Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

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I Placed Third
I Placed Third - 35 minutes ago
MATPAT I NEED HELP. There are so many movies and shows and video games that show people jumping off a train without a scratch on them. HAVE THEY BEEN LYING TO US?! Would we somehow be able to survive the jump? If so, what’s the *science* behind it?
GalaxyPlays - 51 minute ago
the happening is suicide by air
Freya Shirazy
Freya Shirazy - 51 minute ago
5:05 evil prevail = jack Paul music video in the tv
UnicornWizardOG - 57 minutes ago
The monster is the plants in The Happening same movie almost
Jason kyalo
Jason kyalo - Hour ago
Ok I have no idea in all honestly but I'm a Christian and whenever were taught about the rapture and heaven for one most of those mentioned to be in the afterlife dont qualify to go. Secondly we dont always take the scriptures word for word there abstract and straightforward at the same time but IDK I'm not a priest just a regular church boy ,🤷‍♂️
Jack park
Jack park - Hour ago
Interdimensional beings. That's why they can't be seen and why they can't enter buildings.
Conscience Constellator
Santa Claus is a time Lord
Q:How does he Fit So many presents in one Sley Or sack
A:The sleigh or sack is bigger on the inside
Q:How does he Make it around world in one night
A:because He has time travel
Q:How does He fly
A:Because Tardis can fly
Q:How is he Immortal
A:'cause he can regenerate
Q:How can He tell Who's naughty and nice
A:Timelord technology of some sort
Q:How does he fit down the chimney
A:Again Bigger on the inside That or he undoes locks on the doors with the Sonic screwdriver and just says he went in the chimney
Sappy Happy
Sappy Happy - Hour ago
The monster was just Will Smith as genie
Saffronmoon9926 - Hour ago
The monster,

Harshada Kamat
Harshada Kamat - 2 hours ago
My favorite thing to do is to watch theories about movies i haven't seen. What's yours?
Polarity Reversed
Polarity Reversed - 2 hours ago
Not to mention that Cthulhu's skin is made out of a mercurous substance that, when looked upon, usually causes insanity
Pettypetty7 - 2 hours ago
Well that was shit, barring the fact that you didn't actually nail down what the monster was. all the details you outlined totally missed the part where the black guy resisted killing himself for just long enough to kill the last crazy dude going after Mallory. That scene was so garbage and goes against literally every rule that the movie establishes. I honestly don't get the hype this movie had, shitty writing and bad character development was 70% of the runtime, the other 30% was Sandra Bullock being a cunt to people.
jarvis redding
jarvis redding - 2 hours ago
One punch man vs deadpool
Raspberry Cream Pie
Raspberry Cream Pie - 2 hours ago
*The monster is **_Depression_*
Raspberry Cream Pie
Raspberry Cream Pie - 2 hours ago
*The monster is Article 13*
RB STUDIOS LIVE - 3 hours ago
Night giant looks like ink bendy for some reason.
Marching Potato
Marching Potato - 3 hours ago
No the monster is will Smith as the genie from Aladdin 😁😁😁
Fernando Cárdenas
Fernando Cárdenas - 3 hours ago
I just htink its funny that all these people want to die to go to heaven, BUT Earth is where everyone wants to be right?? Also, the meek shall inherit the earth, but that directly contradicts the criminal elements inheriting the Earth as well.
K. Ava
K. Ava - 3 hours ago
Wyatt Chism
Wyatt Chism - 3 hours ago
what about the already insane people?
Brianna Navarro
Brianna Navarro - 4 hours ago
I thought the monster was Douglas
Aaron Aponte
Aaron Aponte - 4 hours ago
Charlie should have mentioned Shinigami is his theory(death note)
Recarnated Kronor
Recarnated Kronor - 4 hours ago
Big Chungus
ProtakuEmmie - 4 hours ago
F8uck u
David Casto
David Casto - 4 hours ago
I Heard that it was 5G causing some people to kill themselves and others to homicide.
FUHER Jeff - 4 hours ago
If birdbox happened on Pokémon ninetails would be the monsters
Taimane Hughes
Taimane Hughes - 4 hours ago
My nickname is pooka!!!
Lethal_Trilogy Royale
Lethal_Trilogy Royale - 4 hours ago
if this movie was in real life it be opposite because we can use thermal heat and brain and sound waves to see the monster without looking at and other means.
Lethal_Trilogy Royale
Lethal_Trilogy Royale - 4 hours ago
whats next bad memes kills you netflix?
AJSSPACEPLACE - 5 hours ago
Of course you never see the monster. It can kill you through a camera
Uday Datar
Uday Datar - 5 hours ago
like what is the music in the background?
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly - 5 hours ago
Can you make a video on chucky?
Evan Harrington
Evan Harrington - 5 hours ago
I think it's Cathulu Jesus, honestly, Cathulu Jesus just...Fits.
