Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 12

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بننبگ - 5 days ago
What is the name of the music
plm2879 - 6 days ago
Why didn't they just replace the door with the undamaged door?
Oddvard Myrnes
Oddvard Myrnes - 8 days ago
Boys, put a guide rail on the 'dangerous' staircase!
rb67mustang - 13 days ago
In a word, Sweet!
FÑŽ CLEE - 13 days ago
nice video again
Hansiboy Ocelbo
Hansiboy Ocelbo - 13 days ago
you forgot about the tie road!!!!! fix it
audreks - 18 days ago
Broken glass molten pieces and all that good stuff :D
Mads Bonde Frederiksen
Mads Bonde Frederiksen - 19 days ago
4.15 i could imagine taht you broke the glass😂
Vellis Fong
Vellis Fong - 26 days ago
Hossman21 - 26 days ago
What brand is the automotive detailer was used to clean the door off of the burnt hurican?
Shahzad Khan
Shahzad Khan - Month ago
Nice work job please
Shahzad Khan
Shahzad Khan - Month ago
Can I job
BEAST MODE - Month ago
Thomas is the MAN!!!!
Owais Abbasi
Owais Abbasi - Month ago
Lamborghini Huracan.
Isuru Udakara
Isuru Udakara - Month ago
I'm also like to do restoration work. I have old toyota corolla. But the restoration cost is very high.
Anyway your job is very grate guys. 👍
Scotty Sales
Scotty Sales - Month ago
I think you guys need to send this to Netflix I watched episode 1 yesterday evening on episode 12 now it’s binge worthy and your not acting fake truly deal u guys r real good stuff wanting to go to Copart and buy a Lamborghini now
pistolen87 - Month ago
I never had a car, I don't care about cars and I have zero patience for car repairs, BUT, somehow, I like to watch you fix up this car. Good job!
Dmac 740
Dmac 740 - Month ago
Never understood taking everything off the car waste of alot of time you already knew where the problem lied waste of time and money stretchedvout as much as possible for content thumb 👎
OG Rex
OG Rex - Month ago
Ur so weird man stop talking so much
Redlion282 - Month ago
" not a big dill"
Gibbor Defense
Gibbor Defense - Month ago
Please do not paint these type of cars yourselves. Take it to a good body shop and get it done right. This is crazy that you guys do a crap paint job on a Lamborghini. It’s only $250-300 a panel to do it right.
Raimu Mulli
Raimu Mulli - Month ago
yes paint a lambo with a spraycan lol
bluepaws blue
bluepaws blue - Month ago
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent - Month ago
OEM = recognizable as a vehicle
Static City
Static City - Month ago
I sent the guide coat!
Static City
Static City - Month ago
Jamie Lee Curtis.
Static City
Static City - Month ago
No I did.
Static City
Static City - Month ago
Yes I didn't.
Static City
Static City - Month ago
No I didn't.
Static City
Static City - Month ago
Yes I did.
Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson - Month ago
lame how many ads you have.
Rob L
Rob L - Month ago
Let me go an get some gloves on before I get all cut up.
Comes back with the thinnest gloves known to mankind.
The Recruit 1
The Recruit 1 - Month ago
You can also spray in a circular style.
mhawkins1975 - Month ago
I love watching your videos,watched from the beginning of Lamborghini build and I’m going to watch all the other builds from uk.
Magma Sunburst
Magma Sunburst - Month ago
It is unusual how two people got their cars wrecked with almost exactly parallel parts that combined into one good car. What is the Bible verse about taking from the unrighteous rich and giving to others? Not saying the previous owners were that way but it made me think about it.
Paul D
Paul D - Month ago
How much was the total cost$ for this project?
Shaaqaib Kadeer
Shaaqaib Kadeer - Month ago
I was wondering the same thing. It better be worth it for all the time , money and effort.
TurboBass - Month ago
h cj
h cj - Month ago
I’ve just watched 12 episodes in row love your work guys
Jørgen Thorsdalen
Jørgen Thorsdalen - Month ago
Sullivan Hebel
Sullivan Hebel - Month ago
i liked it when it was strait piped
Dee Richardson-Davies
Dee Richardson-Davies - Month ago
You guys are the best thing on the net!!
Franklyn Grant
Franklyn Grant - Month ago
442 + People want you to fail,....... I am proud of you guys,....... and so are the other 1.2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. COntinue to be great!!!!
Jørgen Thorsdalen
Jørgen Thorsdalen - Month ago
I'm guessing 442+ jealous people haha
Kitty xoxo
Kitty xoxo - Month ago
They call them slips
Kitty xoxo
Kitty xoxo - Month ago
In some flip flops! Yo they wear those in the jail down here
Kidvette2004 - Month ago
What's the dogs name?
Ejike U
Ejike U - Month ago
So you guys do get some rest at all? I'm trying to put a workshop together but I don't have you guys skills.
Todd Is boss
Todd Is boss - Month ago
It would be easier to use a doohickey on the whatcha mcallit
SAMY KHAN - Month ago
You guys are amazing man, couldn't even skip a one second on your video and this whole incredibly , jaw dropping process. You guys make me wanna go to school for learning.
Finley Boulton
Finley Boulton - Month ago
It is not a hybrid
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez - 2 months ago
What’s oem
David W
David W - 2 months ago
Always talking
Castle Troy
Castle Troy - 2 months ago
Lambo’s loookin gooooood ...and all that good stuff 😁😉👌
ArkusTheGreat - 2 months ago
How much did you pay for it originally?
Jonas Mikael Pedersen
Jonas Mikael Pedersen - 2 months ago
"Almost OEM" new shirt right there!
Jackie Shopshire
Jackie Shopshire - 2 months ago
Strange Times
Strange Times - 2 months ago
"and all that good Stuff" :-D
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