Custom $10,000 Shoes For James Charles!! πŸ‘ŸπŸŽ¨ ft. James Charles (Giveaway)

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ZHC - 7 months ago
Subscribe to me, @jamescharles and @leomahalo if you want to enter in the giveaway! Thank you James for being such an amazing host❀️❀️
Ella Presswood
Ella Presswood - 9 days ago
ZHC art is soooo cool
Noora Alblooshi
Noora Alblooshi - 13 days ago
Lucy Renner
Lucy Renner - 22 days ago
They are so cool πŸ˜™
Melilena Cabrera
Melilena Cabrera - 2 months ago
ZHC but l don’t have insta 😭
Say Say's World
Say Say's World - 2 months ago
Chris Barnard
Chris Barnard - Hour ago
I look up to you
Kayryan11 Kayryan11
Kayryan11 Kayryan11 - 4 hours ago
You you are good Artist πŸ€‘πŸ€‘
Durun Ramkissoon
Durun Ramkissoon - 12 hours ago
Lorena Medina
Lorena Medina - Day ago
i love scrunchi he is so cut wher can i buy it
phyo zaw
phyo zaw - Day ago
not gave a bellapoarch ??
Isyraf Hadif
Isyraf Hadif - 2 days ago
hi sisters brothers
Liva Vangsbo
Liva Vangsbo - 2 days ago
How many times did he say oh my God ? πŸ˜‚
e.m channel
e.m channel - 2 days ago
Gi mana cara gabung ya harus bayar y kalo g bayar gimana mauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu jangan pelit apa aku mauuuuuuiuui
Zeny Urieta
Zeny Urieta - 2 days ago
Ok this is easy getting a shoe just get it on a TV right let's do this AMA use a bat to get it
Jannik Holm
Jannik Holm - 2 days ago
Jannik Holm
Jannik Holm - 2 days ago
Wahata brasio
Wahata brasio - 2 days ago
JustALad - 3 days ago
2:29 whats the bg music ive been trying to find it for so long and i cant find it
rexgomessfunn - 3 days ago
This is how many times james told
OH mY GoD πŸ‘‡
MrGab gamer
MrGab gamer - 3 days ago
I didn't know James Charles cod customize things so well!! ZHC is always BEST!!
Jireh Kindheart
Jireh Kindheart - 3 days ago
My ganashhhh!!! Y’all are so richhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Charlotte - 3 days ago
James Charles reaction always suprice me and make me smile and the black galaxy bag is so amazing and the butterfly wallet is so beautiful that my mom want it and the other that ZHC's costomize is so Lit and amazing.
Emily Bradford
Emily Bradford - 4 days ago
Bro this is impressive because I can’t even draw straight line
Lili Aja
Lili Aja - 4 days ago
Nada Bts
Nada Bts - 4 days ago
Nada Bts
Nada Bts - 4 days ago
Leon Tan
Leon Tan - 4 days ago
But you no one is always the loneliest number and the letter but no marshmallows for song it's a him alone that's what i tell you about the first what i tell you
Leon Tan
Leon Tan - 4 days ago
Omg omg i never tell you about this james charles is marshmallow
Kaily Armenta
Kaily Armenta - 4 days ago
U should give sofie dossi she on YouTube
Antonia Osorio MartΓ­nez
James Charles:OMG,OMG I LOVE
Amy Bain
Amy Bain - 5 days ago
ZHC in 3000 be like:
β€œHi guys today for my giveaway I have 50 custom houses for you guys”!
Amy Bain
Amy Bain - 5 days ago
I don’t have social media so I can’t enter the giveaway 😭😭😭😭
kairav pradhan
kairav pradhan - 6 days ago
Could I please get one
Rishika Raman
Rishika Raman - 6 days ago
He makes people smile..what can be better than thiss
Ayden Playz
Ayden Playz - 6 days ago
I love james
Cory'sACER - 7 days ago
This is how many times James Charles said "OMG!!!!"
Radyyah Chowdhury
Radyyah Chowdhury - 7 days ago
Yo next thing I customized 10,000 stuff for dream- That would be cool just tell him to film him reacting to the stuff.
Eton Ng
Eton Ng - 8 days ago
Only the people who have never won a getaway can like this
ANONYMOUS 13 - 8 days ago
He Zach king 2.0
Sloopes - 8 days ago
Joshua Winston
Joshua Winston - 8 days ago
i miss leo in his vids
Tammy Francis
Tammy Francis - 9 days ago
I'm just waiting for the day he says I'm coming to Jamaica I wold just love to meet him cuz he is the reason I started to do arf
Tammy Francis
Tammy Francis - 9 days ago
bby_girl _t
bby_girl _t - 10 days ago
im such a big fan
B Gaming
B Gaming - 10 days ago
did you James is actually a girl tenacity she transgender
Aaryan Prem
Aaryan Prem - 11 days ago
the reason this video has 15 million views is cuz, both james and ZHC fans have united lol
gaming lyam
gaming lyam - 11 days ago
That guy is soo funny
Natalie Raffenot
Natalie Raffenot - 11 days ago
I hope you used fabric paint on those shoes otherwise thell dry up and be hella crusty
Samilly Sousa
Samilly Sousa - 11 days ago
James every second: OMG OMG OMGGGGGG hahahaha i love you James πŸ™‚πŸ’–πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡· BRAZILL
The Morgan Channel
The Morgan Channel - 11 days ago
james: Omg Omg Nobody:
AMAY Gacha
AMAY Gacha - 11 days ago
I want to be an artist like ZHC
Ari Gacha
Ari Gacha - 11 days ago
My brother just asked me to customize his most expensive pair of shoes ;-; I'm terrified
Jasper h
Jasper h - 11 days ago
This is fire
Aaron Kellie Lock
Aaron Kellie Lock - 12 days ago
You are so sweet all of you are 😍🀩
apoorva singh jamwal
apoorva singh jamwal - 12 days ago
Hi there I would love to see you design an eye glass case πŸ˜… form an hardcore fan of your art
Joker 90xd
Joker 90xd - 12 days ago
How much they say omg 400
Gil Manalo
Gil Manalo - 12 days ago
When James say hi sister! I was like noooooo it's the monster that say hi sister!
Jane M
Jane M - 12 days ago
Oh my gosh james is such a great artist
Z will never post again
Z will never post again - 12 days ago
where’s scruchy
tiger shark
tiger shark - 12 days ago
Noora Alblooshi
Noora Alblooshi - 13 days ago
Cleoff Jade
Cleoff Jade - 13 days ago
How many oh my god is he saying
Gabriela Nhicole Ferrer
Gabriela Nhicole Ferrer - 13 days ago
this guy have serious $$$$$$$$$ dangggg
Chua Ai nin
Chua Ai nin - 13 days ago
Alicia Burns
Alicia Burns - 13 days ago
Who are you Zach king????
Paris muthui
Paris muthui - 14 days ago
My name is on his shirt
junimah laiman
junimah laiman - 14 days ago
The most funny thing that james said is "what did I even do deserve this"
Anbuchezhian Vishrutha
Anbuchezhian Vishrutha - 14 days ago
You are kind
Shadow GT
Shadow GT - 14 days ago
James is more hyperactive than I thought no offense but best reaction
Janelle Diaz
Janelle Diaz - 14 days ago
They should do art on bags and shoes and I will literally buy them.
CCCraftieSSS - 14 days ago
God loves you
Fia - 14 days ago
Idk what James is saying

