam
Stacey Adam - 12 hours ago
Where in Afrika plz there is 54 countries :/
Sayeta Zonen
Sayeta Zonen - 12 hours ago
That’s the only hair he has let him take care of it 😩😂
Storm - 12 hours ago
For a guy who says he loves the lord and keeps his faith he sure does curse a lot.
Searena Treasure
Searena Treasure - 13 hours ago
When one door close just walk up the hall, there’s more door- Steve Harvey
Check out my YouTube page for fun adventures
ahmadneo - 13 hours ago
ellens hairy cut in from grace ( terminator dark fate)
Vorpal Zone
Vorpal Zone - 13 hours ago
This made me flipin laugh hard
Bob Sullivan
Bob Sullivan - 13 hours ago
Ellen's hair looks awful on the side.
CandyC. - 13 hours ago
Im dying laughing reading these comments.
Isaiah Parrillo
Isaiah Parrillo - 13 hours ago
The Beacon
The Beacon - 14 hours ago
Tyler Walter
Tyler Walter - 14 hours ago
Representing Ohio day in and day out always a class act Steve 🤣🤣
Judia's Life
Judia's Life - 15 hours ago
Steve Harvey 🤩
Lebo Lenepa
Lebo Lenepa - 15 hours ago
Lol funniest and honest interview. "I ain't that happy".
Mateo Banda
Mateo Banda - 15 hours ago
He must have been in Wakanda, and he isn't allowed to disclose their location, because the Countries in Africa have names.
Rohit sharma
Rohit sharma - 16 hours ago
Haha love to watch you both together, such a sarcastic atmosphere. love it.. ✌🏻
SNIPEZ X-FuRy - 16 hours ago
steves teeth are much whiter that ellens
Sabrina S
Sabrina S - 16 hours ago
Yes Steve is so sexy
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