I Played a FAKE NikkieTutorials VIDEO GAME! OMG!

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NikkieTutorials - 13 days ago
*HOW CRAZY IS THIS???* ... I should create my own game some day! 🤯
Tiani's Channel Tt
Tiani's Channel Tt - 11 hours ago
Are you relates to Kylie vargas
Pretty Petal Vlogs
Pretty Petal Vlogs - 19 hours ago
Nikkie u r a pure genius! if u don't create a game i will be so disapointed!
Manalisha Thakuria
Manalisha Thakuria - 23 hours ago
Yes please
Shantel Barnhill
Shantel Barnhill - Day ago
If kkw can do it, so can u!
vivian frederick
vivian frederick - Day ago
Vanny's Corner
Vanny's Corner - Hour ago
Dannie Marie
Dannie Marie - Hour ago
I smell a lawsuit in the future 🤣😂
Kenyah's World
Kenyah's World - 2 hours ago
I used to always play on girls play. I’m disappointed in my child hood😔
Ashley Fredenburg
Ashley Fredenburg - 3 hours ago
Every time I look at nikkie I’m just stunned. So gorgeous.
not lauren
not lauren - 4 hours ago
🔗 for affiliates, 📦 for PR, 💸 for personal purchases
HANNAH - 5 hours ago
i always forget that english isn't her first language
Dysfunction21 - 6 hours ago
No need for the on screen symbols, people will believe what they want whether it’s the truth or not. If they care that much, they can read the description box. Just my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Seize the day
Seize the day - 6 hours ago
You got played more than this game😂
Shayna Shazam
Shayna Shazam - 7 hours ago
Settle down sis! I'm all for you making money off every product you can but I definitely need those honest opinions. If a product sucks and it's not something you would use... Don't and don't except money for using it. I don't need pop ups. You good sis!!! Always entertaining. Always gorgeous. And always living for this look!!!!
TXGA VM - 7 hours ago
10:45 "but never ever did I push a product I didnt believe in" maybe not on your channel but the Maybeline channel BEGS to differ
Merah Cooper
Merah Cooper - 8 hours ago
This eye look might be my prom makeup 😍
zoeelovee2 - 10 hours ago
I mean technically they didn't use your name or claim that it was you. They owe nothing. Sorry.
Dok Kovacevic
Dok Kovacevic - 10 hours ago
This time you didn't really recreate game look because you don't use all make up which they put in game you should make part 2 and really recreate game look 😘😘😘 (PS not hate) love ya 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💕💕💕♥️♥️♥️💖💖💖👑👑👑💗💗💗😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰
Insfires man!!
Insfires man!! - 10 hours ago
Did Nikki lose weight or am I seeing things, and her chin is pointier
BananaDoll - 12 hours ago
ouch, your new jawline looks a little bit weird and unflattering for your face... xD
Karo The Stalker
Karo The Stalker - 13 hours ago
Wyspa gier games are my childhood lmao
Karolina Maria
Karolina Maria - 13 hours ago
use emojis lmao
Selena CM
Selena CM - 15 hours ago
I love how nikki just schooled them by playing along 😭🤣
hend ahmed
hend ahmed - 15 hours ago
Of course it will help but i don't need it because i trust u and i think u don't have to do that ily 💜💜💜
Sooka ma Cocka
Sooka ma Cocka - 17 hours ago
sad she got a new beauty blender
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace - 17 hours ago
The "Sleep we don't know her", is a big mood.
alisha marie drake
alisha marie drake - 18 hours ago
that doll beauty bronzer is so pretty!!
Chloe Lever
Chloe Lever - 18 hours ago
*I want to play this game*
Spotted - 18 hours ago
Kat grif
Kat grif - 18 hours ago
I love the symbol idea!
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig - 18 hours ago
You relise that it could like you
Violet 7cool
Violet 7cool - 19 hours ago
Ik ben echt een super grote fan
LavenderAi - 19 hours ago
"that looks like me"
"oh wait"
that was adorable lol
Chelsea J.
Chelsea J. - 20 hours ago
I think the symbols would be cute! Maybe have a key pop up for a few seconds during the intro of each video so you don’t have to mention it ever time, but so viewers still get clued in or reminded if they haven’t watched in awhile. Honesty is so key and I love how you want to be transparent about this with your viewers 💁🏼‍♀️
Shelby  Metz
Shelby Metz - 22 hours ago
YASSS always a transparent queen! love ya
kawaiiNoodles284 :3
kawaiiNoodles284 :3 - 22 hours ago
Why are you using make up when your so pretty
Emma Smith
Emma Smith - 23 hours ago
They need a lawyer
Aleksandra - 23 hours ago
Wyspa gier🇵🇱
Eduardo Negrete
Eduardo Negrete - Day ago
Gurl , you don’t know the game but you have the same exactly hairstyle
Rocylier Lagurin
Rocylier Lagurin - Day ago
at least appreciate the efforts of the people behind the game using you as an inspiration. All you think about is the money and the cut you'll get if they asked for your permission using you as an inspiration for the game.
