NFL Embarrassing Fails of the 2020 Playoffs

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budleewiser - 8 months ago
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Tyler M 11
Tyler M 11 - 24 days ago
Kyrie Irving like you can do better
Tyler M 11
Tyler M 11 - 24 days ago
Kyrie Irving ok so?
Carter McDonald
Carter McDonald - Month ago
@Kyrie Irving salty boi ahaha kyrie irving cant shoot for shit
Quentin Thompson
Quentin Thompson - 2 months ago
budleewiser x
marie calzaretta
marie calzaretta - 2 days ago
savage nation
James Porter
James Porter - 6 days ago
Texans: I don’t wanna talk about it
Rexyboy Feildman
Rexyboy Feildman - 8 days ago
Welll browns fans accomplished something that year... They didn’t make a fail video
M Murphy
M Murphy - 8 days ago
2:15 I swear that looks like ray lewis
Trix? - 9 days ago
I think with this new blindside block rule the just want us to set a screen like in basketball bruh 😂🤣
Brody Owen
Brody Owen - 9 days ago
go titans
WutTeh Hecc
WutTeh Hecc - 11 days ago
No wonder they call it the WILDcard
WutTeh Hecc
WutTeh Hecc - 11 days ago
*Crystal Spirit Wolf*
*Crystal Spirit Wolf* - 13 days ago
Eagles had the most lol
Astral Vigil
Astral Vigil - 14 days ago
I'm the 1,000 comment
Adrianna Stephens
Adrianna Stephens - 15 days ago
Chase Farrar
Chase Farrar - 15 days ago
Imagine Kenny stills dropped the ball while wide open
Jonny Flash
Jonny Flash - 16 days ago
I'm guessing this person is a chiefs, titans or patriots. It was entertaining for the first 45 seconds.
knockum31 - 16 days ago
1:58 juss prove madden to be realistic asf 😂😂😂
Nyge B.
Nyge B. - 17 days ago
Josh Allen does some Krazy shit man I promise
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson - 18 days ago
Josh Allen everybody.
Spikeball Boys
Spikeball Boys - 19 days ago
could’ve just had the whole texans game haha choke
Logan Moreau
Logan Moreau - 20 days ago
Tony Romo: we’ll never see this run again
As he says it: Logan Ryan gets the pick 6
Can we just accept that Tony Romo is better than you’re fortune teller?
Go Braves
Go Braves - 20 days ago
Earl Thomas has never been the same against Derrick Henry.
SJW Destroyer
SJW Destroyer - 23 days ago
0:22 There is something so satisfying hearing 70,000+ pat fans scream NO in union signaling the end of the Dynasty. Half those people are Buc fans now.
JayJayGamez - 23 days ago
This is practically when you would try stuff you see on Madden and on TV as a kid😂😂😂
Tex-Jet Studios
Tex-Jet Studios - 24 days ago
I totally forgot the Josh Allen lateral until today 🤣
3rd Coast OBS
3rd Coast OBS - 27 days ago
I hope tyreek hill tears a acl this year that he never recoverers from...come at me bandwagons
3rd Coast OBS
3rd Coast OBS - 27 days ago
Love seeing earl Thomas being plunked 😂
Just some guy that's mad
Just some guy that's mad - 28 days ago
Chiefs vs Texans is the most embarrassing playoff game this year.
Zilla_blu - 29 days ago
Being a Texans fan it hurts to say the chiefs baited us like every other team they faced 😂😂😂😂
Madwrestler 145
Madwrestler 145 - 29 days ago
At least we know, the Patriots division is the worst division
S8N SK8N - 29 days ago
Like if josh Allen is a bum !!
Braxton Grudzien
Braxton Grudzien - Month ago
1:55 why u jet sweep julian endlman you said get in your spot dude thats so LOL
Ju Young Kim
Ju Young Kim - Month ago
50 percent of this is Texans vs bills
Alex Patterson
Alex Patterson - Month ago
You really think Josh Allen is a good qb what the fuck was he doing 😂😂😂
mwbros - Month ago
Was I the only one during super bowl who thought chiefs would win?
