How To Make The Best Sugar Cookies

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Alicia Samaniego
Alicia Samaniego - 16 minutes ago
We made these!!! Omg. This is a new family tradition! We used hallow cookie cutters, but we also used the cookie cutters with the picture indents too. They held up so well!!!! They are so delicious! Were going to double this recipe and make a ton for gifts!
Akshay Hariharan
Akshay Hariharan - 46 minutes ago
Noah Bounyaseng
Noah Bounyaseng - Hour ago
I tried making these and they were sour
Phee - 2 hours ago
Is there any way I could really reduce the dairy amount in this recipe? I can tolerate a little amount of dairy but this recipe will definitely kill me lol
Ally J
Ally J - 4 hours ago
Are there adjustments for high altitude?
Sevda Kamchom
Sevda Kamchom - 4 hours ago
Who found this on their recommended list and whos also watching this on their diet
Marlene Ramirez Juaniquina
hi, i live in Bolivia. Do you know what can i use for replacement for pasteurized egg whites or meringue poder.
Lu Fireflies
Lu Fireflies - 6 hours ago
Hello, someone knows the equivalent in "g" please?
Sindel Wolf
Sindel Wolf - 7 hours ago
Wow.. I've been butchering sugar cookies my whole life..
Kookie kat
Kookie kat - 8 hours ago
It’s not sugar cookies , it is Suga kookies. ✌🏼👀
sohail alam
sohail alam - 8 hours ago
It’s gemma stafford ??? I love your recipe
Joseph Bingham
Joseph Bingham - 9 hours ago
I watched this in my culinary class a couple days ago so we can make them on the 17 yay finally we r cooking
Leah Sayers
Leah Sayers - 9 hours ago
You don't have to use pasteurized egg whites tho cause it's ok to eat raw egg whites
Kymberly Sedillos
Kymberly Sedillos - 12 hours ago
Who ever she is, she’s adorable. I enjoyed listening to her.
გაგა ფროდიაშვილი
Can i make royal ice without pasteurized egg white?and add original egg white?
Ana AbuMalhi
Ana AbuMalhi - 12 hours ago
Is this recipe written down anywhere?
Shannon Professional Aesthetician
You put the cutter in the center of the dough 😂 My mother would've died! I don't care and that's how I do it but she had this weird thing about this method.
JK The chicken nugget
JK The chicken nugget - 15 hours ago
JK The chicken nugget
JK The chicken nugget - 15 hours ago
JK The chicken nugget
JK The chicken nugget - 15 hours ago
Chloe Chung
Chloe Chung - 16 hours ago
Can I don't add the cream cheese and cream of tar tar and still have great cookies?
Miriam Hernandez
Miriam Hernandez - 20 hours ago
You are back! I love listening to you recite your recipes, and my daughter tried the chocolate chip recipe and we loved it, thank you.
Sanjana Ramesh
Sanjana Ramesh - 21 hour ago
Imagine paying to go to culinary school only to end up at buzzfeed
erica irizarry
erica irizarry - 22 hours ago
What is this girls name?
erica irizarry
erica irizarry - 22 hours ago
God Girl the details on this and instructions are off the hook... I'm gonna say this is the best explanation of any recipe i have ever seen!! Very much appreciated. #subscribed
mamun pathan
mamun pathan - 22 hours ago
mamun pathan
mamun pathan - 22 hours ago
do you know bts?
Joanna Hernandez Herrick
This is the recipe I'm using this year. Thanks
Jack the basenji
Jack the basenji - Day ago
Never reroll your left overs, it makes tough cookies.
Austin Winter
Austin Winter - Day ago
Made these and it took much longer than I anticipated. Probably around 8 hours start to finish. Wasn’t really worth it. Not a fan of the royal icing (used egg whites). They look good but don’t really taste like much, especially the icing.
lil drawings08
lil drawings08 - Day ago
Maybe don’t talk next time🙃but it was good I want 2 try that
Cece Eme
Cece Eme - Day ago
Why is my "butter, sugar, & cream cheese" mix so sticky😭 I've done it twice & it does not come out like in the video. Please help. Thanks.
Cece Eme
Cece Eme - Day ago
Why is my "butter, sugar, & cream cheese" mix so sticky😭 I've done it twice & it does not come out like in the video. Please help. Thanks.
