why i decided to live alone *MOVING VLOG*

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daniela cuello
daniela cuello - 5 hours ago
Were is your bed from ???
sage alane
sage alane - 16 hours ago
i feel like being roommates with you would be so fun uhhh
aisieukeopi - 22 hours ago
Can you do a transformation video to look like Hailey Bieber?
Marlan Hernandez
Marlan Hernandez - 2 days ago
What song is thisss??
Janice - 2 days ago
LMAO i was not expecting 12:03. You're so funny. Please let me be your friend 😭
Also, im so proud of you, Kennedy! I'm a casual watcher of you and it makes me happy to see you making this chnage for yourself~ I'm 21 years old still living with my parents and I want to eventually be independent as well. Watching you inspired me to not be afraid of taking that big leap for yourself~ Thank you for being you and sharing your journey with us 😊💓
Vũ Thu Hằng
Vũ Thu Hằng - 2 days ago
Someone plz told me how old is she
Sam Commisso
Sam Commisso - 3 days ago
Babygirl I am so proud of you. If you can do it I can too🖤
Amy Lorie
Amy Lorie - 3 days ago
I just wanna say that I'm really really proud of you, I remember being kinda surprised on new years, bye now look at you, you are really making changes, and trying your best to get out of your comfort zone, so so proud! 💗
riderzinc - 3 days ago
Every man is looking for a woman who can assemble an Ikea flatpack by themselves
Curstin W
Curstin W - 3 days ago
doing things alone gives me bad anxiety too and seeing this made me so happy, seeing her grow and become independent is actually inspiring 🥺
Ava Rice
Ava Rice - 4 days ago
this montage!💕
Keith Newberry
Keith Newberry - 4 days ago
I met Kelly Clarkson , she was awesome , she actually flirted with me hard. I was embarrassed but at the same time flattered.
SUPERJAM144 - 4 days ago
Wow, props to Nick for helping, what a close family, that's great!
causantin - 5 days ago
12:05 made me laugh so much
trina corpuz
trina corpuz - 6 days ago
*kennedy everytime she sees her face with no makeup*
Before: i look soo pale!!! Ew
Now: i look sooo goood!!
I'm so proud of her :((((((
Hannah-Sofia - 6 days ago
I’m so happy you’re not moving to LA!!
Rose Jones
Rose Jones - 6 days ago
My boyfriends dad has been living in our tiny little apartment for the past 2 years now and im getting so sick of it and I don't know how to go about telling him we need space. Any advice?
Kennedy Jeanine
Kennedy Jeanine - 8 days ago
Get LED lights for your rooooom
YOUNG 3KG'S - 8 days ago
Just because you feel empty isn’t a bad thing. Being bored kills the ego
amp luc
amp luc - 9 days ago
Pray for Kennedy.
Francine - 9 days ago
I am so happy for her. Seeing her grow up and become independent is really inspirational. I can't wait too be part of the journey her future holds. Congratz on the apartment and new car!!🎉 You truly deserve it. Keep pushing forwards, Kennedy. You got this
ks - 10 days ago
What’s the song you used in the moving montage?
Sloane Terrill
Sloane Terrill - 10 days ago
I have never related to someone more about wanting to be alone but not liking doing things by myself
Metalpazallteway - 10 days ago
Kennedy at 8:26 "Squirrel"!!!
UR 2Fat2WearDat
UR 2Fat2WearDat - 10 days ago
Driving in DMV scare me as well 😂
iamlediane - 10 days ago
You look so better in your last videos. I'm so so happy for you in your new life and for be brave to face your fears and because of that becoming even better. ❤
gwent gwent
gwent gwent - 11 days ago
imagine this face getting a facial! OMG!
Thelifeasnate - 12 days ago
Omg where did you get your phone case?
Grantstheman Phillips
Grantstheman Phillips - 13 days ago
Your bro’s never moving out
Grantstheman Phillips
Grantstheman Phillips - 13 days ago
ATA girl
Angie Vanessa Cari Gutiérrez
I’m so happy for you🤍
Julia Jochims
Julia Jochims - 13 days ago
Your mom is so beautiful
Lucas Heitor Pirola
Lucas Heitor Pirola - 14 days ago
aaaaaaaaa que legal
gianna brenner
gianna brenner - 14 days ago
this makes me want to buy an apartment and move out rn even tho i legally am not old enough yet😂
A_ Mitchell3
A_ Mitchell3 - 11 days ago
Fred Mccowan
Fred Mccowan - 14 days ago
Anyone else here thinks she has a great big brother?
AbdelPlays - 14 days ago
Gwen Torre
Gwen Torre - 14 days ago
I'm so sorry but i just can't look away from the gap on her bottom teeth...
churchgirl666 - 15 days ago
i can’t wait till i’m old enough to live on my own. i have six siblings, six cats, and a dog. i’m honestly so happy for you!!
Bennett Durham
Bennett Durham - 15 days ago
Why does Claudia always look high
Kaitlyn Lyon
Kaitlyn Lyon - 15 days ago
When you said “I felt so cute, I feel so cute” I was like girl you look cute! Remember to love yourself ❤️❤️
Becca Gracey
Becca Gracey - 15 days ago
Brandon fake crying was like in the office when Dwight fake cries when they interview him about Jim leaving Scranton. "False. I will not miss him"
Kate Dandolion
Kate Dandolion - 15 days ago
Wait was that a plate of reeses puffs
Vina - 15 days ago
why didn't you and claudia just share an apartment?
Claire Isabella
Claire Isabella - 15 days ago
aw all the colors they're wearing in the outro
Claire Isabella
Claire Isabella - 15 days ago
this video is motivating me to do so much
Niq Pere
Niq Pere - 15 days ago
Got it moved out to have sex without being heard got it .
Adriana Rosario
Adriana Rosario - 15 days ago
leilani vlogs
leilani vlogs - 15 days ago
it makes me not feel so alone watching you facing your anxiety and it makes me feel very hopeful for my own future. also ily kennedy 🥺🥺
Rosetta flower
Rosetta flower - 15 days ago
8:24 had me dying of laughter
shyann perry
shyann perry - 15 days ago
Did you just eat cereal off a plate ?
Joury Alghamdi
Joury Alghamdi - 15 days ago
How old is she?
im am Giuseppe
im am Giuseppe - 15 days ago
Wow your more successful than your brother...who would have known
Esther Martinez
Esther Martinez - 15 days ago
This makes me so happy for you Kennedy 🥺❤️ I smiled the whole video seeing how happy you are 🥺❤️
marycarabe - 16 days ago
ASMR Dearest
ASMR Dearest - 16 days ago
Oh the youtube moneys did her good
Aka - 16 days ago
I love how kennedy just suddenly goes crazy sometimes lmao
Bernice Thongdara
Bernice Thongdara - 16 days ago
Walsh Fam during quarantine: * moving, being independent *
Me during quarantine: * a literal potato that’s heavily dependent *
“ two opposite poles are thou and I “ (time to take initiative after Kennedy’s “big-jump-in-life” vlog)
Princêss Maha
Princêss Maha - 16 days ago
Gosh this teared me up, just so proud and happy to see u get ahead in life - being independent. Love u xo
Jules - 16 days ago
does anyone know the name of the song that was playing while she built her bed? 🥺
abhranta panigrahi
abhranta panigrahi - 16 days ago
I can't understand why the western society is so stuck with the idea of moving out. It honestly sounds stupid after a certain point.
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