Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - January 07, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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Volter X
Volter X - 3 months ago
Фу какой гавнище стыдно
coelhoazul - 5 months ago
Impeach Trump!
Donald Trump is Lucifer his fake Jewish people make up the body of the Antichrist not just Jewish people there's a lot of people involved in this nonetheless
Samantha Escalera
Samantha Escalera - 6 months ago
Just sad.
seven head
seven head - 6 months ago
It's all fake news people. Pray for eyes to see
green acre
green acre - 6 months ago
Trump is a tough guy hes so dope🤣✔
presidential harassment Frustration?❌👎his plan is the priority.
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb - 6 months ago
Best President ever. Trump 2020. Shut it down. Keep it shut down.
True -_- Toe
True -_- Toe - 6 months ago
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Jeremy Whitfield
Jeremy Whitfield - 6 months ago
Isn't the Govt and Govt activities terrorism
lordcrunk - 6 months ago
Diarrhea face wants $ for slush fence.
Jesse c
Jesse c - 6 months ago
Why do the US government and media only consider Muslims terrorists🤔
Pam Hamilton
Pam Hamilton - 6 months ago
Politicians have personal SECURITY ❗️Tex, Arizona, Calf, have an EMERGECY‼️Please HELP...We are AMERICA ♥️
Milagro Melgar
Milagro Melgar - 6 months ago
Good for the girl saudita she probably doesn’t want repression from her own family. 😡😡😡👍🏼
Milagro Melgar
Milagro Melgar - 6 months ago
Americans people keep voting for him for his next reelección his going to be worse,Americans did this choice ,thanks God I dint.
Louis Villafranca
Louis Villafranca - 6 months ago
But honest to god tho u guys kno spanosh people work hard the paper work was alright but be real who else would u count on ever tribe has its evil
Gabriel C
Gabriel C - 6 months ago
Who else was expecting this as soon as Trunp became president? And now your just rubbing your hands like an evil person lol
Christina Lee
Christina Lee - 6 months ago
We need to build a wall around Trump!
Phill M
Phill M - 6 months ago
Assassination is the answer!
Phill M
Phill M - 6 months ago
People are going to lose everything and because they lose everything assassination attempts will happen
Jozhua Mendoza
Jozhua Mendoza - 6 months ago
Why didn’t the republicans approve the budget for the wall for the past two years before the democrats took over?
Orphan 97
Orphan 97 - 6 months ago
Crying? Really? Wow find another Job.
PJ R - 6 months ago
Steven Elliott : 19 January 2019 Saturday PM : he’s probably crying because his five Jet Skis, Speed Boat, Motor Home and weekend Land Rover are all at 3/4ths tank, and worried that he’ll have too dip into his “Federal” Savings Bank Account or numerous retirement Investments that each probably have FIFTY X TIMES more than the average blue collar working poor Americans’ one checking account, OR he could be worried that he ‘might’ have too turn off the heat in their second hidden hideaway multistory four bedroom vacation Cabin home where they go skiing for two weeks on PAID Government time off, OR wait, could be worse, he might have too ask his entire neighborhood to pay for the THREE children’s Schooling he and his wife decided to have..... OH wait, that’s right, We the People are already paying exorbitant Property Taxes to fund Schools for children We don’t have : Scams Across America, Scams Across the Land I love, United We fall, United We Scam, SCAMS Across America <- sung too the tune Hands Across America
Orphan 97
Orphan 97 - 6 months ago
Anyone else tired of Anti American NBC? It’s sad
That One Asshole
That One Asshole - 6 months ago
But weren't the Mexicans supposed to pay for the wall?
姜璐 - 6 months ago
I like that tense background music theme, it sounds like some giant Godzilla is right on the way.
Michael Dow
Michael Dow - 6 months ago
Fat worthless pos...
Mariah Donovan.
Mariah Donovan. - 6 months ago
pfos - 6 months ago
We can only hope the government stays shut down forever!
OH Yeh!