LoveOfScotland2022 - Day ago
Anyone know how you could incorporate cocoa powder for chocolate sugar cookies? Ive found other recipes of course but I want to use this one, just not sure how to use it.
Alejandrina.    Cobian
Que. Rico. mm. yo. quiero. comer. el. viejo. y. no. se. tambien. que. rico. mmmm
unskinny - Day ago
im totally making these! 😂
Eleanor Chan
Eleanor Chan - Day ago
Awesome cookies
Eleanor Chan
Eleanor Chan - Day ago
Awesoe cookies
Dora Dennis
Dora Dennis - Day ago
I made the cookie recipe, they turned out beautifully! I used store bought frosting, only because I ran out of energy.
Lumios - Day ago
The dough in this vid looks very sticky. Mine isn't sticky. I have to force it together. I didn't blend all the flour in but it looks like there is even more flour left over in this video. Did I over work it?
Emily Gillenwater
Emily Gillenwater - Day ago
As someone who has zero cooking experience I tried to make this and it turned out like cake batter can someone help me? I have school event tomorrow and i am freaking out
Jadexeclipse - Day ago
Try bbaking it anyway. Cake tastes good too😅
If I had a dollar for everytime tasty said "Mix until barely incorporated"
H恵美子 - Day ago
The best cookies I ever ate are from my dad's cousin's daughter. They are so rich like shortbread but soo good.
Gracie Bunnell
Gracie Bunnell - Day ago
I always put almond extract in my sugar cookies.
Emily Perry
Emily Perry - Day ago
how many cookies does this recipe yield???
Demi Campbell
Demi Campbell - Day ago
I have yet to have ever eaten an elephant cookie 😍
YOItzSaniah - Day ago
10:18 guys is the best
xxdeadgirlxx16 - Day ago
Thank you!! I made these and Seriously the best sugar cookie recipe I have tried so far, my new go to!
Katerina M
Katerina M - Day ago
Katerina M
Katerina M - Day ago
Chez - Day ago
Claire King - head of Tasty
Lyd - Day ago
Sounds like Sylvia Gani🤔
Nyx Roar
Nyx Roar - Day ago
When I'm rolling out my dough and flouring my cookie cutters, I use powdered sugar instead of flour; It makes a huge difference. It's really good.
Tania C.
Tania C. - Day ago
How much of the meringue powder should you use in the royal icing????
Amanda Stypul
Amanda Stypul - Day ago
Great tips, thank you.
Diego Bolaños Aguilar
Allison C
Allison C - Day ago
I love how these look, but I wish you could do a soft sugar cookie with all these additions 😕
H恵美子 - Day ago
Bake them for a short amount of time.
xxdeadgirlxx16 - Day ago
I made some that were a little too thick and they turned out more like a soft sugar cookie so maybe just use this recipe but make them a little bigger/thicker? Not like i'm an expert but might work.
Michael Wido
Michael Wido - Day ago
the english cc subtitle for the "tanginess" is written "tangy anus" lmao
Sudha Murali
Sudha Murali - Day ago
I tried it out and when i used the thicker royal icing, the little bit of icing in the piping tip hardened and i couldn't work with it. What to do?
Andrea Stewart
Andrea Stewart - Day ago
Do you have to put in cream cheese or is there any substitute for it
emmalou - Day ago
So so so want to make some now, he he. Thank you. x
Jason - Day ago
Can i not include egg whites/meringue powder into the icing mixture? What purpose does it provide?
Mirror Glaze Cakes
Mirror Glaze Cakes - Day ago
Fantastic 😉
Tessa Welkins
Tessa Welkins - Day ago
What’s the difference between a shortbread and sugar cookie?
V T.
V T. - Day ago
Nexus6 - Day ago
Love her voice
Auro Dc
Auro Dc - Day ago
This recipe is truly delicious. I'm usually not the kind of person to eat too much sugary treats, but I ate so many of these cookies right after I made them, that I lost count.
Cassity Elizabeth
Cassity Elizabeth - Day ago
She sounds exactly Kristen Wiig
Eugene Umtuch
Eugene Umtuch - Day ago
What is the amount of time and the degrees for the cookies
Bina's Kitchenette
Bina's Kitchenette - Day ago
I have subscribed to your channel
Mandi Lu
Mandi Lu - 2 days ago
What if you don't have an electric mixer? Would a whisk work fine?
Isabel Keith
Isabel Keith - 2 days ago
I made these and the icing was really really thick did I do something wrong?
