Making Water Spin Like Magic, LATITY-002

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VTG vijay tech gaming
VTG vijay tech gaming - 54 minutes ago
New video
Sukun Sharma
Sukun Sharma - Hour ago
What is load shedding?
Enlig Mand
Enlig Mand - 4 hours ago
Mashallah agha mehdi
Fred Kellermann
Fred Kellermann - 6 hours ago
“Let’s pray for a world without borders” sorry bro, but I’m finally gonna have to disagree with you about something...without borders we have no way of knowing who is where and when which could lead to big problems not to mention tax payers having to support people that shouldn’t get the support. This does not apply to immigration though, however, I don’t mind if you come to my house, but knock on the door and wait, don’t break in through my kitchen window and eat my sandwich
Goosé - 6 hours ago
Mmmmm yes i give this video a honk out of 10
SlushCS - 7 hours ago
try to rectify with the full bridge rectifier
James B
James B - 7 hours ago
Please review kreosan English X-ray gun please!!!!!!
mini singh
mini singh - 8 hours ago
Everything was going fine until he talked about capacitors.....
Me: Oh we go again
Eric Potratz
Eric Potratz - 8 hours ago
You advocate for no borders because of custom fees, and later in the video talk about immigrating to get away from corrupt officials. Contradiction much?
Rapid Noob
Rapid Noob - 11 hours ago
What’s La Tiddy mean
TheBudgetBiker - 11 hours ago
Guys I made my first taser by messing around😁
G A L L A R D S - 14 hours ago
I remember your daughter being a small child. Really time flies I feel to old. I need a girlfriend now.
frozen flame
frozen flame - 14 hours ago
We need to rectify this
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 10 hours ago
upgrade Karna hy best for you azat aur dollar mazid dy thankyou
Shane Fernandes
Shane Fernandes - 14 hours ago
I wish u were still alive .R.I.P Mehidi
Died from electricity
Shane Fernandes
Shane Fernandes - 3 hours ago
@Ptao Tom lol
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 10 hours ago
G P 8
G P 8 - 15 hours ago
Magic spins?
x-androidgamer-x WOT BLITZ GAMEPLAYS
5:08 lmao that's death not health
jagdish ladumor
jagdish ladumor - 15 hours ago
Kindly forward your email address for business inquiry.
William Vollmer
William Vollmer - 17 hours ago
it is at 771, 590 likes
sonal maggo
sonal maggo - 17 hours ago Sir mehdi please react to this video my kid inspired from your video and made this please react to it pls .
sonal maggo
sonal maggo - 18 hours ago
Your daughter was so small when I first saw her . And now she became so big 🤗🤗
Tech Einstein
Tech Einstein - 18 hours ago
Peace was never an option
Peace was never an option - 18 hours ago
this dude is built like an oversized midget
Berend Koedam
Berend Koedam - 18 hours ago
make an dc to ac rectifier
mainak ghosh
mainak ghosh - 19 hours ago
Binod Boom
Superb! - 19 hours ago
Hi ElectroBOOM,

What you could have done for your high voltage power supply is looked up a power inverter circuit diagram to build it,
then use a transformer to boost it up to super high voltage. Here is an example of such a circuit:
Your Welcome,
CAPS TV - 19 hours ago
Electrobooom once said i should probably do it in a safer way- drilling a hole in microwave oven.
MikeTheboss _2
MikeTheboss _2 - 21 hour ago
Your so smart but you use it in a stupid way
Who The Hell Am I
Who The Hell Am I - 21 hour ago
Mahi Electric Technical Expert
Ya Mara electric ka channel hy subscriber gain nahi ho rahy help me ap maray is channel//mahi electric Tecnical Expert//ka review apni video main dain ya jis tarha dil Karin upgrade Karna hy best for you azat aur dollar mazid dy thankyou
Lani Kilchrist
Lani Kilchrist - 22 hours ago
I just found out why his name is ElectroBOOM, everything he makes goes *B O O M*
Suvab thapa
Suvab thapa - 23 hours ago
cryptic pel
cryptic pel - 23 hours ago
Dogan Can Ayik
Dogan Can Ayik - 23 hours ago
My bathroom does not even have an outlet here in the UK...
cip cap
cip cap - Day ago
Is this even possible? Are they all gonna get cancer? Please rectifie this video:
habieb rachman
habieb rachman - Day ago
Please translate indonesian
T J - Day ago
It’s not a electroboom video without something going wrong.
Arizal Efendi
Arizal Efendi - Day ago
Your daughter is gorgeous, Sir
Read this
Read this - Day ago
Make a video how a vibrater works
Nishant Neupane
Nishant Neupane - Day ago
This man is still alive is a greatest miracle 🤣
George Martinez
George Martinez - Day ago
I have - I've had an eternal doubt, my curiosity:
how many Volts do we receive in electroshock "discharge" of electrostatic when we touch a car, a tube, a door lock or a person.
