How To Make The Best Sugar Cookies

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Aliza .f
Aliza .f - 15 hours ago
Im fasting , now why am I here 😂🤦‍♀️
Armaan Turkabat
Armaan Turkabat - Day ago
when you’re left with a little bit of dough left
normal person: makes a small cookie and sticks it with the others into the oven
me: eats it
Jessie - 2 days ago
Tried to cream my butter and sugar and it did not work. It’s too liquid, what did I do wrong?
Jessie - Day ago
+Emma Beelen this is most likely it, even though i put it back in the fridge while i got everything else ready, it may still not have been enough. i'll try to get it right next time! thanks!
Emma Beelen
Emma Beelen - Day ago
The butter was maybe melted too far? I can't think of another problem
Rahima Sufi
Rahima Sufi - 4 days ago
Is it important to use cream of tartar?
Connor and Jamal
Connor and Jamal - 7 days ago
Damn, how many times can one say “incorporate” in one video?
ember wolfer
ember wolfer - 8 days ago
Watch this with no vole it’s funny.
Sailor Saya
Sailor Saya - 10 days ago
these cookies are still too soft even after them being in the freezer almost all day! i followed the recipie exactly how it said, i had to add soo much extra flour in order for them to not stick
also the cream and tarter and the almond extra made them taste really weird lmaoo
the baggie ones one gets from walmart work and taste better than these tbh
glenn da
glenn da - 14 days ago
Sorry, White sugar AKA white poison,
Iffy Vids
Iffy Vids - 14 days ago
You do know the icing has raw egg.... 😖😖😣😣
Peary LU
Peary LU - 15 days ago
How much merang powder?
Erjon's Life
Erjon's Life - 16 days ago
Where can i buy this cookies?
Janice Li
Janice Li - 17 days ago
Egg whites make cookies hard and firm
So if you prefer a fluffy, crispy one, add only egg yolk
Janice Li
Janice Li - 17 days ago
You really don't need to melt any sugar in the butter's one of the secrets to make cookies cruchy while baking
pattynanny orange
pattynanny orange - 23 days ago
Can we use vegan ingredients to replace the non vegan ingredients??
Pam S
Pam S - 26 days ago
I made these for the holidays last year and they were not good. Just tasted like flour, had no flavor whatsoever.
Mia Burkholder
Mia Burkholder - 29 days ago
why is her voice so soothing?
Okaay Then
Okaay Then - Month ago
I tried this recipe gluten free! Ps. Don't add the cream cheese and you might need to add a little bit (I had to slowly add like a hundred jee) and I kept the dough overnight
Esther Zhang
Esther Zhang - Month ago
Do you have to put cream cheese
Freya Dolch
Freya Dolch - Month ago
My OCD was very triggered in this video
Mia Burkholder
Mia Burkholder - Month ago
i just made these, and they are so yummy. just keep in mind that one recipe made me over 3 dozen cookies!
Wonderful sharing😍
Please take care of you in the future.🙏
Jashira Neel
Jashira Neel - Month ago
Is it salted or unsalted butter?
K webster
K webster - Month ago
I prefer chewy sugar cookies as to cut out cookies.
Raquel Zanol
Raquel Zanol - Month ago
Excellent recipe! The dough is very light and a bit on the softer side. I added a couple more table spoons of flour to make it easier to work with. This was a huge hit with my kids! ❤️
روعة المطر
روعة المطر - Month ago
Please lwant recipy in gram
Indira Gajadhar
Indira Gajadhar - Month ago
Can this be without eggs
A Dash Of Ash Cakes
A Dash Of Ash Cakes - Month ago
Check out my chocolate chip cookie recipe on my channel
Laura Bertolo
Laura Bertolo - Month ago
This is amazing and I love the cookies
Ruben Quiroga Kanahuaty
Can i put chocolate chips in these recipe? I wanna do shaped chocolate cookies. Could you recomend andy other recipe?
do people actually look at the nickname?
i mean id love to make this but my lazy ass wont
i just go to the grocerie store
do people actually look at the nickname?
her voice is much better than all the other ones.
lisa xyrll
lisa xyrll - Month ago
Do you think it's fine if we don't chill it for 2 hours? what would be enough?