Nicholas Sage
Nicholas Sage - Month ago
Rob Steiner
Rob Steiner - Month ago
I know its dumb what Allen did but if he hadn't botched the lateral that could have easily been a touchdown. That would have been sick
Geoffrey Hedges
Geoffrey Hedges - Month ago
That was still the softest blindside block on Cody Ford. Bills were also robbed of a touchdown/safety in that game too.
Michael Soluri
Michael Soluri - Month ago
The Cody Ford penalty hurts my soul so bad
King jellyjam
King jellyjam - Month ago
The title should be don’t underestimate the Cheifs
James Porter
James Porter - Month ago
**see’s video title**
Texans: I don’t wanna talk about it
Wesley Huntley TV
Wesley Huntley TV - Month ago
“There is no spoon”
Edward Menchaca
Edward Menchaca - Month ago
There should be a meme about the playoffs lol
Lil DeLonghi
Lil DeLonghi - Month ago
also them: 8:38
I don’t do YouTube
I don’t do YouTube - Month ago
Dre' Rose
Dre' Rose - Month ago
Josh Allen wants to be a hero so bad💀
Wirthless - Month ago
50% of this is just meming Josh Allen’s decision making
Robert Sommers
Robert Sommers - Month ago
IDK 3:22 wasn't so much a 'fail' by Witherspoon there. I mean I guess he feel so is that why you call it? He was still inches away from breaking it up. Better adjustment/move by Diggs than fail by Witherspoon.
FaZe Firebolt
FaZe Firebolt - Month ago
Madden 20
Opponent: *runs the ball*
Every player on my team: 1:57
Gully Swazz
Gully Swazz - Month ago
Texans vs Bills is a meme 😂
ROYAL HAIKii - Month ago
This gives me High school football vibes 🏈💀
Goat Card Deliverer
Goat Card Deliverer - Month ago
49ers #23 getting traded
StarWars Fan33
StarWars Fan33 - Month ago
If malcom butler was the one who picked off Brady it would have been poetic
Adam Clark
Adam Clark - Month ago
I don’t understand why that’s a flag...he made a clean block...
V3nom dekilla
V3nom dekilla - Month ago
How is 1:00 a fail
KokoDaBeast25 - Month ago
All you showed was bad chiefs, nut no bad Texans smh
Refathasan Rotton M
Refathasan Rotton M - Month ago
king crimson
Matthew Supinger
Matthew Supinger - Month ago
This whole thing was basically the bills and the Texans 😂
Bella Dog
Bella Dog - 2 months ago
I don’t know what to say so yep
Edward Menchaca
Edward Menchaca - 2 months ago
The playoffs are like not playoffs players choke hard XD
Gary weaver
Gary weaver - 2 months ago
derek henry thats a face mask
TakeOff_Mars - 2 months ago
This is how many times the Texans were in it
Brother Matthew
Brother Matthew - 2 months ago
The bills Texans game was a joke
Edward Menchaca
Edward Menchaca - 2 months ago
4:50 Josh Allen be like: ight ima retire I suck
PRXD VENOM - 2 months ago
I hate these kind of videos because it’s clowning all these nfl players as if they’re stupid. Everyone makes mistakes they don’t need to be rubbed in
Starman 100
Starman 100 - 2 months ago
5:27 biggest fail
Austin Gamez
Austin Gamez - 2 months ago
Im here just wondering, who is worse? The receiver or the cornerback?
Tory Langley
Tory Langley - 2 months ago
this is why DB's are DB's
Kaiden TheKiz
Kaiden TheKiz - 2 months ago
That one embarrassing play was so embarrassing
I Only Use The Desert Eagle
The Wildcard matches were so embarrassing for all of the teams besides the Titans
16 - 2 months ago
0:50 why the hell did he swat it away instead of diving on it??
