LETTING the person in front of us DECIDE what we EAT! ft Jonah, Jeff Wittek and Toddy

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full sender
full sender - 4 days ago
Josh, mukhbang Jolibee. Youll have lots more subs and views from Filipinos
kuigaming - 5 days ago
this had me laughing when he said i knew all about it! i love the spirit you have with people
Hana Wadlow
Hana Wadlow - 8 days ago
I have never had Wendy’s
Lucía Gil
Lucía Gil - 12 days ago
"I know its not good for me but..." Jonah its literally me
Lucía Gil
Lucía Gil - 12 days ago
2:18 😂😂🤣🤣
Dana Beazley
Dana Beazley - 12 days ago
Josh my daughter loved watching your show growing up and of course me too , I found your YouTube channel somehow and now here I am 53 and addicted 😂
c c
c c - 17 days ago
10:00 Jeff tried to kill jonah😂
Jonathan Ruiz
Jonathan Ruiz - 18 days ago
I wish I had a friend like Josh lol
Ines Lindsell
Ines Lindsell - 20 days ago
jonahs laugh is the most precious thing ever
Dygeto - 24 days ago
Jonah is so annoying eww
PJ Dajuiceman
PJ Dajuiceman - 24 days ago
Just realized I’m watching this video exactly 1 year after he posted it lol June 8 2020
Youlla Amleh
Youlla Amleh - Month ago
Josh could really be gay
Steven Staley
Steven Staley - Month ago
I eat once a day then candy the rest too lmao but food = drugs IMHO this is a drug abuse video
1000 subs with no vids challenge
Jonah is so fucking annoying
Amy Wolf
Amy Wolf - Month ago
Who else Didn't know the person in the in front of them was gonna be in the video I was scared for them
Amy Wolf
Amy Wolf - Month ago
Dee Snuts
Dee Snuts - Month ago
Jonah was kinda awkward when Jeff was saying goodbye to him
curly haired Ashlynn
curly haired Ashlynn - Month ago
7:09 i love how josh is already planning where his son, max, is going to eat when he's a little bit older. i love it
curly haired Ashlynn
curly haired Ashlynn - Month ago
4:33 i LOVE wendys!
Pedro Ramos
Pedro Ramos - Month ago
"I knew all about it" 😂😂
OMAR JAWARA - Month ago
jonah: can we order what everybody in front order
me: lmao
yechSINGER - Month ago
It can be up to a dozen 🤣🤣🤣
Emma Rios
Emma Rios - Month ago
Johna is the WRONG person to film this with 💀 but I still loved it
Jad Karouni
Jad Karouni - Month ago
Is it bad that I would watch Jonah just eat as a vlog and genuinely enjoy it that man is funny
DeRp YT - Month ago
Why dafaq is no one talking about jeff being offended i feel bad
tony's gaming
tony's gaming - Month ago
Jonah I wish I was u
Josuè Silva
Josuè Silva - Month ago
Jonah its very funny😂😂
Belong - Month ago
5:37 did josh just say coon?
Natalie Maatouk
Natalie Maatouk - Month ago
I love how josh treats anybody with the up most respect and is not full of him self like others you tuber
ザイドZayd - Month ago
bromance between jonah and josh will never die
Joseph Maw
Joseph Maw - Month ago
Jonah to Josh “when I was a kid I would relate to you cause Ik I’m fat but I’m not that F***ing fat” 💀🤣🤣🤣
klaudiusz lewandowski
klaudiusz lewandowski - 2 months ago
i bet jonah stinks
Ghotyo Locanisyn
Ghotyo Locanisyn - 2 months ago
so why doesnt anyone call him Nick Jonahs
Lil_pumpkins money
Lil_pumpkins money - 2 months ago
legends say Jonah didn't get more doughtnuts
Blake Spencer
Blake Spencer - 2 months ago
I am going to start ordering food that I don’t even like just for the people behind me
leaselle - 2 months ago
Jonah's laugh is so cute
SideChick - 2 months ago
U should do a “drake and josh” meet after years video
cream cheese
cream cheese - 2 months ago
sometimes i forget that his name is nick and they just call him jonah cause he looks like jonah from superbad
Dark Kingdom
Dark Kingdom - 2 months ago
1:17 other way around now 😂
Nick guh 123
Nick guh 123 - 2 months ago
All he cares about is food. Like god be thankful for what you got instead of complaining
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas - 2 months ago
Imagine working and Jeff, Todd, and Josh pull up
Dont do Jonah like that HAHAHA
Mex Mex
Mex Mex - 2 months ago
You look like you came from the future that had no barbers
Εγω Εσυ
Εγω Εσυ - 2 months ago
Josh thinking of his kid when he was at Wendy's 🥺🥺
Vattanac Kuy
Vattanac Kuy - 2 months ago
Stop feeding Jonah he getting fatter but he has to lose weight
Lrfx Shark
Lrfx Shark - 2 months ago
I fucking love Jonah 😂
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae - 2 months ago
Omg jonah stfu
qazilityッ - 3 months ago
Go to Wex A on youtube
Luke Byrne
Luke Byrne - 3 months ago
Paige 6 months ago. I love this car the new car smell is so good.
