Casually Explained: The Ageing Process

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Lucid _2_Win
Lucid _2_Win - 7 hours ago
In a world where this is life why do people actually want to live?
goreconff - 11 hours ago
the viagra ad the end tho😂
The RubbishNateDawg
The RubbishNateDawg - 22 hours ago
1:21 damm okay just personally attack my ass
Technodog - Day ago
I’d say people who are 65 are capable of doing the things they want but are unable to retire because they are still broke
Немања Чукић
Idk Me
Idk Me - 3 days ago
Gabriel Villa
Gabriel Villa - 5 days ago
Red Minion
Red Minion - 7 days ago
I'm 17 & this is sad
I’m Bella
I’m Bella - 13 days ago
elena pg
elena pg - 19 days ago
2 Stupid Teens
2 Stupid Teens - 20 days ago
Whats viragra?
AlphaDenvia - 20 days ago
bro you forgot about the time we spend in the womb, we're alive in there

also on your birthday you technically turn however many years since youve been born plus 9 months :/
Waffle Nation
Waffle Nation - 23 days ago
slovakian cz
slovakian cz - 23 days ago
I'm scared to grow up
EH Productions
EH Productions - 25 days ago
Always representing Canadians 🇨🇦 thank you!
Tatz Padua
Tatz Padua - Month ago
This video is based on Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development.
Gary Bates
Gary Bates - Month ago
I’m 40. Love your videos but seriously. This age is great. You just pass giving a shit. Don’t see it as a negative xx
Hashem Sweidan
Hashem Sweidan - Month ago
I am so sorry about your dad
אγơƞǝא - Month ago
The Outro..
Rowan Mlot
Rowan Mlot - Month ago
Yoda has left the chat
Preston Lopez
Preston Lopez - Month ago
Hold on a minute. I'm only 20 and already at the 28-35 stage
Resilentis - Month ago
18 and I'm there too man
Devon May
Devon May - Month ago
Casual telling us he hopes we die before 65
Finngame 2
Finngame 2 - Month ago
So kids between 13-14 and 16-17 don't exist lol
Neo Monkey
Neo Monkey - Month ago
I’m 12 :)
Rishi Yerrabelli
Rishi Yerrabelli - Month ago
Inno - Month ago
Wow. I'm depressed now.
Elior Nagar
Elior Nagar - Month ago
What about 13 and 14?!
SydneyPhotography2019 - Month ago
Hi, thanks for the info
TFW - Month ago
I'm much older than I am
non-mustard - 2 months ago
That is not how you spell aging
no Sky
no Sky - 2 months ago
I'm thirteen Viagra ad I'm not even male
No notifications
No notifications - 2 months ago
I leant this in psychology
Monmouth Warhammer
Monmouth Warhammer - 2 months ago
My grandfather an 86 year old who walks 7 miles a day
Cosmic Bread
Cosmic Bread - 2 months ago
Well this was depressing
Toxic FlexTape
Toxic FlexTape - 2 months ago
No one:
My recommended: Y’all want some DEPRESSING
Viktoryia Mikhailava
Viktoryia Mikhailava - 2 months ago
You sound like You suck at cooking but without bursting into random songs
Lenny Face
Lenny Face - 2 months ago
Ok boomer
Barzaunu - 2 months ago
Just checked the You suck at cooking subscribers number and you totally beat that. Congrats! ^_^
Comi-cchi - 2 months ago
Ok satan
basherblast - 2 months ago
Lesson learned, never watch casually explained when your looking for a video to cheer you up.
halle nguyen
halle nguyen - 2 months ago
"You Suck At Cooking's subscribers +1"
okay buddy you good
The ALLrOUNDER SS - 2 months ago
Wali Hamid
Wali Hamid - 2 months ago
“Call of duty xbox live”
sol kai
sol kai - 2 months ago
“people they love stop spending time with time out of desire but out of obligation” made me so sad
Cronk - 2 months ago
that ending xDDDD
Storm Wild
Storm Wild - 2 months ago
13-14 you cease to exist
Myrek - 2 months ago
is that tombstone a dick
Daniel C
Daniel C - 2 months ago
That's one happy ending.
- NoPlanGaming -
- NoPlanGaming - - 2 months ago
This got dark real fast
P L - 2 months ago
1:57 what? ysac?
John Lost
John Lost - 2 months ago
For those of you in your 30's who are saying, "Nah, that's not me! I'll be running marathons in my 80's!", all I have to say is:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good luck, sucker!
Wil Arnim
Wil Arnim - 2 months ago
This hit me hard because I went through those phases and it’s accurate as fuck
Lillian vallance
Lillian vallance - 2 months ago
The viagra ad though
QuantumStriker 003
QuantumStriker 003 - 2 months ago
That viagra ad at the end tho.....
Jacob Knowles
Jacob Knowles - 2 months ago
Why is there a Viagra Ad at the end of the video?
David Franco
David Franco - 2 months ago
So I’m the part where he said it went by fast I slowed down the vid to actually check if there was a frame or two and to my sadness there wasn’t
Gray Lindblad
Gray Lindblad - 2 months ago
I got ad for viagra after the video...
Healeon - 2 months ago
Is it bad that I still have a pencil collection?
F. Teixeira
F. Teixeira - 2 months ago
Who goes to a prostitute in a clio
locomotivefaox - 2 months ago
I can still remember when I was a mere baby under two years of age, I was aware of all around me. I think the simulation broke guys
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