LETTING the person in front of us DECIDE what we EAT! ft Jonah, Jeff Wittek and Toddy

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steven MK get over-here singleton
I love Josh that burger and nuggets look so good.
steven MK get over-here singleton
Yes I do lol.
steven MK get over-here singleton
I have a question for you are you hungry? Why he look around like that lol.
steven MK get over-here singleton
It's cologne.
Erwin Johnson
Erwin Johnson - 5 hours ago
These guys are gat as hell who does that
Kyla Neal
Kyla Neal - 12 hours ago
Jonah: When did you think of this idea?
Josh: Not long ago
Also Josh: *Filmed this video with Tana a few days ago*
hallie Park
hallie Park - Day ago
Peck pack
Grace Kassa
Grace Kassa - Day ago
jonah n his chicken nuggets 😂😂😂
Sizakele S. Lukhele
I LOVE Jonah 😂😂😂
hassan guled
hassan guled - Day ago
I like how josh treats everybody like their his own kids
freakylilg - 2 days ago
On a good note at least the video didnt start with an act of bro on bro faggotism.
Cheyenne Emert 21104
Cheyenne Emert 21104 - 2 days ago
Is it just me or does Josh sound like Shaggy from Scooby doo😂😂😁
C A - 2 days ago
I liked it better with just the two of them.
Dallas M
Dallas M - 2 days ago
i don’t like jonah, he’s so full of himself
k moki
k moki - 2 days ago
Toddy looks......fat?? Didn’t recognize at first.
America & Karina
America & Karina - 2 days ago
josh is the most nicest and just so joyful person, i love it.
Rachelle Rodsa
Rachelle Rodsa - 2 days ago
hi everyone!! i just posted a video over on my channel doing this challenge! it was my very first video so if some of you could go check it out it’d mean a lot thanks 🥰💖
bmoney49 - 2 days ago
Shave the beard ma dude 😐
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow - 2 days ago
I personally don't think so but a lot of my friends too but they always tell me to believe them but I never do
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow - 2 days ago
Who thinks that Josh Peck is gay if he did make a video about it then I'm trying that I haven't seen him since he finish Drake and Josh so
Logan Feeney
Logan Feeney - 2 days ago
I bet at Wendy’s it was Jonas sister and mom getting all that food
We are MODAS
We are MODAS - 2 days ago
Josh reminds me of spartan 🤤💕
We are MODAS
We are MODAS - 2 days ago
They are both Adorable 💕🥺✨*Josh & Jonah*
We are MODAS
We are MODAS - 2 days ago
Josh is the MVP DaD💕🥺 he’s is a great DaD✨
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 2 days ago
I don’t like burgers ether ever since in 7th grade my teacher showed a video of some worm in meat and the worm got in her brain and she had to live with it for the rest of her life 💀🤒🤧
David Acheampng
David Acheampng - 2 days ago
“On the YouTube”
Zuess Biemo
Zuess Biemo - 2 days ago
Revenge is a bitch
Abby M
Abby M - 2 days ago
I. D.o.n.t know why but I kept getting so frustrated when Jonah was shouting stuff out cuz I just wanted him to do the challenge right 😂
Sky Brien
Sky Brien - 3 days ago
“this is a very popular challenge on the youtube”
Noah and Heav's world
Noah and Heav's world - 3 days ago
Josh is so sexy 😀
lll l
lll l - 3 days ago
I was rewatching legit all of drake and Josh yesterday omg the feeeeels I love that show and I love u
jenica rivera
jenica rivera - 3 days ago
Jeff and I eat the same meal plans 😂😂
Lacey Walsh
Lacey Walsh - 3 days ago
I love how close they are ❤️ this friendship is the best
Isaiah Armstrong
Isaiah Armstrong - 3 days ago
Yo josh trim your beard it don’t look good
Fameousnat - 3 days ago
funny af please do another 🙏🏼🙏🏼 subscribing now!🤣🤣🤣👍
Silvester Sourn
Silvester Sourn - 3 days ago
Whats this guy gonna look like during no shave november. Lol
93Akane - 3 days ago
By the time he's 35, he's going to have so many health problems 🐷
SYG raindrop
SYG raindrop - Day ago
Shit head
SYG raindrop
SYG raindrop - Day ago
93Akane piss off
Rodger Sitko
Rodger Sitko - 4 days ago
Do u really like opra 😂
baby mica
baby mica - 4 days ago
josh will you be the father i never had
baby mica
baby mica - 4 days ago
omg josh i love you. you are DAD
Georgia Herondale if ykyk
I want food so bad now
Jodie Kite
Jodie Kite - 4 days ago
I can smell the food from here...
Dickcheese143 - 4 days ago
So fucking lame. No acting fag
Lindsey Demers
Lindsey Demers - 4 days ago
Josh you are so sweet, I love it
Connie Sutton
Connie Sutton - 4 days ago
how did josh peck think this was original. its viral
Martina Shemon
Martina Shemon - 4 days ago
Omg white hair... PLEASE NO GOD NO
Nick Baldonado
Nick Baldonado - 4 days ago
Fat guy was being kinda annoying. Ruined the video a little in my opinion
Collin Sannicolas
Collin Sannicolas - 4 days ago
Josh your turning into a dad
Caroline Phillips
Caroline Phillips - 4 days ago
Josh peck is so daddy now
Caroline Phillips
Caroline Phillips - 4 days ago
The cream filled glazed ARE MY FAV- THE BESSSSST❤️
Julia Dalton
Julia Dalton - 4 days ago
Just Josh being the cutest dad ever for 12 minutes straight
Brooke Hampton
Brooke Hampton - 4 days ago
You know how China discovered pasta but the Italians perfection
J BV - 4 days ago
PETITION FOR: Jonah.. in a room , just him and a huge feast, talking to us about life, and social issues..
