Disneyland FOOD REVIEW! Best & Worst Foods

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Monica Van Tassel
Monica Van Tassel - 34 minutes ago
You missed all the good food!!! Next time you go let me make you a list.
Ally C
Ally C - 51 minute ago
I always get the clam chowder bread bowl when I go to Disneyland and I like their Fried Pickles at Cafe Carnation. Everything else is just okay. The food outside in downtown disney is a lot better.
Emily Lynch
Emily Lynch - 3 hours ago
10:08 omg that’s my friends dad playing the tuba!!!
Yoav Cohen
Yoav Cohen - 3 hours ago
Anonymous - 5 hours ago
$11.50 for a damn turkey leg? Bloody hell. Disney land sure is scam central
Syth Ryan
Syth Ryan - 6 hours ago
do tokyo disney land and sea next!
Fenty Hoe
Fenty Hoe - 7 hours ago
The Chinese didn’t invent the fork?!
Fiona Fazbear
Fiona Fazbear - 9 hours ago
I live in Australia and we don’t have a Disneyland here thus I have never been to Disneyland before, not gonna lie I’m actually quite jealous seeing people going there and saying how great it is
Julianne Sullivan
Julianne Sullivan - 10 hours ago
I can totally see this guy having a show on the travel channel
Meredith Kaye Russell
Meredith Kaye Russell - 12 hours ago
Forget Disneyland....you need to eat snacks in Walt Disney World ...Epcot and animal kingdom!!!
parth jain
parth jain - 13 hours ago
All of this stuff is so fricking expensive. I was just converting those dollars into my currency and oh boy he spent more that what a family of four will spend in a 5start here in india
marsthespace3explore r
marsthespace3explore r - 13 hours ago
He didn't get the chowder
Shan - 14 hours ago
Disneyland, to me, is the best park... but for food, run across the way to California Adventure.
KloutKulture - 15 hours ago
I have no clue how anyone could eat so much
TEDdotcom - 15 hours ago
One hell of an appetite!
Cristina Ortiz
Cristina Ortiz - 16 hours ago
I love how honest he is. A lot of people hype up the bland food way too much.
The Procrastination Artist
I've watching some videos recently about Disney foods. Has it done down hill? Or is it always been okay?
ixXPandaXBunnyXxi - 18 hours ago
Dammit XD I went to Disneyland a week later
Mo Alexander
Mo Alexander - 20 hours ago
Mike my man, you horny guy you! missed you’re vids, good to see you the other day man! You just didn’t notice or know me.. but you and i both know you’re a horny guy
ClassifiedCuisineLA - 20 hours ago
So sad that you thought the corn dog was too greasy! We think it’s one of the best snacks in the whole park! And the chocolate peanut butter churro is amazing!!
t@wwby - 20 hours ago
3:07 yo this guy eats so that he can eat more
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima - Day ago
He mentioned st louis MO.. hell yeah man. turkey legs for the win
magicman1921 - Day ago
8:43 I remember getting a Turkey leg too. It was great but I could not finish it cause it was so big and filling to eat walking around the parks of Disney.
I don't think he sleeps, I think he just eats all day and then spends 8 hours a night in the gym
Tyjae Riley
Tyjae Riley - Day ago
Ughhh I'm so hungry
Neil - Day ago
Thosnprices ar so freaking expensiiiive
nolls888 - Day ago
I've gone to the Disney Land in Hong Kong, VERY SMALL!! I got through a lot of it.. in a few hours. At the end of the day, I got some mickey and Mini cream puffs (during december) with hot cocoa, was good! They had some chinese dishes, which I passed on.. lol! No Lemonade anywhere btw. Tokyo Disney Land was a lot more fun! I went for Halloween and they had a ton of cool decorations! The alice and wonderland cafe food was NOT BAD, but long line!! Expensive af! I had donuts that were good, burger, churro, latte, slushie mango, popcorn.. everything was good! :3
Caroline Guercio
Caroline Guercio - Day ago
You picked probably the worst foods at Disneyland 😂
MVMB128 - Day ago
Man you should eat everything at the Epcot's Food and Wine Festival :o
A M - Day ago
im crying
Truongan Nguyen
Truongan Nguyen - Day ago
Thank you ! The food just not bad , but it is not the most amazing thing
Collin Swinney
Collin Swinney - Day ago
Can someone calculate the calories ?😭
Collin Swinney
Collin Swinney - Day ago
My nearby Mexican restaurant sells 2 of the same size churros for a dollar ...