OH Yeh! - 6 months ago
Thanks Nancy and chucky ! Dig your heals in don’t cooperate or work something out with the President — their pay checks are just crumbs
PJ R - 6 months ago
OH Yeh! : 19 January 2019 Saturday PM : 2018 Net Worth for Minority Leader of House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi ; CA Average Net Worth: $82,523,017.00 Mrs. Pelosi and her “Constituents” can pay their fair share/percentages; easily when you compare the humongous income/worth disparity with the bottom 3/4ths of the population in our Country, that THEY caused!!! USA National Debt 17 December 2018 Monday AM Accountability per person ~ $66,453.00 : Accountability per tax payer ~ $178,959.00 Do you and each person in your family have either these amounts to pay YOUR Government/s Debts? These debts are placed on your back, the next generations to come, including children of today, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the future : America’s New Slaves for the Wolves of Washington D. C. and the 50 States Governments. ================================ Over worked, under paid, over taxed, YOU Americas New SLAVE SHUT DOWN the Federal, the States and all County Governments, for a minimum 90 days continue it now! Then, for the entire year of “2020” SHUT DOWN the Federal, the States and all County ‘Leeching Failure’ of our Governments, now for decades after decades and decades, ping pong politics: Self Serving REPTILIAN Monstrosities : send in the Troops secure our borders build a massive, very deep, very wide, very tall, electrocuted Wall on both the Southern border with MEXICO and along the northern border with CANADA
Martin Nicholson
Martin Nicholson - 6 months ago
Get a grip wimp go get another job
Martin Nicholson
Martin Nicholson - 6 months ago
First off how can you have a union when you work for the government when it is illegal for you to strike remember PATCO that is professional air traffic controllers that Ronald Reagan fired they were fired because there is a federal law that says you cannot strike against the government entity so having a union is virtually worthless
NOT tfue
NOT tfue - 6 months ago
Trump is creating big problems cause if not one is working for TFA at airport drugs and fire arm could get in the country also ppl could start going to store breaking in to feed there family he going about Al this wrong he's creating a huge problems for us
Zombie Rusty Shackleford
Zombie Rusty Shackleford - 6 months ago
I'm just here for the comments lol love seeing people fighting each other in the comments 🍿
In Trump We Trust
In Trump We Trust - 6 months ago
Double down ??? dude , Trump really want to build this great wall as he promised but Democrats would like to stop him . May God protect this wonderful and smart leader (Trump) against all who want sold this country to migrants .
Ash kanzi
Ash kanzi - 6 months ago
Them Politics
Them Politics - 6 months ago
Is Mexico hiring?
xavier wright
xavier wright - 6 months ago
Randy Brown
Randy Brown - 6 months ago
I haven't had enough I'm all trumped out going to turn off the media for a while far too much
SoTaSpEaK - 6 months ago
Remember how the (fake) fact checkers got rekt that night?🤣
Deception Slayer
Deception Slayer - 6 months ago
Every time you make light of having no wall, you do it on the graves of Alexander Mazin and Spencer Golvach and countless others killed by illegal immigrants that strolled into our country with ease.
KnowBull Hockey
KnowBull Hockey - 6 months ago
Please don't secure our border how will we get our drug cartel payoffs to finance our democrat campaigns! How will the democrats get their drugs and pedophile fix on?
Thang Ngo
Thang Ngo - 6 months ago
Now you know how it felt not paying for getting your nails done.
Overby's Raiders
Overby's Raiders - 6 months ago
Yeah, who needs walls! Or doors! Or roofs!
RageMaster2083 - 6 months ago
Trump is a bad president
Music Monkey Red
Music Monkey Red - 6 months ago
Why deosnt nbc ever really report what's going on in California waste of time watching this fake crap
paul schultz
paul schultz - 6 months ago
Build the wall!!!
Shart - 6 months ago
Use Sarah Sanders alone for border security. Just have her stand at the border and make evil noises and faces at illegals and they'll run back home.
Anthony Pisaniello
Anthony Pisaniello - 6 months ago
Build that wall!
Dedalus69 - 6 months ago
Build the Wall. Secure Americas border!
Miguel mr Joinville
Miguel mr Joinville - 6 months ago
I'm from Brazil, I'm from the United States.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith - 6 months ago
Chuck and Nancy needs to go. They're a disgrace to congress the American people
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