Disneyland FOOD REVIEW! Best & Worst Foods

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Jaden Gilliam
Jaden Gilliam - 4 hours ago
But I'm pretty sure American's invented the spork.
Ines Rubio
Ines Rubio - 8 hours ago
I went tod dinneyland paris and the food looked way better and it actual tasted nice
Danikajoy O Flannagan
Danikajoy O Flannagan - 19 hours ago
the food didn't impress me
Logan Haynes
Logan Haynes - Day ago
The amusement park was 6 flags I go there all the time 😂
Domobear 1136
Domobear 1136 - Day ago
It’s midnight and now I’m craving Disney food 😑😑
Isagani Prado
Isagani Prado - Day ago
You are right Mikey! HK Disney is the worst disney Ive ever been..I love Japan's!
Reid Mulhall reid mulhall
btw no hate disneyland is the most magical placed on earth disney world is the happiest place on earth lol disney family facts
Uyen Ta
Uyen Ta - Day ago
Mike tell me your secret to not being a picky eater!!!
The best foods in disneyland are the churros, and the chicken and mashed potatoes+gravy form the diner in cars land
Popcorn Master
Popcorn Master - Day ago
My artiryis are getting clogged from just watching
phantom240 - Day ago
I know I'm not the only Louisiana native cringing every time he butchered "beignet" or "bayou"
Matt Lockington
Matt Lockington - 2 days ago
Tru Republik
Tru Republik - 2 days ago
great vid man! keep it up! 🍻
Lightingmaster 1000
Lightingmaster 1000 - 2 days ago
I fell bad for him cause he’s at Disney by himself
jenna leong
jenna leong - 2 days ago
normal people: this turkey isn’t nice let’s not eat it

asians: if you’re paying $11 for a turkey you better finish it
asian moms: whacks you with the turkey bone if you don’t eat it.
kiki0girlify - 2 days ago
You missed the poutine at the rose cafe and the meat loaf at the carnation cafe!
Kawaii Sakura
Kawaii Sakura - 2 days ago
The food at the end really saved your soul.
Hannah Vu
Hannah Vu - 2 days ago
You should try food in Tokyo Disneyland, or Tokyo Disneysea when you visit Japan next time. There are real food there, unlike US's disneyland
Betty Gitzke
Betty Gitzke - 3 days ago
Mike, you should go to Dollywood, I have family members that go there just for the food....🥰🥰🥰
ÆRØ THRUST - 3 days ago
Disneyland is a place to make memories,I will always remember my first visit to Disneyland Hong Kong 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Chereisie Crawford
Chereisie Crawford - 3 days ago
The sweets I found pretty good in Disneyland, but the rest of the food was very underwhelming. Your end meal looked amazing and made me realize I shouldn't watch your video's before lunch lol. Thank you for sharing!
Connors Palace
Connors Palace - 4 days ago
The turkey legs at the renaissance festival are way better and cheaper. And when he said your finishing the turkey leg, it reminded me of my parents every time I try something new and expensive.
Mirandas Blog
Mirandas Blog - 4 days ago
Haha he said he’s not gonna get on rides & 6 mins into the video he gets in line to ride Indiana Jones hahah
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki - 4 days ago
still awfully expensive.
Kyle Nguyen
Kyle Nguyen - 5 days ago
Aww Mike looks like a overwhelmed kid in Disneyland!
fabio portillo
fabio portillo - 5 days ago
You mean the most expensive place on earth?
Alex C.
Alex C. - 5 days ago
That corn dog 🤤
Julura Witherspoon
Julura Witherspoon - 5 days ago
I still love your Chanel tho
Julura Witherspoon
Julura Witherspoon - 5 days ago
Haven’t y’all guys noticed that whenever he’s eating in America the food is just always OK but when he’s in Japan or somewhere like that the food is out standing I get that the food might not be as great but you can just act like you like it a little more in Less a rude way
Isabella Q
Isabella Q - 5 days ago
11:15 the way he said it 😂
Lilac Rose
Lilac Rose - 6 days ago
5:22 The couple holding hands vs Mike eating XD
Shirley - 8 days ago
goood to seee someone to review disneyfood without being influend by the magic
SuperNova Plays
SuperNova Plays - 10 days ago
9:38 my dad lol
Alma Gonzalez
Alma Gonzalez - 10 days ago
I cant bieleve this guy just spent 102 dollars on food that he didnt even like
MidNightFeast Xoxo
MidNightFeast Xoxo - 11 days ago
So so expensive.
Sophie Sakura
Sophie Sakura - 11 days ago
Me:I cried more than 10 times there ;0;
Karla Fuentes
Karla Fuentes - 11 days ago
That looks so good!!!! The food at the end was 10x more appetizing than the Disney food!