Alice Hammond
Alice Hammond - Month ago
cute cookies
Rachel Velasquez
Rachel Velasquez - Month ago
Mine came out liquid and not cookie dough I did everything right idk what happened
Hydanex Apex
Hydanex Apex - Month ago
They look Tasty
Sapphire - Month ago
I did this in a toaster oven and the cookies came out with golden brown/brown edges but while the skin is cookied, cookie inside is still pillowy. It hardens when I leave it out for 5 minutes. Is this normal?
Cassandra & Viana
Cassandra & Viana - Month ago
What is that black dot in the egg 1:14
Shoma Akhter Liya
Shoma Akhter Liya - Month ago
What if I don’t use almond flavor?
Leslie Vernon
Leslie Vernon - Month ago
You could layer on a few rubber bands to get the right width
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley - Month ago
I already know that if I worked at tasty I would be not only mentally but also physically obese.
Kassandralise - Month ago
How long can these iced cookies last? I want to make a batch for my baby shower and I’m not sure when I should make them.
Yasmin Rosas
Yasmin Rosas - 2 months ago
You should make chocolate chip cookies
uriah smith
uriah smith - 2 months ago
*HaVe aLiTtLe oF FlOwEr NeAr By*

*sees one cup of flower*

Connie Zhang
Connie Zhang - 2 months ago
Sapphire - 2 months ago
Can we do a poll please? If you tried and like the recipe, LIKE this post! If you tried but didn’t like the recipe, DISLIKE!
I’m really lazy at keeping tabs of comments below.
Jasmine Linette
Jasmine Linette - 2 months ago
The egg whites in the royal icing don't have to be cooked in any way?? That's kinda scary 😮😮 but that's an awesome recipie
Honey Cute
Honey Cute - 2 months ago
Cn i skip cream chees plz tel me
Sapphire - 2 months ago
Can I use salted butter? If so, should I use the same amount?
* MaravillAZ *
* MaravillAZ * - 2 months ago
I accidentally overworked my flour what should I do? Anyone, I need HELP!! Pls
Tamukii - 2 months ago
Doing this for a school project
Thank you
Meeri Hund Pferd
Meeri Hund Pferd - 2 months ago
That looks soo tasty😍
Ҍíӏӏíҽ ҼíӏíՏհ
Ҍíӏӏíҽ ҼíӏíՏհ - 2 months ago
*Do you have to use cream cheese???🙄😂*
Anayeli Cuellar
Anayeli Cuellar - 2 months ago
Ku Ku
Ku Ku - 2 months ago
*It's cookie season y'all.'*
Zahry - 2 months ago
🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄🎄 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 keep repeating the begininning. also sugar cookies is a tongue twister! watt!??
LPS Fanatic
LPS Fanatic - 2 months ago
i made these these were so good
i really liked them thye were so good yum it
was also a simple recipe
Aut M
Aut M - 2 months ago
Finally a fix to the spreading cookies! Tried to make halloween cookies last year and the pumpkin looked like a damn basketball by the time I was done baking.
Mirelle Jacobs
Mirelle Jacobs - 3 months ago
it did not work i got every thing but nope i am really mad i did try again but nope i am not a hater so dont worry
Gavin Glover
Gavin Glover - 3 months ago
There's no other waybto make a butter cookie 🤣
Faris Talal
Faris Talal - 3 months ago
The background music tho.…..
J Medina
J Medina - 3 months ago
Dang this is a little complicated compared to just making cookies, you make it way more then it has to be, just roll your cookies, cut them and cook them mannnnnnnnnnn 🤦
Helena Starenby
Helena Starenby - 3 months ago
Shani Evans
Shani Evans - 3 months ago
I made these cookies and I got like a really buttery mess but I might of did something wrong so I don’t know
Roza emo
Roza emo - 3 months ago
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lol it’s allison
lol it’s allison - 3 months ago
too lazy i’ll just buy some from kroger
norah campuzano
norah campuzano - 3 months ago
I love your recipe this got to be the best. I will came back to let you know how they turn out.