Emily Antus
Emily Antus - 4 days ago
Hey my name is Emily. Josh said bye to Emily in the drive-thru. It wasn’t me but I’m gonna make it about me. 😂
Sabrina Jogezai
Sabrina Jogezai - 4 days ago
Oml the beginning oml oml when Jonah said it’s calone
RaceARoni - 4 days ago
Dude, when he pulled up to Wendy's and got excited that it was 2 people, i literally said "watch them order a small fry and a water". Not a minute later Josh makes the same joke! lol Thats too funny.
Fernanda Garza
Fernanda Garza - 4 days ago
9:28 I felt like Jeff was staring into my soul 😂
Pizza Productions
Pizza Productions - 4 days ago
Yammy invented this challenge
Isabella Medrano
Isabella Medrano - 4 days ago
What Jonah said when they were going to crispy cream is exactly what I would say
Kevin Yahir
Kevin Yahir - 4 days ago
Josh y megan y drake
Kelly Jacqueline
Kelly Jacqueline - 4 days ago
I try to keep it like five days a week heheheh
Minh Ngọc Phan Trần
Josh is the sweetest man on YouTube ngl
Reem Abusubhi
Reem Abusubhi - 4 days ago
Hey guys just bought the cutest accessories at www.fresadulce.com !!! Totally recommend. :)
The Zoester
The Zoester - 4 days ago
Jonah acts like a 5 year old whenever food is involved...
Potato Godess
Potato Godess - 4 days ago
Three really good looking guys in one car. Then there’s Jonah...
Mia G
Mia G - 4 days ago
Jonah breaking the system 😂😂
Kathy Membreno
Kathy Membreno - 4 days ago
I fucken hate Jonah his fat ass keeps trying to get what he wants😠😠🖕🏾
Jack Garcia
Jack Garcia - 4 days ago
You should cut your beard
It’s Lit
It’s Lit - 5 days ago
i hate fat people like jonah always tryna eat everything and get mad when they don’t get what they want but i love jonah tho
Ghoul From Outer Space
Ghoul From Outer Space - 5 days ago
Josh looks like such a damn Daddy snack with that gray in his beard. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
rachedelic - 5 days ago
Jonah is annoying as fuck
Anthony Burgueño (Fluffy Mamba)
bruh why does Josh look like LOgan Wolverine
Kendra Lambert
Kendra Lambert - 5 days ago
“What’s that smell in your beard?”
Ciera Aguilar
Ciera Aguilar - 5 days ago
Jonah was so funny in this video
Maritza Perez
Maritza Perez - 5 days ago
white beard hairs already but your soo young😩😂
Dylphin 020
Dylphin 020 - 5 days ago
Did you guys know Mr.Peck was a assistant to Chris Evans during avengers endgame
Stevie Montana
Stevie Montana - 5 days ago
Mfs got me hella hungry watching the vid
Zahira - 5 days ago
Jonah is such a buzz kill.
Jeanna Beckman
Jeanna Beckman - 5 days ago
This video was funny 😂 great content as always Josh!! 🐙
That Goth Nerd
That Goth Nerd - 5 days ago
When did one of my favorite fictional brothers start a channel?
MITCH MILNES - 5 days ago
I love how excited Jonah gets when he finds out they ordered a Chicken sandwich from Wendy's
Asher Edwards
Asher Edwards - 5 days ago
R they fucking gay
Selena Garcia
Selena Garcia - 5 days ago
Onyo Reacts
Onyo Reacts - 5 days ago
FAT BOI 87 - 5 days ago
Jonah loses weight
David: you of no use to me anymore
Jonah: TriGgeRD
Taylor Delrio
Taylor Delrio - 5 days ago
Lmfao I laughed fo much 😂
TRIPPY - 5 days ago
I saw Josh singing in David's vlog he needs to make a song his voice is amazing
The Lonely Vegan
The Lonely Vegan - 5 days ago
So gay, I LOVE IT🤣🤣❤❤
Ashley Rakow
Ashley Rakow - 5 days ago
If anyone wants to tell me the name of the guy who hopped in the back of his car I would appreciate you quenching my thirst
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson - 5 days ago
I actually don't like Jonah. I feel like he's kind of an as whole and I don't find him very funny.
Mauricio MuOr
Mauricio MuOr - 5 days ago
Julia Lopez
Julia Lopez - 5 days ago
3:55 why are jonah’s eyes closed like that
spicy waffle
spicy waffle - 5 days ago
Shave your beard
Cassandra Gaff
Cassandra Gaff - 5 days ago
Jonah's laugh is so cute
Nayeli Garcia
Nayeli Garcia - 5 days ago
Profluffers - 5 days ago
I wish I can find a friend like Josh in the future. I need a father like figure in my life 😭😭😭
julian perez
julian perez - 5 days ago
Love you josh
Serena Raquel
Serena Raquel - 5 days ago
I love watching these types of videos and it'd be cool to make my own, but I'm vegan so that's not really gonna work
Kimberly Urbina
Kimberly Urbina - 5 days ago
I stopped watching and left to go get donuts
Alexis Bailey
Alexis Bailey - 5 days ago
Josh's beard is turning white. 😄
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