Gucci Goo ;-;
Gucci Goo ;-; - 11 days ago
‘It’s Probably not the best idea to eat all these at once, but no one ever called me smart’
Huma ali
Huma ali - 12 days ago
Could you cover Universal studios in Orlando food review plz?
Fabric Fool aka KreepyGrrl
I looked watching your reactions to food, but a couple things bother me about this one. Mostly language issue(s). You *do* know that “infamous” doesn’t mean “super duper bonus extra famous” right? Turkey leg is “famous.” Stalin is “infamous”. It’s not like flammable and inflammable. I am a born proofreader, and I also edited and researched an English textbook, so I’m kind of protective of this English language I love so much. Also, I love your show.
oneofthosewhowander - 12 days ago
Please take smaller bites!
Animemes HXD
Animemes HXD - 13 days ago
Mike the type of guy to only come back to the US to diss the food.
Animemes HXD
Animemes HXD - 13 days ago
Mike is the kind of guy that goes to Disneyland alone just to eat.. 😔
kimly sand
kimly sand - 11 days ago
I think he was not alone
Estela Torres
Estela Torres - 13 days ago
When I went to Disneyland I only bought a lemonade which was like $5 and a churro which was also $5 like I can get a lemonade anywhere else for like $2 and i can get 2 churros for $1 at a paleteria
Kayla Carale
Kayla Carale - 13 days ago
I want to take your hand and walk you through the yummiest places in Disneyland. Those were not the best places to eat :(
Obsidian4th - 13 days ago
How he eat so much in one day da fuq
Parker Blackwell
Parker Blackwell - 14 days ago
Been-yays* and buy-you*
Alama lover
Alama lover - 14 days ago
Six flags looks better from memory
Azariah Escalante
Azariah Escalante - 15 days ago
i have never liked disneys food, people always go crazy for it because of looks, but i always take my own food, the sweets are the only thing worth eating their, and not all.
kendi mend
kendi mend - 15 days ago
I salute your tummy for having so much space for all of those food!
Brayan Ruiz
Brayan Ruiz - 16 days ago
I love how you eat that corn dog
Nane Dinga
Nane Dinga - 16 days ago
bottomline potatoes are better than any meat
Chelsea Lopez
Chelsea Lopez - 16 days ago
If you don't like american food, you can just say so.
I just got back from Disneyland and loved everything I ate.
There's a difference between low expectations and just hating on it.
Candace Flynn
Candace Flynn - 16 days ago
But if you went to the restaurants, I heard they're much better. I haven't been myself, so I can't say.
Candace Flynn
Candace Flynn - 16 days ago
@Chelsea Lopez You can get off your hateful horse, hun. Even when I was a kid and more susceptible to the magic of the place, I couldn't pretend the food was very good, much to the "i-told- you-so-ness" of my parents. So for someone who's tried the best foods around the world, the difference between that and Disneyland food would be glaring, no HaTiNg involved. 🙄 and what he ate at the end looked much more delicious than all of Disneyland's food, as much as I love the place.
Chelsea Lopez
Chelsea Lopez - 16 days ago
@Candace Flynn I didn't have anything fried. All freshly made food. This was my first and only time I've been there. We made the most of it. We budgeted for the food buddy, you can get off your high horse.
Candace Flynn
Candace Flynn - 16 days ago
I mean, if fried, overpriced, and not fresh food is your thing, then yeah, sure, amusement park food stands are the place for you.
i try hard
i try hard - 17 days ago
Ayy i am from st.Louis Missouri
Stuie Malan
Stuie Malan - 17 days ago
Unlike everyone else that comes to Disney, Mike actually reviews the food honestly.
Mystic Corgi
Mystic Corgi - 17 days ago
14:28 welcome to the way all southers should eat fried chicken xD
Salina Simao
Salina Simao - 17 days ago
I really like the food there
Ken Heart
Ken Heart - 17 days ago
The food is so expensive that the whole food price combined is equal to my 1 month food
TheMinoleiton - 18 days ago
mcwalker949 - 19 days ago
Urggh! The prices! Lol
BirdyTV - 19 days ago
Love chop sticks I eat everything with chop sticks and people look at me crazy cus I’m this little Latin girl but I don’t care though 🤷🏻‍♀️
bodiddly mitchell
bodiddly mitchell - 19 days ago
I watch alot of Disney videos, so I was really happy you did this video!
Valentina - 19 days ago
Please check out healthy does of disney!
Manisha Deshpande
Manisha Deshpande - 20 days ago
That dinner beat the entire video
Candace Hart
Candace Hart - 20 days ago
the best food he had all day was after he got out of the park. sigh
dyh123 - 20 days ago
ub3rsc00ber - 21 day ago
Mike being passive aggressive for 18 minutes straight.