Matvey Frolov
Matvey Frolov - 14 days ago
Matvey Frolov
Matvey Frolov - 14 days ago
tatia kublashvili
tatia kublashvili - 15 days ago
did anyone rage when he placed boxes on his macbook?
sree nath
sree nath - 15 days ago
dude can i have a ps4
Daneil Mccarn
Daneil Mccarn - 15 days ago
I love your chanle
Patricia Cuaraque
Patricia Cuaraque - 15 days ago
Patricia Cuaraque
Patricia Cuaraque - 15 days ago
Patricia Cuaraque
Patricia Cuaraque - 15 days ago
mansi sankhe
mansi sankhe - 16 days ago
He should do a makeup video inspired by these ideas
Chou Senhui
Chou Senhui - 16 days ago
H e y s i s t e r s 😘✌
Julissa Dubon
Julissa Dubon - 16 days ago
I will do it because I don’t have a one
Static - 16 days ago
Shyenne Edmond
Shyenne Edmond - 17 days ago
i love your l YouTube videos
thelazytrashcan - 17 days ago
how many times did James Charles say oh my god πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thelazytrashcan - 17 days ago
I knew who is it gonna be when Zach said " hey sisters " lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
E gamer Girl
E gamer Girl - 17 days ago
Imagine messing up on something like this 😨😨😨
Marc&Chai Schachter
Marc&Chai Schachter - 17 days ago
I am only just figured out your YouTube channel a few days ago, but I am obsessed with’re sto nice!and you too Michelle, and everyone else.πŸ’–πŸ˜‰β€οΈ
S A - 17 days ago
Me: **goes outside**
C.Liu - 18 days ago
What is the brand of the markers?
ohnomartha - 18 days ago
Aww the ending made my heart melt Zach/ZHC Is the best youtuber ever❀️
Raymond_ Full
Raymond_ Full - 18 days ago
Awais Karim
Awais Karim - 18 days ago
did you know james charles is actually marshmallow 😱😱
A Seyerle
A Seyerle - 19 days ago
When James Charles was opening the bags and shoes he said oh my god 31 TIMES!!
Aaliyah Kahaniya
Aaliyah Kahaniya - 20 days ago
Love it
Ma'leek Savary
Ma'leek Savary - 20 days ago
can you get shoes
SwitchXL - 20 days ago
Eirian Lake
Eirian Lake - 20 days ago
James Charles : Hai Sisters !
Everyone : Hello Brothers!
Syakira Aulia
Syakira Aulia - 20 days ago
ZHC : "hi sisters"

Me : whaaatt?
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore - 20 days ago
Put James Charles face on it
Elida Veloz
Elida Veloz - 21 day ago
Elida Veloz
Elida Veloz - 21 day ago
august barke
august barke - 21 day ago
Am I the only one bothered about how he put the last marker the other way in the beginning
Arriane Lacson
Arriane Lacson - 22 days ago
I'm in the Philippines I'm your biggest fan
Arriane Lacson
Arriane Lacson - 22 days ago
And I'm subscribe
MelodyYT - 22 days ago
Hey! What kind of markers are you using?
Charanae Denton
Charanae Denton - 22 days ago
He's wearing nails
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