LETTING the person in front of us DECIDE what we EAT! ft Jonah, Jeff Wittek and Toddy

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Charley Warburton
Charley Warburton - Day ago
This was the best video by farrrrr xx
Julian F
Julian F - 2 days ago
Jonah wanted a glazed donut he got a glazed with filling he wanted a chicken sandwich he got a grilled chicken sandwich
Hey - 2 days ago
I love how josh is always talking about max
neekbot - 4 days ago
I really like the dozen glazed donuts
Lucie Jones
Lucie Jones - 4 days ago
Josh is such a sweetheart, like he was so kind to the drive through people
Lucia Sosa
Lucia Sosa - 5 days ago
jeff is fuckin off his rocker haha. nutty
Mason Drobish
Mason Drobish - 5 days ago
Jonah is honestly hilarious
Fun and Games
Fun and Games - 5 days ago
Jonah is really annoying
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito - 5 days ago
Joe Santago and Josh Peck should do a video together
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito - 5 days ago
Is that Joe Santago
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito - 5 days ago
Cologne in beard
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito - 5 days ago
Watch they went Krispy Kreme and they didn't order donuts! haha 😄
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito - 5 days ago
Hurry up drive faster
Thomas TG
Thomas TG - 6 days ago
Jonah reacted the same way to Krispy kreme on the way back that he reacted to David getting him a car
i draw
i draw - 6 days ago
Am I the only one who find johna annoying
realoaded z
realoaded z - 6 days ago
i love jonah.
bethcody32 - 6 days ago
Inlove you two
Fl_Tay - 6 days ago
never do that beard again lol
Mark Fortino
Mark Fortino - 8 days ago
@Josh peck i want to do an eating vlog with you!!
afk mari
afk mari - 8 days ago
I try to keep it 5 days a week lmao
Conrad Brown
Conrad Brown - 8 days ago
“Only 70k” we al wish we can say those words at least once in our life
Rylan Ainey
Rylan Ainey - 8 days ago
i love watching jonah eat on joshes channel. it’s my favorite thing ever
GeeIsthename Reacts
GeeIsthename Reacts - 8 days ago
Crazy how josh peck is growing grey hairs 😭 it feels like yesterday when drake and josh first aired. watching the evolution of this guy is ridiculous
p b
p b - 9 days ago
I lol so hard at this video. Josh and Jonah, the couple we never knew we needed lmaoooo
AIR 666
AIR 666 - 9 days ago
Josh is so fucking gay. I know he has a wife but dude he acts SO GAY
freedomof speech2019
freedomof speech2019 - 9 days ago
Never watched your shows back in the day but now that im watchin ur vids, ur fkn adorable lol keep it up man
BigE Playz
BigE Playz - 11 days ago
Am I the only one that like joshs podcast outro it’s kinda satisfying
SeanWolf The Soldier of God
such a beautiful man!
UNKNOWN PERSON - 12 days ago
Josh: what’s that smell im getting from your beard?
Me before Jonah (nick) answered josh: KEBABS!! *starts laughing but tries holding it in cuz people are asleep*
David Tomlinson
David Tomlinson - 12 days ago
josh shave your beard so you look liker your 16 again
Insert Name
Insert Name - 12 days ago
Jonah is annoying af
Jorge Santiago
Jorge Santiago - 13 days ago
3:37 u guys are fucking gay🤣
Spookie Main
Spookie Main - 13 days ago
What’s that smell from your beard
Me: Diabetes
Miranda Pryor
Miranda Pryor - 14 days ago
I started watching vlog squad vids at 921 and i was like oh okay just one cuz i have work at 6 am. Bitch its 12:52 am. What the fuck 😂
Brooke Hutton
Brooke Hutton - 14 days ago
Honestly, best duo on YouTube! 🤷🏼‍♀️ fight me 🤣
Noahh - 14 days ago
The way Jonah smacks his lips really bothers me
Justin Collins
Justin Collins - 14 days ago
6:51 When Jonah has a nose-gasm from sniffing the nuggets 🤣🤣
Karen Elizabeth
Karen Elizabeth - 14 days ago
I love how sweet Josh turns when he gets to the drive thru, and folds his hands up and looks all nervous lol
Kimmie. _.stone
Kimmie. _.stone - 15 days ago
“I didn’t spill it in your 300,000 dollar car
Josh: *evil laughs* it’s only 70
nir pra
nir pra - 15 days ago
Derek Gerard
Prab Kaur
Prab Kaur - 15 days ago
No shout out 2 derek
Colton Wall
Colton Wall - 15 days ago
I can picture josh being like 80 lol 😂
Bailee Day
Bailee Day - 16 days ago
Jeff is so funny in this
Izzy Be
Izzy Be - 16 days ago
This is the best video on the internet.