James Conkey
James Conkey - 2 months ago
PLEASE Get rid of Booger and Steratos.
Unlikable and annoying
Hundreds of better announcers could step right in
Noah Nussbaum
Noah Nussbaum - 2 months ago
Tony Romo can’t heat anything correctly apparently
Phillip Southard
Phillip Southard - 2 months ago
The Texans/Chiefs game should’ve been more than enough for the McNair family to fire O’Brian. PLEASE. GET HIM OUT OF HERE.
ETP Jug - 2 months ago
Man said playoff fails and I’m a Texans fan here we go again
CrispyChristian - 2 months ago
0:23 that was defensive holding how do you miss that
jokerhalo1 - 2 months ago
I remember seeing the first quarter or so of the texans chiefs game in a Buffalo Wildwings in Missouri. I don't have anything aganist the chiefs but I enjoyed seeing how stun all the fans where. Then the Texans fucking blew it.
Justin Davidson
Justin Davidson - 4 days ago
jokerhalo1 Bill o Brian blew it
Taylor Dumas
Taylor Dumas - 2 months ago
Kc forever
Emmanuel Moseley
Emmanuel Moseley - 2 months ago
Texans fake punt blew it all.
Beyond Seventeen
Beyond Seventeen - 2 months ago
As a Texans fan since 2015... this video hurts
Keith Bell
Keith Bell - 2 months ago
Watch 8:10 to see #26 Logan Ryan catch . . . [FREEZE IT at 8:14, then jump back to 0:23] . . . an easy pic six from Tom Brady.
ed duffer
ed duffer - 2 months ago
im just trying to figure out how its the 2020 playoffs when its 2020 now and the season hasnt even started yet...
Obi Wan Kenobi Fan
Obi Wan Kenobi Fan - 2 months ago
Smart Penalty
InfiJoker - 2 months ago
I Expected the Entire video to be the Taxans vs Chiefs Game
BountyDodger - 2 months ago
5:51 me try to teach my family how it was a flag
A P - 2 months ago
The Patriots cheated
Elaine Robinson
Elaine Robinson - 2 months ago
nickybullvol82 - 3 months ago
And then the chiefs went on to win the super bowl
Hobo Bobo
Hobo Bobo - 3 months ago
Why is most of it the Texans
GGDK Supreme
GGDK Supreme - 3 months ago
It's nice to know even nfl players make dumb mistakes in their games
Xenonmaster 666
Xenonmaster 666 - 3 months ago
Haha hah Tom got owned
Bon Bons
Bon Bons - 3 months ago
I’m so glad to see Bradley Roby choke
jp casey
jp casey - 3 months ago
Memes were made in the 2020 NFL Playoffs
Tamir Hall
Tamir Hall - 3 months ago
Wtf was earl Thomas doing
Ruzzixz - 3 months ago
I’m seeing lots of bills and Texans
maritza melendez
maritza melendez - 3 months ago
Wexfordbuccos _
Wexfordbuccos _ - 3 months ago
Josh Allen’s attempted lateral wasn’t embarrassing, just simply a bad decision.
Vincent Carrier
Vincent Carrier - 2 months ago
Wexfordbuccos _ nah it was embarrassing 💀💀
Bo Hughes
Bo Hughes - 3 months ago
Show more successful eagles plays then fails I’m getting mad of this actually I barely see any eagle successes in this channel
Shames C Jackson
Shames C Jackson - 3 months ago
Nick Hannah
Nick Hannah - 3 months ago
Julian get in your spot!
Clutch HD*
Clutch HD* - 3 months ago
Earl Thomas Madden Rating: 99 Lead Block
AUBURN LTL - 3 months ago
0:26 Happiest moment in NFL History
Nature World
Nature World - 3 months ago
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