Sarah Ramsay
Sarah Ramsay - Day ago
I’m sorry but they way he says beignets started to drive me crazy!
Carina Jahn
Carina Jahn - Day ago
Mmmmm! That food looks so good and has me missing Disney!
Woodshadow - Day ago
I don’t know what you are talking about with Bengal BBQ. Easily the worst restaurant in Disney.
Jesus Mejia
Jesus Mejia - Day ago
Dineyland the most overpriced place on earth!
Lindsey Reisch
Lindsey Reisch - Day ago
If you want something to counteract grease try lemon juice.
Hussein Van Der Deen
all you like is pork and wagyu
vijay g
vijay g - Day ago
Enjoyed watching this. Video has a light chill mood.
Emily Graham
Emily Graham - Day ago
This makes me miss Disneyland so much:((
Aqua Fever
Aqua Fever - Day ago
You should fast for a couple of days
Oliver Ground
Oliver Ground - Day ago
I just feel sad that you’re going to Disneyland alone
No one should go there alone.
Force Asteroid
Force Asteroid - Day ago
He was with someone, she just wasn’t in the video much.
Mono Kendo
Mono Kendo - Day ago
i prefer the food at the end of the video
Tony Bologna
Tony Bologna - Day ago
$3.99 for a pickle
LittleOgre8695 - Day ago
Do a Tokyo Disneyland food review!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandy LaFuze
Sandy LaFuze - Day ago
What about Gumbo in a bread bowl?!
graape lego
graape lego - Day ago
4:30 I have not seen a Mohawk on a teen in years. Wtf
Diane Duran
Diane Duran - Day ago
I love Disneyland
Noel Thomas
Noel Thomas - Day ago
Which car do you have
LegendGod973 - Day ago
You really eat a lot
Nagarumi - Day ago
The food at Disneyland is not good! 😭 I spend money on a lot of their food but it was all bad. The only good thing is their churros, hot chocolate, and anything in the Starbucks shop.
Catt's Box
Catt's Box - Day ago
I live in Anaheim and an avid visitor of Disneyland. I’ve never been a fan of the food in the park.
luxusmode111 - Day ago
Disneyland foods are mediocre at best and way more expensive than they should be.
TheCommonGentry - Day ago
thank you for the prices!!
Rayvon OddBoy
Rayvon OddBoy - Day ago
So all in all Disneyland food is not good lol
B G - Day ago
How do you have the stomach and appetite for all that food?!
Miss Chantell
Miss Chantell - Day ago
Why does theme park food all over always seem basic?
Rauni Monroe
Rauni Monroe - Day ago
Ok, is it just me or does it seem like he's looking for things to bitch about? I'd hate to be this miserable of a person
Öey!-Gaming - Day ago
I can't believe that they charge you so much for these tiny food. Unbelievable!
Ice cream girl rocky Road
the food is so bad lol
Jackson Rynd
Jackson Rynd - Day ago
The last time I had a beignet, I got car sick directly after and it went all over the car. Lol
Jackson Rynd
Jackson Rynd - Day ago
This stuff is expensive dang
SewingDominique - Day ago
food at Disneyland, just like me
Ariel692769 - 2 days ago
What do they have for vegetarians?
Allison Hunter
Allison Hunter - 2 days ago
Blue Bayou ("bye-you") is inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! And I think I've been to Cafe Orleans without a reservation before...
I am not going to say like did people walk up to you and for your autograph jackie chan! But i wonder how many people seen you talking to the camera and say "Now that's a a foreigner.
MsTL3N_x - 2 days ago
Can you upload on your second channel please ?
Ian Jones
Ian Jones - 2 days ago
I've fallen down the YouTube food hole. Please send help.
Hope Vang
Hope Vang - 2 days ago
When I'm going Disneyland I'm bringing rice for the meat
Pool Dark
Pool Dark - 2 days ago
Jackie chan is that you ?????
