HARD RIDDLES that will make you SWEAT

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Allison Mark
Allison Mark - 8 hours ago
Seven second riddles is complete bullcrap. The answers are so obvious, but the REAL answers are like "hey we didn't tell you this because you were supposed to know it before you watched the video" like you aren't a teacher but if you were you would put "is god real" on a math test
UOPdemon gdlk
UOPdemon gdlk - Day ago
everyone, so stop being a jerk. and you are also watching it
David Reyes
David Reyes - Day ago
It was funny when she sayed booty
Pat Cord
Pat Cord - Day ago
I said the answer to the question with the deer
Phil Sherry
Phil Sherry - Day ago
you just brake
zoe mccabe
zoe mccabe - Day ago
achally one sutecase is emtey
Mark Lucido
Mark Lucido - 2 days ago
I love you
giselle hernandez
giselle hernandez - 2 days ago
Dani Solos
Dani Solos - 2 days ago
Kendricks Heathington
Kendricks Heathington - 2 days ago
Lol the 4 suit case lady reminds me of truthfully trisha XD both wamt attention
Leah Mitchell
Leah Mitchell - 2 days ago
who else had to watch a "the children are coming" ad?
Jonar Joseph Cantos
Jonar Joseph Cantos - 3 days ago
Just joking
Jonar Joseph Cantos
Jonar Joseph Cantos - 3 days ago
Hbvhjhbhjbhjbhubhgjhbjhbjhbjhbhbhbb (sorry my kid don't know how to spell):)
Hong Cuc Trinh
Hong Cuc Trinh - 3 days ago
Hayleigh Singh
Hayleigh Singh - 3 days ago
The answer was born because she looked very upset
Hayleigh Singh
Hayleigh Singh - 3 days ago
Sorry the answer is a because it has a lot of scar around his neck
Krysia McKenna
Krysia McKenna - 3 days ago
A plastic straw😐😐😐😲😲😲
Salisha MKassie
Salisha MKassie - 3 days ago
it is b
Kid Muhlbach
Kid Muhlbach - 4 days ago
Anita Johnson
Anita Johnson - 4 days ago
I think it was a
Fe4r StOrm
Fe4r StOrm - 4 days ago
Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen - 4 days ago
Me: MY CAR!!!!
Which one should you pick?
Me I am NO WAY picking a car!!!!!!
Rex Meyer
Rex Meyer - 5 days ago
Sxsxsxsxsxsxsxxsxsx excuse me you had a plastic strawssxsxsxsxsxsxsxsxsxsxsxsxsxsxsx
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones - 5 days ago
francisca federick
francisca federick - 5 days ago
Quit cussing in your videos gees....
Salina Zaleski
Salina Zaleski - 5 days ago
Journey journals- Hybrid creative arts-
You are my biggest fan I don't like no one else on YouTube but you maybe
Journey journals- Hybrid creative arts-
she was wearing sunglasses and plus I am doing the riddles with you SS sniper wolf
Prakhar - 5 days ago
Pleze make a video on Hazaribag Ramnavami
Lilette Hurtado
Lilette Hurtado - 6 days ago
Dont make fun of John Cena
Maya Gibson
Maya Gibson - 6 days ago
both of the people in the who was his wife riddle had rings on their right hands instead of their left.
Anita Vu
Anita Vu - 6 days ago
she put the smallest suitcase in the second biggest
Pro 0802
Pro 0802 - 6 days ago
Tell the guy I said thanks for the credit card... but no I’m not lieing who puts there credit card on YouTube. By the way I’m not taken his credit card I was jokeing
terra cable
terra cable - 6 days ago
1:40 I love that voice
Brian Cortez
Brian Cortez - 6 days ago
The suitcases were in the largest suitcase
Nafisa Soltani
Nafisa Soltani - 6 days ago
Vsco girl lol
Max D
Max D - 6 days ago
Wait, huh? Whose the guy’s wife? I’m confused 😂😂
Carrie Blackwell
Carrie Blackwell - 6 days ago
NeonAir Bane
NeonAir Bane - 6 days ago
Is that a Plastic Straw!?!
Jonathan Ibarra Palos
Jonathan Ibarra Palos - 7 days ago
Sssniperwolf Anna oop sksksskskks
Me are you a vsco girl sssniperwolf?
Sis: oMG SHES A VSCO Girl LIkE ME Anna oop sKssksksksks save the turtles
Destiny Batalla
Destiny Batalla - 5 days ago
I hate vsco girls.
Katharine Perry
Katharine Perry - 7 days ago
The security guards have to go out in a messy shirt
Jeff Grimes
Jeff Grimes - 7 days ago
Sophie Slevin
Sophie Slevin - 7 days ago
Are you vsco sniper Wolfe
Bruce Gordon
Bruce Gordon - 7 days ago
Haven't been watching for a while what's with the generic peace sign
Queenie Shen
Queenie Shen - 8 days ago
I like it
Roland Bryan Caguicla
Roland Bryan Caguicla - 8 days ago
Thomas Looper
Thomas Looper - 8 days ago
Maria McCoy
Maria McCoy - 8 days ago
This is how many people like phons
Maria McCoy
Maria McCoy - 8 days ago
Smash the like button if you want a hotel
Maria McCoy
Maria McCoy - 8 days ago
Flip who want a Hotel
Dulce Estrada
Dulce Estrada - 9 days ago
hoodlewolf girl
hoodlewolf girl - 9 days ago
I choose to get my bank account robbed couse

Berenice Nunez
Berenice Nunez - 9 days ago
Sssniperwolf =1 lik
Bianca Felfoldi
Bianca Felfoldi - 9 days ago
it's Barbra B
Michelle Caffee
Michelle Caffee - 9 days ago
who still watches this in 2019?
Desi White
Desi White - 2 days ago
I was made in 2019 so…
Pamela Ehlman
Pamela Ehlman - 5 days ago
Diamond Manuel
Diamond Manuel - 6 days ago
Frederik Gyamfi
Frederik Gyamfi - 6 days ago
@terra cable i love you right now dome one under stands me
terra cable
terra cable - 6 days ago
Frederik Gyamfi nope in from 2024
Mindy Marie
Mindy Marie - 9 days ago
Your funny and smart !!!!
Oof_Gamer_girl_XD ._.
Oof_Gamer_girl_XD ._. - 9 days ago
3:26 got em
Kuku Melon
Kuku Melon - 9 days ago
B is still his wife
Arno Eben Persence
Arno Eben Persence - 10 days ago
Autumn Carleton
Autumn Carleton - 10 days ago
It is b
Elsa Flores
Elsa Flores - 10 days ago
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