The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review

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Bree Limerick
Bree Limerick - 4 days ago
I've been a jeffree star fan since his early music. Beautiful killer and prom night were my favorites. And the stuff he did with botdf. It's so nice to see he made such a great life and business for himself. I love you jeffree 💖
r k
r k - 5 days ago
Yoo, dude looks like weird al yankovic
Daniel Rios
Daniel Rios - 6 days ago
No se que cojones hace Zeus, que no te ha dejado todavía entrar en el puto olimpo, porque eres una diosa
Eli Datulio
Eli Datulio - 7 days ago
they're meant to do this video since the day they were born!
Zoey Anneva
Zoey Anneva - 7 days ago
Soooo let's see you do the stupid love pallette now
Megan Elizabeth
Megan Elizabeth - 8 days ago
He said amazon is like McDonald’s 😂😂😂💀
Cathy Brash
Cathy Brash - 8 days ago
la riot come on Jeffree L.A RIOT
Cathy Brash
Cathy Brash - 8 days ago
Marianna Vargas
Marianna Vargas - 10 days ago
What does pr mean ?
Donna Flowers
Donna Flowers - 11 days ago
I seriously want to get stoned with Jeffree
Jessica Rika Fentisa
Jessica Rika Fentisa - 11 days ago
How does Jeffree talk that fast and detailed while blending his eye-shadow at the same time? That multi-tasking is God-skill.
Teetee DaGoddess
Teetee DaGoddess - 11 days ago
I absolutely love the lip look😍 I need her to release some more products like YASS
Asia Oviedo
Asia Oviedo - 12 days ago
Wow! I😭😭😭🤣🤣❤❤
McKenna Theut
McKenna Theut - 13 days ago
Always drinks red bulls love it
Lea Hse
Lea Hse - 13 days ago
This video is 8 Month old but today is the first day i hear that there is Lady Gaga Make Up. I think that is because it's not here in Germany. I don't know.
Edit: i search and found one German Video about Lady Gagas Make Up.
Tara Sp
Tara Sp - 13 days ago
I dont think anyone could make those eye lace patches look any better then jeffree star, not even Gaga herself! They were made for him with no eye brows their perfect!🔥🙌🏻😍
Assie Ray Agaton
Assie Ray Agaton - 14 days ago
jeffree is actually giving us signs that chromatica era was coming! #rainOnMe out now
kennedi mitchell
kennedi mitchell - 14 days ago
why is literally no one cool from birmingham michgan??!
Reagan VanHouten
Reagan VanHouten - 14 days ago
Jeffree Stars straws for his red bull are luckier than I am
Mel L
Mel L - 15 days ago
You are the best I love you big fan
Josh Wilmoth
Josh Wilmoth - 15 days ago
What was the new addition? I totally forgot about that till I came to rewatch this video.
Oscar Monroy
Oscar Monroy - 16 days ago
Bitch, that tired old thot Gaga sent a bunch of crap ! This video was a waste of time !
Holly Shank
Holly Shank - 16 days ago
High how are ya? I know you are always helping people out. I am 23 weeks pregnant with my baby girl Z. I haven't been able to work due to my health issues and unable to take my medications while I'm pregnant. My husband and I have moved into my parents attic due to me not being able to work. And I honestly want nothing more than to just give my baby girl a home. And to get my pit bull baby scrappy back in my life. He is having to live with other family while we are here and it literally is destroying my husband to be separated from our baby boy scrappy. If you could help in any way I would find a way to give back. I just need a chance to get just slightly ahead. We just need a good downpayment which we already have 5000 put back which has been so insanely hard to get saved with only one income😅 even if you cant help me in this way just know your videos are the only thing that has kept me same during this pregnancy and being stuck in my bed room all the time. Thank you for the encouragement to not give up with being this sick and to care for myself. Love love love the Cremated collection! Will support and buy in the future when I can!