Pershon Productions who likes cats
It was Luigi doing nothing, shaggy, or Matt from wii sports
Edit: or sp00ky OC fan art
Jesse February
Jesse February - 6 hours ago
I bet Bird Box is just one messed up version of Judgement Day.
Jun'ichirō Tanizak
Jun'ichirō Tanizak - 6 hours ago
I feel like a cool theory would be how to kill Freddy Krueger
Aasha Bedoya
Aasha Bedoya - 6 hours ago
He didn’t say cut
Phøbia - 6 hours ago
The monster is my anus nigga
Rahastaja - 7 hours ago
Of course they couldn't show the monster in the movie because the viewers would have killed themselves
gmergirl ex9
gmergirl ex9 - 7 hours ago
Yoi make bird box seem like its not a scary movie.
Barnaby Cable
Barnaby Cable - 7 hours ago
Wasn't the whole point of not seeing the monster supposed to immerse you in the movie? Like as the cameraman doesn't see the monster which is why we can see the movie to the end
Kaytanie Gamez
Kaytanie Gamez - 7 hours ago
8:36 god dang it my nick name is you guessed it cuthulu
Georan Williams
Georan Williams - 7 hours ago
Thats kinda racist
X-01 Unknown
X-01 Unknown - 7 hours ago
It’s a beholder, not an exploding eyeball. Beholders are notorious for mind control and enslaving people. Can make you willingly kill yourself too. Look it up.
Dan Haskell
Dan Haskell - 7 hours ago
The monster was shaggy at 11% of his power: none can look upon him and live.
Zachary Stone
Zachary Stone - 8 hours ago
What if there was no monster and all of this suicide was just a coincidence with those voices...
Little D3 Its me
Little D3 Its me - 8 hours ago
no its T-series
Marlene Perez
Marlene Perez - 8 hours ago
16:14 pause to see:I SEE YOU
Marlene Perez
Marlene Perez - 8 hours ago
When the monster goes down
Marlene Perez
Marlene Perez - 8 hours ago
I have a question.You know how commiting suicide is a sin? Well the monster makes you commit suicide.does that mean all those people who saw the monster are in he double hockey stick?
amam 65
amam 65 - 8 hours ago
De still don't know what it is
Scolioliolioliolisis boy
Scolioliolioliolisis boy - 8 hours ago
The monster is Keemstar
Logan Halford
Logan Halford - 8 hours ago
What about when Girl and Boy heard Mallory's voice when she was away from them? How does that factor into the voices of the dead?
Andreas - 9 hours ago
What if the Monster was rather an alien weapon controlled from the orbit
It would explain why it can't enter houses
Anjounet Leavell
Anjounet Leavell - 9 hours ago
It's Cthulhu
Anjounet Leavell
Anjounet Leavell - 9 hours ago
I love your channel! I hope everything gets better for you.
MeHunter - 9 hours ago
And I just saw the last demon, That backs it more
MeHunter - 9 hours ago
I saw the film and Charlie and old woman who goes for drive backs this
MeHunter - 9 hours ago
Dude I think it’s fear and depression, in a different form by each person
Talon Henderson
Talon Henderson - 9 hours ago
This is like fnaf a hole lot of lore and not a lot of details. #fnaf fan
Unknown - 9 hours ago
I got a Wendy's add right after he said "We know they can mimick family voices" and I got really confused. Like, I would have took my blindfold off right away if I heard "Wendy's has it's $5 deal...."
Endarire - 9 hours ago
MatPat: I agree that the rapture as described in the Bible doesn't make sense in the context of this movie; however, this is a better and much more Biblical explanation of the rapture as explained by Pastor Joseph Prince:
korgri - 9 hours ago
It's a take off from a 1960's Star Trek episode called "In Truth Is There No Beauty?". The story concerns the interaction with an alien who if seen with the naked eye causes the observer to go insane. Of course, the alien's handler is blind, which up until Dr. McCoy figures it out everyone else was oblivious to this knowledge and just thought she was mentally tough enough to handle looking at the critter. TV plots being TV plots, Spock then inadvertently sees the alien and goes nuts. (you can find it on iTunes if you just gotta know how it turns out). The unusual twist is: the alien is valued for his/its contemplative abilities, which, in sharp comparison to humans, is sublime. Nowadays though, movie or story telling plots don't bother with things like irony or being concerned about whether or not most of the audience knows the meaning in a relative context of the word "sublime". Dystopia encroaches apace.
Strat Review
Strat Review - 10 hours ago
I just read about he meek inheriteting the earth in church today
imacookie12 - 10 hours ago
You have no idea how happy it makes me for you to FINALLY cover the Cthulu mythos
MR SNAKE - 10 hours ago
Why everyone think that there is a monster ? Come on. It's obvious that's just the beginning of a necromorph invasion. The red monolith who spreading concentrated electromagnetic signal that affects the minds of intelligent life forms, usually manifesting as dementia and resulting in homicidal and suicidal actions, laying out a rich field of fodder for the Necromorph infection.
