The Basics "The Lucky Country" - Live

k404 - 6 months ago
comeback gotye
Icyclear - 7 months ago
Compared to the other European created foreign countries, Australia is doing quite well.
ORiGiN Music
ORiGiN Music - 10 months ago
Andrew Andriyashin
Andrew Andriyashin - Year ago
Wonderful band
Ranita Loca
Ranita Loca - 2 years ago
Best Band. :'))
Jael Jade
Jael Jade - 2 years ago
This song reminds me of the Romantics
Joseph Corridon
Joseph Corridon - 3 years ago
This is such a good live performance. I might be missing the point, but it's so close the studio version.
Carly Solis
Carly Solis - 3 years ago
gotye canta mejor solo que con esos que se llaman de basics los odio gotye era mejor solo y ustedes le arruinan la vida pero le doy like al video porque soy su fan numero uno y me encanta el,esta muy guapo y es simpatico y se viste como me gusta que se vistan los hombres
Ranita Loca
Ranita Loca - 2 years ago
Las fans locas y sin sentido común no le pueden faltar a nadie xDddDFxdD.
Pri Gutierrez Callosa
Pri Gutierrez Callosa - 2 years ago
Eres idiota xd
SincerelyV - 4 years ago
Tim is my favorite well dressed hobo.
David Conner
David Conner - 5 years ago
Wally's definitely a balance between Kris' energy and Tim's flow. Favorite human ever.
Larissa Anne
Larissa Anne - 5 years ago
Kris is so freaking hot, OMG hahaha
Gotye Francophonie
Gotye Francophonie - 5 years ago
Prestation géniale pour assurer la promotion du BRRP autour de Melbourne juste avant les élections régionales !
Frances Taranto
Frances Taranto - 5 years ago
Has anyone experienced issues watching this clip? Seems to constantly freeze!
Virginia Stomm
Virginia Stomm - 5 years ago
I love it!! That's so great guys :-)
Sonia HUBER - 5 years ago
J'aimerai trop vous voir en live! Dommage que l'Australie sois si loin de la France!
Je suis une de vos plus grande fan de The Basics et Gotye!!
Evces - 5 years ago
I love it!!! they're the best are a amazing band!!!
TinkerbellKat - 5 years ago
I've got the hots for the drummer.
Jael Jade
Jael Jade - 2 years ago
You'll have to fight me for him! I'm in love with Wally!!
Olivia Rubio
Olivia Rubio - 4 years ago
hahaha.. Gotye full of pasion, I love it!
Sam Whyte
Sam Whyte - 5 years ago
gotye is great haha
talmandan - 5 years ago
The song notwithstanding, those instruments are all 60's and I love it!
CJ Bluka
CJ Bluka - 5 years ago
Very good fellas
lisa nursemom
lisa nursemom - 5 years ago
oh dear. I need a minute.
Rafael Bueno
Rafael Bueno - 5 years ago
The coolest band.
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