S gill
S gill - 2 days ago
Damn!!! You need MUSTARD BROOOO
thrice bang
thrice bang - 2 days ago
Omg like cornbread with a hot dog in the middle???? Really????
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy - 2 days ago
He’s never going to get a ticket at Disneyland ever again!
Viviana Zhang
Viviana Zhang - 2 days ago
Pleaseee go to the japan Disney!!! The food there is incredibly aesthetic!!!
adultblues - 2 days ago
And the whole park is so crowded
adultblues - 2 days ago
It had been years since I last visited Disneyland in Anaheim and everything is so expensive now
Denis François
Denis François - 2 days ago
Food is way too expensive
WestCoast Gamers Club
WestCoast Gamers Club - 2 days ago
How did he manage to keep all that food down? I would have been on the phone with Ralph and Hugh the whole day. That's a cast iron gullet!!
Yana Yumyums
Yana Yumyums - 2 days ago
When he pull out the churro and said “that’s pretty “ we said it at the same time 😱 subs
christopher herrera
christopher herrera - 2 days ago
Went i went to disney land i just stood in line the whole day lol
thefabulousnarwhal - 2 days ago
11:17 I love that description 😂👏
thefabulousnarwhal - 2 days ago
7:28 ya know that thing where a friend or someone does something hysterical that embarrasses them but you love it and can't stop laughing? This is it😂😂😂😂
Estefania Chavez
Estefania Chavez - 2 days ago
You should try the candy we make! Especially over in candy palace everything is freshly made right in front of you!
Tristen Celeste
Tristen Celeste - 2 days ago
I love Disneyland, but I wish they would put more quality into the food especially because the price is so high
Tristen Celeste
Tristen Celeste - 2 days ago
just fyi the dole whip isn't very creamy or smooth because it is non-dairy
Shanty Town
Shanty Town - 2 days ago
i remember my middle school field trip there, bought like maybe 5 churros, 2 sprites, turkey leg, good times hanging with my buddies
Shanty Town
Shanty Town - 2 days ago
7:58 lul
kirsten clouse
kirsten clouse - 2 days ago
Pineapple Dole Whip is great, so is the Monte Cristo sandwich at the Blue Bayou Cafe and the ice cream at Gibson Girl Ice-cream on Main St are my three faves in Disneyland.
Aidan Schantz
Aidan Schantz - 2 days ago
15:51 “this thing is sweeter than my mom” 🤔🤔🤔
david S
david S - 2 days ago
That's so sad. The price Disney charges people to just be in that park, let alone eat or drink there, everything should be top notch. Thanks for the info bro. Disneyland would be one of the last reasons that I'd travel to California. Come to think about it, other than the ocean, California is a pretty lame state altogether. Great video 👏👏👏👍👍👍
Josie Payne
Josie Payne - 2 days ago
When I saw that the corn dog was $10 my heart literally broke.
katy sue
katy sue - 2 days ago
When ever mom and I would end the day at Disneyland we always went to Tacobell ame pigged out
TheBlue Gamer
TheBlue Gamer - 2 days ago
dolly y
dolly y - 2 days ago
25k for a restaurant? rich people are on crack
Mei Zhen
Mei Zhen - 4 hours ago
And there's a wait list for it! Meaning those rich people are desperately want to drop that much money to get in...I expect all the utensils and furniture to be made of gold otherwise I can think of better uses for that money!
cocorin - 2 days ago
I appreciate you finishing that dry turkey and did not throw it away.. poor turkey
TheBlue Gamer
TheBlue Gamer - 2 days ago
Disney World, where the condiments cost more than a average meal at Mc Donald’s
katy sue
katy sue - 2 days ago
The prime rib from The Blue bayou restaurant with was right across the way from that cafe Orleans is amazing. So good. I love the food from Disneyland.
The real DUELIST
The real DUELIST - 2 days ago
1 like= 1 D for disney
Nancy Kim
Nancy Kim - 3 days ago
Let me tell you.... You did not miss out on the Blue Bayou. Literally the worst cajun-style food I think I've ever had and the monte cristo was 90% greasy oil soaked fried bread and 10% ham and cheese in the middle. Made me pretty sad because I was so excited to try it ): And btw, thank you for always telling us your honest opinions. I feel like I can definitely trust you when it comes to food reviews (:
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