Trying Workout LIFE HACKS to see if they work

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Janai McRae
Janai McRae - 2 hours ago
is your sis in the back because i hiring a sond
Hannah McCormack
Hannah McCormack - 4 hours ago
the slime shoe hack gives me anxiety because when it pops wham bam you have to buy new shoes mam'
Kodax Kodax
Kodax Kodax - 12 hours ago
How many personalities I mean channels does she have?
Lil panda
Lil panda - 14 hours ago
Sssniperwolf/Lia do you feel sad you can't do videos with digital because of the virus
Baylee Tijerina
Baylee Tijerina - 14 hours ago
I have The same slippers as you
Luna Ash
Luna Ash - 18 hours ago
Jenn martin
Jenn martin - 20 hours ago
i did that thing with my old sock for my phone thou it kinda makes my arm ache a bit
Nana Nana
Nana Nana - 20 hours ago
Does anyone think that corona is a waist of our time bc we cannot go out of thee house I am soo bored
Jenn martin
Jenn martin - 20 hours ago
doing your squats its kinda like using the public toilet sit your butt down but not all the way down
Jenn martin
Jenn martin - 20 hours ago
you would put insole company out of business if everyone made there own LOL
Kynadi Britt
Kynadi Britt - 20 hours ago
whenever she was doing the exercise hacks, how many of yall got up and did them on your own floor?
the Advetures of Ashley
the Advetures of Ashley - 21 hour ago
What is that 5:35 5:36 😂🤣
Bryna Jaeger
Bryna Jaeger - 22 hours ago
That one time when she said ‘’corona time” I stared bursting out laughing and choked on my water
Jimin’s lost Jams
Jimin’s lost Jams - 22 hours ago
Destiny Forbes
Destiny Forbes - Day ago
I just wonder why she always does her videos at 3:00 am😂😂😂
Liv M
Liv M - Day ago
Is it just me or is anyone else missing weeeeoooow???
Gabrielė Paska
Gabrielė Paska - Day ago
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ryan Young
Ryan Young - Day ago
put a tom
up if that house big
Cindy Reyes-Zubia
Cindy Reyes-Zubia - Day ago
hi Leah i need to tell you that i make slime more than you so in that video of slime you need to add baking soda bc then it dosen,t work only with the lens soulution
Taualamalevaa Hawkins
Me:pauses the vid of the fist clip to see her beautiful house that I will never have. 😂😂😂😂😂
Art & Joy
Art & Joy - Day ago
For the shoe tying one, the hack one is how I tie my shoes
Joplin Johnson
Joplin Johnson - Day ago
if u don't want the bag to explode put another bag on it but zip it by the other bags but like upside down
Isabella Lele
Isabella Lele - Day ago
Whats youre name?
sierra hammond
sierra hammond - Day ago
Me: "Tries to do the gym hack and tries to eat it like a buritto"
Me: "Coughing"
Me again: "Only tastes sweat"
emily phipps
emily phipps - Day ago
u said “me when i see my crush” but don’t you have a boyfriend?
Gacha-Cheese :3
Gacha-Cheese :3 - 7 hours ago
emily phipps she was refering to what others would say and what it means not just for her dumb 2 year old
zeqii - Day ago
4:56 thick
Atomic RexysYT
Atomic RexysYT - Day ago
When your mom says you have 5 seconds to tie your shoes
Atomic RexysYT
Atomic RexysYT - Day ago
That is why I have socks with gel on them
meadow bordon
meadow bordon - Day ago
i like your vidos
Nevaeh Young
Nevaeh Young - Day ago
5:18 Mee too
no u
no u - Day ago
You have some *stylish* slippers there lia
Binta Aliyu Zurmi
Binta Aliyu Zurmi - Day ago
You are so Pretty
• Yessirskiii •
Who thinks lia is funny 😆 like if u agree
Roblox Queen
Roblox Queen - Day ago
Why at 4am
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - Day ago
لاتحتك بس 😂😂😂😂♥️
Sunshine Squad
Sunshine Squad - 2 days ago
is she sssniperwolf
Sahsha - 2 days ago
Omg I have the same shoes as you
Jessica Stevenson
Jessica Stevenson - 2 days ago
Why do you have two Channels
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - Day ago
Girl-puts glue on socks Me- you know these socks are a thing, right??;-;
Denise Meade
Denise Meade - 2 days ago
I srsly want to know how you keep your floors THAT CLEAN.