Sally Smith
Sally Smith - Day ago
U should sue the game. That’s completely unfair!
cherry soda
cherry soda - Day ago
nikkie, i feel like you shouldn't have to explain yourself. you matured and owned up to the mistakes you've done and not every youtuber has a clean record. you're open, honest and i feel like you shouldn't have to prove yourself (even more) to people who remain ignorant or oblivious to your growth (mentally) and development 💖stay strong my queen !!! 🍒
amber schiavi
amber schiavi - Day ago
can we just take a moment and look at how STUNNING nikkie is? i’ve been watching her for so many years and god she gets more and more beautiful every damn day.
the Blur
the Blur - Day ago
i'd love little symbols popping up when you first use the product in the video ... cause if you're not really using it or I don't see you use it, i'm already not listening to your pitch about it, but I think it'd be great to know what you guys actually get sent, what you actually buy... cause it seems more often that not the things that you guys get sent are affordable things that scam way more people than the real expensive stuff you guys buy yourselves, eh, idk, I just don't want to get scammed
MMWO - Day ago
You are like our homeroom teacher. The way you handle things are somewhat similar
Meghan Peters
Meghan Peters - Day ago
You are literally such a beautiful person, inside and out! Keep doing you no matter what people may say.
Jazzy Ashbug
Jazzy Ashbug - Day ago
Okie, honestly, I love your content and I love your style. I totally understand that they should have asked you first but they created the game for the people that worship and love you, I'd definitely play it, but like, if you have an issue about it, go to them and tell them. Real simple
Jezebel M
Jezebel M - Day ago
Nikki: time to get serious
Me: ooo tea time
Nikki, I understand what your saying.
Julie Chechi
Julie Chechi - Day ago
I love your personality. You're so cute and hilarious.
grace - Day ago
This gives me an idea,
What if there is a new trend where its called full face of make up of following a makeup game
Like if u agree lol
Snow_Queen - Day ago
Snow_Queen - Day ago
love it.......
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson - Day ago
5:15 ,,SCHUPON“
Cássia Pires Pinheiro
sue them!!!
Lizzyinthehizzy - Day ago
I love the effort toward transparency, and think you are a leader in the YouTube beauty community. By you doing this it will definitely encourage others to do the same. 👏👏👏 But in the interest in transparency I think just plain language would be better than a symbol. And it would save you having to explain the symbols continually. ♥️♥️♥️ Love ya, babe!
Lexy Christensen
Lexy Christensen - Day ago
I didn’t really understand what she was apologizing for, would anyone be able to explain to me what happened?
Rebekah Humphries
Rebekah Humphries - Day ago
I am honestly living for all the affordable products you're using recently! We Stan a budget queen 😍
Jazzy Ashbug
Jazzy Ashbug - Day ago
And yet her hair piece is like what, 300 suthin bucks?
Emily Inoue
Emily Inoue - Day ago
Identity theft is not a joke Jim millions of families suffer each year
Violet Flowers
Violet Flowers - 7 hours ago
Gabriela's channel
Gabriela's channel - Day ago
Conspiracy (that may be real):
The game is actually about Nikkie but they changed the name so they don't get copyrighted from her for using her brand name.
Josie Depew
Josie Depew - Day ago
“Sleep we don’t know her “😂😂😂😂
tessa nolan
tessa nolan - Day ago
what brush do you use to bronze??? it seems to work so well
Harley Thompson
Harley Thompson - Day ago
I feel like you shouldn't have to do anything. People can suck a dick. If they just want to hate, they don't need to watch
Albee - Day ago
Jamie Willett
Jamie Willett - Day ago
"If you really did create this and you're watching this, contact me please thank you."
*developer has left the chat*
Developer "Run! Bitch RUN!"
schenaia - Day ago
I am crying, this game is hell🤣🤣
Cristina Joaquim
Cristina Joaquim - Day ago
I love your personality :)
 - Day ago
Do you mean a fan game?
