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Karasu 0501
Karasu 0501 - 2 days ago
I think (maybe) these colored foil things are reusable... but I have no idea
Daneele Savoury
Daneele Savoury - 6 days ago
"Honey it's called foil." Lmfaooo love you Brad!!. Bad days get better with your videos
K Nadirah Rodriguez
K Nadirah Rodriguez - 7 days ago
8:11 she looks like Angelica’s doll Cynthia from the Rugrats
Kronos Rogers
Kronos Rogers - 8 days ago
"You look fierce today"
Me shoving chips and cheese dip in my mouth: its bc I watched my hair for the first time in 9 days
Celina Stenman
Celina Stenman - 13 days ago
I don't usually leave comments but I'm doing heatless sock curls rn and I actually laughed out loud when he called me fierce
Makara Robinson
Makara Robinson - 24 days ago
The straws hold up the hair
Shianne Koeneman
Shianne Koeneman - 26 days ago
really watching your videos, as a former cosmetology student...
tell me WHY my anxiety was KICKING when you paused it on the point where he poured the toner on her hair and you were talking about how it could be spotty because it sat longer... i was really over here like “brad, stop talking and unpause it so it doesn’t sit there any longer” 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ my cosmetology brain forgot how technology works.
Jessica Dia
Jessica Dia - 28 days ago
"Our next victim"
Olivia Nuske
Olivia Nuske - 28 days ago
That third girl looked like a chrome frill-necked lizard when they did the foils
Ish _ DIYs
Ish _ DIYs - 29 days ago
“You look fierce today”
Me: being depressed and eating ice cream and chocolate after a breakup.
“Yep that’s me!”
Miranda Keyes
Miranda Keyes - Month ago
I love you so much 😍 especially when you see someone doing time consuming things you don't have the patience for 🤣🤣🤣
alexis everett
alexis everett - Month ago
I like how he said you look fierce today meanwhile I have rollers in my hair with a bonnet on top with no makeup... thx yhu🤍
T. Thomas
T. Thomas - Month ago
I want to break that paintbrush. Get that little shit out of here
metaphysicalgraffiti - Month ago
I just want to unbutton your top button
Sadae Sashington
Sadae Sashington - Month ago
The creativity is appreciated (kind of *scoff*) but it’s totally useless and uncalled for.. is the message I am getting from this video lol 😆
Ina Love
Ina Love - Month ago
I’m not sure if any of that makes sense but if he does that wrap over the sink the straws would help it not bend or sink instantly. So it sort of keeps it firm.
Brittany Kayy
Brittany Kayy - Month ago
At 2:56 That stuff on her head was cotten candy they were trying to make it seem like the pink cotten candy gave her hair the red tone to the deep brown lol
Cody Jones
Cody Jones - Month ago
I need Brad as a friend.
Find Light In A New Page
Brad.... I love your intros. I literally just cut again and an anorexic so your intros always make me feel a little happier
Taneesha Leathers
Taneesha Leathers - Month ago
“You look fierce today”
Me watching this just after my workout and shower: oh why thank you this is just what I needed to hear! 😂
wxstednxghts - Month ago
Brad's openings complimenting whoevers watching it makes me feel good about how I look for some reason. Anyone else?😂
Depresso Espresso
Depresso Espresso - Month ago
Me: *Laying on my bed eating chips*
Brad: 0:10
Isabel Vinson
Isabel Vinson - Month ago
The red things look reusable 💁‍♀️
Lindze Parker
Lindze Parker - Month ago
I’m literally thinking oh my goodness she’s a Karen and then
Brad: it’s the I wanna speak to your manager hair cut
Me: he’s a mind reader
T. Thomas
T. Thomas - Month ago
Yaaaaaaaaaassssssss Jon and Kate Plus 8
Zach and Abby Vlogs
Zach and Abby Vlogs - Month ago
omg your audio was so bad here 🤣🤣
Milly Nia
Milly Nia - Month ago
If v-sco girls saw them plastic straws Anna oop sksksksksksksksksksksksk
Madelina Griger
Madelina Griger - Month ago
Saying I look fierce today was needed bc I had a mental break and now have dark navy hair that I hate lmao
Dumbest Productions
Dumbest Productions - 2 months ago
Me: :/
“You look fierce”
me: *trying to stop telling myself my new haircut makes me look like a Karen because it really doesn’t* :)
Stephanie Noblet
Stephanie Noblet - 2 months ago
All of these colors are beautiful
elchamber - 2 months ago
Maybe he charges by the hour. That’s why he uses those brushes you find in children’s stores.
