Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - January 07, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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Micah Marie Jackson
Donald Trump is Lucifer his fake Jewish people make up the body of the Antichrist not just Jewish people there's a lot of people involved in this nonetheless
K Van
K Van - 5 days ago
As a Jewish American and a taxpayer is old enough to remember we built the Great Wall in Israel 🇮🇱 to keep the poorest of poor out. 🤔 and in the current bill for security is money for a wall for a Turkey 🇹🇷 but we can’t finish the wall that that was approved decades ago? Agonizing about this and something does not pass the smell test. Plus, Ted Cruz write an article to limit term limits. But it does include those in house and congress now. The smell test. Finish the wall here on the western boarder. I think there isn’t enough meds for your bipolar-ness. Build the dam wall already we can budget the wall in a Turkey in 2020-2021.
Samantha Escalera
Samantha Escalera - 5 days ago
Just sad.
seven head
seven head - 5 days ago
It's all fake news people. Pray for eyes to see
green acre
green acre - 5 days ago
Trump is a tough guy hes so dope🤣✔
presidential harassment Frustration?❌👎his plan is the priority.
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb - 5 days ago
Best President ever. Trump 2020. Shut it down. Keep it shut down.
True-_-Toe Gaming
True-_-Toe Gaming - 5 days ago
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Jeremy Whitfield
Jeremy Whitfield - 5 days ago
Isn't the Govt and Govt activities terrorism
lordcrunk - 5 days ago
Diarrhea face wants $ for slush fence.
Jesse c
Jesse c - 5 days ago
Why do the US government and media only consider Muslims terrorists🤔
Pam Hamilton
Pam Hamilton - 5 days ago
Politicians have personal SECURITY ❗️Tex, Arizona, Calf, have an EMERGECY‼️Please HELP...We are AMERICA ♥️
Milagro Melgar
Milagro Melgar - 5 days ago
Good for the girl saudita she probably doesn’t want repression from her own family. 😡😡😡👍🏼
Milagro Melgar
Milagro Melgar - 5 days ago
Americans people keep voting for him for his next reelección his going to be worse,Americans did this choice ,thanks God I dint.
Louis Villafranca
Louis Villafranca - 5 days ago
But honest to god tho u guys kno spanosh people work hard the paper work was alright but be real who else would u count on ever tribe has its evil
Gabriel C
Gabriel C - 5 days ago
Who else was expecting this as soon as Trunp became president? And now your just rubbing your hands like an evil person lol
Christina Lee
Christina Lee - 5 days ago
We need to build a wall around Trump!
Fuck White People
Fuck White People - 5 days ago
Assassination is the answer!
Fuck White People
Fuck White People - 5 days ago
People are going to lose everything and because they lose everything assassination attempts will happen
Jozhua Mendoza
Jozhua Mendoza - 5 days ago
Why didn’t the republicans approve the budget for the wall for the past two years before the democrats took over?
Steven Elliott
Steven Elliott - 5 days ago
Crying? Really? Wow find another Job.
Steven Elliott
Steven Elliott - 5 days ago
Anyone else tired of Anti American NBC? It’s sad
That One Asshole
That One Asshole - 6 days ago
But weren't the Mexicans supposed to pay for the wall?
姜璐 - 6 days ago
I like that tense background music theme, it sounds like some giant Godzilla is right on the way.
Michael Dow
Michael Dow - 6 days ago
Fat worthless pos...
Mariah Donovan.
Mariah Donovan. - 6 days ago
pfos - 6 days ago
We can only hope the government stays shut down forever!
OH Yeh!
OH Yeh! - 6 days ago
Thanks Nancy and chucky ! Dig your heals in don’t cooperate or work something out with the President — their pay checks are just crumbs
Martin Nicholson
Martin Nicholson - 6 days ago
Get a grip wimp go get another job
Martin Nicholson
Martin Nicholson - 6 days ago
First off how can you have a union when you work for the government when it is illegal for you to strike remember PATCO that is professional air traffic controllers that Ronald Reagan fired they were fired because there is a federal law that says you cannot strike against the government entity so having a union is virtually worthless
pz1 1
pz1 1 - 6 days ago
Trump is creating big problems cause if not one is working for TFA at airport drugs and fire arm could get in the country also ppl could start going to store breaking in to feed there family he going about Al this wrong he's creating a huge problems for us
Zombie Rusty Shackleford
I'm just here for the comments lol love seeing people fighting each other in the comments 🍿
In Trump We Trust
In Trump We Trust - 6 days ago
Double down ??? dude , Trump really want to build this great wall as he promised but Democrats would like to stop him . May God protect this wonderful and smart leader (Trump) against all who want sold this country to migrants .
chi chi
chi chi - 6 days ago
Them Politics
Them Politics - 6 days ago
Is Mexico hiring?
xavier wright
xavier wright - 6 days ago
Randy Brown
Randy Brown - 6 days ago
I haven't had enough I'm all trumped out going to turn off the media for a while far too much
SoTaSpEaK - 6 days ago
Remember how the (fake) fact checkers got rekt that night?🤣
Deception Slayer
Deception Slayer - 6 days ago
Every time you make light of having no wall, you do it on the graves of Alexander Mazin and Spencer Golvach and countless others killed by illegal immigrants that strolled into our country with ease.