Paige today damn another fucking fast food video
Rubi Frias
Rubi Frias - 3 months ago
Nick saving the chicken patty for him and Josh is actually adorable. Also some stingy shit I would do.
Alejandro Amaya
Alejandro Amaya - 3 months ago
Fuck Jonah bro his fucking dumbass that not how u do the challenge u fucking idiot u don’t ask for what u want
Elias Candelaria
Elias Candelaria - 3 months ago
9 months later, and Jonah still hasn’t gotten his Krispy Kreme!
Kyra St. Vincent
Kyra St. Vincent - 3 months ago
Such a good duo lol
Ben Osband
Ben Osband - 3 months ago
I left because of jonah
distill - 3 months ago
Dang Josh. I grew up the same time as you and I'm happy to see you've grown into a handsome man. Nice beard brother.
Jakob Møller
Jakob Møller - 3 months ago
Man, more of Jonah outside of the vlogsquad would be a real treat! :D
Cedar Martin-Kunkle
Cedar Martin-Kunkle - 3 months ago
Where do I get that hat Jonah is wearing?
David P
David P - 4 months ago
LMAO @ Jonah's face at Krispy Kreme , he was so disappointed with the guy in front of them's order
Antonio Hernandez
Antonio Hernandez - 4 months ago
Lord, the grey hair. Oh man
R B - 4 months ago
what is happening at 8:40? what’s the guys problem?
jais kaur
jais kaur - 4 months ago
Okay josh looks good with beard.......DADDY
surfmotor - 4 months ago
It ruins it when the window people tells them what the first car got. They should have surprised them
Leo Oliveros
Leo Oliveros - 4 months ago
“Do you know him Jonah hill from super bad” 🤣🤣
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson - 4 months ago
Josh homie we miss the beard
Emma Laurel Roberts
Emma Laurel Roberts - 4 months ago
“Who needs to eat when you got gum” MEEEEE
Emma Laurel Roberts
Emma Laurel Roberts - 4 months ago
Josh is so sweet omgggg
UMGッ - 4 months ago
God dam this nigga feening for food what a fat ass
Daya Marsh
Daya Marsh - 4 months ago
Can Jonah quit YouTube now?
Just Mike & Joey Ins and outs of life
Awesome show dude
night programme
night programme - 4 months ago
10:02 im scared
Gibby Plays
Gibby Plays - 4 months ago
@6:51 when Jonah smells the nuggets he has a mini orgasm
alex clements
alex clements - 4 months ago
Jesus christ my childhood idol has grey beard hairs 😭
Chaz C
Chaz C - 4 months ago
You're amazing Josh!! Kind and genuine!
Rhea Jewan
Rhea Jewan - 4 months ago
Jeff in the thumbnail I -
Carlos Espinoza
Carlos Espinoza - 5 months ago
You give me headaches! HEADACHES!
centigradz - 5 months ago
Josh doing mukbangs yet staying slim yet Jonah is getting fatter by the minute and don't do as many mukbangs as Josh. 😂
guava studio's
guava studio's - 5 months ago
Looking at Jonah just makes me hate being fat bruh can’t wait to get a job and start going to the gym again
EtP - 5 months ago
“It’s only 70k car” he says..😂😂
Black Thought JB23
Black Thought JB23 - 5 months ago
It’s annoying how jonah hills fat ass is so schemy with the food. Like come on dude. Get your mind right.
Stan Lagerwaard
Stan Lagerwaard - 5 months ago
Josh is going grayyyyyyyy and it suits him
PassionatelyMarie - 5 months ago
literally nobody ever:
josh peck: i don’t like burgers
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