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8 509
Anna Ovcharenko
Anna Ovcharenko - 3 hours ago
I like this movie because of the clips from old movies from the 60's (particularly The Wrecking Crew (1969) starring Dean Martin, Elke Sommer and Sharon Tate), some gimmicks, the authentic 60's Hollywood, old television series, some western movies and series, posters of The Fearless Vampire Killers (this was from Italy), Don't Make Waves etc.
TARUN - 16 hours ago
Hippies are everywhere in america & europe . And now american hippies are easly found in goa & kasol smoking drugs and dinking alcohol . Hippies are Burden on earth and customers of drugs mafia .
Kent Lewis
Kent Lewis - Day ago
Neil Diamond brought me here...
Dave Lawlis
Dave Lawlis - 2 days ago
Quentin Tarantino with the Deus ex massacre.
Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh - 3 days ago
i admit it was an amazing movie
but if u had chopped 3-4 minutes u would have made it a masterpeice
King thakur
King thakur - 3 days ago
Young leo = TITANIC
Carlos Martel
Carlos Martel - 3 days ago
This movie was so fucking good, I liked parasite and know they always try to be progressive with the awards lately but this was def the best movie of the year.
Felonius Gru
Felonius Gru - 4 days ago
Watching back this trailer in quarantine reminding me of simpler times....
GullWing Storm
GullWing Storm - 4 days ago
As a Bruce Lee fan, I strongly objected to that portrayal - but the revenge Tarantino took on Manson's rats was SENSATIONAL!
Jul Starfall
Jul Starfall - 4 days ago
Unfortunately not as good as Kill Bill.
My all time favourite movie :D
I hope he will make a third part.
Claire Abbott
Claire Abbott - 4 days ago
When I first saw this trailer I didn't really know anything about the Manson murders other than there was a racist cultist leader called Charles Manson who killed some people apparently, so I was just like "huh, a movie about old Hollywood, alright".
Caterslave - 5 days ago
DiCaprio acting opposite a little girl, that's some Oscar caliber stuff right there! Where is John Wayne when you need him? 😃💩👎
Yotara Adams
Yotara Adams - 5 days ago
I love Margot Robbie she’s the greatest 😎😍👑👑👑👑👑
Dennis Di lucq
Dennis Di lucq - 6 days ago
Margot is just something else
Wino - 7 days ago
After about the 6th time I watched it I thought, you know this is a Great Movie, as I took a long drag off my pall mall. Now QT has to do Star Trek, it is his duty.
Pulkit mani
Pulkit mani - 7 days ago
That Pitbull was the main hero of the movie
Kwobina Legend
Kwobina Legend - 7 days ago
Quentin Tarantino should recreate the film. He should change the element of the script. He shouldn't make a scene where Bruce Lee is disrespected by other people and gets destroyed. He should make Bruce Lee more powerful and unbeatable. They should show more scenes of Bruce Lee. It will be an advantage to this portrayal and it will widen the mass audience.
Venice Lockjaw
Venice Lockjaw - 7 days ago
Yeah, was the ending suppose to be funny or something?
total cop out.

Tarantino's films are very pretty to look at, but there's nothing under the surface.
He likes to flex his deep knowledge of the visual language of film, but there's no story to support it.

Save yourself the 3 hrs, and just watch Manson's monologue from Mind Hunter.
Gave me chills
C. Martinez
C. Martinez - 7 days ago
Terrible unnecessary violent movie
DinoYT - 8 days ago
Happy 1 year to this masterpiece of a trailer.
Harun Khan
Harun Khan - 8 days ago
This is the best trailer in 2019
Reyes Jr.
Reyes Jr. - 8 days ago
Wow, exactly one year was released this trailer, time is so fast 😥
J Ale
J Ale - 8 days ago
Man I was born in 68 hated that hippie shit. The series is really violent, I just watched it cause I LOVE Brad hunny Pitt
Presino TV
Presino TV - 8 days ago
Boring movie
Bytemare - 9 days ago
Ridiculously cool movie! 10/10 !
levan beriashvili
levan beriashvili - 9 days ago
I tried to like this Tarantino-Di caprio-Pitt-Pacino collaboration, but I could not. I am not among those, who phraises Tarantino as one of the greats... IMHO his naive, simplistic, brutal scenes are Western version of Takeshi Kitano thing. Tarantino once said, he was actually ifnluenced by Kitano
Lisakhanya Mphikeleli
Lisakhanya Mphikeleli - 10 days ago
My dad was born 1969
Andrej - 11 days ago
Probably one of the worst movies ever...
michael getachew
michael getachew - 12 days ago
the ending was the best scene in cinema history
M Manning
M Manning - 12 days ago
I always wait to watch movies. This was movie making at its finest. Brad Pitt is Henry Fonda and Clark Gable wrapped into one. Leonardo DiCaprio is Jimmy Stewart and Clint Eastwood. And Quentin Tarintino is the best overall director in the last 20 years in Hollywood. Whoa !!! What a classic production !!!! Thank you Quentin for remembering us old dudes from the 60s and 70s. You bring tears to my eyes.