Ella Norris
Ella Norris - 16 days ago
10:56 poor jeff
Essence Hall
Essence Hall - 16 days ago
Krispy Kream worker - “ do you have the rewards app on your phone ? “ Jonah - “ yes I do “

Kyle R
Kyle R - 17 days ago
Jonah: smells nuggets, looks beautiful
The Earth: a better place
Tegan Grimm
Tegan Grimm - 18 days ago
Josh is giving me full daddy vibes with that beard 🤤
Queen of the nerds
Queen of the nerds - 18 days ago
Fuck the intro made me want donuts it’s midnight
allison ventura
allison ventura - 18 days ago
love u and david!
serenity gates
serenity gates - 18 days ago
Jonah is the funniest person ever to me 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Elite Sonix
Elite Sonix - 19 days ago
I bet Jonah would never think he would be lady and the tramp a donut with josh pack
Maryann Contreras
Maryann Contreras - 19 days ago
I love how the vlog squad members hand out even without David around that’s a true non brothership
Sharon Ochoa
Sharon Ochoa - 20 days ago
I love the videos with nick & you. Hilarious
Molly Jackson
Molly Jackson - 20 days ago
I love how the whole family has the SAME EXACT laugh. Lmfao 😂
Sarah Host
Sarah Host - 20 days ago
Jonah is my future huzzy💕😋
Kayla S
Kayla S - 21 day ago
Omg how innocently josh asks for the order 😂😂
GC CUP - 21 day ago
I saw the Walmart y’all really went to the empire center
Ali Catherine
Ali Catherine - 21 day ago
i love how mad jonah gets at the strawberry doughnut
Matt Coates
Matt Coates - 21 day ago
Josh & Jonah are great vibes! hahaha I could watch an entire series with them together.
Matt Coates
Matt Coates - 21 day ago
Jonah was sincerely mad at that order. hahahahahahahahahhaa 2:37
Jack kriege
Jack kriege - 22 days ago
The bonus footage hahaha
neni kavapalu
neni kavapalu - 22 days ago
Jonah is fucking hilarious holy shit
Ethan Alan
Ethan Alan - 22 days ago
is it just me or is Jonah "nick" coming across as rude? I just don't like his attitude. He's like almost demanding and being pushy. Maybe it's just me, who knows.. Anywhooooooos
HeB Zuso
HeB Zuso - 22 days ago
I was waiting for someone to order a salad and see how the fat fuck reacts
-________- - 23 days ago
Jonah needs to lose weight man he is just tooo big he is gonna eat himself into an early grave at the rate he is going
Gabe Cross
Gabe Cross - 23 days ago
You guy
I Arsenal I
I Arsenal I - 23 days ago
Is it wierd i smelt wendys ? Lmao
Passion T
Passion T - 23 days ago
That face Jeff made at 10:01 had me dying 😂💀
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams - 23 days ago
Nick please lose weight I would love to see u more fit not to be mean love u❤️❤️❤️
IsaacMcIntire 18
IsaacMcIntire 18 - 23 days ago
No Jonah you fatass do the challenge right
IsaacMcIntire 18
IsaacMcIntire 18 - 23 days ago
Josh getting grey hair...
Araceli Valencia
Araceli Valencia - 23 days ago
You can see Jeff's lisclense plate!!!
Madison Elyse
Madison Elyse - 23 days ago
literally i go to wendys and order a small fry and a water and i was thinking how great it would be if you did this after me hahah
ogAuxcord _
ogAuxcord _ - 24 days ago
Go shave your beard
Rachel Aranda
Rachel Aranda - 24 days ago
I’m the same way about when I go to Wendy’s I need chicken nuggets and a grilled chicken sandwich. Like my life isn’t complete unless I get that. One Wendy’s a friend bought they accidentally got me a bacon cheeseburger and forgot my fries. I’m allergic to pork so I was sad to say the least.
Galactic Gamer
Galactic Gamer - 25 days ago
Derek gerard needs all the credit if you haven't heard of him check him out he started it
Bro it’s Me
Bro it’s Me - 25 days ago
You guys are ALWAYS in Burbank I’m going to camp out in front of crispy cream and hope to see Jonahs sexy ass (no homo)
hannah - 25 days ago
1:56 jonah is like a little kid at Disney World 😂
Yungbaebae - 26 days ago
Are we ignore the fact that Todd ate a sauseless nugget @10:48
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