Itsjustaprankbro - 21 day ago
So the food is okay and extremely overpriced
Kim Duncan
Kim Duncan - 21 day ago
Your need to look at videos on food in Disney World. Some of the best foods, if you can afford it. 😏
Kaitlyn Urieta
Kaitlyn Urieta - 21 day ago
What state is he in
Pridhvi M
Pridhvi M - 21 day ago
9:35 relatable 😂 😂 😂
Seif Farag
Seif Farag - 21 day ago
Is it bad when ever I’m like superrrr sleepy I like drier chicken but only rotisserie chicken I’m weird lol
s k
s k - 21 day ago
First ever Mike's video that puts me off food. The turkey leg looks like it's spray painted. You can find tastier looking stuff in some vending machines. Yuck!
GamesIplay - 21 day ago
The food is so overpriced
Bec_Ker_up - 22 days ago
try the Pirates Caribbean ride in Disneyland make a video.
Kaiser Frost
Kaiser Frost - 22 days ago
I think it's cool that they have all kinds of Asian food and other food besides the standard American fairgrounds food, to cater to all the tourists who come from all over the world. I think it just shows their appreciation of their guests.
Kaiser Frost
Kaiser Frost - 22 days ago
I've had that pineapple juice thing at Busch Gardens in Tampa. That is where it truly shines. Trust me, after sweating your life force out walking around that place you need a boost of sugar and hydration. Also the water in Florida tastes naaaaaaaasty, and though they have fountains you can't drink there, and bottled water is expensive. I drank so much juice.
Crystal B
Crystal B - 23 days ago
Darn I'm from NZ and even I think 6 US for a bun is overpriced. =_=
Sarah Farron
Sarah Farron - 23 days ago
So Disney not the best place to eat I went there when i was little and remember everything tasted bad.
go away or im gonna MEOW
go away or im gonna MEOW - 23 days ago
its funny how disneyland food is way more expensive but seems mediocre
King taz
King taz - 24 days ago
America has the fatties the foods ewwww
Read Nsing
Read Nsing - 24 days ago
Thank you for your honesty instead of candy coating the food!
Marcy Lopez
Marcy Lopez - 24 days ago
Please don’t ever go back to Disneyland!!!!!!!!!! Who gets off thunder mountain and says ehh!!!!!!
Marcy Lopez
Marcy Lopez - 24 days ago
Sir who hurt you????? Only you would say everything is just ok!!!!
Luis S. Cruz
Luis S. Cruz - 24 days ago
You should go to the Southern Eastern US and try Bojangles since you like fried chicken
FluffyBanana - 25 days ago
626 better than new york anyday
Jamie M
Jamie M - 25 days ago
What I learned from this video.....
Visit with Mikey; better than Disney Land.
Isabella DeCesare
Isabella DeCesare - 25 days ago
mike is so brutally honest even when he’s at the happiest place on earth 😂
Isabella DeCesare
Isabella DeCesare - 25 days ago
1:20 - the guy in the back just staring into the camera
Lol Hi
Lol Hi - 25 days ago
Damn Mike must have had a rough child hood cause my mans was not happy about anything in Disneyland his mood was soooo different 🤣🤣😂
Thesecret Bananna
Thesecret Bananna - 26 days ago
"I like dish"
Funny hero’s Hell
Funny hero’s Hell - 26 days ago
Please stop making me hungry
Arch Linux
Arch Linux - 27 days ago
Disney world is better, less libtards.
123A&E - 27 days ago
Do thisssss at Disney world! Epcot!!!
Alpha Girly666
Alpha Girly666 - 27 days ago
I'm going to Disney World in September and we have free Disney Dining
Amber Richey
Amber Richey - 27 days ago
This is the saddest ive ever seen you during a video lol😢
brooklove90 - 28 days ago
Um actually the food is delicious
laila - 29 days ago
14:00 :)
Jenn J
Jenn J - 29 days ago
Cafe Orleans, they used to have either turtle/mock turtle soup on menu. Probably 25 yrs ago. I remember wanting to try but my parents didn't want to eat there. I vowed to cone back when in grew up. I totally forgot about it. I've been there since but still haven't eaten there. I wonder if they still have it
Jenn J
Jenn J - 29 days ago
I think it still has to do with where/when at the park. I went a few years ago and my husband got a turkey leg at can adventure pier. I was really hungry and it smelled great but I'm not a huge turkey fan,especially dark meat. I had a bite and,it was amazing. Kinda tasted like ham. So juicy and tender. I would have never tried it but I was do hooked. When I got home, I bought some I found at grocery store. Horrible. I've never been able to find a comparison. I hope to go again soon. Hopefully, I'll get another good one:)
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