Samira Dominguez
Samira Dominguez - 2 days ago
You should make a house tour!!!🤍
Samantha Haase
Samantha Haase - 2 days ago
Who is filming
August Chenetski
August Chenetski - 2 days ago
What The hell was that intro
Kitana Utanga
Kitana Utanga - 2 days ago
you can put your phone case in the sock and then clip your phone and
phone case together and it will stay
Ryleigh Whittaker
Ryleigh Whittaker - 2 days ago
ok so iim watching dhis nd get down to my LAST DINOSAUR CHICKEN NUGGET nd now iim sad
XAmpharusX !
XAmpharusX ! - 2 days ago
Imma use the 5 seconds to run to the bus 😄
Jeneice Sankar
Jeneice Sankar - 2 days ago
She hardly wear skirts
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - 2 days ago
When you do crunches don’t use your hands to bring your head up 👌
Ashley Cardenas
Ashley Cardenas - 2 days ago
The non slip socks look like the ones they give you when your sick in the hospital to walk😌🤩
Ashley Cardenas
Ashley Cardenas - 2 days ago
0:49 r.i.p.
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - 2 days ago
Hi lea I really love your vids your my favorite channel
Brooklynn Lanius
Brooklynn Lanius - 2 days ago
Someone plz tell me that this is sniper wolf
Issidora Bandula
Issidora Bandula - 2 days ago
you are big lia
J Js World
J Js World - 2 days ago
They weren't doing squats right, legs shoulder with apart and squating down without knee going over feet
Emma Hurtado
Emma Hurtado - 2 days ago
Girl-*puts glue on socks*
Me- you know these socks are a thing, right??;-;
Kristina Blevins
Kristina Blevins - 2 days ago
Are you rich
Paisley Coley
Paisley Coley - 3 days ago
No one:
Lia:me talking about my crush to my friends “ in a serious way”
Sausage: what about me 🥺
Mohamed Rashid
Mohamed Rashid - 3 days ago
Sniperwolf can u do a video of
Mokbang plz😀❤
Kizzy Franco
Kizzy Franco - 3 days ago
Ok so right now im really bored bc im quantined so if you can get this comment to 500 likes i film myself pranking my mom for 24 hours
Elyssa Munoz
Elyssa Munoz - 3 days ago
Is that you boyfriend's black shoes😂
Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima - 3 days ago
I have samé shoe like you
Francisco Lobo
Francisco Lobo - 3 days ago
She put her phone in her mouth yuck
CloudyWolfEditz - 3 days ago
Sniperwolf are u here?
BnXxx GamingXxx
BnXxx GamingXxx - 3 days ago
I accidentally used my jerk sock for the phone one... the hack doesn’t work
Julia Clary
Julia Clary - 3 days ago
ACTUALLY a correct lunge is different. The back leg is supposed to be straight.
Julia Clary
Julia Clary - Day ago
Addy Healy Oh! I had no idea! My coach told me that it was a lunge.
Addy Healy
Addy Healy - Day ago
ACTUALLY that would be a war stand in yoga 🧘‍♀️
Madison Cox
Madison Cox - 3 days ago
Madison Cox
Madison Cox - 3 days ago
Hi lea I really love your vids your my favorite channel
Meowshmallow - 3 days ago
Meowshmallow - 3 days ago
okow tina lol
okow tina
okow tina - 3 days ago
she thick doe
ThreeRedBlocks - 3 days ago
By crush does she mean sasuge 🤔🤨
Like if you wondered this to
okow tina
okow tina - 3 days ago
they got big from 2016 ... much better mon amie
Denise Morales
Denise Morales - 3 days ago
Am I the only one who wonders how many shirts she has messed just for these life hacks 🤣
Røse Diablø
Røse Diablø - 3 days ago
OML the black camel leggings I have em
Luna Kitty
Luna Kitty - 3 days ago
That girl with the phone in her mouth she is so getting corona
Iz Scott
Iz Scott - 3 days ago
I scrolled down the comments and all people did was copy what other person said
Susan Barlow
Susan Barlow - 3 days ago
is it to late or to early?
Danny P
Danny P - 3 days ago
Do u sleep???
Susan Barlow
Susan Barlow - 3 days ago
Lia: its 3:am

Susan Barlow
Susan Barlow - 3 days ago
it eez what it eez
Ava Matt
Ava Matt - 3 days ago
Kadence Guyton
Kadence Guyton - 4 days ago
2015 Lia: OK guys it’s 3 am right now and I am FREAKING OUT because we are about to explore a haunted hotel!!
2019-2020 Lia: Were putting corn in the microwave at 3 am just a normal night.
Stephanie Mc Cafferty
Stephanie Mc Cafferty - 4 days ago
Do you remember dear David!!!!!!!!!! Go look at your video's
Милина Русева
Olmost first.😩
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