Jason Patrick Pritchard
Jason Patrick Pritchard - 12 days ago
Watching, enjoying 🥃🤙🏼💥❤
The music you listen to sucks
Wow this movie sucks
L O V E - 13 days ago
Sean Brown
Sean Brown - 13 days ago
that is the worst movie ever, fu.. boring for about 2:20 mins of the movie one has no idea what is the movie about.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 12 days ago
Kung fu?
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 12 days ago
Boring for two and a half minutes? That's barely anything.
The music you listen to sucks
Nautilus1972 - 13 days ago
Tonight on FBI ""All the streets are silent.."
Cliff: "Except when Rick Dalton's got a fuckin' shotgun .. I'll tell ya that..."
Dylan Pishney
Dylan Pishney - 11 days ago
The saying like the South Park episode with Skankhunt..:”come out and die, troll”
The music you listen to sucks
This movie sucks
Nautilus1972 - 13 days ago
Cliff is rumored to have killed his wife on a boat ... like Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood perhaps?
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 12 days ago
sk8er - 13 days ago
WITE FOX - 14 days ago
Margot was kind of a shitty actor for such a great film.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 12 days ago
Not at all
Zatoichi - 14 days ago
Corona days:
Quentin Carantino
Georg Bergsten
Georg Bergsten - 14 days ago
I came here from the revenge of the sith parody
RossRaker - 14 days ago
omg my two most favorite actors on Hollywood in one movie... big fan here
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 12 days ago
@The music you listen to sucks. You wish
The music you listen to sucks
Two of the most gayest actors ever
Jericho Enriquez
Jericho Enriquez - 14 days ago
Fear and loathing in Las Vegas of the 21st century 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 12 days ago
What? That makes no sense.
codybear2011 69
codybear2011 69 - 15 days ago
That film was better than who framed roger rabbit
valdez57700 - 15 days ago
Once Upon a Time, in Brentwood...
Nirmal Anand
Nirmal Anand - 15 days ago
Idk why I'm seeing the trailer again but now I realize that there are a lot of deleted scenes
Inkypencil - 17 days ago
I’m still confused as to whether Cliff killed his wife or not
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 12 days ago
We don't know. They were on a boat. She got wasted. There was heavy turbulence. She went overboard and was never seen again. They had marital problems and were the only two on the boat. So, a lot of people said he killed her but she could've easily fallen over on her own.
The music you listen to sucks
This movie sucks lol who cares
Rockin' Ricky Ricardo
Rockin' Ricky Ricardo - 15 days ago
I like to think he did, Dexter style in a bin bag at the bottom of the ocean 😂
Simone The Digger
Simone The Digger - 15 days ago
Gutto Rodrigues probably did, but we’re not supposed to know for sure. You fill in the blank in your head
Gutto Rodrigues
Gutto Rodrigues - 15 days ago
Yes he did
Lucas Sacdalan
Lucas Sacdalan - 18 days ago
In these movies entertainers, who make entertainment, make entertainment about entertainment, which is used to entertain people who want to be entertained.
MAKE IT - 18 days ago
Zapata mustache
StanleyC0718 - 18 days ago
Earl the Hooded Sweater
Earl the Hooded Sweater - 18 days ago
Amazing movie
CornerTalker - 18 days ago
really hesitant to watch this one... seems like Hollywood is making another movie about itself... kind of a group narcissism. Does the movie deliver?
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 17 days ago
@CornerTalker. Well then, what's your opinion?
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 17 days ago
CornerTalker - 17 days ago
@youri vreman every director has his fans; not every director is for everyone
youri vreman
youri vreman - 17 days ago
You obviously dont know anything about Quentin Tarantino films...
Rocco Mannott
Rocco Mannott - 18 days ago
CornerTalker Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is a great film! It’s Quentin Tarantino!
Prem kumar
Prem kumar - 18 days ago
Where can i get the background score?
All Videos
All Videos - 18 days ago
Give this man an Oscar
Dija R.
Dija R. - 20 days ago
Okay. I've watched it and I don't know am I stupid or something, but expected a little bit more. I mean you put Leo and Brad in one movie and I expected the best movie ever, to be honest. I watched and watched and waiting something to happen. And at the end outta nowhere the main scene was that weirdos attacking. The performances were of both of them are on point but the movie, like the movie - not impressed.