𝒌𝒊𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒔 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒉𝒖𝒈𝒆𝒔 for you all
bassmith448 bassist
I haven't even seen the video yet. You sir have my deepest respect for helping local people in the underdeveloped world with equipment and materials and knowledge. I just wish there were more like you out there.
Curtis Sylvester Jr.
"..... and if we plug it in, we should see the light cycling" oh it's cycling alright.
Gavin Newton
Gavin Newton - Day ago
You gotta place the item as a gift when shipping it and say it’s a family member
Tiziano Germanelli
Tiziano Germanelli - Day ago
I'm not even interested about electricity but i'm watching a lot of ur videos
andrewxc1335 - Day ago
"Want to immigrate??"
Well, yeah, but you won't take us because we're all diseased.
A six6nine9 Fan
A six6nine9 Fan - Day ago
داداش ایرانی هستی
Jalisa Luzunaris
Jalisa Luzunaris - Day ago
0:57 hey man this may sound dumb but pls make this i would really like to see it
Gaming Tube
Gaming Tube - Day ago
Big fan sir...
Love from India ❣️
Иван Бляать
Hey mehdi , 5g is not hurt us because it not have energy, if we transmit power wirelessly , it will blow our heads? ( I mean transfer like Tesla wants to do ) please answer
soundspark - Day ago
ExpressVPN makes fraudulent claims.
Joel Cecena
Joel Cecena - Day ago
King of Electrical Disasters: I don't get it; what is wrong here?
Harsharan Rahkra
Harsharan Rahkra - Day ago
You guys collabing will be epic.
Desmond Brown
Desmond Brown - Day ago
Let's not hope for a world without borders, let's hope for a world with a lot of strong borders a great sense of nationality. Also they don't need our help, they don't need anything from us, we have nothing to do with them. Customs is a very good thing. You're crazy Mehdi, go back to where you came from foreigner
Wiktor Szymczak
Wiktor Szymczak - Day ago
Mehdi: 200 t likes and ill do it.
Yt: 110 t likes
Me: slaps like
Caleb - Day ago
i love your videos
RAMage - Day ago
*Mehdi kills a person by electrocuting him*
Mehdi: "It was irrelevant but funny."
RAMage - 6 hours ago
@Prabhanjan Sahoo If Mehdi didn't understand, how can I explain it to you?
Prabhanjan Sahoo
Prabhanjan Sahoo - 18 hours ago
Prabhanjan Sahoo
Prabhanjan Sahoo - 18 hours ago
I didn't get what happened. Can you please explain? All I understood was that there was something red in the corner and then it blew up and then everything was red
Ajay Kalsi
Ajay Kalsi - Day ago
I'm 13 and I have learnt a lot of stuff from this guy he keeps me motivated and helps pursue my passion for engineering 👍
Alan Yesudas
Alan Yesudas - Day ago
Jefry Cococ
Jefry Cococ - Day ago
Modern Dagamer
Modern Dagamer - Day ago
do a collab with styropyro please
Jefry Cococ
Jefry Cococ - Day ago
Shakhus kj
Shakhus kj - Day ago
Can you make a video about PCB ?
Spade's Bee
Spade's Bee - Day ago
8:36 What ants see when Mehdi shorts a circuit
Richard Prosser
Richard Prosser - Day ago
Hi, I thought that I had registered with Keysight but I didn't get an email from them, as I had expected.
I will check again of course but I also had difficulty with Patreon, as I got an error message: "Creator page failed to load".
The prizes may be useful for me, as the course material looks interesting and I want to start working on some serious projects. I am not that bothered however, I just thought that you might appreciate the feedback.
Aadyanth Krishna
Aadyanth Krishna - Day ago
8:42 Why do you use incognito mode?

The GoodGuy
The GoodGuy - Day ago
Mehdi is also against HK and CCP. And waiting for induction video. Stay safe Mehdi ❤❤
Gergő Bor
Gergő Bor - 2 days ago
I see some news mich Say New Zeland build huge wireless energy transmision lines. But you say in an older video this is inefficent because the energy is go every direction in the air and it's make a huge power loss. Please say some thing a out it in a future video. You can read the text here is the link:
Gergő Bor
Gergő Bor - 2 days ago
I see some news mich Say New Zeland build huge wireless energy transmision lines. But you say in an older video this is inefficent because the energy is go every direction in the air and it's make a huge power loss. Please say some thing a out it in a future video. You can read the text here is the link:
ElectroBrocoli - 2 days ago
Just need 91 k again for induction heater
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - 2 days ago
9:33 gestures wildly with a sharp tool in hand Me: sweats profusly
Gautham S
Gautham S - 2 days ago
make a video on how a voltage stabilizer
Ace Glorinz
Ace Glorinz - 2 days ago
8:32 it is funny when it doesn’t happen to you
Ace Glorinz
Ace Glorinz - 2 days ago
Half of the people are just watching these videos waiting for you to die from your own creations. You lit yourself on fire MULTIPLE TIMES and you shocked yourself countless times
Ace Glorinz
Ace Glorinz - Day ago
fouoii gyhh. What made you think that?