Star Trout
Star Trout - Day ago
You're so beautiful, daamn! I subscribed
Abby Labby
Abby Labby - Day ago
If I had a game made about me I would be fucking proud of myself
Joana Costa
Joana Costa - Day ago
I play that game at school😭😭
Vanessa Marshall
Vanessa Marshall - Day ago
You should sue THEM
Bela Duarte
Bela Duarte - Day ago
O unico problema dos seus vídeos é que voce fala de mais
Viola Sengelsø
Viola Sengelsø - Day ago
We all love u ❤️
Lucía Bravo
Lucía Bravo - Day ago
Girl sue!!!! this is too much adjhsdsfbh
Eboon channel
Eboon channel - Day ago
Has B
Has B - Day ago
You look like khloe Kardashian’s here
Pink Honey
Pink Honey - Day ago
wait are u adude
кιαииα αlєχιѕ
Dont hate because she's a makeup godess
Taylor Yopp
Taylor Yopp - Day ago
Yea you should
Jaylin Van Den Berg
Are NEDERLANDS gous i saw you i think in wie is de mol
Paula Grzeszczyk
Paula Grzeszczyk - Day ago
Does anyone know if the highlighting palette is available already? I can't find it anywhere :(
Minecraft Polis Adventures
hoi, like en reageer als je een nederlander bent net als nikkie
Daria MC
Daria MC - Day ago
1:08 wyspagier 😂😂 it's a polish gaming website. No wonder they didn't ask for your permission 😂😂
AMY Noorman
AMY Noorman - Day ago
Kijkt er iemand die Nederlands is??
Skotty DaSilva
Skotty DaSilva - Day ago
I heard about you from poppen when she repainted a doll to look like you. You are hilarious. I love your vibes
Kim Keovorleak
Kim Keovorleak - Day ago
This remind me of THOSE ROBLOX FACES
Ola Maciejewska
Ola Maciejewska - Day ago
Czy tylko ja zauwazylam ze strona na ktorej jest gra jest po polsku? Pozdro dla kumatych XD
Yenni Jimenez
Yenni Jimenez - Day ago
This game is made for the people 💯not for disrespect i would love it if someone made a game about me like that..feel special 💯
Jazzy Ashbug
Jazzy Ashbug - Day ago
Right?? 😂
Harshita Dhingra
Harshita Dhingra - Day ago
Wooo great content!!
Gen Honeybadger
Gen Honeybadger - Day ago
Girl what, I am pretty sure that isn't legal. I mean fudging it a bit and just being influenced by you, okay sure, but it genuinely is you with your name. Heck no, I'd go after them for that.
ceylin kondakcı
ceylin kondakcı - Day ago
It was very enjoyable 🙏 for the video.
gigglebytes - 2 days ago
Uh, I hope you don't end up driving traffic to the game! x.x
Mocho Mocha
Mocho Mocha - 2 days ago
I honestly don't care about the drama. I just watch to watch it baby.
Eloise Benitez
Eloise Benitez - 2 days ago
I just started watching your Channel and I already can tell that you are my queen you are so amazing and funny and awesome I can't wait to watch more of your videos and be a bigger fan in the future love Eloise👑💫😋❤🤘
Aria Glass
Aria Glass - 2 days ago
I think the sentiment of the symbols is lovely ! However its also important to consider whether or not you think you or your audience get caught up in the numbers and statistics and specifics of it all - how many products fall under each category, for example - in the same way people get caught up in things like sub counts or diets and things like that
Danijel Farkaš-Mitrović
1:27 that head piece in the game looks like the one from video whit jefree star get ready whit my in my rolls royce
Sofia Hernandez
Sofia Hernandez - 2 days ago
Anyone else die at 5:13?
iCHope i
iCHope i - 2 days ago
nikkie and jefferee are my favorite gurus :3
Olga Morales-Neloms
Olga Morales-Neloms - 2 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 It's you! 😡😡😡😡 Get 'em!
Lilmiscraft Channel2
Lilmiscraft Channel2 - 2 days ago
Why do you do your eyebrows off camera 😫
bluesmith - 2 days ago
I agree that transparency will help build trust back, but i think pop up captions would be better than symbols. Symbols have to be understood what they mean, whereas simply having pop up text in captions state the truth, anyone watching will know what you mean. So if you are using a product that was promotional gift, have a pop up caption say "photo finish primer by Smashbox was a promotional gift, thanks Smashbox!" Just a suggestion. Thanks for being so open and honest. Love you! Ps- please do more get ready with me videos!
Lindsay Sparks
Lindsay Sparks - 2 days ago
You are so amazingly inspirational and kind, funny, and normal! Your sense of humor is greatly satisfying 😹and your makeup girl. Fml you flawless..
Send me a video on how to blend... my twin tried to teach me. She lost her patience.. 🙏🤷🏽‍♀️
Lazy Lilly
Lazy Lilly - 2 days ago
*"oh she said not caking it on but hunny that looks like frosting"*
I'm Pansexual
I'm Pansexual - 8 hours ago
looks like this one cupcake i had where i used a whole can for the frosting.
DarkHeart4275 - 2 days ago
I’m so sorry people were like that......♥️
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