Why You Can Spot Bad Green Screen

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이진민 - 9 hours ago
This is why unreal engine's new tech is so good. Never expected to see anything rendered in real time in a non gaming visual industry.
Vincent Pellegrini
Vincent Pellegrini - 9 hours ago
This is why Neil Breen is a master filmmaker.
Gabriel S
Gabriel S - 9 hours ago
Amazing! How long did it take to edit this video?
The1Wolfcast - 9 hours ago
"Why you can spot a bad green screen"
Me: Because I watched the captain disillusion video destroying Chinese cloak
ShakerGER - 9 hours ago
I love your straight to the wall vids! :)
brenden stubblefield
brenden stubblefield - 9 hours ago
Those rocks they green screened are Vasquez Rocks in the Santa Clarita valley a little further than 20 miles from The city but still close, I live ten minutes from there and btw the original Star Trek shot there all the time. There are quite a few episodes using the rocks and the trail/park around it.
Ashley Luna
Ashley Luna - 9 hours ago
Adam Michna
Adam Michna - 10 hours ago
You, Sir, are an absolute gemstone for the internet.
Friendly Cryptid
Friendly Cryptid - 10 hours ago
So without proper editing and planning you're project mite end up feeling like you're in Limbo of the Lost?
Delta Elact
Delta Elact - 10 hours ago
This sponsored message was so well made, the music, the people, everything.
That it's probably the only sponsored message I ever payed attention to.
Tex rain
Tex rain - 10 hours ago
I hate this guy legit so much stop showing on my page
Ondřej Matějka
Ondřej Matějka - 10 hours ago
TNG is from 80s so who cares, but sad is even many today movies or series have very bad CGI and green screen. I hate when something can be done with practical effects and they using CGI instead of that.
ORIO GAMES - 10 hours ago
love how diverse your new series looks...
Mani Dalla
Mani Dalla - 10 hours ago
Thought I was watching Captain Disillusion for a sec
Magnus Ludvigsen
Magnus Ludvigsen - 10 hours ago
One thing you didn't mention during the lighting part:
Sun light cast different shadows from indoor light. Since the sun is so insanely far away as a light source the shadows they cast are mostly completely straight. A shadow from an indoor lit object tend to be more tapere outwards from the object that casts the shadow.
SkyrimSoldier - 10 hours ago
Creed 2 looked terrible
DoktorFrankenstein - 10 hours ago
2:13 I was like “hmm, those are UK signs and markings, and that looks like a UK license plate, why is that car driving on the right? Are they that much in a hurry to turn right!?”
*looks closer*
“Oh. It's mirrored. I guess they don't want to confuse America and mainland Europe. 😂”
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown - 10 hours ago
Tom Scott vs. Captain Disillusion.
(Yes I'm aware that they have collaborated)
Morten Rolfson
Morten Rolfson - 10 hours ago
What are the best programs and tools when you have no choice other than green screen?
khaled hajarat
khaled hajarat - 11 hours ago
The thumbnail is nightmare fuel
Billy Buehler
Billy Buehler - 11 hours ago
hey Tom, I'd be much more inclined to watch your show if they accepted BAT as payment, that way I don't have to put my CC info on another website. thanks for your cool videos!
SpelunkerDude - 11 hours ago
hey talking tom where is your friends??
miomiro - 11 hours ago
Thanks for the explanation Tom, but I’d like to give a shoutout to the editor/animator of this clip. This is amazing. Every content creator should watch this. And if they don’t understand it - they should watch it again, twice at least. ❤️
Motiejus L
Motiejus L - 11 hours ago
This is why those LED screens studios used in The Mandalorian are really interesting. It avoids some of the issues of green screens.
Robert - 11 hours ago
Big Bang Theory is a sitcom, they film in front of an audience.
Kathy Bramley
Kathy Bramley - 11 hours ago
The chair is weirdly annoying. It was distracting when we were focused on giveaways and things looking odd and it was just a sliver of chair back. Took a while to work it out, too.
Süshi~Vølcano - 12 hours ago
Before I watch, I'm just gonna say lighting/shadows.
Jack B
Jack B - 12 hours ago
1:55 this guy and this guy? you obviously mean raj and sheldon
ElectroMite - 12 hours ago
My friend said that the graphics from Borderlands 2 is a reference from another game's graphics... I told him that's not how "easter eggs" worked.
Lewis Filby
Lewis Filby - 12 hours ago
nightmare thumbnail
Dylon Allen
Dylon Allen - 12 hours ago
"I can't tell." = "Size doesn't matter."
the_impresario - 12 hours ago
David Ren
David Ren - 12 hours ago
Next one, how can we tell CGI is done wrong? (Only ufotable has done a good job in anime, and in budget series are so obvious as well)
Sintypitch - 12 hours ago
4:30 just like your peepee
Alchemy Phoenix
Alchemy Phoenix - 12 hours ago
Could 30 Rock not find an elevator to film in? O_o
Tiny orange 124
Tiny orange 124 - 12 hours ago
Thank you
lilCed - 13 hours ago
Why are Green screens so popular, they mostly look bad (like in yt vids or streams)
Jari Heiska
Jari Heiska - 13 hours ago
I suspect Conan is just too pale to get everything right.
