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Ari Roblox
Ari Roblox - Day ago
I say crayon the same as you...
Monika Sahu
Monika Sahu - 2 days ago
If i put my shoes on my markers then my mom will hit me with that pretty shoes 😅😅(in India all study materials are god so I willalso never do this )
Eduardi Jimenez
Eduardi Jimenez - 3 days ago
Make me a pair marko
Angelique Knowlin
Angelique Knowlin - 3 days ago
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cleen
Angelique Knowlin
Angelique Knowlin - 3 days ago
omg sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cleen
Animal World of drawing
Marko imagine you can’t find your shoes
Tox1n - 4 days ago
Where my crans people at
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Shreyansh Dubey
Shreyansh Dubey - 7 days ago
Is it just me, or did he just ruin a perfectly perfect pair of vans in front of our eyes?
AniMazingKid - 8 days ago
Marko you got an A+ for effort for trying to say crayon (cran)
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren - 11 days ago
I say crayons like “crans” the same as you. Lol.
Grace Lach
Grace Lach - 14 days ago
You say crayons right
Tom Lynch
Tom Lynch - 16 days ago
I am thinking also thinking about customising some thing after watching this video
Jeevan 03
Jeevan 03 - 17 days ago
Love from india
Jull B.
Jull B. - 20 days ago
Customize you're dog that should be cool
Ella Ella
Ella Ella - 20 days ago
omg so stunning
Shobit Singh
Shobit Singh - 21 day ago
Man-tasha Zahra
Man-tasha Zahra - 22 days ago
Yes i really enjoyed...😍
Logan Creed
Logan Creed - 22 days ago
I love your videos your so funny
shukri YOUSEF
shukri YOUSEF - 23 days ago
I love you I am speaking as my mom tho I'm 8 and speaking for my mom but bassicly my yt is Aisha niathan I'm 8 and I have a channel my own not my moms!
Soren Dunstone
Soren Dunstone - 28 days ago
Y’all are some dumbasses who cares how you say crayon you know what he’s talking about.
Aldin Villamor
Aldin Villamor - Month ago
Please give me a shoes 🥺
Nicole Mizrahi
Nicole Mizrahi - Month ago
It’s not marker is markers
ian gonzalez
ian gonzalez - Month ago
no se ni ingles y aun asi veo tus videos
Javi Jj
Javi Jj - Month ago
Can you send me some shoes 👟
DHANUSH - Month ago
Can u tell me which laungauge do u speak pls me . Marko
Cole Leone
Cole Leone - Month ago
I don't watch his videos to see customizing i watch them cuz i wanna see marko
Noah Farley
Noah Farley - Month ago
What does it matter if you say it like that it’s your opinion
Leo Tv
Leo Tv - Month ago
Dont it discolor when it Rains?? Just curious
megi kristiani
megi kristiani - Month ago
This marker permanent?
yo yo
yo yo - Month ago
Is it washable pleaseeeee reply
Sana Ehsan
Sana Ehsan - Month ago
I wonder how much shoes he own
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller - Month ago
it is actually markers not marker
Raquel Gomez
Raquel Gomez - Month ago
Did you guys notice he watches videos while he’s painting
Armaan Sindhi
Armaan Sindhi - Month ago
tik toz
tik toz - Month ago
Um everybody says things different he might have a accent or can't pronounce things properly like me
Vania Martinez
Vania Martinez - Month ago
No it’s micker
Venisha Ngala
Venisha Ngala - Month ago
This is how many times MARKO changes his outfit a day
Matthew Clemintone
Matthew Clemintone - Month ago
I say it the same way
Lee Stanley-Gonsalves
Lee Stanley-Gonsalves - Month ago
The people who cyber bullied him for how he said crayons are fake fans 😑
Lee Stanley-Gonsalves
Lee Stanley-Gonsalves - Month ago
Am I the only won worried about how much watermelon he eats.....
Dylan Bowles
Dylan Bowles - Month ago
i say crans to dont worry about it
ABC games
ABC games - Month ago
This is how this is is ya
ABC games
ABC games - Month ago
Sylvia Landrum
Sylvia Landrum - Month ago
I say crayons like him....
Sarthak Shinde
Sarthak Shinde - Month ago
I found your channel this morning and I’ve have been just watching the videos all day. It’s so satisfying. Keep up. Love from India ♥️
Fnxrz Trick Shots
Fnxrz Trick Shots - 2 months ago
Don’t feel bad about you saying “crans” that’s how everybody I know says it including me
luka jones
luka jones - 2 months ago
I say crowns
Micah Stiver
Micah Stiver - 2 months ago
Can we appreciate that he didn't use any tape lol
BigBoi Cheese
BigBoi Cheese - 2 months ago
Marko is so funny
Ethan Hughes
Ethan Hughes - 2 months ago
That’s fire 🔥
Johnathan Spaulding
Johnathan Spaulding - 2 months ago
No it’s me-cker
Abigail Hurst
Abigail Hurst - 2 months ago
I believe “crans” is the only correct way to say it.