KnowBull Hockey
KnowBull Hockey - 6 days ago
Please don't secure our border how will we get our drug cartel payoffs to finance our democrat campaigns! How will the democrats get their drugs and pedophile fix on?
Thang Ngo
Thang Ngo - 6 days ago
Now you know how it felt not paying for getting your nails done.
Overby's Raiders
Overby's Raiders - 6 days ago
Yeah, who needs walls! Or doors! Or roofs!
RageMaster2083 - 6 days ago
Trump is a bad president
Music Monkey Red
Music Monkey Red - 6 days ago
Why deosnt nbc ever really report what's going on in California waste of time watching this fake crap
paul schultz
paul schultz - 7 days ago
Build the wall!!!
Adam - 7 days ago
Use Sarah Sanders alone for border security. Just have her stand at the border and make evil noises and faces at illegals and they'll run back home.
Anthony Pisaniello
Anthony Pisaniello - 7 days ago
Build that wall!
Dedalus69 - 7 days ago
Build the Wall. Secure Americas border!
Miguel Moreira
Miguel Moreira - 7 days ago
I'm from Brazil, I'm from the United States.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith - 7 days ago
Chuck and Nancy needs to go. They're a disgrace to congress the American people
Kyra's Place
Kyra's Place - 7 days ago
Who came here to look at the comments?
Pisces Power
Pisces Power - 7 days ago
Im tired of being divided..
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog - 7 days ago
I thought this was another awful SNL skit but nope this is real life and it's not Saturday night.
HOMER DRUMPF - 7 days ago
Any one here affected by the trump shutdown?
HOMER DRUMPF - 7 days ago
+Jack Bravo nice. Keep the trump shutdown going. Money towards technology Security not a wall. Money wasted
Jack Bravo
Jack Bravo - 7 days ago
Not me
The Way
The Way - 7 days ago
Complain all you like, but the days of the lawless ruling this nation are OVER. A new guard is in DC and they are here to stay. A steel wall will be build over every inch of our boarder with Mexico...murders by illegals will cease..rapes by illegals will cease..gang activity from illegals will cease..our prison populations will decline..our employment numbers will skyrocket..drugs crossing the boarder will cease..human trafficking across the boarder will cease..caravans of people migrating over Mexico will cease. How could any good person ever want these activities to continue on?
CJ18 videos
CJ18 videos - 7 days ago
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ROOT LADY - 7 days ago
Don't waste my time...eye know exactly where u are about to come from...thats MY opinion&eye owe u NO explanation for it.Deal with your other words...self evaluate YOURSELF.But be COMPLETELY HONEST about who YOU are.Peaced out.
Reincarnated PewDiePie
Reincarnated PewDiePie - 7 days ago
tear down this wall
Ajn Subb
Ajn Subb - 7 days ago
Its a good thing that there are people that understand and speak Trump. In other news Mother tells spacey, son is older than 18 allows him to drink and sues him for making a pass or assualting her son a adult.
احمد شمو محمود
احبار جمهورة السودان الهامش
Stillone G.
Stillone G. - 7 days ago
Why don't he just let the white con-servative Mexicans pay for there wall. LMAO
ROOT LADY - 7 days ago
Duhhhh..u r SPECIAL.
EAT ME - 7 days ago
Funny thing is Trump used to be Democrat, and then all
The democrats got angry at him when he did his own walk away movement, well that’s just too bad 😭🖕btw he was far worse when he wasn’t in office ......
JamesNathanielVlogs - 7 days ago
We need that barrier! Even chuck said it!
RASHED KHAN - 7 days ago
Tanya Williams
Tanya Williams - 7 days ago
Chuck, Nancy, #LockHerUp and Obama ALL voted for border wall funding in 2006!! Do your jobs! BUILD THE WALL
Chris Rosati
Chris Rosati - 7 days ago
Democrats are not funding a wall when did they funded much more in the past...wake up people, they are just as culpable, lets freeze congress paychecks and benefits too, youll see how quick it gets resolved
Becca g
Becca g - 7 days ago
Build the wall President Trump.
C-Los Legendary OG
C-Los Legendary OG - 7 days ago
good to hear, go donald trump!!👍👍 lets teach this nation what presidency can do and dont give in and keep the government shut down and show them humility.
True2Live - 7 days ago
What is this??? I’m actually agreeing with his points....woah....rationale and logic??? Whattttttt??