Eddie Lavoi
Eddie Lavoi - 16 days ago
Damn I remember when you had only 10k fans on myspace back in 2009 , I followed you because of your cool tattoos and your unique music , now you're about to hit 20 million subscribers , time flies by so fast, God bless you dude!
ThrillRider247 - 16 days ago
when jeffree puts on the green eye liner. and is like WOAH!! this is cool. i told you gurll we need a GREEN pallet and collection.. after cremated pleaseeeeee make a green one!!!!### :) :) loveee you .....
Christian Walling
Christian Walling - 16 days ago
Stop acting like a woman
Christian Walling
Christian Walling - 16 days ago
You are a man nothing more or less.
Acid filled candy
Acid filled candy - 16 days ago
I'd like to see lashes from gaga... i think she'd do some wild, beautiful, maybe even a LITTLE over the top lashes.
mardigrasqueenofthesouth k
great placement Jeffrey on first try, thats a pro for ya!
BEE Young
BEE Young - 17 days ago
Dude I can’t stop obsessing over your 👄 they are 👌 when I win the lottery I want your Drs name!
Chase Bernadotte
Chase Bernadotte - 19 days ago
Getting a Jefree Star Approved is the best advertisment a make-up company can actually have... Congratulations Gaga!
Quarantined Girl
Quarantined Girl - 20 days ago
Who else doesn't think of jefffree as a man or woman, but just.. jeffree? 💛
Bella Nova
Bella Nova - 21 day ago
Jeffree is so beautiful 😍
Yoxnol - 21 day ago
my eyes puff up and water when i use liquid eyeshadow
Jrmindy Adkins
Jrmindy Adkins - 21 day ago
Dollar General is selling a brand called Believe. What is the chances you would review these products?
Purple Lilac
Purple Lilac - 19 days ago
Jrmindy he already has! 🌻
Purple Tube
Purple Tube - 22 days ago
Jolean Thorton
Jolean Thorton - 22 days ago
I loved everything gurrrl!!!! Amazing job, once again! So glad to know this brand works!!!!!! xoxo
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson - 22 days ago
I love it
#Authentic Self Development Authentic MRojas
I really wish I could get more unicorn blood... it really boosted my self esteem. It's literally like I became BEAUTIFUL without actually changing myself at all lol.💋💓😭
Christina Moller
Christina Moller - 22 days ago
Ok, and the eyeshadows were awesome!
Christina Moller
Christina Moller - 22 days ago
The lippies
Sibilla Saleniece
Sibilla Saleniece - 22 days ago
It doesn’t mater what anyone thinks as long as gaga likes it
sans - 23 days ago
can jeffree teach me how to do lipliner like that bc it is EVERYTHING
Sandra Jackson
Sandra Jackson - 23 days ago
David M
David M - 24 days ago
Jeffree, do a review of all the New products from haus Labs pleasee
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith - 25 days ago
Jeffree this make up was like BAD.. BAD .. I'm not sure as to why you approved it .. Gaga you cool af but the make up is shitty period
Boris Ahmad
Boris Ahmad - 27 days ago
Mar Antràs
Mar Antràs - 27 days ago
Jeffree: I just did a cute little wing... Everyone: BITCH THATS NOT A LITTLE WING
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez - 27 days ago
The face deco is WONDERFUL!!! where u placed is on point!
Zumba Anthony
Zumba Anthony - 28 days ago
I was not a fan of any of these products on you Babe. I just wasn’t it. I feel like maybe you have to be a certain type of make up artist to like this line but I’m glad Jeffree was honest🤷🏻‍♂️
Pietra Rivas
Pietra Rivas - 29 days ago
“Dog screaming “ gonna use this since now
Stormy Cosplays
Stormy Cosplays - Month ago
What if Jeffree Star tried cosplay?
Paula Weber
Paula Weber - Month ago
I never buy celebrity makeup but I do like the lip gloss and liquid eye makeup.
