Billie Eilish - everything i wanted

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Kim Yujin
Kim Yujin - Day ago
I just can't get over this song.
Damian Torres
Damian Torres - Day ago
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Bags Hehehe
Bags Hehehe - Day ago
Yo imagine if billie ellish in gta
DoomDoom Doom
DoomDoom Doom - Day ago
Love you Billie
Katie Gomez
Katie Gomez - Day ago
This song makes me sleepy
Tea Koles
Tea Koles - Day ago
this takes acting like you're in a sad music video in the car to the max
Mandyfaye Welch
Mandyfaye Welch - Day ago
Best Billie eilish
Irvin Emmanuel López Alcántara
Quisiera conocerte pero no tengo dinero
skyline gtr lover toyta supra lover
Love this girl...voice is very haunting in a good way
Helena Santamaría cuello
tears entered the chat
-Edurne Away from Wonderland-
Finneas es mi hermano y mi mejor amigo. No importa la circunstancia, siempre hemos estado y siempre estaremos allí el uno para el otro.
_(es lo que dice, para los que no hablan english)_
dustin stanley
dustin stanley - Day ago
Sorry who are you Billie eilish I'm 16 and don't even know who you are
Cào Cào TiVi
Cào Cào TiVi - Day ago
I come from Vietnam. You guys are awesome
Darinine priče
Darinine priče - Day ago
Billie Eilish your voice is AMAZINGGG and u are SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL
Angel Ella St. Matthew
Makoblade14 - Day ago
Billie Eilish: Everybody wants something from me now...
Me, as a gamer felt that hard
Çąțý 7w7
Çąțý 7w7 - Day ago
Wow 0o0
Anahi Depaz
Anahi Depaz - Day ago
Perfect, beautiful song, you used this song seriously Billie, a very, very beautiful song I love how you know and you have that confidence that your brother Finneas will always take care of you and be there with you in everything that happens even if it happens to you you throw from the bridge or you will drown he will be with you helping you, I really loved the song so Billie is a great people, I admire you too much, I love you so much, I wish you well always
TukisGamer 76
TukisGamer 76 - Day ago
She's so fucking pretty and her songs are so emotional but good tho😓😖
Sara of Isla
Sara of Isla - Day ago
*this song gives me goosebumps*
i made a cover of it, would love for you to check it out if you have a minute
julia andrade
julia andrade - Day ago
julia andrade
julia andrade - Day ago
Gosto muito de voce
Darlene Elkins
Darlene Elkins - Day ago
I love you billie
Laura Morales
Laura Morales - Day ago
As I’m driving and this song comes on, I can’t help blinking thru the beat
tû tąmbįęn fløtąrąs
when you are working with bts
Moaid Eldaraji
Moaid Eldaraji - Day ago
Kvvrvvt Trbl
Kvvrvvt Trbl - Day ago
I'm crying so much rn, i love them both
FlamedCrate - Day ago

Billie: if i could change the way you see *yoursel*

what im tryna say is she said "yoursel"
Genna Rivenburg
Genna Rivenburg - Day ago
well, it made me cry .-.
Alayna Spina
Alayna Spina - Day ago
Hey I saw went she looked at him she smiled
Nyah-Simone Johnson
Gigi Curry
Gigi Curry - Day ago
“nobody cried... nobody even noticed, kind of thought they might care.”☹️This hit me hard af
helida Dd
helida Dd - Day ago
This is a 1 best song for Billie Elish
yesenia Hernández
yesenia Hernández - Day ago
amo tu voz 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Cole Millhoff
Cole Millhoff - Day ago
💀all pop songs sound the same (ass)
super warrior
super warrior - Day ago
Escucho esta cancion y siento una tristeza inmensa mezclada de amor libertad y paz 😭❣
Edina Mattos
Edina Mattos - Day ago
Love you
dox.v1 - Day ago
love o much whach my billie vido
dox.v1 - Day ago
i love you billie am my brother littl child
crossyhamster - Day ago
Today was quite an emotional day for me. I witnest someone trying to kill them selfand they were at the edge of the cliff. This is a very serious matter and i hope the person i saw is alive
Lazy Links
Lazy Links - Day ago
I love your music Ellie, me and my friends love your music and we are big friends. Don't listen to haters, they are so dumb. They don't even know who they are talking to. They are talking to a really cool musician person.
Blastoise Dan
Blastoise Dan - Day ago
Idk why its felt like im in depression
Cüneyt Yilmaz
Cüneyt Yilmaz - Day ago
Different, but similar:-)
sewshyッ - Day ago
Vollmilchbaum - Day ago
it could have been a nightmare, but i felt like they were right there - me...
9oshy - Day ago
3:03 why this part always gets me 💔
Cinematic Anime Trailers
Terrible video for a terrible song
Haloro17 - Day ago
this gives me a lot of anxiety just watching it
عشقي الحياء
احب صوتها ☹️💔2020
ada tunc
ada tunc - Day ago
Td tyrnttftfn Vu gfttftvv
This is more than beautiful
Payal Singh
Payal Singh - Day ago
Love Billie❤😁
Alberto - Day ago
La amo
Payton Insch
Payton Insch - Day ago
I love ocean eyes
Payton Insch
Payton Insch - Day ago
Billie I love you your the best singer your my fave
cat lame
cat lame - Day ago
I love Billie Eilish
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose - Day ago
No ones gonna talk about how in reality the car would’ve filled up with water much faster
PoodK - Day ago
Wow! Such a good minecraft video! I want part 2!
Nova - Day ago
Nobody told me that as long as he was here nobody can hurt me
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