CookieGod666 - 7 days ago
Marton Steve
Marton Steve - 7 days ago
belle mcellis
belle mcellis - 7 days ago
Give Trump the FENCE money Already. it's not even a Wall. Why should everyone's lives be Disrupted for these #@$&@# Anyway
One Tough Customer
One Tough Customer - 7 days ago
Yall voted for his dumb as now your going to keep paying for it
Linda Lugo
Linda Lugo - 7 days ago
This shut down is democrat also why trump have to open ?and they cannot cooperate also ?
Human Cancerbag
Human Cancerbag - 7 days ago
That fatass pog reyard and his smug look trying to act like hes a big boi hahaha. Trump is such a joke!!!! Somebody run up and shoot that man please
Nightmare Files
Nightmare Files - 7 days ago
Who’s the girl in the thumbnail?
The Truth
The Truth - 7 days ago
Bro u betrayed ur wife. U wouldn't think twice about betraying me.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 7 days ago
Hello, Humans. Blade: Oh, I get it. I see now. You've been training for two years to take me out, and now here I am. Whew!
Blade: Ooh, so exciting, isn't it?
~Blade(Blade 2)
John Marino
John Marino - 7 days ago
Democrats don’t care about America lives or the safety of our country.
Benjamin - 7 days ago
México 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Ivan Marquez
Ivan Marquez - 7 days ago
Trump has no idea what he is doing to the "other" people
The people that didn't vote for him. I supported presidents I didn't vote for when it came to certain things. I didn't like the policies of the ones I did. I didn't like Obama's "free medical care" pitch. George W. Bush put us into the disaster in Iraq. The disaster by Clinton in Somalia. His promise was to be bipartisan. He only fulfilled it when he was thrown against the wall. I do admit that he got people (all of them) back to work. The tax cut to the higher income seems to work so far. It's strange that immigration is the only bad thing.
Mammon - 7 days ago
TSA union has announced multiple resignations. The airports are unsecured because of Trump. The southern border is secured but the airports are not. Open the government before something bad actually happens.
Luebla Blacknell
Luebla Blacknell - 7 days ago
Look at this clown -sitting w/his arms folded- like "Humpty Dumpty"- sitting his fat @$$ on "his Wall"- getting ready to fall off! All of his "men" will not be able to help him- 'cause they are in prison or he has fired them.😁
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 7 days ago
Kills horrible trade deals, stands up to China, peacfully negotiates with North Korea to the point where Kim ends nuclear enrichment and shakes hands with South Korean leader. He ends toxic Obamacare and is now fulfilling every previous presidents promise of securing a border and we're only 2 years in! Keept it up Trump 2020!
Larry Bluntsworth
Larry Bluntsworth - 7 days ago
Maybe everyone with their cushy government jobs should of been saving their money.
The Oily Boily Guy
The Oily Boily Guy - 7 days ago
1. Executive Order didnt work
2. Congressional vote didnt work
3. National Security declaration unlikely.
4. Trump's gonna get a picket fence
Lourde Heru
Lourde Heru - 7 days ago
If terrorists manage to breach the United States because of the lack of TSA Workers.... Democrats are responsible here.
angusmkaskill - 7 days ago
only six terrorists caught
I thought 1 was too many
HiredKiller08 - 7 days ago
NBC you were never a trust news source. Oh try telling that to the people who live along the border
The Roberts
The Roberts - 7 days ago
Please help my family
Steven E
Steven E - 7 days ago
good for America, we need a wall mr. president, don't let the democrats get away with leaving our nation vulnerable to dangerous gangs and human trafficking crimes at the border! we support you. MAGA.
Ngoc Dao
Ngoc Dao - 7 days ago
President trump will do good for America Great again , we’re it’s America people we good luck have one president trump , will do anything back up power strong
Angelique Williamson
Angelique Williamson - 7 days ago
Good Bless Trump
谢thank - 7 days ago
jpalm32 - 7 days ago
Nothing But Crap
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne - 7 days ago
Did anyone else think of Mr Burns from the Simpsons during Schumer and Pelosi's reply? Seriously, what's bad about a barrier on the border? There are locked gates at many HOAs in the US. Apartment buildings have locked doors with some having door men keeping people out. At the ends of rural driveways I see a lot of gates too. How is it evil to have a barrier?
Viola Gentsch
Viola Gentsch - 7 days ago
You rotten fking mother. Where were you when your precious boy was out drinking all night? No parenting skills here. Probably not the first time your boy has hands down his pants. Except this time it smells like $$$$$$!
Lawrence Beals
Lawrence Beals - 7 days ago
Rats are worried , if president trump builds the wall he will get reelected in 2020.President Trump .potus has kept all promises. I suffered when that half breed monkey was in, lost retirement.
Yesh - 7 days ago
Thank you Trump for try to do the right thing by protecting our nation
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 7 days ago
So much salt in this comment section. I don't wanna watch the video, I just wanna read these comments while munching on popcorn. This is SO much better than a movie.😂
Ruben Martinez
Ruben Martinez - 6 days ago
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