Jenna Clapper
Jenna Clapper - 10 hours ago
This is my first video I've ever seen on this channel I really don't know who this guy is but I love his energy and his enthusiasm so going to check out of Channel how about you guys?
Chicken_Nugget - 10 hours ago
What if there was a sequel, with younger kids, and the monster was puberty......
Lynda Flores
Lynda Flores - 10 hours ago
0:14 the vowels XD
Why Di you Do this Gatcha
Why Di you Do this Gatcha - 10 hours ago
Why Di you Do this Gatcha
Why Di you Do this Gatcha - 10 hours ago
Self Made
Self Made - 10 hours ago
It donalds trump penis
Why Di you Do this Gatcha
Why Di you Do this Gatcha - 10 hours ago
Why Di you Do this Gatcha
Why Di you Do this Gatcha - 10 hours ago
Mr Nosy
Mr Nosy - 10 hours ago
yichen4 - 11 hours ago
0:07 lol, just a flesh wound
Gabrielle Duparc
Gabrielle Duparc - 11 hours ago
I have a theory... couldn't the monster just be depression... BECAUSE LOOK every year depression takes 1000 of lives and it could be absolutely ANYTHING so the monster could be a shape shifter for exemple: we have Olivia that sees her mom that was dead 5 years ago, she couldn't take her death anymore and seing her "mom" again she just wanted to end her suffering! I might be wrong but I absolutely love making theories so this my theory for BirdBox!
Ridley - 11 hours ago
Bird box monster was mr ping, case closed
Sally Studios
Sally Studios - 11 hours ago
How to beat them: hold up an uno reverse card
Sally Studios
Sally Studios - 11 hours ago
Plot twist the monsters were penny wise and a ghosts child. Invisible (ghost) and takes on the form of your worst fear (penny wise) 🤯
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
There was not monster.Netflix could not pay for one.
Nicole Playz
Nicole Playz - 11 hours ago
Have you considered it being a SHADOW monster it’s possible the bird box monster doesn’t have to be a solid figure
De 'ondrae Williams-Chisolm
The birdbox is an SCP and it is a lnfohazard
Guy Bayan
Guy Bayan - 12 hours ago
The entity could've been something like sirens from the Odyssey. Look it up and judge for yourself.
Oscar Figueroa
Oscar Figueroa - 12 hours ago
Oscar Figueroa
Oscar Figueroa - 12 hours ago
The monster is slenderman cause
Jigsjigz - 12 hours ago
was the same maga hat wearing monsters that attacked Jussie! :O quick let them Nigerians go! magacountry!
MsTakiH - 12 hours ago
The monster is a Mt. Rushmore sized pile of pigeon shit. Oh wait...that's the real title to this movie. Bird Shit!
Ismael Boechat
Ismael Boechat - 12 hours ago
The monster is the crabby Patty secret formula.
Z3R0Ko0L .
Z3R0Ko0L . - 12 hours ago
My theory is that it’s actually a 4th dimensional beings or possibly a collective idea of all of these monsters or the last one that’s it’s just one monster not documented or even seen by actual man
Zoanne Bamburg
Zoanne Bamburg - 12 hours ago
Dude: He is known as the one who opens all lock-
My door knob: *shakes*
Me: *looks at it then at my laptop* Alright-
Cute goth girl12 Playz MSP
7.7 subs and I just found you
Typical Mind
Typical Mind - 12 hours ago
When the woman walked in the car she was witnessing her mom leave then she killed herself it is fear
Lana Zoric
Lana Zoric - 13 hours ago
Puca means ghost on Irish 🤯🤯(I knew that already)
Daniel Gross
Daniel Gross - 13 hours ago
We have no idea if the Author pulled from any Biblical scripture references. If he did, I know from movies and other shows that sometimes a writer only chooses one or two references, and ignores all the rest. Writers are not all biblical scholars to know how to cross reference scripture. But a few things were ignored here in order to suggest a Rapture sequence of events. 1) 1 Corinthians 15:52 says that we would all be caught up in an instant. i know you tried to side step this, but a Rapture is something that happens all at once. People can't be killing themselves one at a time and have it called a "Rapture" . 2) After Christ was resurrected, Jesus appeared to His disciples on multiple occasions, sometimes to a closed room. So if He wanted to, Jesus could be in a room that had closed doors. 3) The reference to Christ knocking at the door, was Jesus knocking at the door of the Church in Laodicea. They were going through the motions of being a church, but were no longer following Jesus. He wanted to come in and be a part of their lives again, but they had shut the door their souls on Him.
sadiikh jimale
sadiikh jimale - 13 hours ago
12:18 when she said mom she meant Russia motherland
JILLY JUICE - 13 hours ago
I thought the monster was T-Series
The monster is your ugly mum.
(No offense)
Arianna Feliciano
Arianna Feliciano - 14 hours ago
Ok im sorry but when i heard that the monster represented infinity all i could think was "thanos"
ANDERO ENNOK - 14 hours ago
Ben Plsek
Ben Plsek - 14 hours ago
Did he just make a new religion
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