And the dough was not very flaky was that because I over beated it?
Isabel Keith
Isabel Keith - 2 days ago
I made these and the icing was really really thick did I do something wrong?
And the dough was not very flaky was that because I over beated it?
Bill Carrell
Bill Carrell - 2 days ago
Hey, how 'bout a little sumthin' for the fellas?
Van Lemuns
Van Lemuns - 2 days ago
Just finished making these and they came out perfect ❤️ Thanks Tasty!
Kaely Jimenez
Kaely Jimenez - 2 days ago
NAYLA OSCAR - 2 days ago
i learned so much😊
Smile S
Smile S - 2 days ago
Cloe C
Cloe C - 2 days ago
This seems like a lot of effort for a cookie or rather buy one from the store
Jessica Barker
Jessica Barker - 2 days ago
Like make sure it’s fully incorporated. The key is to incorporate it all in there so it’s completely incorporated.
Branden Balistreri
Branden Balistreri - 2 days ago
Creme cheese
Almond extract
Baking powder
Creme of tartar
Is all i need to make these
Anabella Jacobovicz
Anabella Jacobovicz - 2 days ago
Do you leave it in the fridge for 2 hours?
oXQueenXo3 - 2 days ago
Loved the video nice job 👍🏽😎
kayla crimmins
kayla crimmins - 2 days ago
I’m making them rn I’ll come back later and tell y’all how it went
Edit: these are very time consuming and you have to follow the recipe exactly, and the frosting hardened up so just add milk, but they taste SO good! Definitely recommend making them there super good
Levi Clark
Levi Clark - Day ago
kayla crimmins hey can I ask about the texture of yours? Also how long did you cook yours for?
Min Yoongi's eyebrow
Min Yoongi's eyebrow - 2 days ago
I put on captions and no offense to tasty but I really don't want my cookies to taste like "tangy anus" 😂😂😂
Breanna Lawhorn
Breanna Lawhorn - 2 days ago
How many cookies does this recipe make?
Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy - 2 days ago
4:50 :give it a little zhuzh, a little shimmy
Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy - 2 days ago
4:45 is when she put the cutter in the center
Leiglio Covers
Leiglio Covers - 2 days ago
Making the cookies now, they looked and tasted great until I put the almond extract in. Now it could just be my deep hatred for almond extract influencing my opinion, but I think they could do without the almond extract, but then again they’re still chilling outside so maybe after two hours the dough might taste better.
The Home Plate Special
The Home Plate Special - 2 days ago
good job
DiaGiorno - 2 days ago
OMG those are so cute! I want those edible stars ⭐️ now!! I’m definitely trying this recipe soon!!!
In Brazil we have some different traditions and one of them is something called “Rabanada”, something like French toast, but soooo much better hehe. We have a video showing how to do it and using a waffle maker which makes the recipe so much easier.
If you want to check it out here’s the link to the video and to other recipes (we have subtitles available in most of them).
Again, great recipe!!
We ❤️ 🍪 too!!
Dino Jai
Dino Jai - 2 days ago
All the extra ingredients I don't want to buy 😂😂
Victoria Benedicto
Victoria Benedicto - 2 days ago
thank you great video very helpful. Merry Christmas TASTY!!!
nina70392 - 2 days ago
Kanna Animations
Kanna Animations - 2 days ago
2:28 there's a piece of dough at the bottom left corner and is annoying me
cece dash
cece dash - 2 days ago
I’ve never used royal icing but I’m going to make cutout cookies this year. Is royal icing as bad as everyone makes it seem?
Forgotten Way Farms
Forgotten Way Farms - 2 days ago
My favorite cookie to make :)
Veronica Apreza
Veronica Apreza - 2 days ago
Thank you for all the tips.
Alexis VM
Alexis VM - 2 days ago
i also add almond to mine! i think it makes the vanilla less harsh and more christmassy!
Datcitygal - 2 days ago
Looks to yum & easy...wanna make them right now.
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Lương Trần - 2 days ago
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Lương Trần
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Give up
Zachary Kyle
Zachary Kyle - 2 days ago
I watched this the day after I made cookies.
Sally Hillman
Sally Hillman - 2 days ago
Roll the dough between two pieces of baking paper then cut out the shapes and transfer the paper to a baking tray - no sticking and no mess.
Mariah Ali
Mariah Ali - 2 days ago
This was great!! Im definitely going to try this
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