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - 2 days ago
R u egyptian 😅
Usama z
Usama z - 2 days ago
"World without borders"makes a lot of sense.
Desmond Brown
Desmond Brown - Day ago
Makes no sense at all actually
Virgin Potato
Virgin Potato - 2 days ago
Hello electro boom I want to send you fan mail but I don't know how
Gautham S
Gautham S - 2 days ago
Mehdi plz put a video on how a voltage stabilizers work?
Rori Raptor
Rori Raptor - 2 days ago
Me wondering if the guy is watching this video and geeking out.
gamerz club ph
gamerz club ph - 2 days ago
I knew it why mehdi named his channel electroboom because he always got shocked and explode his electronics creation
dkosmari - 2 days ago
Small correction: countries that need stuff the most are the ones blocking their people from getting them. It's self-imposed misery. Nvidia tried to donate some brand new graphics cards to a federal university in my country, and the federal government demanded Nvidia to pay up 3 times the price of the cards in customs. So Nvidia just donated them to another country's university instead. Corruption perpetuates poverty and misery.
Franxxisco VF
Franxxisco VF - 2 days ago
Wow your daughter grew up! I forgot humans tend to do that....
spamlucal - 2 days ago
I recently discovered your channel and I just want to say that your videos are awesome and very educative.
Keep up the hard work.
And be careful.
A. M. Mustofa Sorwar
A. M. Mustofa Sorwar - 2 days ago
Can you please demonstrate charging a car battery with ATX 12v power power line?
Winchester Narnola
Winchester Narnola - 2 days ago
I like the new intro
Starrxs - 2 days ago
Dude get some glasses and gloves so you don‘t pop your eye
Levi Lang
Levi Lang - 2 days ago
I love this channel my dad does not watch anything else when he's bored
iaminterface0101 - 2 days ago
Mehdi gesturing around with the exacto knife gives me just as much of a panic attack as he does when he fucks around with live wiring
LucasBread - 2 days ago
5000 watt tesla pen thing
Omar Ibrahim
Omar Ibrahim - 2 days ago
R u egyptian 😅
Devanand Mallayya
Devanand Mallayya - 2 days ago
Andyca29 The history
Andyca29 The history - 2 days ago
Hello ElectricBOOOM
syed nizam
syed nizam - 2 days ago
what did u do to lebanon (
Prxime_Playz - 2 days ago
das wahr erst die ruhe vor dem sturm
Mr. Joe
Mr. Joe - 2 days ago
Are you an idiot electroboom?? MVP means "Most Valuable Person", and sorry if i said "Are you an idiot??"
Jo Kah
Jo Kah - 2 days ago
Wait is that his wife or daughter? Looks electroCute
mrchriss - 2 days ago
Hello! Can I ask you a serious question?
I bought a house not long ago, and in the garage theres one of those fuse-boxes I think you call them in english. Anyways, I happened to short one of the fuses when I was using a strong powertool, and I had no new fuses to swap them out (I hope you understand because I might be using the wrong terms.) Anyways, i let the garage be out of electrisity because I only use battery-tools mostly and its summer so I dont need any light at the moment.
I was climbing the ladder in the garage when I felt a pinch to my head, and when I look up theres one of the cords to my lightbulbs hanging down openly in the air, and I had pinched myself on the copper which was not protected in electrical tape. If I had had electricity, would I had suffered any injury? I see you getting electrocuted all the time, but I understand you know what you're doing so you know its safe.
The Dude
The Dude - 2 days ago
We're halfway there guys
Cassie - 2 days ago
Electroboom: Well, if I plug this, then the lights should turn off and on. shffffpowpow Me: Well that certainly flashed.
-- - 2 days ago
This man is like dr doofenshmirtz but in real life
ZeeZic Tv
ZeeZic Tv - 2 days ago
It's so difficult 🖤🖤🖤
ResidentEvil302 Ricancuban215usa
U are a great teacher
Raghav Garg
Raghav Garg - 2 days ago
Put the new Tesla coil in vacuum
Cassie - 2 days ago
Mehdi Sees meme about himself gives chuckle, Mehdi see something exploding enjoys it thoroughly
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