Joe Krause
Joe Krause - Month ago
Wet metal is the best thing I've heard for what that thing looked like he's so good. Edit: I thought of her biker vid judas
Annette_ K
Annette_ K - Month ago
“I was about to do that but I do have to go,visit nathans grandma later so we need to relax”😂😂
Jinx Abbott-Kilpatrick
I am strange and unusual. I'm a beautiful monster. Thanks for this review. Love ya, Jeffree!
Alyssa Smith
Alyssa Smith - Month ago
I love a good green eyeshadow tho
Joel Prainha
Joel Prainha - Month ago
He's so rich omg look that versace robe probably his underwear is versace 😫 I'm feeling poor
Jessica Fugarino
Jessica Fugarino - Month ago
I'm new to JEFFREY star as well and I ADORE him. I agree with Sandra if Victoria Beckham has done a line, of cosmetics. I'd very much enjoy his review,BTW I love that Blazing on you Jeffree and I agree GaGas liquid eye color is to fie for. I've never seen one go on so effortlessly.
Yalda Yazarlou
Yalda Yazarlou - Month ago
such a pretty colour combo and makeup!! wow shook at the pigment of the eyeshadow!
Annabelle Rabino
Annabelle Rabino - Month ago
So rich
Caithlin Grainger
Caithlin Grainger - Month ago
I thought jefree was gonna fly away with those wings 🤣❤
Like work it gurl
Jess Nesh
Jess Nesh - Month ago
Hillary Hollenbeck
Hillary Hollenbeck - Month ago
I love that whole line! I think everything went on perfect for u. And very Gaga.. 🖤 But.... I’m with u! I was waiting to see some high shine BRIGHT/dark colors since it’s “Gaga”, ya know. But.. I love what you did with everything! 😍
Danii Decay
Danii Decay - Month ago
Preorder - so they can meet demand and not have her products sold out for weeks. Like a few people 🤣
kesariaberdzenishvili - Month ago
"We need to relax"
Her eyeliner is bending into her hairline
Bitch confident level 1000/10
gigi_ c
gigi_ c - Month ago
The lips are beautiful. Nice colors.
gigi_ c
gigi_ c - Month ago
She waited cuz her perfume was wretched...
Really, She is slowing down and wants an income that is mostly passive on her part. She is paid dividends, without having to hussle as much. This is a good way to make a passive income as a superstar who has made it
Hi Manila I Just Saw Manila Girl
gigi_ c thats why gagas perfume gross 1.1 billion and sold 36 million bottles dont even
Danii Decay
Danii Decay - Month ago
gigi_ c Fame was not wretched, the other scent was. She’s not slowing her career down at all.
rasha is crazy
rasha is crazy - Month ago
Jeffree is like the most professional makeup artist I have ever seen
Natalie Arch
Natalie Arch - Month ago
zach: i actually like it
tg tg
tg tg - Month ago
Ivy Pettett
Ivy Pettett - Month ago
Luv the eyes ❤️
Ivy Pettett
Ivy Pettett - Month ago
Luv that color lip liner Drag
kayla twitter
kayla twitter - Month ago
Thank you for making my day a little bighter.
Ran Kn
Ran Kn - Month ago
İ think u are so awesome!
amy bastian
amy bastian - Month ago
Jeffrey knows that his celeb friends are all trans . Kat Von D & Gag-Gag are MEN . Anatomy doesnt lie . All A-listers are trans . Seriously , Go look at these in 2020 ..Tanya Tucker, Patti Labelle, Dionne Warwick, Busy Phillips, Chloe Sevigny, Reese Withered Spoon and his wobbly chin implant, and for the FTMs like Mel Gibson , James Spader, Elton John , William shatner (Who was married to James spader in drag in the 1980s ) Sly Stallone , Robert Redford, ... Type in transvestigations truthful spirit blue heron channel and wake up .
Marko Milic
Marko Milic - Month ago
hello quarantine
Christina Medichi
Christina Medichi - Month ago
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Dylan Myers
Dylan Myers - Month ago
You always see him with a Red Bull I wonder if has tried the Red Bull slushy from sonic
Yugvijay - Month ago
Where my lil monsters at?
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