Shiv Babariya
Shiv Babariya - 2 months ago
So cool
Pika - 2 months ago
I wish i had the finesse of your hands. I am way to clumsy to do s__t like this
Ami Newman
Ami Newman - 2 months ago
I’m gonna do this to my new white Vans too
Esther Patricelli
Esther Patricelli - 2 months ago
@MARKO marry me ❤️💍
Esther Patricelli
Esther Patricelli - 2 months ago
sammylucy1 Bouge, imbécile. Je ne t’ai pas demandé de répondre à mon message, tu n’as rien de mieux à faire?
sammylucy1 - 2 months ago
He doesn't want to marry someone especially u
Detlinece Serowron
Detlinece Serowron - 2 months ago
It's okay bro we're going to try to make them stop cyberbullying you
Bettie Rains
Bettie Rains - 2 months ago
May I ask what kind of paint brushes you use? I’m tryna make some myself but my paint brushes suCk
Maciej Pysz
Maciej Pysz - 2 months ago
Sun&Moon Pokemon Custom
lilcraw7986 - 2 months ago
Marlie Adams
Marlie Adams - 2 months ago
Did anyone else notice that he got a new phone in this
Like Jimmy
Like Jimmy - 2 months ago
I dont have the clear rubbing alcohol wish me luck on using the green one
Zarith Videozzz
Zarith Videozzz - 2 months ago
You are the best and creative
CHIN CHIN - 2 months ago
Is it worth it?
Iwana Naqiyah
Iwana Naqiyah - 2 months ago
customize a sofa
Aiden Smith
Aiden Smith - 2 months ago
your awsome but they right cran like what
Malak Nasrallah
Malak Nasrallah - 2 months ago
My parents explaining how babies are made:
empyfrost YT
empyfrost YT - 2 months ago
Dammm 😬😬 does 🔥
Koalo playz
Koalo playz - 2 months ago
NO BULLY MARKO!!!!!!!!!!
Avsar Studio
Avsar Studio - 2 months ago
Which alcohol u use?
Viviana Adnet
Viviana Adnet - 2 months ago
I say crans!😭👍😂
Renae VanderZee
Renae VanderZee - 2 months ago
I say crayons like you.... people give me the same shit!
Jaxon Doyle
Jaxon Doyle - 2 months ago
Dope shoes but I think they would be hella clean without the moon and sun, but they cool
Samuel Kelleher
Samuel Kelleher - 2 months ago
Who is watching this in quarantine
Soap - 2 months ago
No it’s crans other people saying it wrong
Michael LaRocca
Michael LaRocca - 2 months ago
boy in his bag bro
Thomas Martinez
Thomas Martinez - 2 months ago
What did you use to seal the marker to make wearable? I do customs with sharpie highlighter and I need to find something to water proof the shoe with the color bleeding and or running
ProjectNight_fall ROBLOX
ProjectNight_fall ROBLOX - 2 months ago
Sun to me if you think the vans looked better without the sun☀️
Vince Villasenor
Vince Villasenor - 2 months ago
Gaming Tips
Gaming Tips - 2 months ago
I hate it when people say crayon like “cray-own” like bro it’s “cran”
Jaime Castillo
Jaime Castillo - 2 months ago
Is sharpies better to use?
Kelly Souza
Kelly Souza - 2 months ago
Omg i want shoes just like this
Skippy is SUS
Skippy is SUS - 2 months ago
I don’t know anyone who doesn’t say crayons like you
Maïté Mignault-Morin
Maïté Mignault-Morin - 2 months ago
Me waiting for the third thing: ._.
Marisa Verduzco
Marisa Verduzco - 2 months ago
Marker more like Marko 😂🤦‍♀️
GLP Art - 2 months ago
F in the chet I
F in the chet I - 2 months ago
Natna k
Natna k - 2 months ago
Starr Armagost
Starr Armagost - 2 months ago
i know he did not just do two different colored shoes 2020 OCD be like....
Cemre Aslandaş
Cemre Aslandaş - 2 months ago
I don't like banana
Sam Kay
Sam Kay - 2 months ago
He makes customising look so easy
JeiLiy WaybecomeArtist
JeiLiy WaybecomeArtist - 2 months ago
I love you 😢
SUSHI ROCKS - 2 months ago
Those look sick!!!
renea collins
renea collins - 3 months ago
i say "crayons" like "crans" the same way
xhan - 3 months ago
👇more things he has to customise
naruto boruto mimato uzamaki
Him dhes
Maddie Jeep
Maddie Jeep - 3 months ago
Let’s get him to 5 mil and in the futur to 5 billion! 🤪
Tylea Silva
Tylea Silva - 3 months ago
he says crayons perfectly fine
Madison Woods
Madison Woods - 3 months ago
I started customizing because of him I actually customized a phone case and it looked really cool
191048中瀬 紘平
191048中瀬 紘平 - 3 months ago
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