wodnyrak - 2 months ago
i love how Brad is jumping through all emotions, feelings and expressions known to man in this video XD
Jo Hanmer
Jo Hanmer - 2 months ago
That fuchsia was awesome! I’m gonna skip the tiny brush though, ain’t nobody got time for that
Romero25 - 2 months ago
I really have to stop watching these videos at work, cause one day I'm going to get in trouble for laughing out loud. 🤣🤣
aniyah myelle12354
aniyah myelle12354 - 2 months ago
“Interesting” is my “I’m trying to be respectful” word
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar - 2 months ago
Hey please share your contacts
Katie Burns
Katie Burns - 2 months ago
" you look fierce today "
Me: has the flu, in bed, eating ice to keep her fever down
Tajmah Hall
Tajmah Hall - 2 months ago
Where did the green go?
RANYA SYED - 2 months ago
For those peoples that were wearing headphones

We all went deaf when brad screamed YAAASS or HONEY
Princess Riiyah
Princess Riiyah - 2 months ago
When he said u looking fierce as f I said no I’m not I literally have a onesie halfway on
Goblin - 2 months ago
Instagram hairdressers try their hardest to be Extra.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - 2 months ago
Girl I’m in my pjs. When and where is that called fierce
Eenjaria .713
Eenjaria .713 - 3 months ago
At the time you were saying, "You...are looking fierce af today,"
For some reason I had my eyes crossed and was thinking about I don't even remember what(I know, weird haha). Your voice got me back to my senses and I was like...."Wut?"😂
Maria Hellsing
Maria Hellsing - 3 months ago
the begining tho
Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson - 3 months ago
I love Brad
lucy goosey
lucy goosey - 3 months ago
brad: you are looking FIERCE today
me, in my unbrushed hair, baggiest sweatshirt, no bra, pms breakouts, leftover mascara under my eyes from my hormonal breakdown earlier in the day: stares into camera like im on the office
nedtechgirl - 3 months ago
The straws are probably just to give the Saran Wrap integrity and stiffness to stay put, I would imagine that’s why they’re there
bree albuernez
bree albuernez - 3 months ago
“You look fierce today” me sitting with a rat face on a toilet
Cydney Wright
Cydney Wright - 3 months ago
If you count a zombie that is sleep deprived with complextion the colour of a vampire fierce then thank you for the compliment...
krystal floods
krystal floods - 3 months ago
I feel like a real stylist would never waste the amount of dye these stylists on IG do! I’ve never seen the bowl thing in person
krystal floods
krystal floods - 3 months ago
Anyone know why her head was covered in cotton like that? Was it cotton?
NinjaNipple Dog
NinjaNipple Dog - 3 months ago
3:12 wtf are those layers, the top is way too long for that to just be 'how blunt styles look'
mangotree - 3 months ago
jon and kate plus 8 omg lmfaoooooooooooo
916TheBear - 3 months ago
I just gotta say... you are one damn good looking human!
ChloBear - 3 months ago
You all be hating on yourselves !
brad- “ you look fierce today! “
Me- * looks down and sees my beautiful self, after getting ready *
BE KIND TO YOURSELF. You’re all beautiful
Tammy Heart
Tammy Heart - 3 months ago
You would be such a fun hairdresser to have Brad :) xo Love your videos
Leslie Alvarez
Leslie Alvarez - 3 months ago
“You are looking fierce af todayyy”
Me:*cheesy smile, laying in bed, watching his videos all night with an uglass double chin bc of how I’m laying”
Ily you’re so wholesome 💜💜
Faithless2004 - 3 months ago
Me: only eyes popping out of my blanket I'm wrapped in
Brad: you are looking fierce af today
neøn gravestønes
neøn gravestønes - 3 months ago
Little Tiger 1923
Little Tiger 1923 - 3 months ago
Me: Should be typing an English paper that's due tomorrow.
Also Me: Oooh Brad lmao
Sierra H
Sierra H - 3 months ago
"You look fierce today"
Considering I'm watching this in my car in an arby's parking lot in mismatched workout clothes, I'm gonna say that's a lie
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