The music you listen to sucks
@youri vreman quentin tarantino is overrated michael bay is better and this movie sucks
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 17 days ago
What were you expecting?
youri vreman
youri vreman - 17 days ago
Yup you are stupid indeed, its a fking Quentin Tarantino MOVIE FOR GODS SAKE😑🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
aleckermit - 20 days ago
One of the best movies I've seen (23 yr old) and my Mom of 63 was transported back to 1969 by this movie.
Willemijn Van der mark
Willemijn Van der mark - 20 days ago
What is the name of this song/soundtrack 0:01 ?? I like it...
jochem slaman
jochem slaman - 21 day ago
😂😂 Loved it. Quentin over the top
Angry Rhino
Angry Rhino - 21 day ago
Brad is the best when it comes to smash deranged hippies face!
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma - 22 days ago
Oh man, just removing brad pitt driving scnenes,।ts a picture। Saw 26th time and never boring me
Mr Bojangle
Mr Bojangle - 22 days ago
This movie is whack
Mr Bojangle
Mr Bojangle - 17 days ago
@youri vreman I am whack because I have a different point of view to yours? Really?
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 17 days ago
Bringing the 90's back?
youri vreman
youri vreman - 17 days ago
Ur whack
Alexander Agustine
Alexander Agustine - 23 days ago
So, I guess Charly was Charles Manson... interesting. Tarantino makes messed up movies like this no substance and pure shit. And even though Leo and Pitt were amazing (and the ending) I am not sure if 2:45 min was a good waste of my time.
edited: ... and I did not like the portrayal of Bruce Lee. It is sad to see legends like Leo, Pit, and Al in such a shit movie.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 17 days ago
@Alexander Agustine This film had a lot of substance
Kelhi Macmillan
Kelhi Macmillan - 23 days ago
Just watched this and it's not the greatest Tarantino flick, but it's bearable. The ending was pretty fucked up tho, it's such a shame that the Manson family didnt end up dead, instead of poor Sharon Tate, her unborn child and her friends...💔💔💔
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 17 days ago
You must've not seen it. You clearly don't know what happened.
Transgenda Gubament
Transgenda Gubament - 17 days ago
Paul Little
Paul Little - 23 days ago
Not a bad movie, the boys both play great roles, and i do like a happy 😊 ending, good stuff 🙂
Dr. Manhattan Jr
Dr. Manhattan Jr - 23 days ago
My favorite actor Leo did a great job as always,Brad was great also but...I expect much more from Quentin.....Just finished movie 7/10.
CejkaComedy - 23 days ago
This trailer never gets old
Lytnin Stryke Rapper
Lytnin Stryke Rapper - 23 days ago
Its fuckin sick love it
Xun Ma
Xun Ma - 23 days ago
my favorite movie of 2019!
Adam Hetesi
Adam Hetesi - 23 days ago
Rip Sharon, I don't forget you! 😔
Carl John Tumimbang
Carl John Tumimbang - 23 days ago
i saw victoria pedretti in this
JHardyExTReme - 24 days ago
Am i the only one that watches both trailers every day ? 😂
pizzaguy7 - 24 days ago
.. can someone tell me if they saw what i saw, just before the fight between Cliff Booth and Bruce Lee, there is a man who is asking Bruce Lee if he knew the guy he was about to fight, and that he killed his wife ... well pay attention, the man that' s talking to Bruce Lee is Dave Bautista, i am 99.5 % certain of it !
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 17 days ago
@pizzaguy7. You're wrong. You can see the actor listed on IMDB.
James Finney
James Finney - 24 days ago
Just wasted 1h 20m ... had to stop watching it. Wife chose this one to watch haha
Clarke Foco
Clarke Foco - 24 days ago
I am really sad for the people that missed the baby boomer 60s. That's why the elderly either cry or feel like 16 again
Clarke Foco
Clarke Foco - 24 days ago
I hate this movie. I watched it only 18 times to make that determination 😎
Stephen Hagan
Stephen Hagan - 24 days ago
Just watched this movie thinkin look at the cast checkout who directed it!! Thought to myself this is gonna b gr8🤩 it was the exact opposite of that!! This movie was a piece of shit!! Thank the fuckin lord I never paid money to go watch it in the cinema 🙏🏻
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 17 days ago
@Stephen Hagan. Why bring god into it?
gavrilo princip
gavrilo princip - 24 days ago
I kinda wish that they actually used straight shooter in the movie
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 17 days ago
They did
b_x6 - 25 days ago
TH P - 25 days ago
every actors are good but it seems like the scriptwriters were on drugs when they wrote the scripts.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen - 17 days ago
I'm sure whatever Tarantino was on was great. He's definitely one of the best screenwriters of all time.
youri vreman
youri vreman - 17 days ago
Its a Quentin Tarantino movie his movies are always like this🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Eoin Brennan
Eoin Brennan - 25 days ago
........And Brad Pitt walked away with the oscar. Before you become a master you must first learn how to serve.
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