Eli Shmittywerminghanjensen
Shout out to the editing in this video! Very smooth and impressive
Santiago de Lara
Santiago de Lara - 13 hours ago
The thumbnail if this video is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of
Neil Whiteside
Neil Whiteside - 13 hours ago
The viseo used in the lighting section is "mirrored" back to front
ArmanHasCorona - 13 hours ago
His editor deserves a raise
Kamil Cześniak
Kamil Cześniak - 13 hours ago
Tom belive proper name for title is chroma key, because the might be often using blue screen as well ;)
Spreest - 13 hours ago
3:44 it's called Dolly Zoom for anyone who didnt know and/or is interested
Zacharion Tab
Zacharion Tab - 13 hours ago
i agree to your video there's also a factor on how the actual green screen was lit up
Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath
All this time watching the channel and I'm only finding out now that Tom has no legs!!
StarflakeMusic - 14 hours ago
tom in the thumbnail: 🗿
Yasugi 01
Yasugi 01 - 14 hours ago
Running out of ideas eh?
QualityEgg - 14 hours ago
Thanks for making this video! I'm a Compositing Artist which means i try to match greenscreen/bluescreen footage with cg and seperately filmed footage for a living :D
Nexim - 15 hours ago
I can’t tell if Tom is like 50 or 20
adilator - 15 hours ago
LMAO, your greenscreen is one of the worse I've ever seen! Get back down to earth you dumdum.
matress in my lung
matress in my lung - 15 hours ago
that sponsor took five seconds dood
man comph
man comph - 15 hours ago
5 minute of someone flexing his editing skill
JoshuaVendetta - 15 hours ago
Taran Van Hermit still has some learning to do.
Craftpotter - 15 hours ago
The thumbnail...
Ramesses The Second
Ramesses The Second - 16 hours ago
I cannot help but notice how tom looks like an older version of james charles
DavidGoods - 16 hours ago
1.5 million views in one day....... O_O
oddjobs gin-chan
oddjobs gin-chan - 17 hours ago
I'll just leave this comment here and comeback until this video comes up to someone's recommendations several years later.
Netcald - 17 hours ago
Although the big bang theory is shot in front of a live audience, they can't bring their audience to the middle of the dessert.
AliceTS - 17 hours ago
4:31 omg that's Medlife Crisis!!
Lochlan Mazur
Lochlan Mazur - 17 hours ago
Tom you need to show your editors face in your next video , that way we can appreciate him as much as we do for you
tobz1000 - 17 hours ago
The Big Bang Theory green-screen was a subtle nod to the quality of the show's writing
Artina - 17 hours ago
I spotted bad green screen in your thumbnail! Shame on you!
KastaRules - 19 hours ago
We play a game at my house: whenever a green screen does Not look right, we take a shot. As a consequence we are always drunk.
Perhaps part of the problem is that nothing looks quite right when you are drinking shots.
S-RankAJ - 19 hours ago
Better than Spy kids 3
Purple Woofle
Purple Woofle - 19 hours ago
*When it changed place I thought my tablet died wtf*
Yuriy Nasretdinov
Yuriy Nasretdinov - 19 hours ago
I guess I'm nitpicking, but I don't think I agree that your videos feel like they were not shot on a green screen. Just watched a 2-year old FizzBuzz video to compare the results:
1) When you are in a "real" room there is a significant echo which is not present in this video
2) Lighting looks much less flat (I assume you had more lighting options available?)
3) You can see individual hairs on your head in the "real" video whereas this level of detail is lost here sadly.
Having said all that, the actual content is far more important anyway and thank you for the new videos you have been posting during these rough times!
Dreamwalker - 19 hours ago
Can we have more videos where we bash on The Big Bang Theory please?
Noob101 - 20 hours ago
Thanks for being upfront about the ad and the pricing.
• 72 years ago
• 72 years ago - 20 hours ago
Alternate Title: big Bing think bad
(If not a low bar already)
Travis Edrington
Travis Edrington - 21 hour ago
Also make sure you record your actor in 444, instead of 422. Else your color and brightness resolution are different and you see more of soft edge.
O oOPuede Platanito tener 300sub antes de la noche
444 what ... sorry I don't know what you are taking about
ibrahim sawa
ibrahim sawa - 21 hour ago
Good point but you forgot the most important one which is the perspective and the angle of both videos, to simplify it for those doesn't know imagine the camera facing your left side and the right side of objects behind you .
O oOPuede Platanito tener 300sub antes de la noche
what ... sorry I don't know what you are taking about
Fosi94 - 21 hour ago
Because is bad, end of the story.
Rob Baker
Rob Baker - 21 hour ago
Evig Yaw? Must have been filmed in Sweden.
Lacy Morrow
Lacy Morrow - 21 hour ago
Your editor deserves and award holy smokes
JUPI9731 - 21 hour ago
I like the idea that Tom made this for his friend working with greenscreens, who is trying to convince the producers to why bad green screen is so easily noticed. :D
Rohith Kumar
Rohith Kumar - 22 hours ago
You missed light spill, contact shadows and green spill.
LittleMissBonnie - 22 hours ago
I don't know what you pay your animator but even if it is high this video should result in a raise :D amazing ♥
Angelito Castro
Angelito Castro - 22 hours ago
so we not gonna talk about how his animator is controlling the green screen with loopy tho
Sophia Walsh Long
Sophia Walsh Long - 22 hours ago
And then there’s The Room, where you can literally see the green reflected on the actors when they’re “on the roof”
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