Jenene Martha
Jenene Martha - 3 months ago
Made these bad boys for Christmas, loved them so much and so did everyone I shared them with (which was a lot of people)! Im back and ready to make them again for Valentines day!!! Thank you for the great details and tips on the perfect cookie, best recipe ive used!!
yee - 3 months ago
im an atheist and i feel sooo uncomfortable around ‘Christmas’ time 💀
Mrssea Sea
Mrssea Sea - 3 months ago
rolling pin measure?
bts i love
bts i love - 3 months ago
I love your voice so muchhh, it's very satisfying to watch your video, pls do more thx !!!
Sabi Khalid
Sabi Khalid - 3 months ago
What if we dont have both egg white and the other thing???
Sabi Khalid
Sabi Khalid - 3 months ago
Can we use oil instead of butter?????????
Alyssa's cooking life
Alyssa's cooking life - 3 months ago
Spill the tea Sis
Spill the tea Sis - 3 months ago
I love suga cookies.(I'm sorry I'll go home)
Meg - 3 months ago
whoever does this commentary, this is my favourite person from Tasty
jennyyxuaan - 3 months ago
same- i think her name is claire
Laura Lee
Laura Lee - 3 months ago
Excellent recipe! My grand baby loved them! It was well worth the time it took to complete them!
AMIT BATHLA - 3 months ago
Today is my birthday pls give at least 10 likes
Jesús Manuel Quiñones
Jesús Manuel Quiñones - 3 months ago
The cookies look so tasty.
broshoeya Youtuber
broshoeya Youtuber - 3 months ago
Yummy cookies. My mom used to be baking also and she decorate with her style.
Little Shelbalina
Little Shelbalina - 3 months ago
should i use salted or non salted butter
Justin Chase
Justin Chase - 4 months ago
How did a video turn off my mute button and wake everyone in the house? I won't use youtube ever again in the mornings
Camila Martinez
Camila Martinez - 4 months ago
I’m watching this video on January 13th 2019 😬am i to late
anna leesa21
anna leesa21 - 4 months ago
Is there an alternative for cream cheese?
Rob Boss
Rob Boss - 4 months ago
I think those rings on the rolling pins are to prevent you from rolling the dough until it’s too thin. I could be wrong.
Zamarama cruise
Zamarama cruise - 4 months ago
Hey tasty canmi have some of your cookies plz
Laushikha Vohra
Laushikha Vohra - 4 months ago
Amazing💕😍 video
Sweet Poppy Art
Sweet Poppy Art - 4 months ago
These are awesome !! Love them so detailed. Fantastic job.
Ira Jain Jai hind
Ira Jain Jai hind - 4 months ago
Plz make a video on vegan cookies
neha doe
neha doe - 4 months ago
'Holiday season'.my lord m not even Christian and vouch for saying its fucking CHRISTMAS!!!,
Laurein Soliguen
Laurein Soliguen - 4 months ago
can we make our own pastuerized egg whites?😅😅
Oscar7 Hernandez7
Oscar7 Hernandez7 - 4 months ago
Can someone tell me why my "dough" keeps on coming out as slime? I use the exact methods but switched the sugar here with cane sugar and also i do not use the baking powder. What is wrong with my dough? Is it those ingredients? Am i using to little butter, flour, sugar? Am i using the mixer for too long?
Lucia Alvarez Maravilla
Lucia Alvarez Maravilla - 4 months ago
Does anyone knows how much of egg whites to add for the royal icing please let me know A.S.A.P thank you
Baking with Judy
Baking with Judy - 4 months ago
You make every thing look so clean and nice and productive
Fantastic4 - 4 months ago
Instead of adding water why not try milk to make the icing sweeter
Alex - 4 months ago
If u like Christmas put a like and if u don’t than
Oof Productions
Oof Productions - 4 months ago
I actually made these for my family.. took me 2 days to finish them but they were the best cookies I’ve ever had. I totally recommend.
Natalia starmach
Natalia starmach - 4 months ago
Who is that?
Krisha Pearinpanathan
Krisha Pearinpanathan - 4 months ago
2019 anyone?
Lorena Fernald
Lorena Fernald - 4 months ago
The dough never hardened and it was impossible to cut. It was too much butter.
The cooking lasted 20 min aprox.
Letisia El Hayek
Letisia El Hayek - 4 months ago
It’s new year
t deit
t deit - 4 months ago
would anyone recommend silicone mats? like these
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